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The Minotaur Has a Labyrinth Whose Twists and Turns Are Also the Route to My Heart: An MM Paranormal/Billionaire Novelette

by Gaylord Fancypants

His boss a stud, a sexgod… and a minotaur!

Mr. Tauren suffers from a minotaur’s curse, which means any place he stays turns into a labyrinth! Will his secretary Sebastian get lost in the maze of Mr. Tauren’s muscle-bound heart?!


by Bridget Balentine

A tragic loss. An impossible mystery.

A quest to expose the truth about psychics and paranormal abilities leads reporter Kass Bastian to a beautiful con artist who calls herself a Seer.

But Destiny Rhodes is not like the other self-proclaimed psychics she has investigated. Destiny welcomes her skepticism and scrutiny, and invites her along on an investigation of her own.

She, and her film crew, have been invited into the home of a family desperate for answers. They want to know why their children are experiencing night terrors, and how to get rid of the shadowy figure tormenting them.

What Kass finds in that house will redefine everything she knows about evil, and the tenuous boundary between life and death.

Pharos, the Egyptian (Horror Classic)

by Guy Boothby

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Pharos is a very old Egyptian, at least ninety-years old, extremely knowledgeable about Egyptian antiquities. He meets Sir William Betford, a peer living in England, who owns an extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities collected earlier by his father, an historian and archeologist who focused on ancient Egypt. The meeting was contrived by Pharos because he wanted to retrieve a mummy he had been searching for a long time, which is now in Betford’s collection. Pharos manages to lure Sir Betford into his sphere of influence, and eventually persuades Englishman to accompany him on a trip to Egypt, where it turns out that Pharos is not who he seems to be.

The Devils’ Conference

by D. Ghedini

The devil Damien is attending the annual Devils’ Conference to learn tips and tricks for grabbing more souls. Only this year he has a secret. A secret so dangerous and terrifying that he hasn’t yet accepted it himself. Will this be the year he does? Take a trip to the Devils’ Conference with Damien and see if he can reveal his secret. And if he does, will the other devils eat him alive?The Devils’ Conference is an inspirational story about the value of free-will. No particular religion is implied and its moral values are general. Suitable for 16+

The Headless Horseman (Horror Classic)

by Mayne Reid

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. The story takes place in Texas soon after the War with Mexico. Louise Poindexter, a beautiful newcomer, is courted by two men – the arrogant and vindictive Cassius Calhoun and the dashing but poor mustanger Maurice Gerald. Calhoun plots to eliminate his rival when tragedy strikes: Louise’s brother, the young Henry Poindexter, is murdered. All clues point to Maurice Gerald as the assassin. At the same time a headless rider is spotted in the environs of the Poindexter plantation.



This a collection of 35 Short Stories about Ghosts and other weird categories.

Hettford Witch Hunt, Series Three: Comedy Horror

by James Rhodes

Things are getting weirder in Hettford as an unwelcome spirit begins to haunt the village. Does Shelley really have the secret to breaking the curse on Gary? Can fruit really teleport of its own accord? Will Tajel ever notice Paul? And are all Gary’s problems really his own fault? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the latest exciting instalment of the Hettford Witch Hunt series.

The Venus Cure: A cat-and-mouse, romantic suspense thriller.

by A.K. Leigh

Torrance Monroe couldn’t be happier. She landed her dream job as a botanical scientist for the Parks and Wildlife Service in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she will study and conserve the native plants that have fascinated her since childhood: the Venus Fly Trap.

Dominique Black is at immediate odds with Tori. As a wildlife ranger, he has been battling to save the endangered traps from ruthless poachers, most of whom go unpunished. He doesn’t see how can a scientist with zero experience in the field can help when even the law was failing.

After a well-known poacher harvests traps from one of the local swamps, Tori and Dom must set aside their differences. With a fortune on the line, will their decision to work together come too late for not only themselves, but for the plants they are trying to save?

Surviving Earth: Makayla’s Journey

by Cora A. Murray

After two years of being alone, keeping death at bay by sheer will, Makayla isn’t sure if she was fit for humanity, much less a young girl and two teen boys.

At 19 she’s seen and done things that would make your blood curdle and survived it all with the aid of her Dad’s Glock, a sawed-off shotgun, her katana and the skills she learned from her Dad. But, as the days pass life is breaking her down.

Will Makayla survive the Earth that has been left or will she fall prey to what hides in the shadows?

The Bentley Grange Ghost

by Dorothy M. Mitchell

Veterinary Surgeon Kenneth Marshall was living with his wife and family in London when he inherited a large estate in Yorkshire left to him in a will, by an uncle he had never met.

Fay and Archie begin their new life in the large rambling old house, situated on the coast. Archie discovers the house is haunted by a mischievous ghost. The story is a little creepy and will make you shudder, but at the same time, it will make you smile at some of the funny antics played out as you turn the pages.

It really is a fascinating read.

Enjoy the adventure.

The Weird, Weird World of the Swamp Jayne Mansfield

by Tony Ungawa

There are many strange and bizarre stories in the swamp, but none more bizarre and strange than the exploits of the shambling mass of twisted horror called the Swamp Jayne Mansfield. Legend has it the creature stalking the deep and shady wetlands of east Texas is half mud and plant and half 1950s Hollywood silver screen sex symbol. An ungodly creation spawned from a terribly tragic laboratory accident that left the innocent and humble mind of a man trapped forever inside this impossible monster’s 44-22-35 female figure.
Now the evil and backwards thinking Ku Klux Klan have come to the Swamp Jayne Mansfield’s home turf, hoping to set up shop, burn a few crosses, and take the lives of good people they don’t cotton to. This the bog beast with hooters bigger than your head will not tolerate. Swamp monster justice, morbid and unwholesome, is at hand.

SEE — The Swamp Jayne Mansfield show no mercy when it attacks a platoon of deadly racists!
SEE — A Shaolin ass-kicker come to life off of the movie screen and become a lethal decapitating kung fu assassin!
SEE — A VCR plugged into Hell itself summon the unholy!
See — Demon cowboys ride and stir up a satanic ruckus for our muck-encrusted hero!

All this and more await the brave reader in the pages of this uncanny novella.


Now the story can be told.

Harmonious Fist

by Elcid

“Harmonious Fist,” is the epic tale of the Sobek clan, who were originally only known as the Subek Clan. It talks about their history and family martial art, “The Harmonious Fist”. The book consists of three parts or books.

The First Part: “Lei Tai,” is about Felix Sobek, who comes out prison and is set on his dream of becoming the next champion of the Lei Tai. The Lei Tai is the ultimate martial arts competition where nations send their best martial artists to duel it out. However, a terrorist organisation known as the Separatist Movement, set on changing the world order seems to get in his way of achieving his dream.

Part Two: “The Duellist and The Emperor,” continues with the event after the Lei Tai, where Felix manages to become the next champion. However, is arrested again because of the murder of his manager. The detective who heads the investigation is James Stockhorn, whose family comes from an ancient clan of people who once live in the Dragon’s Lair long before the arrival of Daoist sages.

His investigation leads him to uncover the existence of secret society known as the Brotherhood, a society the Separatist movement is set to reveal and destroy to the public. However, an ancient evil by the name of Fei Yue has come back with his intent on completing his ancient dream of world domination.

Part Three: “Sobek Legacy,” here story begins with Charles “Chuck” Sobek, a member of the Sobek. He is a wandering vagabond, who spends his time getting into street brawls and is sometimes hired by certain elements of the underworld to do certain jobs. Few know of his family’s illustrious history and its martial art, “The Harmonious Fist”. However, ancient acts from the past, done by his forefathers do not only haunt him, but the world as well.

The Girl Fights (Al Fess Cover Girl Collection Book 3)

by Kelcey Coe

During Spring Break, out to prove she’s the best, a wicked femme fatale jeopardizes the fashion show, luring its participants into a deadly mixed martial arts model mash-up called The Girl Fights, ultimately pitting hungry models inside brutal MMA cage fights to the death for their shot at fame and fortune.

The Girl Fights proudly welcomes Mia Rose, as she becomes a character in this book. Her photography is provided by Al Fess.

Ascending Beyond (Reaper’s Journey Book 1)

by Tobey Alexander

There have been many versions of and beliefs about what lies beyond death, many ideas and fantasies that until now were the norm. In Reaper’s Journey Series it is time to fully understand the complexities of life after death in a gripping and action-packed fantasy adventure series.

Christian Thomas is in the throes of depression, consumed by his grief at the loss of his partner Ash, life has become empty and hollow. In an attempt to reconnect with himself and Ash’s family Christian returns to Mount Shasta, a place close to his heart. On an ill-fated hike, Christian finds himself stranded and alone, snowed in by a vicious snowstorm.

As the storm passes and Christian emerges from the cave he does so in the company of Azrael. He emerges not to return to his life, but to embrace the fact his time is done and now judgement awaits.

Exploring the complex and intricate worlds of Altum and Sub-Terra, it is time for Christian to make a choice. It is time for him face The Enlightened Council and face the judgement of his soul or else accept the chance to be reunited with Ash. Their reunion comes at a cost, Christian must commit himself to the life of a Reaper, a collector of souls whose time on earth leaves them in a state of imbalance.

Under the tutelage of Azrael, Christian must learn the ways of a Reaper and assist in bringing souls before The Council for judgement to Ascend, Descend or face the chance of another life and Redemption.

While Christian and Azrael serve the Enlightened Council, there are others who believe the system is broken, corrupted and overcome with fear of the rising power of those that Descend to Sub-Terra. A formidable warrior, known only as Amber, seeks to claim those souls that seem regularly denied their fate of Descent which The Enlightened Council fear would thrust the afterlife into chaos.

Christian must embrace his life as a Reaper, train and become an agent of the afterlife and seek to hold steady the delicate balance between life and death. His journey will bring him ever closer to Ash but in the process force him to clash with forces beyond anything he could ever have comprehended.

Join Christian as he journeys to Altum, home of The Enlightened Council where he must train and accept that he is now on a REAPER’S JOURNEY.

Bringing a new perspective to life and death Ascending Beyond is the first in a three-part trilogy of books under the Reaper’s Journey banner. Encapsulating a new take on the afterlife akin to the worlds of Constantine and Underworld, Ascending Beyond offers a journey of fantastical elements in an action-packed fantasy adventure.

When death comes calling, the journey has just begun.

Reaper’s Journey Series is the latest addition to the catalogue of Tobey Alexander that has introduced the bestselling Origins Of The Magdon Novelette Series, the expanded #TheMagdon Novel Series and the epic sci-fi adventure Blackout. Trust your imagination to the rising star author in the latest addition to a widening catalogue of character-driven thrilling stories that offer you page-turning adventures.

Snow Kissed (The Immortal Grimm Brothers’ Guide to Sociopathic Princesses Book 1)

by M. J. Padgett

Eighteen-year-old Calla Benson is just like any other normal teenage girl. She has a secret crush on her best friend, likes music and movies, works hard to make good grades, and does her best to stay out of trouble. But once in a blue moon, Calla is anything but normal. There’s a predatory animal lurking inside her, just waiting to rampage through the forest once a year. One fateful night, Calla comes across something she’s never seen beforeâ??someone like her. After a tense meeting in the forest, Calla dives headlong into a fantastical land shrouded in mystery. With danger around every corner, she learns things are not always what they seem, and she is farther from normal than she ever imagined. With the help of her best friends, a pair of brooding brothers, and a family she never knew she had, Calla embarks on a mission to save her people from a treacherous queen. With wolves, witches, deathly secrets, and mysterious lands (and a few confusing boys), Calla’s life is flipped upside down. It’s the stuff fairy tales are made ofâ?¦ because being a teenager wasn’t already difficult enough.


by S. Kodejs

A mind-blowing Techno-Horror that will scare you senseless! ETERNITY takes a nightmare from past history and projects it right into a possible future.

Eternity. If you could live forever, would you? No matter what the cost?
When Gillian Leigh returns home to Cedar Island she finds the idyllic hamlet is not what it seems. Not only are her husband and baby acting strangely, so is everyone else. Toddlers able to perform unthinkable physical acts, schoolchildren with disturbing intellectual abilities, robotic adults studying her with an intensity that is frightening. It’s as if all of Cedar Island has gone mad… or maybe it’s just her. With a mental breakdown in the past, Gillian recognizes the symptoms.
10- year-old Stacy Kennedy has plenty of experience evading difficult situations, but what’s happening on Cedar Island is beyond her capabilities. Not only is her drunken mother and current live-in boyfriend acting weirder than normal, so are her classmates. They want something from Stacy – but she’s too afraid to find out what.
As the few uninfected residents of Cedar Island try to escape, their only avenue is abruptly cut off. Hunted by their families and friends, they must band together to uncover what horrors really lie at the center of Cedar Island. They must choose if the path to eternity is evil or simply another technological breakthrough.

“Author can really spin a yarn! Has an incredible knack for getting inside the heads of his characters and is excellent at dialogue. Skilled at taking you right into the time, place, and situation to make it come alive and leave you wanting more.” Scroll up and click BUY to start reading ETERNITY immediately.

The Rot and Death

by Paul W. Ryan

There are only two things certain in the world anymore: the Rot and Death.

Ever since the Redeemer came, he brought forth the Rot. The world is now a plague-ridden wasteland. Those infected are slowly turning into little more than shambling corpses. The idea of anyone being Pure anymore feels like a myth.

Life for Braxton wasn’t all that great, even before he began dying from the Rot. Now, his family may be the only Pure left. The last hope for this world.

Braxton must do what it takes to save his family and find the cure before the Rot takes hold. Even if it means selling the last part of humanity he has left to the devil himself.


by Lydia Peever

A return to violent vampire fiction. He could not remember a thing. Who he was or where he came from. He has visions of the undead. An abandoned house of isolated opulence lures him. Then, he meets a girl – the only person who really recognizes him – and her hundreds of scars.

Model Combat

by Tiffani Kelsi


On the eve of their anniversary, sexy femme fatale, Rachel, forces her husband to prove his love to her by organizing a brutal, no-holds-barred tournament of the world’s sexiest models who threaten her chance at becoming the best. Her husband and world’s deadliest assassin, Russell Brown, along with preacher-by-day and pimp-by-night (St. William) and local fitness gurus Big Tony and Ryan recruit these willing and determined models with a promise of a multimillion dollar contract in an international modeling agency.

The models are all invited to the new and happening club, Devil’s Deviants, where all Hell breaks loose. Russell Brown takes over and prepares the girls for the tournament. With strong femdom and feminist tendencies, the blood flies and the testosterone is high as the sweat pours from these oily, bikini-clad girls like never imagined throughout cinematic history!

Hungry for fame and glory the girls devote themselves to whatever it takes to be the best – love, deceit, sex, betrayal, lust – whether its busting silicone or literally ripping their opponents to shreds.

Will this tournament satisfy her need to be the best?

Or is there an underlying motive?

No matter it’s gonna be a Bitch Fight!

Murder for Christmas

by Jo-Ann Carson

Agatha Christie meets The House of Usher

When code-breaker Madison Rathborne gets an all-expense paid trip to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest the week before Christmas, she expects a peaceful getaway from the fake Santas in the city and the drama of her family’s turkey feast, but Deadman’s Island offers no such sanctuary. Trapped in a maze of secrets, scandals and murder, with a side of ghost, Maddy struggles to make sense of it all. Macabre stories of gruesome deaths on the estate go back centuries. Her logical mind refuses to believe in legends, but there’s no reasonable explanation for what’s going on around her.
Twelve strangers invited to the gathering, discover turkey is not the only thing on the menu, as one by one they meet their maker.
Will Mad Rath’s superior logician skills crack the mystery before the killer gets her? Or is there a supernatural force at work that cannot be conquered?

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