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From Egypt to Babylon: Reimagining Exodus in the Creation of Biblical Israel

by Ronald Geobey

The historicity of Exodus has been under attack over the last century, with the majority of scholars focusing on the absence of correlating evidence for the circumstances which lead ultimately to a large-scale migration out of Egypt. What cannot be ignored, however, is the fact that this story amounted to the cultural memory par excellence of the people called Israel, and of the Jewish identity which emerged from the ancient world and continued into modern times. In short, it was believed – and celebrated – by the people by whom and for whom it was composed.

While incorporating the ongoing debate, this book takes a slightly different approach to Exodus, seeing it as a story which develops over time in relation to a specific chain of events in the development towards the ethno-religious identity, Biblical Israel. By investigating each of these historical contexts seen as pivotal by the biblical writers, the author identifies a relationship between perceptions of identity crisis and the application of a รข??grand narrative’ of liberation from oppression. More than this, however, the author introduces a singular motif as that which copper-fastens the literary relationship between all of these representations of the past.

The Birth Of Jesus: Hot Off The Press

by Sylvia Wheatley

A journalist from Jerusalem reporting for the Judean Gazette. A Baby born in Bethlehem Who is no ordinary baby. Shepherds in the fields who see angels. Magi from the east who travel hundreds of miles to see this Baby. Could this be the promised Messiah which the Jewish nation has been expecting for thousands of years?
Read the story as it reported and see what you think.

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