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Ordered Steps: A Guide to Knowing God’s Will for Your Life

by Richard Martin

You and I have something in common. We both want to know God’s will for our lives. We are not alone either. We share the company of thousands, even millions, who also desire to live their lives squarely in the will of God. You may be wondering, “Can I really know God’s will for my life?” You can, and the prayer of this resource is that you will. As you embark on this journey, I pray that you come to know God better than you do right now. For, seeking God’s will ultimately begins and ends with seeking God.

Each chapter of this book begins with a passage of Scripture followed by a devotional thought. I encourage you to read prayerfully and ask God for confidence in His Word, closeness to His heart, and a clear understanding of His will for your life. You can read all eight chapters in one sitting or read one at a time. However you approach it, know that God wants to reveal Himself and His will to you in His manner and in His time. Trust His process and His heart.

It will be worth it.

The Duke’s Christmas Jewel: Clean Regency Romance

by Charity McColl

Lord Wesley Stanhope, the Duke of Hanningshire hasn’t celebrated Christmas for ten years. Each year when the season comes around, he sends his servants away and spends it in solitude. The pain of losing his parents and elder brother to a fire ten years before is too much for him to bear.

Felicity Cowen is the new scullery maid at the Stanhope Manor. She loves her job because the terms of employment are pleasant. When she finds out that the manor has to be locked up for ten days, she’s in despair for she has nowhere else to go. Sneaking back into the manor after everyone has left is the only option and she finds a great surprise when she does so.

Christmas will never be the same again for the two of them.

The Ghost of Rome: Volume III – The Age of Kings

by Virgil Cain

It was famously stated by the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes that “the Papacy is not other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof”.

“The Ghost of Rome” explores that concept in detail, utilizing a character-driven narrative to bring life to the final years of the greatest empire the world has ever known. It is the rare work of fiction that informs even as it entertains, illuminating an era that is often derided as the decline of an empire rather than the birth of a kingdom.

As Rome fell into disrepair, the Kingdom of Christ emerged. It was a transition so seamless that one can only be intrigued by the machinations that allowed the improbable rise of Christianity from a lone hilltop in Judea to conquer the Roman world inside of 350 years. It is a series as ambitious in its aim as it is broad in its scope. It puts you in the shoes of those who lived it, bringing life to many of Roman History’s most overlooked contributors while offering the reader a front row view of the rise of the barbarian, the fall of Rome, and the emergence of Christianity as a global superpower.

Enriching Abandon: Clean Amish and Billionaire Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

A packet of letters filled with secrets and lies, lead Billionaire Levi Hendricks to an Amish Community in Pennsylvania. Where he not only finds family, but also love. For a minute he seems ready to put aside the tragedies of the past. But crimes of the past cast long shadows, and the secrets Levi carries threatens to eclipse the happiness he has found.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Christmas Bride – A Very Special Christmas Baby: Western Historical Holiday Romance (Brides For All Seasons Volume 4)

by Terri Grace

On Christmas Eve evening, Department Store owner Henry Landon saves a woman who is in labor and later assists in the birth of her baby. They are locked up in his store because of an earthquake and by morning he knows that he can’t let them both go.

Elizabeth Donovan can’t believe that her baby is about to be born on Christmas Eve, and in a small alley behind a department store at that. When the owner rescues her and helps her bring her baby into the world, she knows that she has received a Christmas miracle in more ways than one.

Christmas Bride – A Very Special Christmas Baby is part of the Brides For All Seasons series – a festive collection of historical holiday romance guaranteed to warm your heart and fill your season with romantic cheer. Buy it today and enjoy the timeless gift of love!

Benjamin’s Bride: Mail Order Bride: Hero Hearts (Lawmen’s Brides Book 2)

by Natalie Dean

Mary-Lee wants revenge on her villainous uncle, and Deputy Marshal Benjamin Graves seems like the perfect man to help her get it. But she just might get more than she bargains forâ?¦

Texas Frontier, 1852

Deputy U.S. Marshal Benjamin Graves had a lot of adventure on his wild trip out West, catching criminals along the way. Now he’s ready for the next one, but this time, he’s hoping that his new career in Knox Mills, Texas will bring him a wife.

From his first glimpse of mail-order bride Mary-Lee Jameson, the schoolteacher who seems so perfect in her letters, he knows his dreams are coming true.

BUTâ?¦ Mary-Lee has some secrets that would’ve taken more than just a few letters to explain.

Love blooms fast between Mary-Lee and Benjamin, and it sure does make it easy to forget about all that trouble she left behind.

Howeverâ?¦ those in her past aren’t so willing to forget about her. She’s got something they want, and they’re willing to hunt her down all the way to Texas to get it.

Author’s Note:
Benjamin’s Bride, Lawmen’s Brides Book Two is a short novel-length, historical mail-order bride romance with no cliffhangers that can be fully enjoyed as a standalone romance. It’s a good clean romance with characters who hold Christian values. If you’ve already read The Ranger’s Wife, Lawmen’s Brides Book One, then you’ll be sure to enjoy seeing more of that couple you loved, Jack and Piper, as side characters in this book.

This is also part of the Hero Hearts series which is a larger multi-author series about men who love, honor, and protect their families, all while having faith in God! Brought to you by Annie Boone, Kate Cambridge, Terri Grace, Misty Shae, Cat McGill, Hayley Wescott, and Natalie Dean! Enjoy!

A Deeper Revelation Of The Spirit: Understanding the Law of the Spirit of Life In Christ Jesus

by Jerome Davis

This book will help truth-seekers to decipher the New Testament teachings of Apostle Paul regarding the spirit of faith, the law and righteousness. Additional topics: How To Circumcise Your Heart; See New and Old testament accounts of the resurrection of Christ that proves what day he resurrected from the dead; Learn when Jesus will abolish death forever; Learn why Jesus still want us to keep the Passover under the New Covenant and so much more.

Idle state of mind


Idle state of mind means that your present time is passing away while you are not happy. This state of mind is always avoidable as it leads to creation of anxiety or depressive thoughts. At any given point of time, one either needs to be happy, busy or both. Either enjoy your present moment, or use it productively enough to create happiness for yourself, and then share it with others.

Big C, little c

by Connie Lewis Leonard

Lyn Newton’s foundation is rocked by the diagnosis of cancer. Assaulted by one crisis after another, her family fights for life, life as they’ve known it, life as they hope it will be, and finally the life Christ has planned for them. With prayer and the support of Lyn’s ladies’ Bible study group, they discover the peace of Christ, “The Big C,” who is greater than any calamity of life, including cancer. Through laughter and tears, the Newton family is drawn back together, stronger in love for each other and faith in God.

Stop Anxiety and Start Living Again!: How to Take the Reins and Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted! (Transcend Mediocrity Book 33)

by J.B. Snow

“Are you tired of not getting what you want out of life? Are you angry, frustrated, depressed and feeling stuck? I felt this way about 15 years ago. I hit the wall, and I was lost on how to proceed with my life. I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my relationships or my job. I was down in the dumps and unhappy with my life. I wondered how I had gotten here. And once I stopped wondering about that, I started trying to figure out what to do about it.
This book is for the people who are tired of where they are at in their lives. I will step through and show you how you can pursue the things that you have always wanted to pursue in your life. I will explain how to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start acting on your hopes, dreams and desires. Your life will change, and all it takes is just the one first step in order to get you started down that path.
You may be wondering what qualifies me to write this book. You might think that I started in a much better place than you. You might think I came from a family with money, or that I am more educated than you are. Neither of these things is true.”

From 5x Best-Selling author, J.B. Snow
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Lady Celina – Knight of the Church

by A. E. Staniforth

Our story starts back in Arthurian times with witchcraft, sorcery and magical talent, telling how the deeds of Merlin and Morgana Le Fay stretch through the centuries to entwine with the lives of three young girls.

Hear tell of how Celina the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Carvel of Ripon, along with her maid and companion Jane move to London in a desperate attempt to redeem the fortunes of Fountains Abbey.

Before long Celina finds herself in terrible danger as the forces of hell itself are sent to destroy her, Celina only surviving the first attack with the help of a long dead sorceress.

Recovering from an attack Celina, befriending a strange orphan girl, soon finds herself and Jane thrown into a desperate fight against creatures of the underworld, not only to save Celina’s own life but the world itself, until finally she becomes a true Knight of the Church.

How to Read the Bible for Understanding and Power, Part Six: Manifest the Power of the holy spirit

by Steve Jaynes

The Power of the holy spirit, we will learn that Jesus taught the
Scriptures so that His disciples could understand them and have the
power of the holy spirit. Then we outline the book of Acts looking
at the Power of the holy spirit that the first century believers had
and so do we.
In the chapter on You Operate the Power of God, We will look at,
as you will, you can do. We are to do the works that Jesus did and
greater. We are ambassador in behalf of Christ. We act in His stead.
Two very important chapter on Super Natural Living, Part 1 &
2; In these chapters we do an outline through the Old Testament
showing that all the great Old Testament Believers recorded in the
Bible were all miracle workers. We will start to see how they
operated the power of God to meet the needs of others.
In the chapter on Simply Manifesting God’s Power, we will look at
the truth that all the manifestations of the spirit are operated by the
believers according to their proportion of believing. We will look
at the Manifestation of Faith or Believing, and how it is God that
works within you. We will do, as we have believing in God, and
as we have trust and confidence in God’s care for us and others. In
this session we will look at how the believers believed God to meet
the needs of others by operating the power of God.
This is a much needed teaching on how to, Casting Out Devils, In
this chapter we will look at how we can cast out devils when we
have preached to others about God’s delivering power and they
come and ask us for help. We can also cast out devils spirits who
disturb or try to stop us from ministering God’s deliverances to
In the final teaching in this book are some tips on How to Keep
Your Mind on God’s Word. This chapter teaches us how to keep
believing rightly. We will see the importance of reading and
searching the scriptures, and using the right vocabulary and right
conversation to keep us saying what The Word says.

Mourning Routine: A Good Clean Fun Cozy Mystery (The Funeral Fakers Book 1)

by S.E. Babin

Restrained Crying: $50
Banshee Wailing: $100
Crying & Rolling on the Ground: $150
Threatening to Jump in the Grave: $250
Uncovering a Murder Mystery: PRICELESS

Kitty Crawford reached for stardom and fell hard. Now, in desperate need of some way to make ends meet, she skulks back to her hometown of Asheville. Unfortunately, the employment offers are slim pickings for a has-been whose sole talent is being able to cry on cue.

That is, until one odd turn leads to another, which leads to the little-known profession of Personal Mourning. Here, the better Kitty can fake it, the more dollars she’ll find stacked up in her bereft bank account. Talk about a role she was born to play!

And townsfolk are just dying to hire her. Her first gig casts her as the bereaved girlfriend of one newly deceased Chase McCormick, someone she would never have dated in life. Still, Kitty will have to act like her life depends on it, because–OMG!–it does.

Can she perform an investigation that could turn out to be murder before she gets her own curtain call? Find out whodunit in this hilarious mystery series filled with fake tears and a very real body count… Order your copy and start reading today!

Mourning Routine is book one in The Funeral Fakers series. Each book stands completely on its own, but you’ll have more fun if you read them all together!

The Fear of Conflict Treatment: How to Overcome Your Fear of Conflict and Express Yourself with Confidence

by Allan Green

Don’t Get Pissed Off Any More! Learn How to Build Your Confidence!

You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies on how you would be able to overcome the fear of conflict and perform better; not just at the workplace but in life as a whole. After all, for some, these fears can become debilitating and as such it can hinder them from enjoying life to the fullest.

Our fears tend to pull us down when we could be soaring and achieving great things for ourselves and our loved ones. Why would you allow that to happen when there’s something that can be done?

Read through the different tips and hopefully, you find the motivation to break out of your shell and overcome your fear with confidence.

â??Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…â??

  • â??How To Understand The Fear of Conflict Itself
  • â??How To Wake Up Your Sleeping Confidence
  • â??About Conflict Management
  • â??About Anger Management And Anxiety
  • â??Do’s And Don’ts
  • â??BONUS inside!

Download your copy today!

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Bible: American Standard Version (1901)

by The Bible in English

This project on the book community “BookRix” shall contribute to spread the message of Jesus Christ in a very original way. God’s Word – the Bible – will be made available for reading and downloading as licence free e-books in as many languages and translations as possible. The aim and vision of the foundation “Helfen aus Dank” (“Helping out of gratitude”) is to offer an own translation of the Bible, also to people who speak only a very rare language, so that they understand the message and can read it, for example, on their mobile phone.

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