Free world literature Kindle books for 26 Dec 18

A Chance to Belong (Copperhead Creek – Australian Romance Book 4)

by S M Spencer

When Jessica Reston’s career hopes nose-dive, her confidence plummets and she believes her only option may be to accept help from her sister who lives overseas. Now, faced with a decision she dreads, Jessica makes a last ditch effort to reinvigorate her career while she house sits for eight weeks at a country property. When she meets the flirtatious farrier and the friendly house-call making veterinarian, Jessica discovers that this house-sitting caper is not what she was expecting; nor is the sleepy rural town of Willows, where she just might find something she didn’t even know she was looking for.

This is the fourth standalone novel in the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series, where people’s lives overlap and tangle.

Author Biography:

At the age of five S M Spencer’s life changed when she was plonked onto a black & white pony for a photograph. From that day on all she wanted was a horse. She spent the next eleven years writing stories about the horses she pretended to ride through the rolling hills of coastal California until she got a job and bought her first horse at the age of sixteen.

In the 1980s her life changed again when her employer offered her a role in Australia. This was the beginning of an adventure of which she has never tired.

Still living in Australia she now writes from the semi-rural home she shares with her husband, horses, cats and dogsâ??not to mention the kangaroos that share the paddocks with the horses from time to time.

Her current series is the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series. This is clean Australian contemporary/rural romance set within the Golden Triangle outside Melbourne.

Sahara Piercing The Thatch Ceiling: Sahara

by Mimmie Watts

Sahara, Piercing the Thatch Ceiling tells the story of Sahara, a composite character through a â??gender lens’. It is an intercultural, intergenerational, migrant, refugee, African and an Australian story. This book highlights intersectionality, the trials and pathways that, particularly refugees, sometimes have to navigate to achieve success. It is a story of triumph, and demonstrates how good leadership is difficult, yet possible.

Sobek Legacy

by Elcid

After the events of the “Lei Tai” and “The Duelist and the Emperor”, Sobek Legacy takes place eighteen years later. The world is a different place, the Union of Nations despite being in a defunct state, still serves like a world body. The world is experiencing relative peace after a great war that took place five years after the events in the “Lei Tai” and “The Duelist and the Emperor”.

Charles “Chuck” Sobek, a member of the renowned Sobek family famous in martials arts circles, is a wandering vagabond, who spends his time getting into street brawls and is sometimes hired by certain elements of the underworld to do certain jobs. Few know of his family’s illustrious history and its martial art, “The Harmonious Fist”.

However, ancient acts from the past, done by his forefathers do not only haunt him in the present, but the world as well.

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