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The Nymph’s Oath Book One

by Laurell Emily Grey

The Nymph’s Oath, curse or blessing?

A yearly ritual where all nymph kind will go into heat, sending their sexual hormones into overdrive, but there’s a catch. If the females are not mated by the time they reach the age of thirty, they die tragically.

For years, Rose has been dreaming the same intimate dream with two men, only to wake up alone. Time is running out for her as the Oath quickly approaches, a death sentence reigning above her head.

Two men on a mission. Trent and Kraven are so close to finding their mate they can almost taste her. But will they be able to claim the woman that they were destined to be mated with?

Or will it all be in vain…

A lost cause.

Rude Boy: A Yardie Love Story

by Autumn Crum

For the past decade, the Rudeboys, a ruthless band of bank robbers have been terrorizing the city of Jacksonville. Jamaican born brothers, Kenji, Clive, Knox, and Lennox Grimes are relentless in their pursuit of the almighty dollar. The leader of the crew, Kenji Grimes is a natural born charmer. He is sure he can use his charm and good looks to gain him anything his heart desires, but when approached with the job of a life time, Kenji isn’t so sure he can pull it off. This one last bank heist could guarantee his retirement from the world of bank robbing forever. There is only one obstacle that stands in Kenji’s way.
Her name is Ava Buchanan, wealthy billionairess and sole heir to World Bank, a banking dynasty. Ava’s perfect world spins out of control when she meets Kenji Grimes. Ava’s falls hard for the handsome stranger but is unaware of the danger lurking behind his bad boy persona. She will soon find out that this rude boy rebel not only hides a painful past but also a deadly secret. One so deadly it may very well cost the heiress her life.

Scarred Queen (The Queens Book 1)

by Nikita Slater

She despised them all, yet she was wife to one.

Drifting in a world of glittering diamonds, mansions, lunches and designer clothes, Casey Hernandez could happily disappear, except the life of the mafia wife demanded she remain and play her part. One misstep and she would face the monster who marked her as his own.

Reyes wanted the stunning blond with the furious eyes. He was going to ruin her life, take her from everything she knew and own every inch of her. Hard, brutal, mean. Exactly how he was. Exactly how this world had shaped him. Because he could. She was about to become spoils of war.

And when he finally had his woman, they would rise up together; the king and his scarred queen.

This book is standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!

Rhyme: Steamy Rock N’ Roll Romance (Hard Rocked Series Book 1)

by Lexy Timms

Music is what feelings sound like.

Olivia Dane, a hard-working lawyer, has just been dumped by her fiancée. To make matters worse, he did it via text message. Deciding to drown her sorrows at a local pub, Olivia is intent on forgetting about men altogether. Instead, she’s going to focus on her career, and if she plays her cards right, she might just make partner at her firm.

It isn’t long before her plans are completely derailed by an irresistibly sexy stranger who guides her to a dark corner of the bar. This gorgeous alpha male isn’t your ordinary man. It’s Logan Graham, lead guitarist of the insanely popular Scottish rock band. A man used to getting anything he wants, whenever he wants it.

What starts out as a wildly passionate one-night-stand quickly turns into a far more complicated relationship when the curvy lawyer discovers that the bad-boy rocker is her newest client. To make matters worse if she doesn’t win the case he’ll lose everything he’s worked so hard for.

And there’s even more trouble on the horizon when Olivia boss discovers her new relationship and threatens to destroy her career if she doesn’t give him the one thing he’s always wanted – her.

Warning: This is a steamy romance story that includes adult content suitable for readers 17+

Hard Rocked Series:

Recycled Love

by George Henry

A dream journey across India turns into a nightmare.

Escaping a dangerous past that’s catching up with him, Dan Palmer hides in a tour group for a trip across India to see the massive fortresses of Rajasthan, the Taj Mahal, the holy city of Varanasi and the living goddess in Kathmandu.

But the journey of a lifetime turns into death and danger, when Dan runs afoul of murderers, a cop chasing a drug trafficker, an Indian detective and the machinations of the future U.S. President.

When Dan falls in love with Charlie, a young and oddly behaved American woman, he has a life-changing decision to make.


by Linda Peelsoff


Come try out that new device with one of these — it’s sure to cause a FIRE!

Crashing Christmas: A Billionaire Office Romance

by Emma Tharp

Christmas is not ruined. That’s what Jillian Harmon keeps trying to tell herself.

Sure, she might be losing her job along with her staff a few days before the holiday, but a drunken night with a sexy stranger with salt and pepper hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes is just what she needs to take her mind off her crappy luck.

Could things get any worse? When her new boss, Jack Morgan, strolls in Monday morning, Jillian is shocked to see it’s her new boss’s bed she shared Friday night. He hands out pink slips like they’re Christmas bonuses, but for reasons unknown to her, he doesn’t’ let her go.

Somehow, her staff expects Jillian to fix things, which is how she ends up crashing Jack’s solo Christmas in a mountain cabin. The storm is how she ends up snowed in with him, and she’s pretty sure, the alcohol is how he plans to bed her again.

She’d need a Christmas miracle and a twelve-step program to save her staff. As for being stuck with Jack, she’s not sure she can be saved.

Crashing Christmas is a standalone steamy contemporary romance.

Finding My Reason

by Claudia Burgoa


With no single females among the bridal party, I expect my best buddy’s wedding to be a bust. Then the beautiful bartender asks me if I could use something stiff.

Trust me, “getting something stiff” is the least of my worries. One touch of Jade’s silky-soft hand, and there’s a zing, just like in the movies. Somehow, I find the magic words that make her mine for the night.

And, just like that, I have the whole world in the palms of my hands. Figures that right when I meet the girl of my dreams, karma drops the other shoe.

Everything about Hudsonâ??his pale green eyes, his charisma, his bodyâ??pulls me toward him. He’s different from the other men I’ve dated. One touch sends heat racing under my skin. And before the night is over, he sends my body up in flames that last well past dawn.

This one-night stand has second date written all over it. Except tomorrow I’m boarding a plane to study abroad. For three years. A fantasy-come-true infatuation like ours can’t last that long.

Can it?

Anything but Minor (Balls in Play Book 1)

by Kate Stewart

An Amazon Top 50 Bestseller!

“She’s a nerd.”
“Okay, she’s a flight instructor.”
“He’s a ballplayer.”
“The best that ever was.”
“Technically, you aren’t according to MLB stats.”
“See? Total nerd. She also has no filter.”
“He’s no southern gentlemen.”
“I had one last season to prove my worth.”
“I’d never seen a game.”
“He told me he was a player.”
“She told me she was a lesbian.”
“But you fell in love with me anyway.”
“Yeah, baby, I totally did.”

*18 and older
*Language and sex

Reviving Emily (Project DEEP Book 1)

by Becca Jameson

“I have to say, when Becca Jameson goes in a new direction, she goes big!”â??Carol, verified purchaser

It’s been ten yearsâ?¦
For Ryan it’s been the longest ten years of his life.
For Emily it’s been days.

He spent those ten years developing a cure for the virus she contracted.

She spent those ten years in a cryostat, her life suspended.

She’s not the only one to be reanimated, but she is the first.

The media is surrounding the compound.

The religious zealots are picketing.

But people have lives to live, and somehow they have to move forward.

Ryan still has work to do. People to revive. A disease to cure.

Emily has a blank slate. She can go anywhere. Do anything.

She can’t stay in the bunker. It casts a pall over everyone.

Now is not the time for distractions.

Now is not the time to fall in love.

“Becca Jameson does it again with this amazing concept. I love all things Project DEEP…this book grabs you and won’t let go.”â??SexyReadsBlog, verified purchaser

“Becca Jameson has penned an absolutely fascinating story combining sci-fi and romantic suspense. These characters are so well crafted, richly layered, and emotionally charged. The story is evenly paced with some edge of your seat moments that keep you turning the page to find out what happens next.”â??Mel M, verified purchaser

Game On The Line

by Jamie Summer

Secrets are the hardest pill to swallow.

Having achieved his lifelong dream of entering the international professional soccer scene, Gavin Michaelson should be on top of the world. However, a year after moving to London to play for West Ham United, things start to fall apart, his dream slowly turning into a nightmare. With his career on the line, finding out Betty, the one who got away, lives mere blocks from him is the last thing Gavin needs. Emotions he thought he’d buried long ago are alive and kicking once again.

Betty Caster took a risk moving to London with her son, Trevor. She knows Gavin, her ex-boyfriend,, lives in town, but she doesn’t believe she’ll run into himâ??until she does. Ignoring the past isn’t an option, and resolving their differences isn’t so easy. Especially when secrets buried deep within her slowly start to unravel in front of her very eyes.

Forced to confront their unresolved feelings for each other, Gavin and Betty realize there’s more at stake than just their hearts.

This is a novella in the Game On series.

SHE WANTS IT ROUGH (Explicit Stories of Putting it in Forbidden Places!)

by Selma Sitter

Take a look inside to find out where he wants to put it… again and again!

A deliciously naughty collection, all about messy finishes and the good, dirty stuff…

Breaching the Veil

by E. Michael Shults

The small town of Somerset is rocked by a gruesome crime. Three men are beaten and brutally tortured to death, and the manner in which they were killed is even more shocking. They were all crucified.

As the investigators search for answers, they are pulled into a world they don’t understand. Their investigation is hampered by unseen forces. A small band of angels, led by Malachai, struggle to fend off a demonic legion which not only threatens the safety of angels, but the humans they are sworn to protect. The investigators find themselves in the crosshairs of a raging war that has endured for a millennium.

Dirty Christmas (The Dirty Suburbs Book 9)

by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

Roast the chestnuts. Spike the eggnog. Break out the ugly Christmas sweaters…Shoot me now.

I’ll be home for Christmas. Whether I like it or not. Reyfield, Illinois is the last place I want to be for the Holidays. Yet, here I am, headed that way in a car with my brother-in-law’s drop-dead gorgeous, certifiably insane secretary.

One look at her luscious body in that sexy elf costume and I want to drag her behind the Christmas tree and have my way with her.

One taste of that feisty mouth under the mistletoe and now I’m a goner.

This was supposed to be a quick trip to my hometown to fulfill my family duty during the Holidays but I’ll be damned because with this girl in my arms, it’s starting to feel like a detour toward forever.

Dirty Christmas is a 20,000-word holiday novella in the Dirty Suburbs, a series of steamy romantic comedies set in small-town Illinois. Each story is a standalone.

Witches of the West: A collection of Cozy Witch Mysteries

by Alexandria Clarke

Best-selling Cozy Mystery author Alexandria Clarke brings you the complete collection of the highly-rated “Witch Myth Siren Song and Witch Myth Yew Hollow” Series. These stories have accumulated over 100+ reviews and have been boxed together for the first time!

Witch Myth: Siren Song

When bartender Bay Bridges saves a woman from being roofied, she accidentally kills the man responsible. When the dead man is reanimated, Bay gets pulled into a chilling adventure of mystery and murder, but if she digs too deep, she might risk revealing her most treasured secret: she’s a witch.

Witch Myth: Yew Hollow

Morgan Summers hates talking to ghosts, but when the victim of a ghastly murder asks her for help from beyond the grave, Morgan can’t say no. Soon, Morgan herself is blamed for the murder, and the town is out for blood. Can Morgan clear her name, discover the real killer, and help her new ghostly friend cross over to the next life? 

A Fighting Chance (Bridge to Abingdon Book 2)

by Tatum West

I don’t do relationships. I’ve been abandoned all my life, and I don’t trust a soul except my own damn self. But there’s something different about Jack Chance. From his lithe, gymnast’s body to his soulful hazel eyes, he’s everything I never knew I wanted. When he’s wrapped up in my arms, begging for more, everything seems right about the world.

I’m not boyfriend materialâ??everyone in Abingdon knows that. I’ve got a moonshine-making hillbilly family, a heart hardened by war, and I walk into burning buildings for a living. Oh, and I’m still in love with my best friend.

Jack shouldn’t want anything to do with me. He shouldn’t keep coming back each time I make a total a$$ of myself, and he shouldn’t forgive me when I keep refusing to tell him how I feel. And he should definitely run for the hills when I’m slapped with custody of my sister’s three kids.

But he doesn’t run. Instead, he’s making pancakes the morning after they move in. He’s up with Joey, soothing him through nightmares. He’s taking Chrissy to ballet. And he’s making sure Jordan knows how smart he is. No one has ever done that for those kids. No one has ever done that for me.

That’s the kind of man Jack Chance is. He’s a man who stays. It’s only when the court orders him away that I realize I was never done with love. I was just waiting for Jack.

I like a good projectâ??maybe that’s why I’m madly, ridiculously, over-the-moon in love with Dillon Manning. I want him to see what I see when I look at himâ??a hero, a whole, real man. I’m addicted to his touch, his body, the way he kisses me so deeply and so tenderly. There’s more to Dillon than he lets on. I just want him to realize it.

But Dillon is just about on my last nerve, and I’m ready to be done. That’s when the unthinkable happens. Dillon’s sister is caught up in a meth lab bust, and her kids have been breathing all of it in for months. It’ll take a village to get these kids healthy. And I’m Dillon’s village, whether he knows it or not. Every day, I’m falling more and more in love with him.

I might be gentle, and loyal, and kind. But when our family is threatened, I’ll do everything in my power to keep us togetherâ??even if that means putting my own life at risk. Dillon Manning is worth it. I’ve always known that.

And I’ll move heaven and earth to make sure that he knows exactly how I feel.

A Fighting Chance is the second novel in the Bridge to Abingdon series. Each book focuses on one adorable couple, and each can be read as a super-awesome standalone read. A Fighting Chance steamy scenes, a dollop of suspense, some amazing kids, a hillbilly reunion, and a family vacation that gives everyone a surprise. There are mentions of abuse and a couple of edge-of-your-seat scenes with an end-days preacher you’ll love to hate. Jack and Dillon are the heart of Abingdon, and the second chance we all wish we had. Enjoy!

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