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Starting Over after Midlife Divorce: How you can learn from your past to create an exciting new future and find love after 40

by Steven LePoidevin

A midlife divorce does not need to be the end of everything. It can be the beginning of an exciting new future that you never could have imagined.

Breaking up later in life brings its own set of problems and worries. Steve LePoidevin offers suggestions and offers a road map to beginning a fulfilling new life after divorce, based on his own experiences. Since his 20-year marriage ended almost two decades ago, he has lived in three different countries and led an exciting life of work, travel and wonderful experiences with a new partner.

Among other things, you will discover:

  • ·     9 criteria that describe most divorcees over 40
  • ·     9 reasons that couples break up and how to stop them from happening again
  • ·     How to repack your emotional suitcase before you continue your journey
  • ·     8 money saving tips
  • ·     8 tips for dealing with children during this difficult time
  • ·     15 tips for those that decide to try dating again
  • ·     Scientific research on how relationships develop

He encourages you to forget your ex, follow your heart and move on to live your dreams. You, too, can create a new future for yourself and those around you. The world as you knew it may be over but you have yet to find out what the future holds. It might surprise you!

A Sneak-Peek into Our Brotherâ??s Autistic World

by Alayna Farooquee

This book is written by Alayna and Zerva. It is a non-fiction book about their little brother who has Autism. Please read this book and spread Autism awareness like them. Next time you see someone not responding to their name or not making eye contact when spoken to, please don’t think they are being mean. Some people are different but it doesn’t mean that they are any less. We should promote acceptance and inclusion so this world is a better place for everyone.


by Lauren Berenjy

Plan and track assignments in this weekly school checklist


by Lauren Berenjy

A book of daily chore lists.

Recovering from Betrayal: A Daily Guide to Healing

by Tina Nahid

Betrayal comes in many forms; friends, family members, spouses, children, co-workers, pastors. When it comes, it wreaks havoc in our lives and damages us to the core of our beings. The trauma of being betrayed is crushing and deep. How will we survive? Will the pain every go away? Will we be able to put the pieces of our shattered lives back together? Is there any hope?Come along on a journey of healing, recovery and hope with Tina who has herself experienced many types of betrayal in her own life. She understands first-hand the pain, heartache and feelings of confusion that are a normal part of suffering in a betrayal experience. But she also has experienced deep healing, restoration and reconciliation on this journey and wants to share what she has learned to encourage, comfort and uplift even the most broken.The pain is real, but so is the hope.

Chair Exercises with Chair Dancing: How to Create Low Impact Chair Aerobics Exercise with Music for Seniors

by Mary Kelso

   The topic of chair exercises for seniors with music is presented with links to 35 YouTube Videos that are FUN – MOTIVATING – and ENTERTAINING. There are other links and photos to illustrate options such as exercise equipment (i.e. exercise balls and therabands) and props for very reasonable prices. Chair exercise DVD’s for seniors with music are also discussed with links provided.

   Anyone that needs limited mobility exercise options for a beginning level of fitness will enjoy these exercises, including chair exercises for Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The activities can be used as wheelchair exercises or by individuals with disabilities of any age. The book presents multiple options for sit down exercises with music for anyone living a sedentary lifestyle or needing a walking assist device. Banquet style chairs without arms or wheels are perfect for chair exercises, but any similar style of chair that is sturdy and without arms or wheels can also be used.

   Chair aerobics classes can be prepared to include cardio exercises with cardio drumming as an option. These chair exercises will consist of low impact stretching, leg-lifts, arm rotations and other arm and hand stretches and gestures.

   Therabands are discussed and they can be used for strengthening exercises. Chair Yoga for Seniors is also addressed along with chair dancing that includes “dancing” moves to music for a sit down exercise.

   A playlist for a specific age group or individual can be developed with the instructions for how to select songs and add the exercises to your selection.

WARNING: Please consult your health care provider before beginning and continuing any kind of exercise program.

Children Books: The World and I: Children book: Global Warming Education for your Children (1 Book 8)

by jey jam

I have written this book for my own children. I found that my children love the story so much. I then come to the idea that If my children like it, why do not I share this to the children in this world. I therefore decided to put my book in Kindle for everyone who loves reading a bedtime or break time story for your children.

In this Series Book ” Buddy the Pig Project”. I have plotted it in a very simple way for our children to be able to learn the most from story, yet I managed to add some knowledge of places, people, and gave moral modern lesson to children to grow up as a wonderful individual.

Buddy is a miserable pig after he knew that his most sincere friend, Natasha’s family, plan to kill him for food during summer. He ran away from his beloved home and having wonderful journey to places in U.S.A and Asia. Buddy met his new friends and new family.
Buddy now is a VERY ADORABLE and HAPPY Pig. In this 8th book, The World and I. He experienced a lot of interesting people and things.

Book in this Series:
1. Clean Eating Education for Kids:
2. Dengue Education for Kids :
3. Thanksgiving Story for your Kids:
4. Travelling to Science Museum:
5. Theme Park Fun :
6. The Voyage of The Buddy Pig:

Enjoy the best way to Educate your Kids

Let’s the Journey BEGIN!!

How to Beat Narcissists, Psychopaths and Manipulatives at Their Own Game (Transcend Mediocrity Book 303)

by J.B. Snow

“The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.” Most people have heard this saying, however, many cut-throat and competitive people do not agree with this saying. They are under the impression that the most successful, most ruthless, and most tactful people will inherit the earth. Not only will the strong inherit the earth, but they will come out on top as being the most successful, the wealthiest, the most revered and the most ruthless.
If we look back on human evolution, we see that the races, cultures and religions with the strongest and most ruthless leaders are the ones who come out on top. The most desirable men and women attract each other to make the next generation of children to pass down their family name and their legacy. The most successful, wealthy and powerful people rise to the top leadership roles in nearly every industry, and they use cut-throat tactics and strategies to remain competitive and at the top of their game.
To come out on top, one must learn “The Game”. Every winner must study and earn his or her own place in the Game of dating, the Game of life, and the strategy that defines career, wealth and overall status. Every winner must strive for success in their chosen fields, and they must wield a huge array of talents, skills, tactics and strategies in order to beat out the competition.
This ebook strives to give you the “edge”. It promotes ways to beat out your competition, including using manipulation and power plays as necessary. By educating yourself on the psychology of human interactions, you can come out on top every time. You can collect human beings in your corner to use as pawns in the game of dating and in the game of life.
This book doesn’t strive to be kind, gentle or politically correct. It seeks to show you how to be ruthless, evil, and conniving to get what you want. Real leaders have moral unevenness, and they adjust their personal and familial values in order to help them gain a competitive edge.

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7 Characteristics of Rigid, Perfectionistic, and Hyper-Critical Men: Why the Person In Your Life Acts This Way (…and What To Do About It) (Transcend Mediocrity Book 4)

by J.B. Snow

Your spouse has you walking on eggshells.
It seems that no matter what you do, it isn’t right.
You are at your wits end.
These type of mates can make you feel crazy, frustrated, and chaotic.
Maybe you are experiencing depression and anxiety.
The gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach.
You wish that they would just be happy, and you feel responsible when they aren’t happy.
You want your relationship to change.
It can change. Arm yourself with a little education and greater coping skills to find a better balance with your critical mate.
We can help you understand why they are the way that they are, and what you can do about it.

From 4x Bestselling author J.B. Snow comes “7 Characteristics of Your HyperCritical Mate”.

Also enjoy our other series’ from the same authors:
-OCPD series (to show you how to deal with a critical mate or perfectionist in your life).
-BPD and BPD parenting series (to show you how to improve the chances of raising a child with healthy boundaries and habits you can change to improve your BPD symptoms).
-“What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You” Series (to show you cures for some of the ailments you may have that your doctor hasn’t shared with you).

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