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The Visitor: A Friendly Menage Tale (Bisexual FMM Threesome Erotic Romance Short Story) (The Visitor Saga Book 1)

by K.D. West

A story of sexy firefighters, a mystery partner, and embracing the unknown â?? literally

The first installment in The Visitor Saga!

Lea’s got a four-alarm fire raging and she knows just who she wants to put it out.

Or does she?

Lea is visiting Atlanta on a job interview, and her best friend’s brother, Sean the firefighter, is happy to give her a place to sleep. But his is the bed she’d rather sleep in.

Or perhaps it’s his roommate Andy’s?

And when a visitor comes to her that night… Well, two sexy men: who is she to be picky if it’s one, or if it’s the other, or…?

(MF, MMF ménage à trois. Bisexuality. Explicit language and scenes of sexuality between consenting adults)


    When she walked back up the stairs to the apartment a couple of hours later, she had in one hand an enormous bag full of barbecue chicken from the same joint she’d had lunch at, with orders of fried okra and corn bread. In the other hand, she swung a bottle of Maker’s Mark, with which she knocked against the door.

    Just like the day before, a muffled voice called out, “C’me in! It’s unlocked.”

    “Can’t!” she called back. “Hands full!”

    “Hold on,” said a slightly closer voice, and the door swung open, revealing Sean, who was still wearing nothing but low-slung pajama bottoms.

    Andy was sitting at the kitchen table, identically dressed.

    “Haven’t you guys even gotten dressed all day?” Lea laughed and gave Sean a sound kiss on the lips.

    He looked astonished, but Andy scowled.

    “None of that!” burbled Lea, dancing into the kitchen and giving him an equally sound smooch. That seemed to cheer him up. “Tonight, we’re celebrating!” She held up the barbecue and the bourbon.

    They were happy to go along with this plan, and were soon all stuffed and pleasantly buzzed. Between the warmth, the Southern humidity, the food, and the alcohol, Lea was getting sweaty, but she couldn’t have cared less. She was hoping to get a whole lot sweatier. Now which of you was my mystery man last night? she found herself wondering as she took off her jacket and tossed it in the general direction of the pullout. And am I going to get him to fuck me again, or am I going to try out the other one. Orâ?¦

    She looked back at the two men, whiskey-wild thoughts bouncing through her head.

    They were both staring at her. At her chest. Both licking their lips.

Bullied by the Bull (The Cuckold Journals 2.0 Book 2)

by Eva Long

He simply wanted the handsome black man to sleep with his wife. That is why he had approached Derrick in the Jazz club. “I’m a chastity cuckold”, he had explained. Little did he know but Derrick, who was initially taken aback, would quickly adjust to the kinky proposal and not only end up owning the man’s wife, but owning him as well in a wild night of exploration.

Bull Bait (The Cuckold Journals 2.0 Book 3)

by Eva Long

Chrissy uses her sissy husband as bait to find her a bull for the night, leading him into the most humiliating situation he has ever experienced

The Holiday Agenda

by Jackson Tyler

Twenty-year-old Jimmy Abbott has never had a good birthday. Born on Christmas Day, he’s used to being overshadowed by the holiday season. With no family, no friends, and a crappy job as an in-store Santa at MerryMart, this is shaping up to be just another in a series of terrible Decembers.

Then he runs into Cole again: a confident and charismatic barista at the local LGBT+ coffeehouse. Cole is the opposite of Jimmy. He has wonderful friends, a supportive family, and he’s teeming with holiday cheer.

Jimmy and Cole haven’t seen each other since a series of explosive, no-strings-attached hookups last year. It was Cole’s fault â??when he realised his feelings for Jimmy were more than a booty-call could satisfy, he ran. But the moment he sits on Santa’s lap, it’s clear those feelings never left. This time, he won’t run.

As the two men form a deeper connection, Cole begins to learn how lonely this time of year can be for people without his privilege â?? people like Jimmy. Determined to give Jimmy a good birthday for once, Cole introduces Jimmy to his world, where he is welcomed with open arms by Cole’s friends at the coffeehouse. Their agenda: this year, Jimmy is going to have a family.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Jimmymas.

The Holiday Agenda is a super-cheesy found family MM romance novella featuring snow-covered kisses, gingerbread lattes, and the power of love and friendship during tough times. While it is a part of the Agenda series and features the coffeehouse, it can be read as a holiday standalone.

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