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by Stephen Mills

Scotland, 1543: King James is dead and his infant daughter Mary, Queen of Scots sits on the throne. Highland clans are settling old feuds, and throughout the crisis her royal regents are helpless to stop infighting and rebellion.

Thrust into the midst of political intrigue and bloody clan warfare, Thomas Skene, only son of a disgraced nobleman, must struggle to protect his friends – and himself – from vengeful enemies. From Inverness to Skye and back again, Thomas battles against friend and foe alike to keep the kingdom from being torn apart.

Project Genesis

by Brian Phillipson

The Nazis of World War Two were fascinated with the occult and the supernatural, seeking advantage from holy relics of all description. As the war came to an end many of the leaders and their artefacts disappeared. Now their descendents have re-emerged and are taking over where the Third Reich left off, only this time they not only have the occult but modern technology to advance their cause. The only thing standing in the way of the new world order is ex-SAS major Hugh Grantham and a 900 year old secret society that the world thought had disappeared centuries ago.

From the Middle East, through Europe to North and South America this story is a fast paced action adventure covering what could be the end of the world as we know it.

Matthew’s War

by Arthur D. Hemmings

Set in Merseyside during the Second World War, the author draws from his own memories and experiences in telling a moving story about how innocent people on both sides can be affected by war, as their aspirations, dreams and life expectancy are all limited by the doubts, fear and hatred which are brought about by this conflict.

King of the Ring

by David C. Garland

The outbreak of War in 1941 led to young children being evacuated to towns where there was less likelihood of being subject to bombing by Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

Twins Catherine and Caroline and their younger brother Robert board a train at Euston Station, London, which takes them to the town of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

The twins enrol in the Women’s Land Army while Robert is called up to join the Army.

Catherine and Caroline are involved in an encounter with a German pilot, who escapes into Sherwood Forest after his aircraft is destroyed by anti-aircraft guns, ends with him being captured by the Britain’s Military Police.

The awful conditions faced by evacuees during the war are described in detail in this thought-provoking story.

bokutachiwaeireinankajanai: senjoudehontounimitakotowohanasou higashiajia rekishiifu (Japanese Edition)

by UdaNobuo

ã??å??の太平æ´?æ?¦äº?でなくなっã?æ?¦æ­»è??ã?è?±é??とã?てç¥?ã??ã??てã?ã??å ´æ??でã?ã??ã??
ã??æ?´ç?¶ã¨ä¸¦ã¹ã??ã??てã?ã??å¢?ç?³ã®ä¸­ã«å¤?くのé?å¹´ã?ちのé­?ã?ç? ã£ã¦ã?ã?のだã?ã?»ã?»ã?»ã?»ã?»
ã??ã?ã??ときã?ãã®å¢?ç?³ã®ã²ã¨ã¤ã²ã¨ã¤ã?æ?¦å ´ã§ã®æ?¬å½?のæ°?æ?ã¡ã??èª?ã??å§?ã?ã?のだっã?ã??

From Barrow Boy To Marksman: based on true events

by Ronald Cove

A young boxer from East London finds himself in the army after losing his last fight. Now Bill Auger realises his next fight will be different.

Serving in an elite regiment, The Kings Royal Rifle Corps, Bill is fighting for his country in the war with Germany.

The story journeys through cruel battle scenes and hard times of imprisonment.

When Bill is starting to think that the fighting is finally over – he meets Lisa…

ROMAN EMPIRE The Final Days of Marcus Aurelius: The Eternal City Series

by K.C. Squire

ROME. Inspired by true events and the facts as we know them, The Final Days of Marcus Aurelius is the dramatic story of one of Rome’s great emperors and philosophersâ??a seamless blend of fact and fiction that explores the great emperor’s life, philosophy, battles, and the drama of his final days and hours.

K.C. Squire has long been inspired by ancient history and presents the culmination of his life in powerfully epic fashion.

The Eternal City.

A sacred city of myth, legend, war and conquest, and the home of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, the last of the “Good Emperors”.

Through Squire’s deft and dramatic prose emerges a picture that makes these seemingly long-ago myths of this great emperor and philosopher breathe true and real.

Relive his final days.

*Although part of The Eternal City Series, the books are standalone and may be read in any order. These books are inspired by true events and as true to historical facts as possible; as a result, these books are most appropriate for those 18 years old and older. K.C. Squire fashions these legends and facts into a novelistic arc that begins just days before Marcus Aurelius’s death, and culminates with his death. Or does it?

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