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Meaninglessness In Life: An Ego’s Escape

by Geetika Gumber

Sometimes the questions of life entangle us to an extent that avoiding them remains no more of an option. The feeling of meaninglessness is one of those states which causes one to feel thoroughly stuck in life. It is an utter helplessness of man when his every action or the whole movement of life starts to seem insignificant and he starts to question the life itself.

This feeling of meaninglessness is acquainted by almost everyone in their lifetime at one time or the other. It may show its ugly face as a mid-life crisis or a quarter one but the timing really doesn’t matter, what matters is that this feeling is fundamentally present in almost everyone. it just depends on the unique person and his/her circumstances as to when it will show up. The proliferation of this feeling causes what we call as “depression” or “existential crisis”. The thing is not how to prevent or avoid it but to understand what it actually is and whether it is something real existing independent of us or is it something which is related to our existence in a fundamental manner. As to who knows that in this questioning of the feeling what one may find on the other end of this spectrum of “the meaninglessness of life”!

As a person who faced this state of existential crisis since the start of my teenage years which resulted in the experience of a stuck up situation in life internally and outwardly with an unbearable suffering encountered every second of my life, I had no other option other than facing and opening myself to this feeling completely. This opening up is the key to all understanding of life. After all, it is in real understanding only all our solutions lie. In fact, it can also be said that the questions disappear by themselves as we merge in the inherent knowingness of ourselves. It is the end of suffering, and this is what leads one to be in peace with an effortless flow of life. And isn’t this what everyone is asking for, “the state of ultimate rest “?

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