Free historical fiction Kindle books for 27 Dec 18

For the Brides of Gopalpur

by Umme Raza

A gripping Mughal era tale in narrative verse, based on a true story of India. Weddings, chai, inheritance, swords, and silk. Women’s rights, interfaith relations, and political oppression. This is the story of brave Muslim and Hindu men and women putting their lives on the line for the sake of saving each other. This is the tale of a village’s beginning and a tyrant’s end. This is the story of Gopalpur.

At Gopalpur weddings, families across classes and religions still read this 300-year-old story in their ceremonies, in honour of this tale of sacrifice.

Through the medium of narrative poetry, this book unveils the tale to the English-speaking world for the first time ever, by a descendant of the character Haji. Canadian writer Umme Raza composed this story in English after visiting her ancestral village of Gopalpur.

Taemane – Diamonds

by Kevin Farran

A young love is born in the hard life of a diamond mine in 1950 South Africa. When the patriarch of the mine dies his two daughters wrestle for control of the mine. Claire, the older sister is often thought of as a cold manipulative businesswoman. Kate being five years younger has gown up on the diamond mine in a world of love and hope. Their mother died during child birth. Their loves and ambitions clash just as a smuggling operation threatens the very essence of the mine. With the mine infested by smugglers, Kate’s childhood sweetheart and son of the cook, Alex, battles to rid the mine of the criminals. His efforts are challenged by the unsuspected forces of greed and jealousy. Both loving and honorable, Alex’s choices and pursuit of the criminals steers the mine toward a definitive and brutal outcome.

THE DAY IS COMING: a book of Faith

by Shlomo Kalo

Already published to acclaim by Christian publishers in

France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, India, Argentina, The Philippines, Italy, South Korea, Israel, and Spain, The Day is Coming: A book of Faith is now available in an English translation. In just 160 powerful and thought-provoking pages, Nobel Prize candidate, bestselling author, and spiritual thinker Shlomo Kalo gives readers a soul-searching, Scripture-based look at the last three years in the life of Jesus.

Many books have been written about Jesus’s ministry, but few compare with this account in terms of insight, clarity, and passion. Additionally, the author’s Jewish perspective is the same that was shared at the time by the God who is love and the people around him.

The Day is Coming is an essential addition to the library of any reader of the Gospel and any seeker of more insight into the message of Jesus Christ.

“.[This book] opens for the reader who seeks God a path to mature thoughts and meditation. May this book open this way before many!” Msgr. Dr. Richard Mathes, Rector, Colegio Teutonico, Rome.

“All in all reading of this portrait of God made human in Jesus has moved me very deeply, and I think will move very deeply many other readers. Prof. J Martin-Moreno, SJ, Pontifical Biblical Institiute, Jerusalem.

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