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The Supernormal Ability Cookie Kids’ Club

by Sally Appert

Cassie has just discovered the one thing worse than having to do homework: having to do homework blind. She acts tough and tries to pretend she’s not losing her vision, but she wishes with all her heart that she could see colors again.

Natasha moved from China to the United States when she was little. She wishes her parents would tell her why they disappeared for two years when they lived in China, but all they’ll say is that they were “detained.”

Dayne is the youngest of eight kids and has to wear dumb broken glasses, since his mom can’t afford new ones. He wishes that, just once, he could be the hero of the family instead of the ninth wheel.

Then, early one morning, their wishes come trueâ??but not quite in the way they imagined. These three very different middle schoolers are suddenly united by two things: amazing superpowers, and a quest to make those superpowers permanent. Even if it means misusing them a little.


by Mike Bloemer

When 13-year old Brett Morgan stands up to snowboarding legend (and school bully) Preston Jackson, he inadvertently becomes the newest extreme sports superstar.

Brett Morgan used to have an amazing life. His mom was a famous actress, his dad was an award-winning director, and the three of them enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle in LA. All that changes a few days after Christmas, however, when Brett and his family are buried alive under a mountain of snow on the Swiss Alps. Brett is the only one to survive.

Brett eventually gets used to his wacky grandparents (who host a paranormal radio show about UFOs, Bigfoot, and Elvis sightings) and his aluminum-hat wearing cousin in Aspen, Colorado, but it takes even longer to get used to his new school. At first he’s excited to meet his extreme sports idol, Preston Jackson, who also attends Rocky Mountain Junior High. That changes when Brett discovers Preston is really an egomaniacal jerk who is nothing like he’s portrayed on TV. But at least his cute cousin Max is nice.

Brett’s life gets even crazier when he attends the Freezer Games, a competition sponsored by one of the world’s largest media empires, Silverleaf Entertainment. To show Preston he’s not God’s gift to extreme sports, Brett sneaks past security and performs an amazing snowboarding trick that makes ESPN’s Top Ten list (and also earns him the catchy nickname of Renegade). The owner of the Freezer Games, Woodrow Silverleaf, goes from wanting Brett arrested for trespassing to wanting him to be his newest sports star.

Brett soon finds himself juggling school work, new friendships, a romance with Max, crazy teachers, even crazier grandparents, a psychotic multi-billionaire tycoon boss, and the most grueling teen sports competition on the planet. Will Brett overcome all odds and win the Freezer Games? Or will he crack under the pressure?

Renegade should appeal to anyone who is interested in extreme sports, particularly extreme winter sports. It’s a moving, light-hearted tale about perseverance, love, and standing up for what you believe in, no matter what the odds.

Great Christmas Treasure: Story Theater Enabled

by Jeff Klinedinst

Ernie is Santa’s most trusted elf. But when he overhears Santa and Mrs. Claus talking about leaving the North Pole in search of Christmas treasure, the elf hatches a dangerous plan to save Christmas. Will Christmas be cancelled? Will Santa and Mrs. Claus stay? Who will find the Great Christmas Treasure?

The Great Christmas Treasure children’s book is a rollicking Christmas mystery from Immersive Publishing that uses the new Story Theater skill and your Amazon Echo to help make you part of the adventure. You’ll read along, read aloud and enjoy this thrilling holiday adventure.

You don’t need anything to enjoy this book. We even sell a paperback version if you’ve not yet graduated to digital technology. And all Story Theater books offer you two books in one. You get an enhanced version that ties directly into the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot Skill of the same name. You also get a regular reading version that skips all the icons and other enhancements for when you just want a quiet read.

When you choose the Echo-enhanced Story theater version, you’ll be amazed at how you are sucked into a 3D story complete with sound effects, a narrator, music and ambient backgrounds. The best part…this isn’t just some dull one way broadcast. Your child will be reading lines in the story and their voice will trigger the amazing presentation which makes them part of the story. They’ll become a crucial part of a really fun adventure. If they already love reading…Story Theater gives them a 21st century push. If they don’t love reading…this might be the thing that starts them down the path to reading.

This will take you 2 minutes to set up and you’ll be amazed when this new Christmas mystery comes alive with the sound of your child’s voice.

Story Theater takes audible books to the next level as they help your child learn to read along and read aloud without the pressure of a classroom.

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Dimwater’s Dagger (The Sorceress of Aspenwood Book 3)

by Sam Ferguson

In the exciting conclusion to the Sorceress of Aspenwood trilogy, Kyra will need each of her friends as she delves yet deeper into the underworld of dark magic that is growing around her. The threats to each of them, and to the Middle Kingdom itself, have reached the boiling point, and it is going to take every ounce of courage and wit Kyra has to survive the coming battle unscathed.

I Think My Son Is A Monkey: Children’s Picture Book

by Gamaliel Anguiano

“He acts like he doesn’t like to take a bath, but ends up making a big ol splash!” A silly book, told in rhyme, about a silly child who sometimes acts like a monkey; written by his even sillier father… fun for all ages.

Cradle of the Sun (Colony Book 3)

by James McLellan

Robbie is a prospector, a spy, and a veteran explorer of the deep. When a businessman hires him to search for a lost relative beyond the edge of the solar system in search of a myth, Robbie and his crew embark on a voyage beyond their expectations.

My Secret Talking Stop Sign

by Hendriette du Plessis

A simple problem solving story with a quirky message that will be hard to forget!

Luca’s name means ‘light’, which he loves because he loves to shine a light on things around him by looking, listening and thinking. But even Luca is frustrated and upset when something he wants to make so badly does not work the first time around. Luca shares his story of the little stop sign which helped him work through his problem that day, and with every challenge since. Luca invites the reader along his journey of discovery and in the end they too will feel on top of the world and be able to say “I know I can, and I will!’

The Secret Talking Stop Sign is both a delightful story and a powerful step-by-step process to overcoming challenges. With illustrations co-created by the real-life Luca and his little brother Addison, the book has a simple, light flow. A story that will leave you feeling empowered and wanting to share the message of the Talking Stop Sign with all the children in your life.

Knotty Pine Mysteries: Mr. Beaverton and the Pistachio Fiasco (Volume 1) (A detective series for children ages 9 12)

by Olivia Rian

Mr. Beaverton solves his first “real” case.

When the sheriff is unexpectedly called away to attend to trouble in another town, Mr. Beaverton is left on his own to keep Knotty Pine safe.

As one piece of property after another begins to go missing, the residents of Knotty Pine turn to Mr. Beaverton for help. With his secretary, Miss Di, and messenger boy, Oscar, busy, Mr. Beaverton enlists the help of Sir Sly Sepluv, a shady red fox, to help him find the thief.

Interestingly, Mr. Beaverton finds pistachios at the scenes of the crimes.

Little does Mr. Beaverton know, a nutty adventure awaits. . .

Knotty Pine Mysteries is an educational children’s chapter book series set in 1800’s North America. Young and old alike will be thrilled by this suspenseful and entertaining story as they follow Mr. Beaverton, a dapper beaver with a knack for sleuthing, on his latest case. Readers will also learn fun and interesting facts about wildlife (e.g., did you know that opossums are the only marsupials found in North America?) and the Victorian era.

Kindle version includes eighteen color portraits of the citizens of Knotty Pine and sixteen ink drawings spread throughout the novel (original artwork by Sara Aycock).

Geek Girl – Book 1: A Cool New Start

by Katrina Kahler

Geek Girl – Book 1: A Cool New Start
This is an exciting and funny story about a geek girl named Maya. Yes, she is a geek, a very cool geek at that, and when Maya and her family move into the old three-story house that belonged to her grandpa, Maya’s life changes.

Her grandmother always claimed that the house was filled with hidden wonders and Maya is not prepared for what lies in wait for her arrival.

With the encouragement of her best friend, Tammy, Maya learns to tackle the challenges in her path including Dexter Rose, the boy Maya has a little crush on (a very little one) and who is also her biggest class rival. If you’re a fan of the Diary of a Super Girl series, you are sure to enjoy this series too! It’s a fabulous book for girls 9 – 12.

The Lion Is Out To Get You: Children’s Picture Book

by Gamaliel Anguiano

“Shhh! The Lion is out to get someone, but whom could it be?” Could it be that he wants the giraffe? The monkey? Or, maybe the wallaby? All you need to do is download this book to find out who. Watch the suspense and glee build up in your child’s eyes as you read to discover just who the Lion is out to get and just as importantly, why. A super cute children’s picture book with bright illustrations and sassy characters.

Wimpy Villager 16: Bound By Blood

by Cube Kid

An ancient prophecy . . .
Once thought to be only a fairy tale, a villager boy named Runt discovers just how real it isâ??and how he is destined to be a part of it.

26,000 words. 115 images.

Ingrid’s Engagement: How A Beauty Tamed A Beast (Fairetellings Book 3)

by Kristen Reed

When King Viggo marches through the kingdom of Schlagefilde in a relentless quest for retribution against its wicked king, the Count of Anselm attempts to make peace with him. As the two strike a deal that will protect the people of Anselm, the King of Villriket becomes enthralled with a portrait of the Count’s oldest daughter, Ingrid. The vengeful king vows that he will leave Edmund’s county in peace if he will allow him to marry Ingrid. To prevent her father from incurring the sovereign’s wrath, the young lady hastily agrees and enters into an unforeseen engagement with the grim ruler.

Ingrid’s Engagement tells the enchanting tale of a beautiful young woman who softens the hardened heart of a beastly king with nothing more than her quiet wisdom and gentle spirit.


by Mike Bloemer

Like a lot of 12-year old kids, Ben Boomer finds his family embarrassing. Unlike a lot of kids, Ben’s family consists of professional wrestlers who embarrass him on national television. That’s the premise of “The Adventures of Hairball & ‘Hot Flash’ Granny”.

All his life Ben Boomer has idolized his pro-wrestling parents, Hairball and Psycho Momma. And his greatest hero has always been his wrestling granny, â??Hot Flash’ Granny. But now that he’s getting older, Ben’s family members don’t seem as cool as they used to. In Ben’s defense, it is rather difficult to climb the middle school social ladder when his granny is whacking his dad with a steel chair on national television.

Ben’s crazy family soon becomes the least of his worries. Terrence Grand, the most popular kid in school, seems to thrive off of picking on Ben and his socially awkward friends. Ben finally has enough and joins the wrestling team so he can beat up Terrence in front of the entire school. Ben regrets his wacky plan, however, when he realizes just how tough wrestling try-outs truly are. In order to face off against his arch-rival, Ben must gain 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Even worse, Terrence’s dad is the wrestling coachâ?¦ and he does everything he can to make Ben’s life miserable.

Ben’s problems pile up when he’s drawn into a bizarre conspiracy involving his family. Ronald Rump, the evil CEO of Kings Wrestling Federation, has decided to move his juggernaut corporation to Chicago. And he has only one goal in mind: the complete destruction of Hairball and â??Hot Flash’ Granny’s wrestling company. If Ronald wins the so-called wrestling wars, then Ben’s mom, dad, and granny will be unemployed. Ben also struggles to woo the hottest girl in school, survive Ms. Wolf’s soul-crushing history class, and unite the nerds in a rebellion against Terrence and his army of jocks. Needless to say, poor Ben has a lot of problems, and not a lot of time to solve them.

Andrea Wells and the Defenders of Earth

by Bryan Kelsey

Andrea Wells spent most of middle school in your typical fashion, worrying about boys, trying not to appear as poor as she actually was, and desperately trying to make friends. But in the future you don’t go to high school and there are few choices for a girl from the other side of the tracks like Andrea. For her, there is only one way to overcome a life of hardship: join the Defenders of Earth. Leaving behind her father, she sets out across the stars to begin training at the Academy. Gaining real friends for the first time in her life and even encountering what she deems to be a magic flying carpet. At the Academy, she not only faces grueling physical challenges, but also the manipulation of her social standing by the leader of the Academy, Tiberius. Andrea is coerced into participation in political turmoil as the threat of a galactic war with the Draxar Empire looms. Andrea is forced to choose between loyalty to her beliefs and preserving human life. Before she can make this choice, she must navigate the challenges of friendships, alien life, becoming a pilot, surviving dangerous missions, and the cruel reality of life and death.

Wisp the Wayfinder (Tales from the NoWhere and NeverWhen Book 1)

by J.M. Hauser

In this faery world of wonder and magic, journey along with Wisp, a newly born faery with an attitude who is searching for her identity and her purpose. The inspiring language of author JM Hauser and the beautiful art of Kevin Nichols are sure to bring some magic into your life!

The Fables of Aesop

by Aesop

Musaicum Books presents to you this unique collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. .
The Wolf and the Kid
The Tortoise and the Ducks
The Young Crab and His Mother
The Frogs and the Ox
The Dog, the Cock, and the Fox
Belling the Cat
The Eagle and the Jackdaw
The Boy and the Filberts
Hercules and the Wagoner
The Kid and the Wolf
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Fox and the Grapes
The Bundle of Sticks
The Wolf and the Crane
The Ass and His Driver
The Oxen and the Wheels
The Lion and the Mouse
The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf
The Gnat and the Bull
The Plane Tree
The Farmer and the Stork
The Sheep and the Pig
The Travelers and the Purse
The Lion and the Ass
The Frogs Who Wished for a King
The Owl and the Grasshopper
A Raven and a Swan
The Two Goats
The Monkey and the Camelâ?¦

The Girl In The Mango Tree

by Richard Capwell

Kane O’Conner lives with his large, rowdy family on Fort Clayton Army Base in the Panama Canal Zone. Awkward, asthmatic Kane spends most of his time reading until one day, in 1976, he discovers a Kuna Indian girl hiding in a mango tree in the jungle near his house.

I am NOT a Bird! (Sammy the Bird Book)

by V Moua

Children’s Book: I am NOT a Bird!
Bedtime Stories for Kids

In this book, Sammy attempts to prove to you that he is NOT a bird. But will it be enough to convince you? Read the book to find out!

About Sammy the Bird books:

This is an illustrated children’s book series about Sammy, a little bird who has a BIG personality. As you read the books, you will discover that this little red bird is constantly curious, always looking for new adventures and he is very creative with his imagination. Did I forget to mention he is also quite the character! There are over 70+ books in this series and counting. I created Sammy based on the personalities and characteristics of my own children. That may explain why many kids can relate to this little bird and why Sammy is quite popular among children and early readers. As an author, I have enjoyed reading all the positive reviews and comments coming from children, parents, grandparents and teachers about how this red bird has impacted their life and helped children to enjoy reading. As a reader, you can look forward to many more adventures with this silly and fun-loving red bird!
-V. Moua

About the book: I am NOT a Bird!

This is a read aloud kids book. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children.

This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren.

Read this children’s book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership!

The Fight To Heaven: Cynthia Doveâ??s Journey To The Train: The Beginning. (Cynthia Doveâ??s Life After Death Book 1)

by Fiona Finley

Sometimes Highs and lows are within the same day. That is how it was for recently turned 18 year old Cynthia Dove. In the morning she received her High school Diploma six month early. Her future into adult hood seemed so clear. That evening â?? just before midnight â?? she died trying to save others. This is a short story beginning into the life and after life of Cynthia and all those in her life and who she meet along her journey to Heaven.

The North Pole Challenge: a Christmas series (Flea’s Five Christmases Book 1)

by Kevin George

From “Part fantasy, part coming-of-age tale, part humorous romp, THE NORTH POLE CHALLENGE is both entertaining and imaginative. As the first book of five, the narrator skillfully positions his central character to have numerous other adventures.”

From reviewer Oh My Bookness: “This is a perfect children’s tale, even good for interested adults to read who like the holiday season and a twist on characters such as Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, and the creation of Christmas. If you are interested in taking a magical ride through the holiday season this the story for you or any child.”

Flea has always been different from other students in school. He’s not smart or athletic, he’s shorter than kids half his age, and his facial features are strangely pointy. His foster mother always warns him to avoid attention, though Flea has no idea who’s after them.

But Flea discovers several abilities that change his life forever: snowy weather follows him wherever he goes, he can stop snowballs in mid-flight and he builds anything in shop class in a matter of minutes, despite his lack of training. An appearance on The Great Build-Off – a popular construction game show – leads him to a magical place he only thought existed in Christmas stories.

At the North Pole, Flea feels even more like an outsider. In fact, the storybook village reminds him of every school he’d ever attended, complete with overachievers and underachievers, popular elves and outcasts. But during his training to become a proper builder elf, he discovers the North Pole has an arch-nemesis bent on invading elfish lands and ending Christmas forever. With a war looming against the South Pole, Flea’s sudden appearance at the North Pole is no coincidence, as he questions his role in the fate of the world’s greatest holiday.

“The North Pole Challenge” is not your typical Christmas story. Everyone knows about Santa Claus, his elves and the North Pole, but this book provides a fresh outlook on old familiar tales. Imagine Santa Claus as a reclusive loner, Rudolph as a narcissistic whiner, the elves as cruel party animals. And no great story would be complete without an enemy of epic proportions, another familiar Christmas name with a wicked past never before toldâ?¦

Until now…


From reviewer Ionia Martin: “I will say, that I wish there were more books like this in the world. This book is appropriate for all age groups and would make an excellent gift for anyone. My kids adored this book and so did I. I can’t recommend this title enough.”

From reviewer Mandy2000 “I started to read this to my eight year old son before bed each night and couldn’t stop reading when I knew he was asleep!!”

Sunnyâ??s Morning Surprise: (Children’s Books- Animal Amazing Bedtime Stories for Toddlers)

by Emily Smith

Sunny’s Morning Surprise is a bright and colorful baby elephant story that will at once both entertain your child and bring attention to important concepts:

  • inclusion and rejection
  • handling disappointment
  • practicing joy and patience
  • and keeping an open and generous heart toward others

Author Emily Smith has created a beautifully expressive story to inspire the imagination and delight the heart.
This story follows Sunny the baby elephant as he ventures into his world on a solo quest for friendship and acceptance. Sunny is first disappointed and rejected by others who overlook or exclude him without consideration, primarily because heis not one of them. His sunny disposition prevails, however, and Sunny continues to pleasure in the beauty of the day and draw comfort from the assurance of his mother’s love.

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The Christmas Tree of Doom: The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: A Par Whack Adventure (Funny Dog Books for Kids)

by Jim Gibson

Another Whacknoodle Christmas Disaster!

If you’re read any of Perdita Whacknoodle’s other dog story books, you know that the Whacknoodle family of crazy dogs creates disasters wherever they go.

Why should Christmas be any different?

In these two Christmas stories for kids, Perdita tells all about her father, a dog she calls “Par,” and his crazy attempts to enjoy Christmas in the country.

Par is an adventurous scalawag, and he’s also the most wanted dog everâ??wanted by sheriffs, police, and dog-catchers everywhere. When you read her books, you’ll understand why.

A Sudden Massive Mashed Potato Explosion

It’s Christmas in the country, and the house is all decorated. Excited guests arrive for Farmer’s fancy Christmas dinner.

What could possibly go wrong?

A LOT, when the Whacknoodle family is involved.

When Par tries to enjoy the family’s spectacular Christmas feast, things suddenly go very, very wrong and Par creates a most unexpected Christmas explosion.

But Par is a quick-thinking dog! He keeps his head, even in the midst of everyone’s confusion, and he manages to snatch a wonderful Christmas dinner for himself before he escapes.

The story doesn’t end with the mashed-potato explosion, and Par creates a LOT more excitement before he finally eludes the angry humans.

But Par is very happy, and he knows he’s made the Christmas feast something no one will ever forget!

The Christmas Carol of Doom

In the second long story in this children’s chapter book,”The Christmas Carol of Doom,” Par’s elaborate plans to bring holiday cheer to the town of Dahlonega backfires in a very big way.

In this story, Par, and his canine singing group (“The Twelve Dogs of Christmas”) plan to sing carols around the town. Of course, they expect lots of free food in return.

Somehow, it doesn’t work out that way, and there is another big surprise, lots of exploding Christmas decorations, and an epic battle with Par’s sworn enemy Mr. Wimpy.

And once again, the dogs escape JUST as the police arrive!

By the end of the dogs’ first-ever holiday concert, Mr. Wimpy, is NOT at all filled with Christmas cheer.

But amazingly, in the midst of the chaos and confusion, Par and his dog friends discover their own idea of the real spirit of Christmas.

And for once, Laura (who writes all Perdita’s stories down) thinks that, even in the midst of all their nutty adventures, Perdita and her wacky dog family may be right.

It’s NOT Just Another Cute Dog Story!

You can find lots of cute, heart-warming dog stories.

But there’s never been a children’s book of funny dog stories like Perdita’s!

When you read Perdita’s happy chapter books, you’ll wonder whether YOUR dog thinks like Perdita. Is it possible?

Why not?

If you’ll scroll up the page to the BUY NOW button, you’ll be laughing atPerdita’s crazy Christmas stories in just a couple of minutes, and you’ll be sharing the Whacknoodle Family Christmas!

It’s Christmas fun you can enjoy all year with your kids. Or with your dogs!

WBI: Witches Bureau Of Investigation (WBI Series Book 1)

by Richard Capwell

By chance, eleven-year-old twins Nate and Herman Howe meet Mrs. Weatherby, a retired member of the Los Angeles branch of Witches Bureau of Investigation. The boys ask her to help find their mother, who has been missing for six months. Reluctantly, Mrs. Weatherby agrees, though all of her licenses to work magic have expired. She reaches out to her old colleagues, for information and assistance, but they soon uncover a dangerous plot that threatens the safety of the entire world. The Bureau may be compromised, so it’s up to Mrs. Weatherby’s band of retired agents to follow the clues and keep the horrors of history from resurfacing.

Lady Rackham: An Unusual Tale of Piracy, Romance and Swashbuckling Upon the High Seas

by Alydia Rackham

Lady Gwendolyn Montgomery has defied her father, dressed as a boy and bargained passage aboard a merchant ship to save her beloved, who has been banished to the Caribbean. But when her ship is waylaid by pirates, Gwen must join with the flashy and dangerous Captain Lady Rackham if she hopes to save her betrothedâ??and avoid dying by hangman’s noose, or at the hands of Blackbeard himself.

“Stand aside lads,” came the answering voice.
Gwen screwed her eyes shut, fighting against the vision that rose up in her mind: the eye patch…the hooked nose…the beady eye…the fingerless hand reaching for her throatâ?¦
Tom sucked in his breath. Gwen’s eyes snapped open.
The pirates obediently parted for their captainâ?¦
To reveal a very different sight indeed.
Striding forward on booted feet came a young woman.
Strong and slender, like the blade of a sword. She had a sharp, beautiful face. Large, long-lashed eyesâ??black and piercing. She had perfect brown skin, except for a vertical scar on the right side of her face; and a set, intelligent mouth. Her eyebrows, dark and scrutinizing, matched the color of her streaming midnight hair, which hung curling, wild and windblown around her face and collar. She wore an elbow-length sleeved shirt, a lace-up, leather bodice; a broad, silver-buckled belt from which hung a long, magnificent sword and a small pistol; wide, baggy trousers and knee-high black boots with straps. Atop her head perched a black, white-plumed tri-cornered hat, and she had two dangling, silver earrings in her left ear. About her neck she wore several jeweled necklacesâ??along with a wooden cross that bore the word “MERCY.”
The lady stopped right beside the man with the pistol and they exchanged a glance. He nodded, then put away his weapon. The woman spread her stance, put her hands on her hips and grinned. Her gaze fell upon Captain Arnold.
“Good morning, Captain! How are you on this lovely day?”

WBI 3: Witches Bureau Of Investigation 3 (WBI Series)

by Richard Capwell

From: Brigitte Constance Larue
To: Zofia Goldwater Anderson Larue
Dear Mother,
A thousand apologies for neglecting to call you on your birthday. I know it’s impossible to forget, being on Halloween, but I have a good reason. No, I was not shopping, I was busy saving the world with Mrs. Weatherby. Yes, you read that correctly, my idol , the witch I aspire to be, Agnes Weatherby, former director of the Bureau, who can still work the mojo. I have attached a PDF file (call me if you can’t download it or read it) of my official report. I won’t say much here or risk spoiling all the surprises we encountered. I will tell you that your former bridge partner and extraordinary orangutan Clementine was along for the ride. Also joining us was WBI’s newest recruit, Kitty Howe, and her twin boys, Herman and Nate. I do believe that trouble follows those boys like paparazzi. Herman broke an hourglass that belonged to Death and managed to find himselfâ??oops! No spoilers. Read my report and call me. Kisses, your youngest daughter, Brigitte.

GameNite: A LitFPS Battle Royale Gaming Adventure

by Bec J. Smith

Fast-paced action, fun-filled adventure, and short, page-turning chapters will inspire your 8- to 12-year old Fortnite fan to love reading.

Josh Johnson is trying to find his way back to the life he must have lead before, but it’s not going well. Finding himself on a flying bus is confusing enough. At least skydiving is easy, well, easier than facing a pickaxe-wielding madman. Avoiding snipers is harder. If Josh wants to escape this island battleground, he’s going to have to fight for that win. Unfortunately, surviving armed enemies isn’t Josh’s biggest challenge. A darker and more deadly danger is closing in. The Storm is coming.

GameNite is the first in a series of fun, action-packed stories inspired by real gameplay in the Fortnite universe. It’s a great way to get reluctant readers to disconnect from the game for a few minutes and pick up a book. GameNite is perfect for Fortnite, PubG, or Overwatch fans, as well as readers of video game books for kids like The Legend of Battle Island, Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, the Trapped in a Video Game series, Cube Kid books, and Fortnite Tales.

Although inspired by real gameplay, this Fortnite story is unofficial and not endorsed by Epic Games. Please support Epic Games by downloading Fortnite. It’s free to play, a lot of fun, and CassyJosh would love to see readers in the game!

Heavy Metal Bunnies Issue 3

by Richard Capwell

Disaster strikes when Aloysius runs out of coffee. Rasputin receives a package from his mum. Barbra holds our heroes hostage at the diner. Clyde has a birthday…where there’s a bouncy house there will be tears and trauma. Bo learns about piñatas. All this and more in another music-packed issue of Heavy Metal Bunnies!

The Culling: A Sci-Fi Novella

by Melissa A. Craven

When the travelers arrived on earth, Grant and his sister, Stevie escaped the crumbling city of New Orleans to live in the bayous of Louisiana where they’ve been eking out a living for the last five years.
With the death of their own star, the surviving travelers came to earth seeking refuge, but deemed the human race incapable of caring for their own planet.
Overnight, the world governments surrendered, allowing the aliens to set up a temporary colony on earth. Only earth was overpopulated and resources were in short supply. The planet couldn’t sustain the human population and the thousands of alien refugees.
The culling of the human race eliminated all but the strongest, and purest of humans. Multi-cultural kids like Grant and Stevie always ended up on the culling lists.
Every day they live in fear of the alien drones scouting the swamps where they live. Their only hope is to survive long enough for the travelers leave earth for good.
But surviving the culling was just the beginning. After a chance encounter with a group of resistance fighters, Grant realizes it’s time to fight.
It’s time to reclaim earth for the humans â?¦ or die trying.

The Culling is a Science Fiction novella by the award winning author, Melissa A. Craven.
Her other works include the Dark Fantasy series, The Immortals of Indriell.

The Culling draws you in from the very beginning, as good stories do. I found myself cheering for absent parents having raised their children to see biological diversity as a good thing. The characters and world building are fantastic. Loved the ending! â??â??â??â??â?? ~ Amazon Reviewer ~

The Culling by Melissa A. Craven was excellent, with heroic and simply outstanding characters. The interaction between Grant and his sister, Stevie really brought humor to a horrible situation. But that ending, wow absolutely incredible. â??â??â??â??â?? ~ Amazon Reviewer ~

The Shoebox Mystery: Billy Fender PI Series – Book 1

by Glenn Lindsey

A puzzling body. A friend in trouble. A dangerous forest fire. Billy Fender uses all his PI skills to solve a mystery worthy of Sherlock.
Sherlock Holmes is Billy Fender’s hero. But watching the upcoming Holmes movie marathon is out of the question when the TV dies. The family can’t afford a new one, so Billy searches for a way to earn money. Determined to reach his goal of $300 and buy a new TV, he starts his own business – Billy Fender Private Investigations.
Billy’s first case involves a furry body in a shoebox. When Miss Applebee offers him $50 to solve how the body ended up in her garden, he accepts the case. Best friends Raffi and Lisa join the hunt for clues, but things get complicated when a schoolmate mistakenly gets taken into police custody. Eager to free his friend and help Miss Applebee, Billy, Raffi, and Lisa will stop at nothing, even if it means venturing into Deadmen Bog. Expect the unexpected as the trio seek to solve The Shoebox Mystery.
The Shoebox Mystery is the first in the Billy Fender PI Series. This middle-grade adventure mystery is set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Coyote Point. Surrounded by forests and mountains, Billy learns that solving mysteries requires brains, teamwork, and a little bit of luck. If you’ve enjoyed JK Rowling’s Harry Potter stories or Tim Flanagan’s stories like Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook, you’ll love Billy Fender’s mystery adventures.
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Fly, a dog

by Lorayne Miller

This is the true story about a dog named Fly. Fly was a border collie who loved to play and was one of the best dogs I have ever known. This story is written for beginning readers.

Inkspice (The Mapweaver Chronicles Book 2)

by Kaitlin Bellamy

Something is amiss in the city of Calibas …
That is the warning Fox and his Shavid companions are given when they find themselves in this strange place with its mad ruler. While Fox has spent months on the road now, learning everything he can about his gifts and powers as a Cartomancer, there is something in the air of Calibas that will test him further than ever before. A curious magic that lives and breathes, dangerous and illusive. Dropped suddenly into the world of political intrigue, with old friends and new companions at his side, can Fox discover the mysterious magic that fills the city, before it hunts him down?

Gino the goldfish: Bedtime story for kids

by Andrea Lombardi

Little Sara lives in the country, where the only thing she misses is some friend to play with. At least until she meets the little goldfish that will soon become her best friend. That little fish, in fact, is not a normal fish but Gino the goldfish, a talking fish, and a very wise one indeed!
With Gino in her room Sara is happy as ever, but when she realizes that the goldfish misses his mom and dad, she finds out that being a good friend means also giving up something for the joy of the ones who love you.

This short story is included in the “Goodnight, little friends” collection, also available in paperback edition.

Cuentos de Papa Yin: La magia de los cuentos del oriente de Guatemala (Spanish Edition)

by Moris Polanco

Cuentos tradicionales del oriente de Guatemala, escritos por Moris Polanco a partir de las narraciones de su abuelo, Efraín Polanco. Están dividos en fábulas, cuentos de pícaras y afortunados y cuentos maravillosos. Apropiados para nños de 6 a 12 años.

Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest (Tale)

by M.R. Everette

Take your child on a grand adventure tonight!

Do you love a tale with a wonderful ending? “Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest” will make you believe in the bonds of love.

When little Beau Bear goes on a journey to discover the place where his grandfather used to live, he encounters a barren land instead of a beautiful forest. Along the way, Beau Bear with his best friend and traveling companion Wheelburro learn about a mysterious curse that was put on the Great Red Forest which turned it into the Bare Lands. As the mystery unfolds, Beau Bear’s will becomes tested in the face of overwhelming odds.

A Fible (pronounced (fib·el) is a tale with an untruth. Beau Bear and Wheelburro become unwitting participants in seeking a truth to reversing the curse that was put on the Great Red Forest. Will Beau Bear be able to solve the mystery of the curse?

Loving, amusing, and deeply moving, this tale will make you a believer.

  • eBook comes with 16 colorful illustrations
  • Imparts the values of trust, friendship, and the bonds of love
  • Recommended for children ages 4-6

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Silvia and the too furry kitten: Christmas story for kids

by Andrea Lombardi

Silvia’s grandma is a special grandma indeed, and just as special are the presents she always brings to her granddaughter. And yet, when for Christmas she hands Silvia a little black woolen kitten, there seems to be nothing special at all about that doll!
Silvia’s grandma, however, knows a thing or two about presents, and soon the child will discover that appearances can often deceive, and that what makes a gift special is above all the love of the one who gives it.

This short story is included in the Goodnight, little friends collection, also available in paperback edition.

CROCHET BAGS: learn to make crochet bags step by step guide

by Shubham Pal

Known for its beautiful sweet fashioner style, Stella McCartney now by and by meets its female fans’ desire and exhibited the Falabella Crocheted pack, a sack with blended style of exquisite and design.

Made in solid twill, the pack is planned in a coagulated cream shading, a shading that most sweet young ladies cherish. To make the sack more lovable, the pack body is splash done with blooms and tuft embellishments. The full and round drops from the blossom would move merry as one strolls which influences the transporter to look vivacious and young.

At the highest point of the pack are highlighted with an attractive press-stud for securing together with an architect stamped circle demonstrating the brand’s name. Additionally, the gunmetal chain whipstitch trim around the edge of the pack which likewise shapes the drop gives the tote a design touch, influencing it to emerge among others.

The Falabella Crocheted sack isn’t just a planner pack, yet additionally an expansive and utilitarian bearer. One element of its utilitarian practice is its multifunctional pockets. There are a zip-affixing pocket and a pocket stash inside to hold fundamentals for the proprietor. Likewise, the removable zip-securing satchel acquires some additional space for any individual who conveys it. It is great.

This flower Stella McCartney Falabella Crocheted pack could run to a great degree well with the sharp camel coat. Take an attempt and you’ll know the design magnificence in it. It is astounding and totally would procure all the more second looks for you. Flawless as you seem to be, take one this stunning Stella McCartney sack.

Falling Through Blankets of Stars

by Keith Marcotti

Discover what dreams are made of . . .

Ten-year-old twins Ashlynne and Julian share a special ability: the power to enter each other’s dreams. They call it â??sharing’ dreams. It’s usually a great time; playing together in a dream is way more fun than playing in the boring real world . . . until one night, when the twins find themselves stuck inside a dream that feels all too real. The pair must work together to find a way to wake upâ??and they need to hurryâ??because the dream is quickly becoming a nightmare, thanks to an ancient evil bent on ensuring they never escape . . .

The Dragondain (The Moon Realm Series Book 2)

by Richard Due

It’s the middle of the night, you need to send your brother to the Moon Realm, and he won’t wake up. So you improvise. . . .

When a confused Jasper awakes, he’s convinced he’s dreaming. But by the time he meets Greydor, Jasper understands that this is no dream. In fact, persuading the King of the Rinn to work with the men of Dain to defeat their common enemy is a nightmare. Then there’s the other side of the coin: convincing Tavin and Dubb that saddling a Rinn isn’t certain death. (“It’ll be fun!”) And perhaps even a greater worry: can he make friends with Dubb’s daughter Darce before she punches his lights out?

Lily has problems, too. There’s a little mousie scratching in her closet. Or at least, it sounds like a little mousie. Oh, and her second confrontation with Curse, and trying to form her first peerin. (Don’t you have to be from Dain to do that?) And where’s Ebb?

One thing’s for sure: now that Lily and Jasper have entered the Moon Realm, nothing can ever be the same again.

“Get ready for a wild ride! The Dragondain will have you gasping, cheering, and falling in love with the characters all over again. Due’s rich descriptive prose and fast-paced dialogue make for a truly exciting read. There were so many “goosebumps” moments I literally could not put the book down. I can’t wait for Book Three!” –S. S. Tamberrino

Illustrated by Carolyn Arcabascio. Volume Two of the The Moon Realm Series.

Santa Claus in Oz (New Adventures in Oz Book 2)

by Richard Capwell

Santa Claus arrives in the Emerald City, but he’s in trouble and needs help. Eight-year-old Button-Bright joins Santa on a secret mission throughout Oz, encountering magic, mystery and danger at every stop. Meanwhile, the little Wizard and his apprentice, beautiful Iliana, delve into the dark history of the Land of Oz. Fully illustrated by the author.

Bubsimouse visits grandma and grandpa

by Siegfried Freudenfels

“Bubsimouse visits grandma and grandpa” is a lovingly written children’s book for children between three and eight years of age. Bubsimouse spends a weekend with his beloved grandparents. He experiences all sorts of small and big adventures, like a fun hike to a castle, or an exciting pedal boat race on the lake, and always, they learn exciting things from each other.

An uplifting and joyful children’s book, which makes every grandchild and grandparent want to spend some fun times together. The book is also ideal as a sleeping aid, since it is ending the day with a positive story for the child. Family, friendship and mutual respect are addressed in this book in an entertaining way.

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Vrolijk kerstfeest: A Bilingual Christmas Picture Book English-Dutch

by Cambridge Bilingual

Happy Christmas!  Vrolijk kerstfeest!

*BONUS FREE English-Dutch Christmas resources available online from Cambridge Bilingual Books!

Packed full of Christmas words, phrases and images, Vrolijk kerstfeest is a delightful English-Dutch picture dictionary that your kids will love to share with you this Christmas!

Discover all the Dutch Christmas vocabulary that you need in this charming bilingual book, with dual language text in English and in Dutch.

Whether you are learning Dutch at home or in a classroom at school or college, Cambridge Bilingual Books can help make learning fun and easy for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Learning Dutch is fun and easy with Cambridge Bilingual Books!

THE WITCH OF BALLYYAHOO: Another Little Book From Ballyyahoo

by Grace Jolliffe

He can see the future but can he change it?

Gerry’s scared stiff because he’s seen the future in a magic stone.

Something terrible’s going to happen in Ballyyahoo.
A wicked villain is coming tonight.
But how can Gerry save the day when he’s all alone?
He’s running out of time because the wicked villain’s on the way.
He needs the help of the crime-fighting witch of Ballyyahoo but will she come in time?
You’ll love this funny adventure story from Ballyyahoo.

If you like Irish children’s books with magic and witches, you’ll love this funny and entertaining children’s story from Ireland.

Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl. 

The Witch of Ballyyahoo is from the Irish children’s story series Ballyyahoo.

The series includes:

Christmas in Ballyyahoo

Maggie Many Cats and Other Stories

The Cat That Flew In The Window.


When you own a Ballyyahoo book, you get to visit the wonderful world of Ireland’s Ballyyahoo – just by clicking the links in the eBook.
The Ballyyahoo children’s website is packed with free stories, photographs, background information about the characters, animals, nature, and of course, the magic of Ballyyahoo.

Grace Jolliffe’s children’s stories were broadcast on Ireland’s RTE One.

Her first novel for adults, Piggy Monk Square, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth New Writers Prize.

She lives on the west coast of Ireland surrounded by rocks, stones and roads to nowhere.

She is happy in her current position as head of imagination at and is responsible for creating stories that combine magic and nature.

She loves nature and aims to entice children to leave their screens, put on some wellies and get outdoors.

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