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Michael Cox: A Psychological Thriller: (Crime and Revenge)

by S. A. K. Stewart

An “Action-Packed” Psychological Thriller filled with Suspense

Michael Cox has been framed for the murder of his wife and six-year-old son. They were blown to pieces in front of his very eyes. Ever since that day, the only thing that fuels him is his need for vengeance. That, and rage. He embarks on a bloody mission to find the real killer and exact his revenge for the crime against his family. In the process, Michael enlists the help of the reporter, Addilyn Clarke, dragging her into a world of violence to chase a murderer that has no face and has no name.


A Gripping Novel of a Former Military Personnel dealing with the Loss of his Family, Grief, and ultimately, Revenge.

  • Crime
  • Suspense
  • Romance
  • Vigilante Justice
  • Conspiracies

We all have something or someone we are willing to go to the ends of the earth for. We all have something we are willing to die for.

Michael Cox– “Michael pondered upon these things. And upon the killing spree he had been on for the last two years to find the one who took his family away. There was so much blood on his hands. But that was the kind of thing you got used to if you tried hard enough.”

Next Century

by H. C. Turk

NEXT CENTURY tells the same story set in three different eras and locales: 1799 (London), 1999 (Midwest America), and 2099 (the Moon). In each story, a young woman (Claire) seeks vengeance against her father, who has been abusing her mother for years. In each era, Claire is raped by thugs, becomes pregnant, and has to proceed in society with her child but no legitimate father.

*Revised 2018*

Book 1: London, 1799. Playing with a lad named Walter, Claire Easton learns that boys are sent to school for an education, though girls are taught to sew at home. She learns of social punition by seeing her mother receive a caning from her husband for not having born an heir.

As a young adult, Claire tries to gain employment, but is reviled for behaving like a man. Seeing her mother beaten once too often, Claire goes to Walter. She convinces him to lead her to a thugs’ roost, where Claire will purchase a thrashing for her father. Instead, thugs force Walter to have sex with Claire. The men are enjailed, and Claire becomes pregnant.

Claire is fired due to her wanton behavior. But her employer’s son, Richmond, proposes marriage. Claire accepts. After the child is born, Claire petitions for Walter’s release from prison. She tries to achieve an emotional bond with her husband, but fails. Two years later, hearing that Walter will be freed, Richmond kills himself.

Though not in love, Claire and Walter are together in life. Claire now understands that she can best succeed not by attacking society, but by progressing with her living. In 1825, Claire, Walter, and their daughter leave for America.

Books 2 and 3 tell the same story modified to account for the different settings and societies: Mid-West America, 1999; and the Moon, 2099.

Falling For Him

by Khardine Gray

Some men should come with a warning sign� 

Something like - 

Caution Beware of Playboy!

And, an arrow pointing to the fine print which should say something like –

â??He’s great if you want wild fun, and great sex but don’t expect him to be committed to you.’ 

That was the sign I wanted to place on Tristan Bouchard, my best friend. 

Yes, my best friend was the biggest playboy I’d ever met in my life, but he took care of me. We had this special relationship that somehow worked and we lived together.
I knew every single thing there was to know about this man. I’d had years of seeing him in action. 
Him with his Hollywood good looks, incredible physique, fantasy muscles, and eyes of the purest blue that could make you melt. 
He could charm the panties right off you, and you’d lose your mind before you knew what hit you. 
I knew this all too well. So well I could write a book.

I knew it even as that stupid note in our friendship box made us cross the line and become more than friends.
I knew it even as I reminded myself that this new thing that we had was just for fun.
I get it.
Some women like wild, no strings attached fun.
I understood perfectly that, that was what this was.
Fun. A Fling…
Soâ?¦ all I have to do is repeat these words to myself every day, and ignore what my heart tells me.

Don’t fall for him, Don’t fall for him, Don’t fall for him.
I’ll be fine if I do that.

If you like hot, steamy, romance with gorgeous, drool-worthy Alpha’s you will like this book.

Falling For Him is a full-length stand-alone novel with a deadly gorgeous alpha and a happily ever after.

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The Diagnosis is Murder (A Dr. Valorian Mystery Book 1)

by Steven Gossington

A talented but troubled ER doctor will not give up until her patient’s mysterious death is explained.
Laura Valorian is an emergency room physician who, because of severe emotional trauma after a missed diagnosis, vows to perfect her diagnostic skills and, as a result, detects subtle evidence of foul play in a surgeon who is declared dead in her ER. When she cannot let go of her suspicions and eventually convinces a private investigator of the possibility of a crime, she begins a relentless quest for suspects and evidence. Now, with angry suspects to deal with, an attempt on her own life, and her struggle with personal demons, she must fight to salvage her self-respect and her professional reputation while pursuing her mission to get at the truth.

Dom Casmurro (Prazer de Ler) (Portuguese Edition)

by Machado de Assis

Dom Casmurro, de Machado de Assis, é uma das obras mundialmente célebres da literatura brasileira. O romance trata das memórias do narrador-personagem Bento Santiago, o advogado recluso e calado que recebe e adota o apelido mencionado no título da obra. Com a sutileza que lhe é própria, Machado de Assis explora as incongruências desse personagem, deixando transparecer sua insegurança e ciúme. As ambiguidades de Bentinho moldam o mais famoso “narrador não confiável” da nossa literatura.

The Sea of Travail (The Renaissance Sojourner Series Book 2)

by Kristin Gleeson

England 1445
After four years, the threat of arrest for witchcraft still hangs over Barnabas and he dare not return to England for his childhood sweetheart, Alys, as promised. Still under the tutelage of Mustapha al Qali and posing as Giacomo, he is taken across Christendom in search of a mysterious manuscript. Barnabas grows more resentful of al Qali’s tight control and secretly tries to create his own enterprise that will eventually free him. But al Qali has other plans that take them both into danger.

Alys, attendant to the disgraced and exiled Duchess of Gloucester, finds herself dismissed with nowhere to go. Her only hope is to find Barnabas, but her journey leads her into perils that change her circumstances irrevocably in ways she could never have imagined. If she finds Barnabas will he recognise who she has become, and will he still want her?

Kristin Gleeson authentic historical fiction is filled with adventure, vibrant and colourful characters and intense storylines.

Summers Dawn

by Dorothy M. Mitchell

Joe Summers is quite a mixed-up young boy. Born during the Second World War, the boy knows all about going without many things.

Joe’s father, Mark, who he once adored, has an accident that leaves him badly injured and much changed and becomes a no-good drunkard. Unfortunately, Joe also gets mixed up with an older boy who comes from a bad family.

His mother, Bethany, does her best to take care of the boy, but Joe Summers wants to go his own way. He does eventually see the error of his ways, but not before he almost ruins his life.

A Tale Never To Be Told

by Dorothy M. Mitchell

Set in the early 1900s, this novel tells of family strife. Reuben goes into the First World War and is reported missing-in-action on the Western Front. It tells of how this devastating news affects his wife Ruth, son Joe and Ruth’s parents.

Everyone, except nine year-old Joe, believes Reuben to be dead. Young Joe is adamant his father is still alive and clings onto this belief. He is sent to the notorious Grimthorpe Hall, a children’s home run by a tyrant Headmaster. The story tells of the relationship Joe has with Jack Simms, another inmate of Grimthorpe, and their eventual escape from the hellhole.

The White-Haired Gentleman: WHG

by Samuel C Richards

Christmas 1848. Capus Munion, a downtrodden giant: is the accounts clerk to a family-firm being plundered by its manipulative directors, each a member of a secretive brotherhood. With an unprecedented snowstorm, which prevails almost ceaselessly, deep issues now unravel. Down dark avenues: the asylum, courts and prison, as tragedies and pitfalls soon arise. Only by his revenging and fantastic alter-ego, will Capus Munion balance the scales to bring about restitution!

About the Novel: Written unashamedly in the writing-style of Charles Dickens. The Gothic essence of the novel links to the eerie spiritual references and macabre aspects evolving within. Expect poverty and want, crossed with greed and ambition. A read that will take you places, that you may never return as before?

[New edition: with corrected manuscript, completed Dec 2015]

(Paperback [presently unavailable], content 581 pages x 500 words approx per page). Same size word content as this ebook.

Made In New York: A Christmas Short Story (Made In Series, Book 0.5)

by Ana Newfolk

Isaac’s trip to New York just before Christmas was supposed to serve a single purpose, learn as much as he could about running an LGBT Youth Center to take back home and make those much necessary improvements to the youth center he ran in his native Portugal.

Max’s love of the Christmas season was only surpassed by his love for the LGBT Youth Center he volunteered at, and his job as a nurse. One last speech about sexual education for LGBT young people at risk at a conference in the same center was all that separated Max from getting started with his Christmas celebrations.

Isaac didn’t count on needing to be rescued from a fire by a strapping brown-eyed nurse.
Max didn’t count on Christmas coming early in the shape of a curly-haired man with the most bewitching pair of eyes he’d ever seen.

With 48 hours left in New York, Isaac never thought he’d get an offer he just couldn’t resist.
Suddenly, the chill in the air isn’t enough to stoke the fire that now burns in a completely different way to the one that brought Isaac and Max together.

This book contains 17500 words.
Book 0.5 in the Made In Series although it can be read as a standalone.

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