Free sports Kindle books for 26 Dec 18

meu Pai, bolas e estádios (Portuguese Edition)

by Fabiana Cury de Mello

Em 1958 Bellini levantou a Jules Rimet,
JoaÌ?o Gilberto lançou “chega de saudade”. “O brasileiro deixou de ser um vira-lata” e meu pai aprendeu a ler jornal…
Em 2015 ele ficou doente e escrevi uma carta a ele no Natal. Ele gostou muito e disse que eu deveria voltar a escrever.
Ele sarou.
Eu continuei a escrever.

Grip Training Handbook – hand strength training for health and fitness

by Gareth Thomas

WELCOME to the world of grip and hand strength training. It’s a world with its own culture, terminology and community not to mention history. There are of course many professions that will develop your grip. Tying steel, chopping timber, bricklaying to name but a few will develop a superior grip and if you choose to do some steel or chopping work to enhance your training then kudos to your initiative.

In this book we will examine the means to develop grip and forearm strength athletically. You will be surprised at the vast array of equipment developed for the task and once you begin using this gear you will reflect upon the hand strength of some athletes with awe such as the ability the close over 400 lbs with a hand gripper.

Everything is covered from anatomy and injury to various routines and in depth discussion of exercises.You will find your strength can develop quickly and this in turn flows to other strength training using the hands. Many regular people can use additional grip strength, as can many athletes such as martial artists, climbers, golfers, archers and many more.

Once a powerful grip is established the strength athlete can progress along the chain strengthening the upper arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs. Most people neglect grip strength to the detriment of all other athletic development. As an athlete grip and forearm strength are essential.

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