Free science Kindle books for 26 Dec 18

What are you dying from this week?: Help for health anxiety

by Heather Shearer

Anxiety is now the most common mental illness in the world. Health Anxiety is a specific type of anxiety characterized by preoccupation and fear about having or contracting illness, typically life threatening illnesses. It can be extremely debilitating, and cause significant distress to sufferers. Unfortunately, like many mental illnesses, it is subject to stigma, and people with health anxiety will often hide their suffering from others, and not seek help. Health anxiety however can be treated in the same way as other anxiety disorders. The author, Dr Heather Shearer, herself a long term health anxiety sufferer, writes an easy to read book about the origins, maintenance, triggers and techniques to help health anxiety.

The Descent into Chaos

by Roger G. Trow

There are two opposing views concerning the cosmos. The first assumes we are evolving toward a higher state and the second predicts the descent of the world into chaos.

Adherents of the first view derive their optimism for the future of humankind and the world in general, and is based on Darwinian evolutionary principles, which are considered at some length in this book.

The second view also must comply with the universal laws of science. Roger Trow argues that evolution theory is itself a belief system rather than a proven fact. It will then be for the individual to decide what they will believe on the balance of the evidence presented.

Simple Correspondence Analysis (SCA): Practical Exercise

by Laureano Gallardo

1. data
2. Subset Data
3. Study Data
3.1. Data independence
3.2. Inertia data
3.3. SCA
3.3.1. eigenvalues
3.3.2. Interpretation of the sizes for varying row
3.3.3. Interpretation of the dimensions for the variable column
3.3.4. Interpretation of row and column profiles together

How To Destress Via Stress Test & Stress Relief

by Elizabeth Stanfill

Stress is extremely high, and this small book contains a fun stress test so that the reader may quickly discover possible stressful habits that he or she may have.

Elizabeth Stanfill is an Author, and a Behavioral Scientist who has been specializing in Critical Stress for over twenty years. She speaks, researches, teaches, and writes about permanent stress relief. Elizabeth has helped thousands go from Crisis to Calm, she has taught Doctor’s, EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Paramedics, Police Officers, and the general population permanent stress relief. She has developed the stress test, and solutions for stress relief, contained in this stress free book, over the past fifteen years.

Each component is assigned to a chapter in the order it appears on the test, so that the reader may access information on why that particular habit is stressful, and ways that he or she may destress with practical exercises that help with stress relief right away.

This is a fun, easy, and short read for those who want to get to the heart of their stress. The overwhelmed person may find a large book on stress overpowering, and that is why this book is so perfect. The reader takes the test, discovers the stressful habits they experience, and then can go directly to the chapter that contains the explanation and solution for that specific habit.

Some of the major habits included in this writing are addiction, anger, binging, the inability to enjoy oneself, the inability to sleep, and the racing mind. These short chapters of information are enlightening, and very helpful for the person experiencing high levels of strain, and devastating life situations. It is a great book for fun, education, and experience about developing a stress free life.

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