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The Billionaire Shifter’s Virgin Mate: (Billionaire Shifters Club #2)

by Diana Seere

McDermott “Derry” Stanton is an old-money playboy who sleeps his way through half the world, one willing woman at a time.

A bear shifter, he never hibernates alone. Sometimes even one woman isn’t enough.

But when this irresistible billionaire meets Jessica Murphy, everything changes. The man who views life as a female feast suddenly acquires more discerning tastes. The only woman who can satisfy him now…

Is Jessica Murphy. He must have her. Immediately. Frequently.

Jess, however, doesn’t want any man, least of all a spoiled playboy who’s about to become her brother-in-law. A pre-med student with deep ambitions and a past filled with painful rejection, she’s all business.

Too bad Derry Stanton is her business. A frequent customer at the Platinum Club where she waits tables, and now the best man to her maid of honor in her sister’s wedding, the guy is everywhere.

And pretty soon, she finds herself everywhere, too.

In his arms, on his bed, between the sheets….

But sex is the last thing she needs.

Or it was until she meets Derry and starts hearing the Beat. And feeling a connection she’d never imagined, never dreamed, never hoped for.

It’s all too unbearably good.

* * *
The Billionaire Shifter’s Virgin Mate is the second book in the Billionaire Shifters Club series by Diana Seere, the paranormal pen name for two New York Times and USA Today bestselling romantic comedy authors. This book is a standalone *within* a series. Learn more about us on our Diana Seere Facebook page. 😉

Survive! Baking Soda Hacks : A Prepperâ??s Guide

by Lorayne Miller

For the prepper baking soda can be used for more things than you think aside from baking. This natural product, also known as sodium bicarbonate, doesn’t only make your cakes taste better, but it also improves your life in the most toxic-free and eco-friendly way possible. This super-cheap wonder product helps regulate and neutralize pH, which means a substance, is never too acidic or too alkaline. As a prepper or a survivalist knowing the many uses of baking soda is going to be priceless especially if the SHTF scenario happens! Baking soda is useful in personal hygiene, cleaning, cooking, and MORE.

Uniting Kingdoms: A Magical Realism Novel and Spiritual Journey

by Oran Thaller

A highly contemporary and enthralling book about a spiritual journey and the creation of a new society!

A mysterious figure seemingly out of nowhere sets in motion a plot flittering between truth and fantasy, featuring a hero embarking on an adventure, a spiritual quest even, highlighting conflicts concerning the most burning and complex issues of our time.

This captivatingly dynamic and beguiling tale grapples you by virtue of its realism and contemporary subject matters, taken from real life. This book outlines a new society of men and women and charts its course as it unfolds under the radar of the mainstream, which reveals itself more and more as an obsolete civilization.

Compass for a new course

This highly compassionate and charmed tale has the protagonist evolving on the path of self-discovery as he comes to terms with himself, with his challenging personality, and all the while illustrates a holistic way of life which is simple to live by, aided by its light, oft sardonic, humor and life-affirming attitude.

The book’s optimistic teaching is a call for society to change, to espouse a set of simpler, natural values by way of solution to the most challenging malaise of our time, from the challenges posed by globalization, through the failings of capitalism, corrupt governments and the erosion of democracy to issues of education, ecology, energy, and most important of all: Love!

Uniting Kingdoms is a human and personal book of social awakening. The almost surreal plot and fantasies coming true would not have been so thrilling had the events described and the characters alike not been real and true.

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Taming a Christmas Wallflower (Taming the Duke’s Heart Book 7)

by Tammy Andresen

A wallflower and a rake

Lady Amelia Chase is a wallflower and a bluestocking. William Maddox would never show interest in the likes of her. So why is he being so attentive? There must be a catch.

It began as a friendly wager. But the more time he spends with the beautifully shy Amelia, the more he wishes it hadn’t. He can’t take it back now, and the thought of telling her makes his chest tighten. But should she find outâ?¦

Keto The Complete Guide: Clarity, Simply and Easy Getting Started Guide for Lose Weight, Health and Fat Burn with Meal Plan and Low Carb Recipes for Ketogenic Diet in Busy People

by Ramos Emmerich Vogel

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Do you want to TAKE CONTROL of your BODY and your LIFE?

When it comes to dieting, there is nothing better than following the current trends. In fact, in this way, you can learn and discover a lot of dishes and healthy practices that you would not have the opportunity to experiment in another way. It also offers the possibility to become healthier. A big part of that means changing your diet and watching your intake of protein, phosphorus, potassium, and sodiumâ??and if you aren’t sure about what all that entails, consider the Ketogenic Diet.

Inside, you will find many different Ketogenic diet-friendly ideas broken down into easy-to-read-and-understand chapters, each of which contains a complete breakdown of the steps that need to be followed to create a great dish and lose weight at the same time. In this way, you take the guesswork out of determining the number of key nutrients that come from homemade food. Forewarned is forearmed, and knowing these amounts could very well save your life. 

Thanks to its health benefits and the incredible tastes it offers, the Ketogenic diet is on the rise. It is not a secret that the best chefs in the world are trying and experimenting with this new type of cooking, including ketogenic dishes more and more in their practice. Furthermore, it is fun, enjoyable, and available to anyone. 

Inside, you will find:

  • Common foods that can make up the basis of the ketogenic diet;

  •  A wide variety of ketogenic friendly options when it comes to losing weight while getting in all the necessary nutrients

  • Why the Ketogenic Diet is the best solution for you.

  • 15 Examples of Ketogenic recipes to help you get started with the Ketogenic Diet more easily.

And many moreâ?¦

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by Tammy Loads

Think you can take it all?

These 90 stories feature all kinds of filthy, taboo and downright HOT erotic romps!

CAUTION: If you find yourself getting TOO EXCITED, then please put this book down for a little while…

Wrong then Right (A Love Happens Novel Book 2)

by Jodi Watters

There are certain things a guy should never do. Like his boss’s little sister.

Hope Coleson is having a doozy of a day.
Fired from her waitressing job? Check.
Evicted from an apartment with dumpster-front views? Double check.
Bedded by a hot stranger with smooth moves and rusty social skills? Triple X check.
And it doesn’t end there. Her life savings has been stolen and she may or may not have a stalker.

Retired Navy SEAL Beckett Smith doesn’t usually make mistakes.
Yes, he drinks a six-pack on one too many occasions.
Sure, he prefers to communicate at a level only slightly higher than your average poodle.
And yeah, he lost his legendary control and slept with his boss’s little sister, taking her virginity.
Only it doesn’t end there. Alcohol isn’t providing the peace he’s seeking and the woman he can’t forget is suddenly parked on his doorstep.

Can Beck open his home to Hope, and still keep his jeans closed? If he has his way.
Can Hope get Beck into her bed, and still keep him out of her heart? If she has her way.

All books in the LOVE HAPPENS SERIES are standalone novels: Next to Me (Sam) Wrong then Right (Beckett) True to You (Asher) Have a Heart (Jason)

Season of Malice (The Detective Kendall Halsrud series Book 4)

by Marla Madison

Suspensefully enjoyable.

Season of Malice, the fourth book in the standalone suspense series starring Detective Kendall Halsrud.

Her wedding planned for New Year’s Eve has Detective Kendall Halsrud looking forward to the holiday season. Recently disciplined for involving non-professionals in a case she was working, Kendall is dismayed to find out that her friend is interested in her newest assignment when Brynn befriends the wife of a murder victim. After two seemingly unrelated deaths, Kendall must put off her wedding and risk a friendship in order to stop a killer.

If you love your suspense with a strong female protagonist and an exciting plot,

you’ll love Season of Malice.

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Surf the Woods: The Ordinary Man’s Trail Map to the Extraordinary Life

by Holt Condren

Are you getting the most out of your life? This book will give you the tools and renewed hope to make your dreams a reality. Surf the Woods tells Holt Condren’s fascinating story as a successful business owner in pursuit of his dream to build a profitable business while pursuing his passion as a mountaineer. Holt tells his gripping 5 year story of passion, pain, and perseverance as he lead a group of explorers up Turkey’s, 17,000 foot Mount Ararat to find the remains of Noah’s Ark. The story makes simple the principles he uses to establish and maintain success as a leader in pursuit of his dreams. This book is written so that you to can have the tools necessary to be successful with your own God-inspired dreams. Two-time professional football MVP, Kurt Warner says, “Holt’s style will keep you engaged page after page and ultimately guide you to living up to your God-given potential.”

About the Author

Holt Condren is an entrepreneur, men’s ministry leader, and an avid wilderness explorer. He founded Ink Custom Tees in 1988; a leader in providing creative merchandising solutions for organizations throughout America.

With his combination of business and adventure skills, Holt founded Surf the Woods; an organization that helps people be effective living their own dreams.

With a passion to pursue new frontiers, Holt is a lead mountaineer on a team consisting of scientists and archaeologists that have been exploring Turkey’s Mount Ararat in search of scientific evidence for the true location of the remains of Noah’s Ark. His team was featured in the 2015 documentary Finding Noah.

Catacombs (Academy of Ancients Book 1)

by Avery Cross

Mysterious necromancers. Wicked summoners. Fierce witches. Occasional familiars. Military experiments. Secret councils. Forbidden alliances. The Academy of Ancients will suck you in.

Briar Shroud has gone from foster child to full scholarship at the Academy of Ancients. Cool, right?

Not quite. Her upperclassman mentor Zachary sucks. He’s hot, but he sucks at being a mentor. And a friend. And a person.

Her roommate’s a paranormal, and the whole school is underground and a secret.
Know what else is bad? Briar learns she’s a witch. And a rare type of witch, to boot.

It went from bad to worseâ??a picture of a sister she’s never heard of appears at the school. A sister she knows nothing about.

And the rules seem hellbent on keeping Briar from learning the truth. And sometimes, it seems other forces would rather not see her alive.

Warning: This series will hook you! Violence can be found in this series of action-packed fantasy, with necromancers, summoners, and badass witches.

Veined (A Guardian of the Angels Book 1)

by Anyta Sunday

It could be worse for Sylva Lark. She could be dead. A coma was nothing to that. Or her family moving across country for the treatment, leaving her with a big blue mark on her back.
She can handle it.
Except the mark glows and tingles, especially whenever transition helper Atticus Plot (Attic) is close by. She suspects he’s hiding something, and when she stumbles across a torn body bearing the same spiral marking as her own, that suspicion is confirmed.
After a few shaves with death, the truth finally comes out and the battles begin.
But not all her fights are external; her biggest one is the decision she has to make between doing the right thing for the world and giving up her beloved family for good.

* ~ * Second Edition * ~ *


by Jenny Longlegs

Some times you just need a good, hard pounding! A sexy romp to work out those carnal desires creeping into your life…

This sizzling hot erotica collection features 40 stories of naughty goodness… ready and waiting for you!

Ransom’s Law

by David Johnson

Roscoe Ransom returned home from World War I, broken both in body and spirit, drowning his pain daily in a bottle of whiskey. But even alcohol can’t numb the agony of losing his wife or the fear of trying to raise his son, Junior, alone. However, the mind-numbing predictability of Roscoe’s life as a sharecropper and his role of town sheriffâ??a job given to him out of pity when he returned from the warâ??is suddenly upended when a black man in their tiny community is murdered and castrated.

At eleven years old, Junior longs for his father’s love and attention to fill the void left by the death of his mother, but the person who has grown to fill that role is Willow Muscadine, a Cherokee Indian woman, who lives next door. When she sees him trying to locate the killer that his drunken father can’tâ??or won’tâ??find she decides to become Junior’s self-assigned protector. Junior overhears enough in town to realize this was no random murder of a black man. But the more questions he asks, the more dangerous the situation becomes for him, Roscoe, and Willow.

When the threats turn deadly, will it be enough to shake Roscoe from his misery in time to save them and find redemption? Or will his personal demons once again win until he’s lost everything and everyone who cares about him?

Best selling author, David Johnson, has once again produced one of his trademark “books with heart” and spun a tale that will have you rooting for the underdogs and hoping that good will triumph over evil.

The Widow’s Christmas Wish (Mail Order Bride Christmas in the Country Book 1)

by Emma Morgan

Left alone with her baby girl after her husband is killedâ??and with winter on the wayâ??Beth Fletcher is out of options. And so she joins a wagon caravan, leaving behind the cold streets of Virginia to forge a new life as a mail order bride in California. The trail is long and dangerous, but with the help of Mr. Jackson, the caravan’s scout, they make their way through the western wilds.

However, when her baby girl falls ill, Beth fears that once again she will lose someone she loves. Suddenly, Jackson becomes more than a scout. He is Beth’s only hopeâ??and he has also made his way into her heart. A heart that is promised to another.

But love will find us, wherever we are, and Christmas is a time for wishes to come true.

A Carnalli Christmas: 2018 version

by Pas Shen

The Carnalli brothers celebrate Christmas in an unusual way. (Takes place after the events of book 2.)

Also includes a sneak peek at chapter one of “Carnalli Bonds & Blood” (book three).

Christmas Bells (Shifter Tails Book 1)

by Nikki Bopp

Running from her past, Foxy becomes stranded just days before Christmas in the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by a pair of sexy predators, she begins to question if she has lost her damn mind and if everything she has ever been told is true. Join Foxy and the dangerous temptations that want to devour her whole. Will animal nature take over or will the budding feelings protect her from what she fears most?
This is a standalone reverse harem novel.

His Mind Games: A Dark and Erotic Paranormal Romance

by Rachel Dunning

If this book is not free in your country, download a free Kindle copy here:—————————————————- A Dark and Erotic Paranormal Romance —————————————————-

An inner world of magic and power.
A lover. A night together – their first night.

And then – disaster. He lost his mind, but she knew the truth. She knew.

And so she ran, all the way down to Marfa Texas where she met…the man they call Jack.

A demon.

And now he has her.

And he’s playing Mind Games with her.

Contains explicit sexual content, violence and strong language. Only appropriate for readers aged 17 and older.

Paranormal Romance
New-Adult Romance

Book 1 of 2**** NEW RELEASE ****Dare – An Erotic Novella just released!Read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

The Mad Countess (Gothic Brides Book 1)

by Erica Monroe

True love must break the curse of madness in this dark, emotional Gothic Regency Romance…

When Lady Claire Deering’s mother enters an insane asylum, society is quick to scorn her, dubbing her the Mad Daughter. But Claire’s tattered reputation is the least of her worries, as those rumors hold a horrible, terrifying truth: the Deering women are victims of a dark witch’s curse. If Claire marries her true love, she’ll spend the rest of her life under the thrall of madness.To save herself, she remains isolated…until a will reading at a mysterious castle on All Hallows Eve places her in close confines with her dearest friend and secret love.

Bashful, scholarly Teddy Lockwood has never met a rule he didn’t rejoice in following. When he unexpectedly inherits the Ashbrooke earldom, he’s determined to turn over a new, more courageous leaf–starting with telling Claire that he’s loved her since they were children. The will reading presents the perfect opportunity to win her heart, even if he’s vastly out of his element at this enigmatic, shadowy Cornwall castle. Soon, the simmering passion between them becomes unstoppable. Now, to save the love of his life, Teddy will do whatever it takes to break the dark magic’s hold on Claire. Will Claire spend her life within the grips of strange delirium, or will love prove the strongest of all?

This novella was previously released in the Mystified anthology.

The Gothic Brides series: edgy, atmospheric Gothic Regency Romance, exploring the dark, twisted corners of England–these books are not for the faint of heart. The Gothic Brides battle tortured pasts and face dangerous, suspenseful circumstances on their road to a hard-won happily ever after. Each book stands on its own.

Carson’s Christmas Bride: Mail Order Bride (Lawmen’s Brides Book 3)

by Natalie Dean

She’s a southern belle that didn’t plan on being a mother to four children. He’s a U.S. Deputy Marshal that never planned on getting married. But fate has other things in mindâ?¦

U.S. Marshal Carson Harlow loves the wild frontier of Texas. He’s used to living rough and doesn’t need a woman or children to interfere with what he’s best atâ??minding the law and putting the bad guys in their place.

It’s too bad, then, when he crosses paths with Sarah Baker, a beautiful young mail-order bride who’s struck out twice when it comes to finding love. A woman who needs everything Carson has, and has everything he needs.

Sadly, though, Carson’s past won’t let him get too close to the raven-haired Southern belle whose face he can’t seem to forget. And while Sarah’s becoming more and more friendly with the brave young deputy every day, old relationships have a tendency to come creeping back.

But when a smallpox outbreak threatens everything they know, they’ll rethink everything that they once believed . . . and be tested in ways that put their very lives at stake.

Author’s Note:
Carson’s Christmas Bride is a novel length standalone historical mail-order bride romance that continues the story of the characters in The Lawmen’s Brides Series. It’s a clean romance with characters who hold Christian values. There are no cliffhangers and of course has your happily-ever-after ending. And guys, this is a story you can enjoy, too!

This is also part of the Hero Hearts series which is a larger multi-author series about men who love, honor, and protect their families, all while having faith in God! Brought to you by Annie Boone, Kate Cambridge, Terri Grace, Misty Shae, Cat McGill, Hayley Wescott, and Natalie Dean! Enjoy!

C#: C# Programming.A Step-by-Step Guide for Absolute Beginners

by Brian Jenkins

If you are going to become a serious programmer, you really should get proficient in C# and if you don’t know C#, you are not a real web developer. You do n’t need an expensive book to start coding with C# today.This Guide is the best one for beginners

Download your copy Now!!

Today,Free Kindle eBook for customers who purchase the print book from Amazon

About the book

The content of this book is all about C# programming. It has been grouped into chapters, with each chapter exploring a different feature of the C# programming language. Brian Jenkins has provided C# codes, each code performing a different task. Corresponding explanations have also been provided alongside each piece of code to help the reader understand the meaning of the various lines of the code. In addition to this, screenshots showing the output that each code should return have been given. The author has used a simple language to make it easy even for beginners to understand.

Book Objectives

The following are the objectives of this book:

  • To help you understand the origin of C#.
  • To help you know how to get started with C# programming by setting up the coding environment on various operating systems.
  • To help you understand the syntax and constructs that make up the C# programming language.
  • To help you transition from a C# Beginner to a Professional.
  • To help you learn how to develop a complete and functional computer application with C# on your own.

Who this Book is for?

The author targets the following groups of people:

  • Anybody who is a complete beginner to C# programming or computer programming in general.
  • Anybody in need of advancing their C# programming skills.
  • Professors, lecturers or tutors who are looking to find better ways to explain C# to their students in the simplest and easiest way.
  • Students and academicians, especially those focusing on computer programming and development of Softwards.

What do you need for this Book?

For Windows users, install the following:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.

For Linux and Mac OS users, install the Mono framework.

What is inside the book?

  • Getting Started with C#
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Type Conversion
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Methods
  • Arrays
  • Classes
  • Structure
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Regular Expressions
  • Handling Exceptions
  • File Input/ Output
  • Delegates
  • Events

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The First Traitor: Book 2 of the 27th Protector Series

by Laura Campbell

My name is Aislyn. My story started the day I was named the 27th Protector of the 188th Generation.
My story wasn’t what I was expecting.

I met my trainer, Collin. I expected to struggle through my training, and hate him.
He fell in love with me.
I infiltrated the Republic three times. I expected to save three Unnecessaries.
I saved five.
I expected to battle with any enemy soldier I saw.
The first one I ever met saved my life.
But the last night Alex saved my life, eight of us died.

I’m no longer the 27th Protector.

The Council has altered our objective from saving Unnecessaries to destroying the enemy.
The Republic has threatened to retaliate. Lives have been lost. Collin has focused on fighting the new laws. Alex has tried to survive his regret.

I just want to save a life.
To change the story.

It will take a miracle.
A dangerous miracle.
A traitor.

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