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A Desperate Christmas Bride for the Cold Hearted Rancher: Mail Order Bride Historical Romance (The Twelve Mail Order Brides of Christmas Book 3)

by Emma Morgan

Celebrate the miracle of love and the joy of the holiday season on the Western frontier with the Twelve Mail Order Brides of Christmas, a new series from popular author Emma Morgan!

When Cora’s high school sweetheart up and marries someone else, she knows she has only one choice left: Head West as a Mail Order Bride, or be doomed to a life of spinterhood. She’s ready to make the best of her new life, but when faced with a gruff, uncaring husband and a lonely ranch in need of repair, she’s not sure she’s up to the task.

Abraham knows life on his ranch is hard. In fact, it’s even scared off several brides already. While every man needs a wife to help with the home and children, he’s not sure what woman would want him to share it with.

But when Cora’s life is in danger, Abe is forced to admit what he knew all along, and find a way to open his heart to this kind and lovely woman.

Love’s Prophet (First Street Church Romances Book 3)

by Melissa Storm

Could his little girl be the messenger of God’s love?

Before death carried her away, Rebecca James asked her seven-year-old daughter, Molly Sue, to help her grieving father find happiness again. Now, nearly a year later, armed with her mother’s memory and a determination to find her father’s smile again, this little girl will move big mountains to make sure her plan goes off without a hitch.

When cancer claimed his beloved wife far too soon, Liam James stopped living and started settling. But thanks to the still small light left in his world, his life is about to expand in ways he can’t fathom. Could his young daughter really be the answer to the prayer he hadn’t dared to speak? And will the happy-go-lucky Sunday school teacher Molly Sue hand-picks to be her new mommy agree to work through their pain in order to bring about new joy for all of them?

Don’t miss your chance to find out-get your copy of Love’s Prophet today!

“Be ready to read a fabulous book that you just can not put down. Melissa Storm just keeps making each story better than the last, if that is even possible.” â??â??â??â??â?? from Dorothy

“This story will stay with you long after the last page.” â??â??â??â??â?? from Debra

“The power of love and faith that come’s through this book was so amazing to watch.” â??â??â??â??â?? from raze

ABOUT THE SERIES: These sweet and wholesome small town love stories with the community church at their center make for the perfect feel-good reads!
Love’s Prayer
Love’s Promise
Love’s Prophet
Love’s Vow
Love’s Trial – Coming soon!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Melissa Storm is a mother first, and everything else second. Writing is her way of showing her daughter just how beautiful life can be, when you pay attention to the everyday wonders that surround us. So, of course, her USA Today bestselling fiction is highly personal and often based on true stories.

Melissa loves books so much, she married fellow author Falcon Storm. When she’s not reading, writing, or child-rearing, she spends time relaxing at home in the company of her six dogs, cockatiel, and a rescue cat named Schrödinger. She never misses an episode of The Bachelor, because priorities.

Her Secret Billionaire Single Daddy: A Clean Billionaire Romance (Texas Ranch Billionaire Brothers Book 1)

by Ashlee Parker

A sweet, clean, inspirational billionaire romance!

A rugged billionaire cowboy raising a little girl on his own. A beautiful city girl searching for peace from her past. Can they find love together?

Colt O’Hannon is one of five Texas billionaire brothers and the only one in his family who has given up on love. Losing his wife rocked him to the core. Now he focuses on his little girl and the business that has made the O’Hannons a fortune. As much as his family pushes him to find a mother for Zoey, he just can’t bring himself to trust that a women would want him, and not his money.

Mia Green is tired of living in the fast lane of the big city. When she gets a chance to move to a tiny ranching town near the Rio Grande, she jumps at it. She just wants to live a peaceful life. No more drama, no more broken hearts. But meeting the handsome, silent widower next door throws Mia for a loop, and soon she’s wondering if Texas has more in store for her than she realized. Of course, before she can trust her heart to Colt, she’ll have to find out what he’s hiding. He has a secret and Mia is determined to know the truth.

Her Secret Billionaire Single Daddy (Book One)
Her Secret Billionaire Second Chance Boyfriend (Book Two)
Her Secret Billionaire Best Friend (Book Three)
Her Secret Billionaire Boyfriend’s Baby (Book Four)

The Sons of Perdition: They say they came from above…

by Alex Lindsey

They say they came from above… Ancient secrets buried in Antarctica, clandestine cloning of ancient DNA, an old Crusader map pointing to the seat of dark power controlling the world’s ‘illuminated’ governments, and the horrific reason why human souls are so sought after by the underworld.

The reader might also find of interest, attached at the end of the book, an excerpt (slightly redacted) from an interview with Dr. J. Murphy (fictional name), Interpreting Liaison to Project Essentia, Los Alamos National Laboratory. In it, Dr. Murphy discusses the use of light and photonic amplifiers as the electromagnetic source for anti-gravity drives, the role of time in the conversion from energy to mass, the coalescing of mass particles along a standing wave function similar to, but not exactly like, the Higg’s field, the mathematical circumnavigation of the Lorentz contraction where it imposes a square-root singularity on negative time accumulation, and dark matter as the quasi-orthogonal overlap of non-cohesive mass from other dimensions (quasi-orthogonal because gravity acts across the dimensions).
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Photonic-Based Anti-Gravity Drive – Tech Transfer:

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Higg’s Field, Cross-Dimensional

Circumnavigating The Lorentz singularity in the de-accumulation of time:

WARNING! New and Dangerous Technology Authorized for

5 Stars: Tense, exciting thriller with nail-biting suspense…
Ranger TOP 1000 REVIEWER on April 17, 2015
When was the last time I loved a thriller as much as this one? I guess that was when “The Da Vinci Code” came out, so many years ago. “The Sons of Perdition” by Alex Lindsey is very much a book in that class, not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill stuff at all.

“The Sons of Perdition” is an interesting blend of genres that makes for a unique read–it twists together science fiction, suspense, and elements of the Bible.

Blessings in the Making (Blessings in Disguise Book 2)

by Katrina Harrington

Clark Mahoney has no idea how to deal with his boss’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Blanche, who arrives only days before her father’s passing. The girl baffles him with her lack of understanding of, what he considers, basic expectations; and, their attempts at conversing with one another seem to lend way to confusion and frustration on both ends. Added to that, he discovers that rustlers are stealing cattle on the ranch and a secret admirer is leaving disturbing gifts for Blanche. Throw in a new hired hand that’s a single father of three and a drunkard, and they are all in for a wild ride. Can Blanche and Clark come together despite all that’s going on? Will Blanche be able to figure out this faith in God that everyone around her seems to share? And can they catch the rustlers and this morbid secret admirer?

The Angel Chronicles 2nd Edition: Volume 5: Salvation, The Final Battle

by Lanze Thompson

The Angel Chronicles is a five-volume series containing the fictional stories of the Angels versus their Fallen brethren. The Angel Army, led by Archangel Michael, its Supreme Commander, must beat back the Dark Army, led by Lucifer, in its attempt to overthrow Heaven and seize the Holy Throne. The Series captures the adventures, misdeeds, betrayals, rebellion, fierce battles, and noble service of the Heavenly Angels.

The Angel Chronicles 2nd Edition concludes with Volume 5: Salvation, The Final Battle. Revelation is upon us as Christ’s prophesized return to Earth to reclaim his Kingdom and the souls of Man from Lucifer is fulfilled. The mighty Angel Army is called upon once more for a final battle against the Fallen Angels and their greatly strengthened Dark Army. At stake, Man’s salvation and his destiny to ascend into Heaven so that he may know everlasting life in the Holy Father’s kingdom. Lucifer plans to wage a battle like none ever witnessed in the history of Creation as his final act of defiance and to avoid serving his 1,000 years’ sentence in Tartarus.

The 2nd Edition is a comprehensive re-edit, revision, and enhanced story line to the previously published 1st Edition. The Angel Chronicles Volumes 1-5 are intended to unlock the readers imagination, curiosity, and soul searching while providing entertainment, insight, and inspiration. During the Series, the readers are invited to explore, challenge, renew, and strengthen their own faith.

Pravuil, the Archangel entrusted by God to record all heavenly events and deeds since the beginning of Creation, narrates the series from a firsthand account as an eyewitness, a holy servant, and a historian.

A Christmas Surprise: A Second Chance Christmas Romance

by Hayley Wescott

Their breakup was devastating for them both. But life had to go on, didn’t it? They both had goals and life plans. Those plans were mapped out in opposite directions. Their love wasn’t meant to be.

When Kristin heard Cole was going to be back in town, her heart fluttered but she really hoped she could avoid seeing him. That would be unlikely in the small town of Sandy Cove, but maybe she could pull it off. She was going to try. The last thing she wanted was to have her Christmas ruined.

Cole needed to be there for his sister’s wedding. He didn’t want to miss this family event since he’d missed so many things since he’d been deployed. And it was Christmas. Spending Christmas with his family was a bonus he was excited about. He wsn’t sure what he’d do or say when he saw Kristin, but he’d figure that out when the time came. He’d never really gotten over her.

When Cole drops surprising news on Kristin, she doesn’t know what to think. She definitely doesn’t know how she should react. Is this what she’d been hoping for all these years or did this just make things more impossible?

This sweet story about a second chance is a clean Christian read about a young couple in a small southern town meeting again after years apart. Will they find a way to give their love another chance or was the breakup the best thing for them both?

Expect a happy ending with no cheating, foul language, violence, or sex.

This clean and wholesome book is available in the Kindle Unlimited program for KU readers who prefer to read with their subscription.

Guarding Grace (Gold Coast Retrievers Book 3)

by Ann Omasta

The puppy that stole their hearts is missing!

Grace Wilson loves the wonderful life she has created with her daughter in picturesque Redwood Cove, California–even if she is a bit lonely. To add to their family, mom and daughter adopt a sweet “Golden Wetweevuh” puppy. And they’re not the only ones who think Star is, well, a star. A television show casts the pup for a role, but it’s the co-host that has Grace’s heart doing tricks.

Dash Diamond is a local celebrity with a megawatt smile. He is less than thrilled when his show’s producers inform him that a puppy has been cast in a new role. But his new co-star comes with an owner who makes Dash see stars when he looks at her.

When Star is puppy-napped and held for ransom, all attention goes to her rescue. Grace and Dash can’t act on their undeniable romantic spark of attraction while the pup is possibly in danger. Star is the missing piece. Will they find her in time to complete their puzzle?

Find out if Star can find her way safely home to complete her family, all while proving she’s the star of the show. This sweet tale is one adventure you don’t want to miss out on… Order your copy and start reading today!

Fans of the Must Love Dogs series by Claire Cook and the Everyday Heroes series by Margaret Daley are sure to enjoy curling up with this delightful romantic suspense novel.

Guarding Grace is book three in the Gold Coast Retrievers series. Each book stands completely on its own, but you’ll have more fun if you read them all together!

All About Trust: K-9 Inspirational Romance (Hero Hearts Contemporary)

by Hayley Wescott

Karin is new to Reno, at least sort of. She’s been there a year and hasn’t fully settled in to her life. Her job as a veterinarian is satisfying and she loves what she does, but something’s missing. She knows exactly what it is, but she’s afraid to do what it takes to change things.

Nick and Buzz meet Karin in the line of duty. As K-9 cop and handler, they need to stay in tip-top shape and Karin is happy to help–at least with Buzz. Nick will have to be on his own. He’s thrown off guard when he realizes he wants her to be a little more involved with him, not just Buzz.

Just when Nick breaks through Karin’s wall of fear, a secret comes crashing down around them. Will they be able to overcome it? Is a relationship really what God has in store for them or is this a sign that it’s not the right thing?

The 24 Elders (After the Fall Book 3)

by Holyone Tombari Dodoh

The 24 Elders is a historical event adapted from Revelation (KJV) which brings to light the stories of the past and foretells the future. It houses the origin of the Creator, the 24 Elders, Seraphim and Cherubim, the Archangels, Angels, universes, Stars, Planets and all living things.

After the creation of the Archangels and Angels, Lucifer was made the leader of the host of Shamayim. The Elders ensured that Lucifer was given anything he needed for his leadership to be a success. But along the line, Lucifer was dissatisfied with his role and planned to control the Elders and every living thing in Ab-Olam. Though there is a rule that forbid Archangels to oppose each other, so he thought that Michael and his brothers would be in his support, therefore began a campaign which was disappointing at the end, because it led to his fall. Then Lucifer planned to destroy all lives that refused to join him on his path by going to curse Rahah-Kol (a special universe), but that act provoked the Elders that they prepare to face him in combat.

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