Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 26 Dec 18


by Lauren Berenjy

Checklists for uploading videos to YouTube on one side, outline on the the other.

Digital Self Mastery Across Generations: How to Master Your Relationship with Technology to Amplify Productivity and Connection in the Digital Era

by Heidi Forbes Ã?ste

In the Digital Era, technology is pervasive in all areas of our lives. Professionally, tech anxiety and poor habits around technology can make the difference between struggling to make ends meet with no free time and having a business that feeds our desired lifestyle. Personally those anxieties and behaviors can impact our relationships with friends and family, our sense of self and our general.

Digital Self Mastery integrates human development and behavior science with tech-savvy strategic business and systems thinking. As the digital becomes more integrated in our lives and work, our relationship with it becomes ever more critical to manage. This Across Generations edition presents new solutions for the rising challenges of the digital era across the generations in the workforce and at home. Weaving real life stories from leaders and practitioners around the globe, Digital Self Masteryâ?¢ is essential for the entrepreneur and their business to thrive.

SO YOU WANT TO BUILD A ROBOT?: Five simple steps to set out on a robot building adventure!

by Christian Bowen

A simple guide for beginners to start creating robots. This book is intended for anyone from young children to those long in the tooth and full of wisdom. It contains an explanation of what is needed to get started, outlines a simple 5-step process to follow, and provides several examples to follow along with resources to continue your journey. Building your first robot is not expensive or difficult and this short book puts it all within your grasp. Why not take a leap of faith and learn this new highly sought-after skill.

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