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All in the Family: Stepbrother Contemporary Romance

by Kathy Mcguire

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Evie is anxious to move into a beautiful new home with her mother, stepfather and three new stepsiblings. She’s used to fending for herself and having just her mother and her mediocre boyfriend, Keegan, to keep her going. Things change when she meets her stepbrother, Will. Not only is Will attractive and kind but Evie had so much more in common with him that Keegan suddenly gets pushed into the background.

When she begins to have erotic dreams about her stepbrother and her boyfriend, Evie begins to worry that there is something wrong with her. She tries to tell herself that she is confused because she’s never had a sibling before, but when Will tells her that he’s attracted to her too, Evie has to choose between him or Keegan and she must decide if what she is doing is following her heart or something sick and taboo.

WARNING: Please note: this standalone short story contains graphic sex and is only intended for adult readers.

Neptune’s Forge: An Antarctic Mystery

by George Wier

Twenty-three men and thirty-six sled dogs travel to Antarctica aboard a sailing ship converted to steamer in the year 1888, ostensibly to find the South Pole. During the trek across the frozen wastes they begin dying grisly deaths one by one at the hands on an apparent madman and when the goal of the quest appears to be other than the South Pole, conspiracy and mutiny are the dinner guests. In a hot-blooded and at times searing cold 19th Century voice, George Wier populates a historically accurate setting with flesh-and-blood desperate men in a deft and breathless yarn. In Neptune’s Forge you can taste the whale blubber, smell the burning coal-oil and feel the biting cold. And like Antarctica itself, this one’s not for the faint-of-heart.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Candlelight Christmas — Sweet Historical Western Romance (Sawyerville Mail Order Brides Series – Book 19)

by Debra Samms

A broken heart sends Emily to Sawyerville. A Christmas miracle saves her.

Emily George has come to Sawyerville as one of a group of prospective brides for the men of the logging camp – but she has never forgotten her childhood sweetheart, Nicholas, who left her behind when he went away to Harvard and never so much as wrote her a letter of explanation. She cannot bring herself to show interest in any of the men, until a Christmas miracle brings her together with the true love of her life on a beautiful starlit night in the Oregon forest.

This is Book 20 of the beloved Mail Order Brides of Sawyerville series. It is a clean historical western short story about brave and determined women who went West for marriage and a better life.

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True Ghostwriter: Finding D. B. Cooper

by R. K. Rhoades-Herrera

Is there life after death? Can you talk to ghosts? Did D.B. Cooper survive the hijacking and get away with the ransom money?

Cat didn’t have the answers to these questions. And she never believed in being able to speak to the dead. That is until circumstances proved that what she believed was wrong.

Christina Alysha Thompson has been called Cat for as long as she can remember. Working as a journalist in Dallas, Texas her life was fairly typical. That was until she accepted the opportunity to be an embedded journalist in Iraq. When a Humvee she was traveling in was struck by an RPG, her life began to change.

After the attack, Cat began having encounters she could not explain. People she had been close to suddenly came to her AFTER they died. She tried explaining these encounters away. But she came to believe that something out of the ordinary was going on. She just wasn’t sure what it was.

To keep busy, and keep her mind off things that are unexplainable, Cat takes a freelance job to write an article about the D. B. Cooper hijacking. The authorities said the hijacker probably didn’t survive when he jumped from the plane. But while doing research, Cat questions whether that was true or not.

Then, while in the woods of Washington State, Cat has another unexplainable encounter. This encounter begins to answer the question of whether D. B. Cooper survived the hijacking and got away with the money. But it also proves to her that she can speak to the dead and that there is life after death.

Join Cat on her journey that culminates in her becoming aâ?¦..True Ghostwriter.

The Virgin Widow (‘Lords of the Matrix Club Series’ Book 3)

by Jen YatesNZ

The Great Bax, Haden Delacourte, Earl of Baxendene, had no one but himself to blame for losing his prized palomino stallion to his cousin, the Duke of Wolverton. The scurrilous bet was of his own devising!
It had opened Wolf’s eyes to the â??Perfect Duchess’ potential of Lady Sherida Dearing, aka the Heavenly Iceberg, but the loss of the horse seemed to have been the catalyst for an avalanche of life-changing disclosures.
Bax was beginning to wonder if he’d lived the whole of his life with his handsome head shoved up his arrogant backside!
From his father whom he’d hero-worshipped since his death when Bax was seven, to his mother whom the Ton had blamed for larger-than-life Harry Delacourte’s death.
Then there was Jason, his twin brother, who’d died a hero’s death at the Battle of Vimeiro, leaving Bax believing a lie that would change the course of his life; a lie perpetuated by his loyal batman who, it turns out, has continued to honor a vow made to Jason even though he’s now in Bax’s employ.
And then Angela Jane, the widowed Lady Rotherby, had reappeared in his life, looking nothing like his little sister’s best friend, the â??Angular Jane’ who’d traded wicked nicknames with him back when they’d all been so unbelievably youngâ??and naïve.
The revelation of her secret may prove the most damning of allâ?¦

Mercy’s Heart (The ChristKeepers Book 1)

by Grace Walton

Newly Revised and Corrected 2015. From Best-Selling Inspirational Romance Author, Grace Walton.

Determined to support his clan without compromising his new found faith, Titus the Norseman becomes the premier mercenary knight of Medieval Scotland. The world weary warrior has never backed down from a just fight. Providing sufficient coin for the clan seems finally within his grasp. Until, in a collision between his honor and his purse, he is forced to rescue the English King’s baseborn daughter at a bear baiting. Burdened by the sins of his profligate past, Titus feels compelled to protect the young innocent girl.

The convent raised Mercy is eager to finally meet her royal father. She yearns to earn his love. Mercy is convinced her stark and lonely life can change. There will indeed be dramatic changes in her life, just not the ones she anticipates.

Titus needs a wife. His ideal spouse would be a plain and practical woman. Whimsical Mercy is neither. Courtly Love is still a novel concept in Medieval England, but Mercy embraces it fully. The famous Scottish knight becomes the focus of her regard. He categorically rejects any idea of romantic love, especially the ridiculous Courtly Love.

Opposites in every way Titus and Mercy navigate court intrigue, blood feuds, church assassins, life altering revelations, and annulled marriage vows. Titus the Norseman has never been defeated in a tournament. He has won every challenge issued. Now against almost insurmountable odds, somehow with God’s help he must find a way to win ‘Mercy’s Heart’.

â??Mercy’s Heart â??is the first novel in a new Medieval Inspirational Romance series, ‘The ChristKeepers’

Patiently Charmed: Doctor Jamison and Mary’s Story: Historical Medical Romance Suspense (Bareglen Creek)

by Kate Cambridge

Mary Hawarden Trost is Philadelphia born and bred, with a degree from Bryn Mawr. After moving to Bareglen Creek, TX to teach at an orphanage for three months, she and her husband Mike decided to stay and try their hand at farming. When Mike dies unexpected, Mary is determined to carry on with his dream.

When Mike’s family threatens to take the farm away, citing laws that state land and businesses should revert back to the man’s family and not the surviving wife, Mary decides upon a bold response. She will fight to keep Mike’s dream alive!

But when Mike’s family tries to force her hand in marrying Mike’s brother, a known bully, in order to keep her beloved farm, Mary collapses and doesn’t regain consciousness.

Lee Jamison, M.D., is a renowned psychiatrist at the Institue of Pennsylvania Hospital and a professor at U Penn. He fell in love with Mary while visiting his friend, Doctor Lance Holloway, in Bareglen Creek. He’s biding his time to give Mary the time and space she needs to grieve her loss, but when Doc Holloway sends him an urgent telegram telling him to come to Bareglen Creek immediately, Doctor Jamison takes the next train to be by her side.

Doctor Jamison is handsome and he could have any Philadelphia socialite that he chose, but no one has captured his heart like the independent and beautiful Mary Hawarden Trost. He arrives in Bareglen Creek to find that Mary has been unconscious for four days with no sign of regaining consciousness. He decides upon an unorthodox approach to bring her back, but little does he know the trials that present around every corner as he tries to help Mary leave the past behind.
Sinister forces are at work in the background, trying to keep Doctor Jamison and Mary apart.

Will his love be strong enough to win her heart, and defeat the oppositionâ??or will her ties to the past hold her captive?

“Patiently Charmed” is a historical medical romance novellla featuring a strong and sassy heroine and an alpha male hero. There are strong elements of intrigue and suspense in addition to Faith. No cheating, no cliffhangers, guaranteed sweet and clean, and a beautiful happily ever after.

This is book three in the Bareglen Creek, TX series, and although it helps to read the books in order (Lawfully Charmed, Reluctantly Charmed and Patiently Charmed), the books are standalone and can be read in any order.

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If you love clean and wholesome, sweet romance with strong alpha males and suspense, you will love this book!

Patiently Charmed is also part of the HERO HEARTS series, a Christian romance series dedicated to bringing you amazing clean & wholesome, inspirational romances.

Annie Boone, Kate Cambridge, Terri Grace, Misty Shae, Cat McGill and Natalie Dean have teamed up to provide you with clean romance reads about men and women who love, honor, and protect their families, all while having faith in God!
Our heroes and heroines promise to be both swoon-worthy and honest; they’ll have you falling in love all over again. 
With a mix of both contemporary and historical romance, there is something for everyone to enjoy!
These books are all written as standalone titles and can be read in any order – with the one theme that ties them together being – HERO HEARTS! Enjoy!

The Bricklayer Builds a Wall Around His Heart and It Could Only Be Surmounted by Someone With a Ladder of Love: An MM Historical Erom Noveletta (Alphas … History Like the Noble Buffalo Book 2)

by Gaylord Fancypants

Brick by sturdy, rock-hard brick, his love grows…

Todd works as an apprentice for a bricklayer named Forrest, who’s a square-jawed strong-and-silent barrel of brawn. He expects a lot out of Todd, but Todd isn’t sure he can provide what Forrest needs… and vice versa! Can their burgeoning romance handle the rigors of 1920s Tennessee?

El Fantasma de Sarajevo (Spanish Edition)

by GB Weber

En el corazón de Europa, una ciudad deslumbrante se muestra en toda su plenitud. Fue aquí donde se enfrentaron civilizaciones e imperios: romanos, bizantinos, otomanos. Todos estos reinos pelearon por estas tierras y lucharon por difundir sus culturas y credos. Hasta este rincón de los Balcanes ha llegado Robert Scott, un joven estudiante inglés curioso y fascinado con la historia de esta parte del continente. Junto al protagonista, el lector transitará por los sectores más intrigantes de la ciudad, recorriendo las enigmáticas huellas de su pasado. En su camino se encontrará con un personaje extraño y singular, que lo arrastrará hacia una misteriosa leyenda cuyo auténtico y oscuro significado ira desvelando poco a poco, hasta llevarlo a un insospechado final.

Invitation to Valhalla

by Mike Whicker

Erika Lehmann. She is the Nazis’ top spy. Code-named Lorelei, she is the English speaking daughter of Hitler’s old comrade and a member of the Führer’s inner circle. She is beautiful, athletic, and cleverâ??the epitome of Aryan womanhoodâ??and she’ll stop at nothing to accomplish her mission.

Charlie Pulaski. A down-and-out FBI agent from Chicago on his last legs, Pulaski is sent on what he is sure is a pointless wild goose chase when a garbled shortwave transmission coming from southern Indiana is accidentally intercepted by an amateur HAM radio operator.

Axel Ryker. The Gestapo’s top henchman. Ryker is Heinrich Himmler’s top problem solver, i.e. murderer. As ruthless as he is cunning, Ryker is sent to America with a startling missionâ??find and kill their own spy, Erika Lehmann.

The year is 1942. In Evansville, Indiana, a Jewish metallurgist named Joseph Mayer is conducting top secret experiments for the U.S. Navy. Life could not be better for Joe Mayer: he loves his job, he is contributing greatly to the war effort, and he just began dating a fascinating young woman.

Reluctantly Charmed: Clean Historical Romance: Doctor Holloway’s Story (Hero Hearts)

by Kate Cambridge

Claire Clarke is a natural-born matchmaker. She thinks her best friend Magdalena Allen and the handsome Doctor Lance Holloway of Bareglen Creek would be perfect together.
Simply perfect.

But Magdalena is wounded, and has no interest in men. 
Not now. Not ever.
She has one domineering man in her life already (her father) and she definitely doesn’t need another.

She’s perfectly content to remain single, but her father doesn’t agree. He’s given her three months to find a husband or he’ll find one for her.

At Claire’s recommendation, Magdalena travels from Philadelphia to Bareglen Creek, TX to help the Sisters at the orphanage, and teach the children.

Doc Holloway is intrigued by Magdalenaâ??he admires her fiery spirit and dedication to the orphansâ??but Magdalena finds him to be bossy and nearly as insufferable as her father, one of Philadephia’s most respected surgeons.

As the 3-month deadline of her father’s ultimatum draws near, her friends try to convince Magdalena that a marriage of convenience to the handsome doctor might be better than an arranged marriage with a person of her father’s choosing.

When danger comes to Bareglen Creek, Magdalena learns first-hand just how dominant and protective the handsome doctor can be. Will she be able to see past his overbearing and bossy ways to the love that motivates him? Or will her resentment of her father and his ultimatum destroy her chance for true love?

Reluctantly Charmed is a 30,000 novella and a standalone in the Bareglen Creek and Hero Hearts series. Although reading Lawfully Charmed first will provide additional backstory, the books can be read in any order.

HERO HEARTS is a multi-author series featuring both historical westerns and contemporary Christian romance. Annie Boone, Kate Cambridge, Terri Grace, Misty Shae, Cat McGill and Natalie Dean have teamed up to provide you with clean romance reads about men and women who love, honor, and protect their families, all while having faith in God!
Our heroes and heroines promise to be both swoon-worthy and honest; they’ll have you falling in love all over again. 
With a mix of both contemporary and historical romance, there is something for everyone to enjoy!
These books are all written as standalone titles and can be read in any order – with the one theme that ties them together being – HERO HEARTS! Enjoy!

**The HERO HEARTS series books can be read in any order.

When It Rained at Hembry Castle

by Meredith Allard

A lush historical novel set in Victorian England, When It Rained at Hembry Castle is the story of an aristocratic family, secrets that dare not be told, and the wonder of falling in love.

When the 8th Earl of Staton dies, his eldest son, the unreliable Richard, inherits the title and the family’s homeâ??Hembry Castle. The Earl’s niece, the American-born Daphne, is intrigued by Edward Ellis, a rising author with a first-hand knowledge of Hembry Castleâ??from the servants’ hall. Can Richard come to terms with his title before bringing ruin on his family? Will Edward and Daphne find their way to each other despite the obstacles of life at Hembry Castle?

When It Rained at Hembry Castle is a page-turning, romantic novel with vivid characters and an engrossing story that will keep you guessing until the end.

The Ghost of Sarajevo

by GB Weber

In the heart of Europe, a stunning city is shown in all its splendour. It was here that civilizations and empires clashed: Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans. All these kingdoms fought for this land and struggled to spread their cultures and creeds. To this corner of the Balkans Robert Scott has arrived, an English student curious and fascinated with the history of this part of the continent. Along with the protagonist, the reader will tour through the most intriguing parts of the city, traversing the enigmatic traces of its past. On his way, Rob will encounter a strange and odd character that will drag him to a mysterious legend, whose real, dark meaning will gradually be revealed, leading to an unexpected end.

Just As I Am (Ohio River Valley Series Book 2)

by Beca Sue

The Civil War has finally ended, but for Carter Hensley, the battles continue to rage within. Spending time in a prison camp during the war has left a wound that won’t heal. Finally, a thread of hope returns when his wife, Effie, announces she is expecting their first child. But tragedy strikes and Carter spirals deeper and deeper into a pit of despair, leaving Effie to shoulder more responsibilities and grieve alone. Effie struggles to be the wife she vowed to be, but when the verbal abuse turns physical, she is forced to choose between being faithful and seeking protection.

The Searching

by Kevin Farran

Arriving from Japan as a ten-year-old, Kenichi Sugano grew up consumed by comic book superheroes, baseball and camaraderie. Kenichi was a rough and tumble kid like any in America. When he was twenty that all changed, with the attack on Pearl Harbor.

War War Two paranoia gripped the American populace. Fueled by speculation, fear, retribution, and even greed, Japanese Americans were dispossessed, herded into internment camps, and treated lower than common criminals. Without any form of due process or legal protection their lives were torn asunder. Kenichi’s family, being recent immigrants, were thrust into the spartan, brutal Tule Lake Interment Center. Unable to endure the repression of the camp, Kenichi sets out to prove himself to his family, his lover, his country and himself.

Defying his father’s wishes Kenichi volunteers to fight for his family’s captors. Kenichi’s journey, beginning with the 442 squadron, spans from the blood-drenched bogs of Europe to the smoking, staggering corpse that was Tokyo in the final days of the war.

Through societies saturated with mutually flammable propaganda and manipulated by the rampant hubris of military madmen, Kenichi valiantly serves his country and struggles for his identity. Nurtured by the true hearts of brave women and the steaming bloody hearts of dying friends, Kenichi stumbles to find a culture, and a love he can call his own.

One Japanese American’s search for self, in a time when humanity seemed intent on

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