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The Cure for Everything: How to handle psychic illness

by Daniel Schmid

I show you a way to find an answer or a solution to any possible issue. There is a cure to everything if you have the right mindset. This you got when you read this book.

If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It

by Mr Noriega

Why our students are still failing despite all the efforts? From inside a women s correctional facility to a small town junior high, a teacher on the inside takes you on a tour of our public education system, and exposes the hypocrisy of the philosophy: they preach, what they don t want you to teach. Learn the incredible secrets they don t want you to know.Learn why NCLB failed almost overnight, without major coverage by the media. Learn how the government took over the constitutional states’ rights on education without congressional approval in a federal power-grab known as the Common Core.


by Lauren Berenjy

password keeper

Why C/C++ Language still Needed in 2019? : All in One book for- O/A level, ITI COPA, Competitive exam, Campus Preparation with C/C++, CITS Exam and beginner … level concept for Programmer (o level 3)


All in One book for- O/A level, ITI COPA, Competitive exam, Campus Preparation with C/C++, CITS Exam and beginner to advance level concept for Programmer. After reading this book, you will not need any books of C/ C ++ because all the concept of the book was practically described with example.This book specially designed to break all your doubts/myth about C/C++ and develop your programming skills from Scratch.


by Himabindu Parna

This book covers the key features:
-Anatomy and physiology of liver
-Functions of liver
-Drug metabolism in liver
-Role of cytochrome P 450 enzymes
-Drug induced liver injury
-Mechanism of liver damage
-Risk factors for hepatotoxicity
-Signs and symptoms of liver disease
-Diagnosis of liver disease

PUBLIC SPEAKING TIPS NEVER HEARD BEFORE: Public speaking tips to keep your audience inspired and engaged (VOLUME 1)

by Praveen Wadalkar

Communication is a gift of evolution. Human beings hold the ability to communicate their ideas, knowledge, and experiences to the world through the medium of public speaking.
You might have heard it often “A pen is mightier than a sword” but a lesser known fact is ” Your words if delivered the right way, can serve as your biggest strength.”
With that in mind, I’ve introduced this book to give you an in-depth knowledge of public speaking. This book consists of key tips that can be implemented for better and effective public speaking under any circumstances.
Based on personal real-life experiences, these tried and tested tips are sure to take your public speaking skills to the next level.
So if you wish to be a leader in life, it’s time you enhance your public speaking skills. Because as a leader, we have to separate ourselves from the crowd, stand alone and speak.

About the Author

1st Generation Entrepreneur
Co-Founder & CEO – Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. | 140+ Employees | Among Top 20 mHealth companies as per CIO Review| Winner-Digital Health Innovator of the year, 2018

Keynote speaker and motivational storyteller
Spoken at leading corporate & 50+ eminent national and international educational institutes including IITs and IIMs

9 Times International TEDx Speaker

Public Speaking & Business Coach
Founder & Instructor – Speak2connect academy | 3000+ students in 114 countries | Coaching on public speaking, business storytelling and entrepreneurship

Author of 3 books
Public speaking and leadership |Stop Buying Medicines |How I Became Millionaire by Robbing the Piggy Bank of My 6 Years Old Son.

Toastmaster international speech contest Dis. 98 Finalist in 2016 & 2017| 19 times Best speech of the day award out of 20 speeches

Mountaineer & Solo Traveller
A grade HMI certified Mountaineer | Budgeted solo traveller | Released a web series GAME OF TRUST based on solo trip experiences.

21st Century Apochrypha: Fallen Angels and Voice of God in Modern age (Fallenism Book 3)

by Ronewa Nims

this book will blow your mind in terms of Faith, Systems, civilization and our lord Christ

Grey Hat Kali Linux : The ultimate guide to hacking with Kali Linux (1st)


Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. Kali Linux is developed, funded and maintained by Offensive Security, a leading information security training company.
Kali Linux was released on the 13th March, 2013 as a complete, top-to-bottom rebuild of BackTrack Linux, adhering completely to Debian development standards.

More than 600 penetration testing tools included: After reviewing every tool that was included in BackTrack, we eliminated a great number of tools that either simply did not work or which duplicated other tools that provided the same or similar functionality. Details on what’s included are on the Kali Tools site.Here we discussed about:-

Burp suite
Cisco Global Exploiter, a hacking tool used to find and exploit vulnerabilities in Cisco Network systems
John the Ripper
Metasploit framework

JAIIB – Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking: Practice Test Papers – Part: 001

by Gauri Sankar

This handbook is meant for candidates who are appearing for JAIIB examinations conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. “Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking” is one among the three subjects prescribed for JAIIB examinations. This handbook consists of Ten practice test papers consisting of 300 questions and the answers for the entire questions are available on the last page of the handbook. The practice test papers will be much useful to the candidates who are appearing for the subject “Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking”.

Practical Creative Writing Exercises: Prompts, exercises, starters and writing information.

by Grace Jolliffe

Struggling with writer’s block?

Stop staring at the blank screen because there is a more natural way to have great ideas.

Practical Creative Writing Exercises is brimming with beautiful and inspiring exercises that will start your ideas flowing in seconds.

Once you try these exercises, you won’t be able to stop writing because your imagination will be free and you will be inspired.

We are all inspired in different ways, and this book demonstrates the different paths you can take.

Methods include:

    Dramatic Situations
    Abstract Exercises
    Idea-generating Prompts
    Visual Exercises
    Story Starters
    Story endings and more.

All exercises and writing prompts were road tested with students of all ages, so you will find plenty to suit your unique needs.

Practical Creative Writing Exercises will stimulate ideas and make you productive whether you want to write novels, short stories, poetry, film scripts or even non-fiction like memoirs, blogging articles and essays.

We all have ideas, but sometimes life gets in the way – that’s why these exercises were designed to free the mind from everyday concerns – allowing you to focus on writing and forget the rest.

Learn to Visualise.

Using these creative writing exercises will enable you to visualise. Visualisation is fundamental to writing.

Your mind begins to draw pictures, and your imagination will very quickly develop these pictures into words and the words into stories.

Stop that procrastinating and start your writing journey now. You will never be stuck for ideas again.

About The Author

Grace Jolliffe’s first novel, Piggy Monk Square, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth New Writers Prize and broadcast on RTE’s Book on One.

Her writing is published in literary magazines as well as broadcast on TV and radio.

Grace used to teach scriptwriting and creative writing to keep her in teabags and electricity. Following a serious accident, she gave up teaching and now shares her knowledge on her writer’s website:

Now very much recovered, Grace lives on Galway’s Wild Atlantic Way surrounded by rocks, stones and roads to nowhere. 

B Is for Brighton Beach

by Michael Salita

” B is for Brighton Beach ” is a colorful alphabet book that brings the ABC to life in a manner full of fun and joy. While exploring the streets, places and attractions of the legendary Brighton Beach neighborhood in Brooklyn, children aged three to six will eagerly learn the letters A to Z as well as the sight words, with their parents guiding them.
” B is for Brighton Beach ” is not a regular alphabet book but an alphabet adventure book. There is a story for every letter, every page.This book journey for parents and children starts, in the alphabetical order, with NY “Aquarium” and “Asser Levy Park”. You will find a lot of words that start with the letter “A”, like “acorns”, “ants” , “avocado”, “apricots”, and, of course, “apples”, and even “airplanes in the sky”. Then you will be walking along the famous “boardwalk” and encounter a lot of “birds” there; you will arrive at “Coney Island” and find a “cafe” ” where you can buy “coffee” and “cake”; moreover, you will sit at the table and eat “desserts.” You will look around and see “daisies” and “dandelions”; you will pay with “dollars”â?¦ This way you will travel from the beginning of the alphabet to its end, when your child will be finally “yawning ” ready for his evening “yogurt”, then open the “zipper” of his jeans and undressâ?¦ and will be “zooming” towards his/her bedâ?¦with “zero” energy left after the day of this extremely interesting journey.
The alliteration texts employed in the book reinforce letter recognition and are perfect for a parent and child to share or for a beginning reader to enjoy on his/her own.
I wrote this book with love because I love you,my readers, I love Brighton, I love its people. Enjoy the reading and have a wonderful alphabet journey across Brighton Beach. Have fun!!!

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