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by Al Lamanda

War has been declaredâ?¦on comedy.

After decades of being under federal surveillance, mob boss Victor Grant finally figured out a way to beat them at their own game and hold a mob meeting in private. He arranges a Caribbean cruise, where, in international waters he and his mob cohorts can meet in peace and quiet and plan and scheme.

Back home all goes well until, under the watchful eye of Grant’s British housekeeper, his young son is kidnapped. Elizabeth, the housekeeper, in a panic calls Jack Pellegrino, Grant’s nephew for help with paying the one million dollar ransom. Thus sets in motion a chain lightning string of comical events when the feds believe Pellegrino is preparing for a mob related war. While Pellegrino scampers to raise the one million, the feds and police put the city in lockdown and prepare for a bloodbath. And the British housekeeper, she makes tea.

Little White Lies (The Keepers Book 3)

by Rita Herron


â?¦can lead to big trouble

All Detective William Flagler ever wanted was to be a cop,
Yet in his obsession to protect and serve, his marriage and family fell apart.

Now, on New Year’s Eve, three teenage girls disappear without a trace, creating panic and fear in the locals.

His search for the Darling sisters leads to family secrets and lies that make him evaluate his role as a father.

Secrets and lies that make him wonder if a serial predator called the Punisher is targeting the young girls on the island -girls just like his own daughterâ?¦

Can he save the sisters and his family, or will this case destroy him?

The Mop & Bucket Murders

by Pat Herbert

The year is 1961. Barney Carmichael is about to take on his toughest case yet when a mysterious and glamorous woman walks into his office unannounced. Her request is simple: find her son. It is soon clear that the task is far from simple, however. In fact, the more Barney and brother Jim delve into the mystery, the more confusing it becomes.

Meanwhile, Barney’s friend, Inspector Tony Halliday of Scotland Yard, seeks his help in solving a series of baffling murders. Charwomen at a big London office block are being picked off, seemingly at random, by an unknown assailant.

The Carmichael Private Investigation agency has also taken on a bright new secretary, but when she is determined to do some investigating of her own, she makes a devastating discovery that changes her life forever.

This is the third in the Barney Carmichael Private Investigator series.

Pleasing Master Parker, Part Three: The Masquerade (Alpha Male Gay Romance)

by Austin Blake

The saga continues with PART THREE of the hottest BDSM gay romance of the year…

Brandon is a naive young barista in the Parker Building, a Manhattan high-rise skyscraper owned by a ruthless chief executive. When their paths cross, it’s the hottest encounter Brandon’s ever experienced, but something about Master Parker seems too good to be true.

Young, naive, and blinded by lust — is Brandon getting in too deep, too fast?

Tokyo Firewall: a novel of international suspense

by Elizabeth Wilkerson

An outsider in a foreign land. Her ruthless cyberstalker. She’ll fight tooth and nail for her digital privacy. Her life depends on it.

Tokyo, the â??90s. When Alison Crane quit her environmental law practice and followed her hotshot investment banker boyfriend to Japan, she thought they’d only grow closer. But jobless and broke, Alison sits home alone all day-â??and most nightsâ??isolated by culture shock, wobbly language skills, and her boyfriend’s ambitions. Desperate for company, she ventures onto the only avenue she has leftâ??the brand-new digital frontier.

Inside the confusing web of cyber chat rooms, Alison is approached by a charming Japanese man, and the two regularly meet online. However, her digital safe haven soon becomes a virtual nightmare when a troll who despises foreigners taunts her with escalating threats of violence. As her predator’s attacks intensify, Alison must parlay her legal smarts and budding computer skills to stand her ground, or she’ll lose her only source of freedom. And maybe her life…

Tokyo Firewall is a tech-savvy international romantic suspense novel. If you like tenacious heroines, cyberterrorism thrillers, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Elizabeth Wilkerson’s ’90s-era digital free-for-all.

“A captivating, sexy thriller which follows the perilous adventures of a newcomer caught in Tokyo’s dark web. Elizabeth Wilkerson’s writing is smooth as silk!” – Naomi Hirahara, Edgar Award-winning author of the Mas Arai and Officer Ellie Rush mystery series

“Creepy. Thrilling. Sexy. More, please!” – Rachel Howzell Hall, acclaimed author of the Lou Norton series and co-author of The Good Sister with James Patterson

Buy Tokyo Firewall to log on to an electrifying tale of defiance and self-discovery today!

Claiming My Sweet Captive

by Julia Sykes

My sweet captive doesn’t like to be touched. She will learn. She no longer has the right to refuse.
She flinches at the sight of my scarred face, but the way she whimpers and trembles makes perverse pleasure stir within me. I captured the little FBI agent while she was trying to take down my drug empire, and I can’t allow that. 
My pretty hostage possesses a stubborn streak and sharp mind, but her clever brain is no match for my iron will. I’ll stop at nothing to claim her virgin body, no matter how many deviant punishments I have to devise for her.
No one will ever touch her again–especially not my cruel brother.

Samantha is mine to keep and protect. Mine to play with and punish. All mine.

Death of a Dream Maker (Hubbert & Lil Cozy Mystery Series Book 3)

by Gallagher Gray


Skeletons clatter merrily out of closets, in the third witty murder mystery of the delightfully cozy Hubbert and Lil mystery seriesâ??not the least of which is the disclosure of 84-year-old Lil’s twenty-year secret love affair.

“Gray has the rare talent of being able to combine humor with sensitivity, and high comedy with realistic
portrayals of genuine people.”
â??The Virginian-Pilot

In this one, everybody’s favorite elderly amateur sleuth and her doting nephewâ??an unlikely but veritable dynamic duoâ??take on New York City’s fashionistas and, quite unfortunately, the mob.

At the tender age of 84, Aunt Lil has no shortage of gentlemen callers. So it’s not exactly a surprise when she interrupts her favorite nephew and sleuthing partner-in-crime T.S. (at yet another failed attempt at making Crème Brulee) to beg for help. This time she needs a hand tidying up her Flushing apartmentâ??which was once likened to Times Square just moments after midnight on New Year’s Eveâ??in anticipation of a male visitor.

What is surprising is the fact that T.S. has never heard of the guyâ??a man named Max Rosenbloom, fabled multimillionaire owner of Max Rose Fashions. And it’s a downright shock that Max and Lil been secretly seeing each otherâ??for over twenty years.

But when Max is an hour late, Aunt Lil falls into an uncharacteristic daze. And after she asks T.S. to “leave her alone”â??a phrase thus far absent from her vocabulary, a radio bulletin breaks the news of the quarter-century: Max has been killed in a car bomb explosion in Manhattan.

Lil is overtaken with a private griefâ??which worries T.S., because, quite frankly, she’s never been private about much of anythingâ??until she snaps out of it with the realization that her planned meeting with Max and his untimely death must be connected.Convinced the love of her life has been murdered in cold blood, she resolves to solve the puzzling crimeâ??with trusty T.S. by her side.

Together, Aunt Lil and T.S. investigate the sophisticated trappings of the world of Manhattan fashionâ??including the lethal underbelly of the mob-controlled rag trade, white collar corporate embezzlement, and family secrets so chilling they leave even Aunt Lil speechless.

Because Max was filthy rich and in proverbial bed with the mob, there’s no end to the list of suspects. But the list becomes one less when Max’s own favorite nephew turns up dead. Could it be murder has become fashionable in the garment district?

A delectable treat for cozy fans, especially if you love Miss Marple, Miss Silver, Miss Seeton, Mrs. Pollifax, Jessica Fletcher, Agatha Raisin, Henrie O, and Hercule Poirot.

Obsession: Paranormal Romance : Dragon Shifters, lion shifters and vampires (Dragon Protectors Book 2)

by Laxmi Hariharan

Can a lion tame a dragon?

“You should leave.” Rising to her feet, she sauntered away on legs that were unsteady.
You should… realize something.” His tone was polite.
The hackles on her neck rose. She spun around.
“You are not leaving this city without making love with me…”

She is sure that she’ll never meet a man as dominant as herselfâ?¦

Recovering from her run-in with the dangerous Elysians, Eve the alpha of the dragon shifters faces a bigger challenge… a man who can go toe to toe with her.

Until a sexy lion shifter turns her world upside downâ?¦

Cain’s lion recognizes that Eve is his fated mated. Yet he refuses to accept the connection. He is destined to walk alone.

Can they team up against the lethal Elysians?

Eve resists her attraction to the powerful lion; she knows if she gives in the impact of the psychic bond will kill Cain.

But the more Eve pushes Cain away, the more he is determined to show her that he is the only man who is her equal her. In life, in bed, on the soul level…and on the battlefield.

And the more Eve gets to know Cain, the more she realizes that she is only postponing the inevitable. She cannot resist him. She cannot live without him.

She will do anything to protect him even if it means walking away from him. Even if it means breaking the fledgling bond between them.

When the Elysians kidnap Cain’s sister, Eve and Cain must team up to search for her.

But the rescue comes at a priceâ?¦

The scorching second novel in the action packed Dragon Protectors Series by New York Times bestselling author Laxmi Hariharan, featuring a brave lion and the feisty dragon shifter who is more than a match for him.

The Mystery of the Downs (Thriller Novel)

by Arthur J. Rees

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Harry Marsland is caught in a sudden storm and he is forced to seek shelter in a nearest house that happens to be at a Cliff Farm. He is welcomed in by a woman who was expecting someone else. Before the storm is over, they are alarmed by a noise from the upstairs, especially because there was supposed to be nobody else in the house. They get upstairs and find a farm’s owner dead of a gunshot wound. When the storm is over the police inspectors arrive, and soon after them the famous private detective Crew is on the scene too.

Massage & Murder (A Cozy Spa Mystery Book 1)

by Jenn Cowan

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist.
A professional.
A healer.
Not a killer.

When a client ends up dead on my massage table, I become the number one suspect.
I have Means.
But I didn’t kill her.
The clock is ticking, someone is stalking me, I have to find out who before I end up in jail or worse…dead.

Strawberry Lies

by Renee Summers


What do you do when nothing in your life is going right? Grab your two best friends and treat yourself to a luxury ski vacation in Colorado! Caitlyn’s plan to get away from it all backfires royally from the moment she checks into a chalet in glamorous Aspen. As she tries to enjoy a little R&R (and her favorite strawberry rhubarb pie) Caitlyn becomes the target of an unidentified stalker. The slopes are slippery and Caitlyn is about to take a tumble. As her stalker closes in, will Caitlyn emerge on top of the mountain or buried under an avalanche of snow?


Du sang sur le parquet: Thriller (French Edition)


Lorsque Ben est envoyé par son grand-père, visiter la maison dont il vient d’hériter d’un oncle lointain, la mission lui paraît simple et tranquille.
Il vient de terminer ses études et dispose de deux mois avant de prendre son premier poste.
Alors, pourquoi pas ?
Mais quand il est réveillé par des bruits divers, la première nuit où il dort dans la maison, puis qu’il entend une détonation, tout commence à basculerâ?¦
Il se retrouve accusé de meurtre, il n’a pas d’alibi et il pourrait même avoir un mobile !
Le cauchemar se mélange à la réalité, il ne sait plus où il en est, et tout semble se liguer contre lui.
Arrivera-t-il à s’en sortir ?
Que sait le voisin qui observe tout depuis sa fenêtre ? Quel rôle joue-t-il vraiment ?
Que cache le passé de l’homme dont le grand-père de Ben a hérité ? N’a-t-il vraiment pas d’autre héritier ?
Chloé, la jeune infirmière, pourra-t-elle l’aider ?
Et quand l’amour s’en mêle, peut-on renoncer à celui qu’on aime sans savoir s’il est réellement coupable ?
Chloé sera-t-elle complice, confidente� Ou davantage ?
Cet héritage est-il un cadeau empoisonné ?
Une chose est certaine : quand il arrive dans la maison, Ben est loin d’imaginer que cette histoire va changer sa vie.
Un polar bouleversant, un thriller loin des clichés du roman policier, dont le suspense et les rebondissements maintiendront le lecteur en haleine jusqu’à la dernière page.

Breaking Jess

by H.B. Moore

What do a crooked detective, an upstanding psychiatrist, and a teenager who can’t remember killing her parents all have in common? Nine years of lies.

USA Today bestselling author H.B. Moore brings you the psychological suspense novel: BREAKING JESS

More thrillers & suspense novels by H.B. Moore:
Poetic Justice
Finding Sheba
Lost King
Slave Queen
The Killing Curse

About the author:
H.B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author, 6-time Best of State Winner, 4-time Whitney Award Winner, and 3-time Rone Award Winner. She’s repped by Dystel, Goderich & Bourett

Red Dream (Vampire Files Trilogy Book 3)

by RK Close

Supernatural creatures existâ?¦and I might be one of them.

As a private investigator, I’ve seen some interesting things. But nothing prepared me for what I discovered one night during a routine investigation.

After surviving a homicidal vampire, a werewolf pack war, and a vindictive witch, you’d think Adam would be sick of me. Instead, the gorgeous vampire asked me to marry him. But to visualize a future with him, I must learn what’s hiding in my past.

My dreams have begun to warn of a danger tied to my familyâ??a Fae Prince, who’s determined to end us all for good.

How does one stop the ancient power of the Fae? By breaking all the rules, of course.

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