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A Tiger’s Gift

by Ariel Marie

I’m sorry, son. Your mother had a one-night stand, and I never caught your father’s last name…

Those were the words that single mother, Deja Scarlett dreaded having to ever utter to her child. The past year she has made the most out of her situation, working hard and making ends meet. She’s had to think of what was best for her son, and lived her life for him. She loved her son more than life itself and knew that one day that she would have to admit to him that he was conceived during a one-night stand on Christmas Eve, and she never caught his father’s last name.

He almost let his mate slip through his fingersâ?¦

Tiger shifter, Dixon Blackburn needed to find a reason to head back to Breckenridge, Colorado. He decided to have the tiger’s council’s retreat in Colorado the second year in a row to give him an excuse to go back. He had left something behind in the snow-covered town in the form of a curvy waitress named Deja. His tiger had thought of nothing else since last Christmas Eve, leading him to believe that he may have left his mate behind in Colorado. Determined to remedy his mistake, he heads back to the mountains and finds that he left more behind than just his mate.

Dixon isn’t the only one that discovered the secret that was nestled in Breckenridge. His rival, the alpha of the lion shifters has taken an interest in Deja, and Dixon is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his newly discovered familyâ??even it it’s a fight to the death.

Tidal Magic: A Tabula Rasa Book 1

by Janelle Peel

Riva is the firstborn Princess of the Atlantic. Her strange powers must be hidden at all costs and are a constant reminder of how different she is from her own people.
An arranged marriage looms on the horizon. Struggling to come to grips with her new reality, Riva is left with no choice.
She must escape.
Her journey leads her to a faraway place filled with magic and peril. Tabula Rasa is a city where all are welcome. A chance encounter with a Shifter Fae leaves her reeling.
Perhaps she isn’t so alone after all.

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This series changes POV’s and follows the Clutch Mistress Series.

Tabula Rasa Series
Tidal Magic
Blood Origin
Rune Gate

Blackthorn Rising: Legends of Agora

by Michael James Ploof

From USA TODAY Bestselling author Michael James Ploof.

For ten long years young Dirk Blackthorn has followed his drunken father from one city to another, always having to cheat and steal for his next meal, and never knowing what the future might hold. A magician turned con artist, Dirk’s father Thad has taught him everything he knows. After being driven out of just about every southern city in Agora, they have come to Kell-Torey in search of a new beginning.

With winter on its way, and all but a rusty coin spent on his father’s drinking, Dirk must make full use of his skills if they are to survive the harsh northern cold. As Thad descends deeper into his drunken delirium, Dirk becomes determined to make a name for himself in the city’s criminal underworld.

Featuring two of Legends of Agora’s most beloved characters, Blackthorn Rising is a fast-paced coming of age tale wrought with sword and sorcery, it is a story of failure and triumph, and a testament to the unrelenting spirit of defiance and adventure within us all.


Blackthorn Rising is a book that sticks with you. Michael Ploof’s stimulating prose and evocative cast of characters are incapable of boring you on any single page. The plot is sharp, charged with dark wit, adventure, intrigue, and emotion. Enjoy Dirk Blackthorn’s bumbling journey to manhood as he rises to become a great thief, and an even greater man. I loved every minute of editing this tale, and I know you’ll love every minute of reading it.

–Holly M. Kothe,

With Rough Gods

by G.M. Palmer

Mythmaking is the first art. Written with a unity of vision largely forgotten by contemporary poetry, G.M. Palmer’s With Rough Gods grazes the foundations of Greek mythology, endowing gods and legends with a numinous humanity often unseen in traditional compilations of lore. Complete with a glossary of its characters, With Rough Gods embodies our human experience as only mythology can.

“G.M. Palmer uses authentic and striking language to summon ancient Hellenic gods and heroes, achieving nothing less than an astonishing reanimation of their passions, jealousies, and wars. Palmer’s poems, hard and elegant, are ideally suited to his task. This is a splendid debut by a poet of considerable promise.” â?? Ernest Hilbert, author of Sixty Sonnets and Aim Your Arrows At The Sun

“Inscribed over the doorway of Carl Jung’s house was the ancient Spartan proverb Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit: Bidden or unbidden, God is present. This is undeniable. But it’s not just god. It’s all the gods. They live through our acts, our deeds, our lusts and levities, our disasters of the heart, our sorceries, our redeeming values, our insufferable vanities. The gods are we. We are the gods. And like a maxim chisled on a lintel, the poems in G.M. Palmer’s book force us into the bluntest of human truths: we are no prettier than our ugliest self, nor any more virtuous than our most wicked of intentions. “Everything has been done / and will be done again,” he writes. We didn’t invent the gods. They invented us.” â?? Jill Alexander Essbaum, author of The Devastation and Harlot

“In a further cross-pollination of the traditional and the modern, Palmer works a twist on the sonnet sequence: his poems’ three-beat lines and plainspoken diction render them both lithe and richly musical. In With Rough Gods, not only are the ancient dramas kept very much alive; they are also made young again.” â?? David Yezzi, Executive Editor of The New Criterion and author of Azores

Swords of Destiny: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (Lord of Columbia Book 2)

by Todd Matthews

The Journey into War-Torn South Columbia

When one of his closest friends gets kidnapped and imprisoned by the enemy, the newly christened Cain Santos is forced to lead his Northern Knights into a region that has been destroyed by nonstop warfare.

Six months after the conclusion of Northern Knights, this new adult urban fantasy has taken a bloody turn for the worst.

Here are just a few things Cain’s dealing with on his journey into war-torn South Columbia:

-Forced by mysterious creatures into playing a death game in the midst of a forest fire.

-Discovering Southpoint’s inhumane torture of political prisoners.

-Fighting through physical and mental wounds.

-Learning his sister’s, Taj Santos’ distressing backstory.

-Facing old school rivals who are out for his blood.

-The kicker? That the entire war with Southpoint and their empire is nothing but a proxy funded by a powerful elite minority to carry out their own sadistic interests on Gaia’s masses.

Swords of Destiny is the second book in the new adult urban fantasy Lord of Columbia Series. Featuring fantasy war, element magic, and sword and sorcery, it’s something anyone looking for the perfect blend of epic and modern fantasy would love. Join Cain and his crew as they’re forced to invade territory with heavy Southpoint occupation, all to save the life of a friend.

Get your copy today.

Innocence Lost (An epic science-fantasy thriller): The Spirit Callers Saga #4

by OJ Lowe

The competition is over, but now the war is underway…

Six months since the Quin-C and Claudia Coppinger’s revelations have sent the kingdoms spiralling into civil war. Vazara is annexed from the rest of the five kingdoms amidst a final fiery battle in its capital, while the mystery behind the sudden spread of plant life across the former desert kingdom causes consternation amongst those dedicated to her defeat. With the answers at stake, Unisco agents David Wilsin and Brendan King head to the kingdom to join a research team dedicated to discovering the truth about what lies within the Green…

Peter Jacobs and Theobald Jameson wanted to join Unisco to do their part in a war rapidly spinning beyond control, though if they are to survive the training ahead, they might just have to first survive each other. And in Burykia, Wade Wallerington and Prideaux Khan follow a lead which drives them into the middle of something greater than Wade ever could have imaginedâ?¦

It is not just the kingdoms that never will be the same again for all involved will be changed by their experiencesâ?¦

A brand new futuristic fantasy thriller from the Spirit Callers Saga.

Revolution’s Fire (An epic science-fantasy thriller): The Spirit Callers Saga #3

by OJ Lowe

All it takes to start a fire are the first few sparksâ?¦

Nicholas Roper thought he had everything and with the cruellest cut, he finds it stripped from him, leaving one of Unisco’s top agents with very little to lose. Gambling all he has left, he takes the plunge to finally discover the secrets plaguing the Quin-C since its commencement, from the early rounds to the upcoming final showdown. Throughout his life, Roper has killed in the name of justice, but never in the name of revenge, a habit he may be about to break.

Throughout it all, one figure has played her part behind the scenes, from early tournament bids to the events during the rounds. With everything coming together, it is her time to shine and achieve the destiny she always knew would be hers. From the skies, to backwater desert slums, to the gilded streets of Carcaradis Island, battles will be fought for supremacy and when the dust dies down, Unisco might be the first casualties of war and the kingdoms are never going to be the same againâ?¦

The final part of the trilogy, originally published as The Great Game, fully re-mastered. Contains strong language and scenes of violence.

Fallen: fractured fairy tales — THE FROG PRINCE (Crowns of the Twelve Book 3)

by Ann Hunter

“Once upon a time, I fell in love. Madly, deeply. With my whole being. I’d do anything for the girl who robbed me of my heart.
I tried to save her…
But Darkness came. The ban sidhe, Crwys, death herself, wants me for her own. She thinks I am someone from her past, and she will not rest until I submit.
I have secrets. Some I can barely live with myself for, and every night I dream of two women. One I cannot save, the other I cannot escape….”
–Prince Sylas of Killeagh

One prince. One mistake. One… chicken?

A twisted retelling of the fairy tale, The Frog Prince, featuring your favorite villain from The Subtle Beauty & Moonlight, Sylas Mortas.

What would YOU do for love?

17-year-old Prince Sylas of Killeagh wants what every one else wants: control over his own life. When he tries to run away from home and escape an arranged marriage, the last thing he expects is to fall in love with a robber in the woods. Hiding behind a mask, the robber girl seems to lead a life of freedom Sylas has only dreamed of. Their adventure comes to an end when the Castle Killeagh guards hunt Sylas down and he’s forced to return home. He convinces his parents to allow him to find the girl again and consider her as a candidate for marriage, but he only has until the next full moon to find her, or all bets are off.

Death has a name, and it is Crwys. As a ban sidhe, her job is to visit the great houses of The Summer Isle and keen out the living to prepare them for death. King Sionnach has far outlived his days and it is time he cross to the Unliving World. When she arrives, a young prince named Sylas intervenes and offers to go in his grandfather’s stead. This break with tradition, and selfless sacrifice, move Crwys into loving Sylas, who looks so much like a shadow from her past. But when he crosses her to be with his true love, he invokes the wrath of a woman scorned.

Rós is just a little, aura-seeing, red hen whose master believes she is chosen by the gods. Her arrival at King Sionnach’s court is insignificant to Sylas at the time, but their destinies are interwoven. Can she help Sylas save himself from the curse Crwys has planned for him? Or will he become a fallen frog prince?

In this unexpected love story, Happily Ever After may not always begin with Once Upon a Time.


Spellcrafter-Christmas Special

by Christopher Kirkland

The Spellcrater-Christmas Special acts as an addition to Spellcrafter-Delta. The special takes place just two days before Christmas and covers what your favorite characters will be doing for the holidays. Enjoy your Christmas by reading this edition to the Spellcrafter series for your holiday. This book will be free annually around Christmas. WARNING: this takes place after book one, and thus contains spoilers. It is recommended that you read Delta before the special.

Before The Flood: Gates of Eden Book 1

by C.B. Pfister

On an Earth ruled by alien invaders, it’s illegal to not be genetically altered. Dee, a nineteen-year-old human girl, has remained hidden from the brutal enforcers who have hunted humans to near extinction. But an uprising is brewing and after Dee becomes the captive of one of the ruling elite, she must navigate her way through a world steeped in illusion and intrigue.

This is a fictional depiction of the biblical account of Earth before the great flood.

The Minotaurs of Maze World: Planeswalking Monster Hunters for Hire (Sci-fi Multiverse Adventure Survival / Weird Fantasy) (Monster Hunting for Fun and … Hunters and Mythical Monsters) Book 2)

by Eddie Patin

Explore other Universes.
Hunt Deadly Monsters.
Make a Profit.

Jason Leaper 934 is back from his survival adventure in the Wilderlands, and is about to go on his first mission with his new friends, Riley the cybernetic soldier, and Gliath the shapeshifting leopardwere.

The new guy’s more than a little nervous…

When Jason is introduced to the wild and mind-bending concepts of planeswalking and visits ‘the Market’ for the first time, he’s definitely intimidated by Riley’s expectations of him. With little to no direction, he’s supposed to figure out his rifting powers in a hurry while on the job to hunt and kill minotaurs on a bizarre maze-like world and harvest their hides. Riley himself is upset about losing the last Jason and essentially starting over–he never wanted to be the leader of the Reality Rifters! As the three of them hunt for bounties on Maze World, Riley’s patience is put to the test and Jason tries to forge himself in the fires of determination while wondering whether or not he’s cut out for this kind of life.

And when the hunt becomes more complicated as competition with a rival mercenary group turns deadly, Riley and Jason must both face their difficulties with skill and good sense, or all three of the new Reality Rifters might end up dead–either at the hands of the other hunters, or under the horns and hooves of monsters!

The Minotaurs of Maze World is a fast-paced, weird fantasy/science fiction story and is the second book in the “Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit” series about Jason Leaper 934 and his planeswalking Reality Rifters, Monster Hunters for hire. If you love books about guns, survival, vicious and terrible mythical monsters, cosmic horror, time travel, DINOSAURS, and exploring strange new worlds … read this today!

Reading Order for this series:
– Book 1 – The Wyvern in the Wilderlands
– Book 2 – The Minotaurs of Maze World
– Book 3 – The Heart of a Necromancer
– Book 4 – The Giants of Shattered Swamp
– Book 5 – The Manticores of Pristalline Paradise
– Book 6 – (Coming Soon)

Background Stories Related to the series:
– Free Novella – A Bond Between Man and Monster (available on website)
– Short Story – Goran the Slayer
– Short Story – The Helion Depths

Souls Discovered

by Miranda Brock

Spin away with young Autumn as she finds a seemingly innocuous gold necklace on her family’s farm and inadvertently uncovers her destiny as “The Keeper.” Autumn’s discovery of the necklace activates “The Window” and alerts both good and evil forces to her whereabouts. Autumn is pulled from everything she knows and tossed into a life of unknowns. Enigmatic enemies called Dehmons hunt her at every turn and if captured the very world she lives in will fall into destruction. With the help of seven Searchers Autumn must learn to use the power she has been given before it is too late.

Will she choose to follow the dangerous destiny thrust upon her?

Will she be able to withstand the temptation of a relationship that could jeapordize everything?

Most importantly, will Autumn be able to find the strength within herself to fight the dead-eyed evil Dehmon souls?

Echoes of a Storm: (The Werewolf’s Ward): A Dark Fantasy Novel (The Storm Series Book 1)

by Alan Scott

Overview of the book

Writing Style: Dialogue and Character driven
Book Type: Dark Fantasy
Main Character/Race Types: Wizards, Witches, Royalty, Soldiers, Werewolves, Humans
Themes: Parenthood, relationships, forbidden love, loss, power and prejudice
Target audience: Open minded people who enjoy a more mature and grittier storyline in their fantasy books

You may enjoy, if you like the following authors: Anne Bishop, David Gemmell, and Joe Abercrombie

Brief Synopses of book: The book follows the life of a young princess named Kathleen, from the age of 6 through to her marriage at the age of 18.

The book is written from various characters point of view as they prepare Kathleen for her future as Queen, whilst protect her from those that wish her dead.

However, by far the most important thing for her mother and her extremely dangerous bodyguard, Nathanial West, is to make sure that no one finds out about Kathleen’s dark and hidden secret. A secret that could tear the Kingdom apart.

Authors Blurb: Welcome reader to a story in the tradition of the very best of British dark fantasy.

Echoes of a Storm is the first instalment in the Storm Series and sets the scene and tone for this powerful bittersweet trilogy.

This dark, gritty, fantasy novel explores many themes such as, relationships, forbidden love, loss, power, prejudice and ultimately, the monster which lurks inside us all.

As you delve further into the story, secrets will be revealed, battles will be fought, lives will be brutally cut short or changed forever, and the deviant and the Werewolf will make themselves known.

So are you ready to enter the world of Talocants and discover the stories and secrets it holds?

It is only step away.


Shadow’s Mark (Night Gate Book 1)

by Tyrell Goss

What happens when 2 billion of Earth’s population is struck by a virus that traps them in a extremely popular game? Survival and that is what Talor and the rest of the Twin Eagles guild tend to do in the new hell called Night Gate, where the weak die and the strong survive. They have many challenges ahead of them will they survive this game or will they succumb to the hell. Let’s take this journey through their eyes, young readers prepare for the adventure of Night Gate.

McAlisters Way – Free Serialisation Vol 05 Chapters 8 and 9

by Richard Marman

MCALISTER’S WAY – FREE Weekly Serialisation Volume 05 Chapters 8 & 9
A Young Adult Action and Adventure Story for Baby Boomers
By now you’ve probably got the idea. I add a few thoughts about each chapter as we go along.

Chapter 8
A couple of years before Cyclone Tracy (1974) I flew through the eye of a cyclone en-route from Changi (Singapore) to Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia). I was a C-130 co-pilot at the time and was all for turning back to Singapore, but the skipper pressed on and boy did we cop a pounding on the approach to Darwin with just enough fuel to divert to Tindal where the weather wasn’t much better.

Chapter 9
One of the features of cyclones is how they build up over days, but can dissipate in hours. In 1986 I captained a Fokker Friendship around Australia on a Woman’s Weekly charter. We were in grounded in Katherine by a late season cyclone. We spent the day at Mataranka and went swimming in Bitter Springs. Water temperature 30°C, air temperature 30°C, humidity 100%, pouring rain. The next day the weather had cleared entirely.
Richard Marman, Author, Sunshine Coast
KEYWORDS/TAGS: McAlister’s Way, action, adventure, Zach, military, helicopters, choppers, DC3, Dakota, Gooney Bird, soldiers, airmen, attack, New South Wales, Australia, Sydney, Merimbula, plane, flight, fly, Young Adult, YA, explore, discover, aboard, air, airspeed, Angela, boat, calm, canoes, cargo, close, coconut, controls, crate, Danny, drop, engines, fin, float, fuselage, gooney-bird, ice, Indianapolis, jacket, life-jacket, little, Lou, natives, ocean, outrigger, palm, plane, pretty, propellers, raft, reach, scream, sea, seemed, shark, sharks, Sid, sky, start, storm, storm, surface, surround, swirl, tail, tropical, turned, Unfortunate, water, waves, wing, wings

Dangerous Times (Skies of Fyir Book 0)

by Gabriela Voelske

Set twenty-five years prior to the events of Crystalline Chaos, Nathaniel has risen to power on the Central Isles, ruling over the demon population that lives there. A few years after the start of his reign, the tensions start to reach a peak as the demon population begins to dwindle, victims of supposed angel attacks.
To bolster his ranks, a young mage from the South is recruited to serve as the King’s Court Mage; a powerful demon known as Amnur. He is eager to take on his new responsibilities but soon finds that the dream he was sold has a dark, cruel reality. Can he find peace in the Central Isles?


The Secret Child: The Sylvalla Chronicles prequel

by A.J. Ponder

The Secret Child must be rescued from slavers tonightâ??or the consequences will be dire.

Young Jonathan Goodfellow and his father set out to rescue children from slavers with the help of the Bairnsley University underground. Things go from bad to impossible when a raiding party of thurgles – huge giant-like creatures – and their hellhounds get there first. Then the Bairnsley University wizards fail to arrive. Will the Goodfellows save the children? Or will Jonathan become a slave himself?

Read The Secret Child today! The fate of the world depends on itâ?¦

Blazing Magic (Djinn Curse Book 1)

by Ingrid Seymour

Love is an impossible wish.

I was warned about Faris.

It was more than his smoldering good looks, his intensity, his dark seductive eyes.

He wasn’t human.

Against my grandfather’s warnings, I released him too soon. Faris, the Djinn, the breathtakingly beautiful creature of fire and magic. Now, he wants me, and against my will, I find myself trapped in his seduction, wanting to trust him.

Except I can’t. He doesn’t care about me. He’s cursed, a slave, and he thinks I’m the key to his freedom. I’m just a means to an end.

Then I find out that Faris has a brother, one who wants him to remain a Djinn slave for all eternity and believes that, by killing me, he will accomplish just that. But I will do anything to stay alive.

A breathtaking paranormal romance series by USA Today best-selling author Ingrid Seymour.

Read it today!

The Sacrifice and Other Stories

by Kim Fielding

A sickly man seeks recovery in a seaside cottage.

A temple slave tends a man due to be sacrificed.

A soldier releases a genie.

In seven fantasy short stories and novellas, men find passion with other men in the most unexpected places, and even the gravest circumstances may open the door to hope and love.

This anthology includes two brand-new short stories. In “The Sacrifice,” Rylo is a temple slave tasked with comforting a man who is scheduled to be killed in the morning. In “Chasing Away Cold,” Daku builds an ice sculpture of the god Jarli in order to ensure the end of winter. The collection also includes three novellas and two additional short stories, gathered for the first time in a single volume. “Treasure” introduces Jules, a young man who travels to the quirky seaside town of Urchin Cove to regain his healthâ??and finds an unexpected treasure washed up on the beach. Xolani, a soldier in “Three Wishes,” picks up a small glass bottle and unleashes a surprise. Another soldier, Volos in “Guarded,” will risk everything to save Prince Berhanu. In the sequel, “Mato’s Tale,” an unassuming innkeeper gets a chance for adventure. And in “The Downs,” Enitan is unjustly banished and comes to discover that the demons he must face aren’t the ones he expected.

Join Kim Fielding on journeys through imagined worlds where magic is commonplace and romance lies just around the next bend. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontiers.

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