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Free Fall (A My Immortals Series Demons and Witches novella)

by Carolyn Jewel

Control is all she cared about, until she met himâ?¦

Attorney Lys Fensic has been a paragon of self-control her whole life. She’s had to be. If she can’t handle her psychic abilities, people die. When her mage ex-boyfriend sends a gang of enslaved demons to kill her, Lys goes into a psychic free fall.

Telos KhÅ«nbish is a tough, sexy security expert with a secret of his own. He knows Lys hides a passionate, sensual nature behind her icy facade, so when she needs help, he’s happy to offer it. Little does he know he’s headed into something much more dangerous. Something that could leave them without any secrets between them.

Free Fall is a novella set in the My Immortals saga, a series of paranormal romance tales pitting demons against magic-using magekind. If you like smoking hot heroes, steamy romance, and action-packed paranormal, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s sexy drama. This novella is about 35,000 words (130 pages).

Finding Ignatius: a modern mystery, an ancient disappearance

by James Penhaligon


Desire: The First Savages Story

by Shane Scott

Jake Freeman walks the starlit grounds of his apartment complex. Back home, his friends sit, doing drugs, slowly going insane. He longs to be with them. He longs to be away from them. He loves his roommate and his best friend loves him. The former is a boy, the latter, a girl. He approaches his apartment’s staircase and notices blood spilling down the steps. He looks up and sees his neighbor’s door is ajar, creating a black slit. It leers at him. He hears a cold, slick voice whisper his name … and he feels the killer’s hands too late.

Filthy, Filthy Flesh-Eaters

by Paul W. Ryan

Dirt and decay always prowled the streetsâ??only now, its got teeth and shambling limbs.

When a germaphobe thinks of his worst nightmare, being trapped in a zombie apocalypse is probably in the top three.
A simple supply run goes wrong, leaving me trapped with someone far worse than the undead. Filth and disease plague my every step, and that’s not just including the undead. My clean corner in this world feeling more like a fleeting dream.

It’s time to clean up this world, one filthy flesh-eater at a time.

West of Dead a Nathaniel Caine Adventure

by Eric Bahle

Fans of Joe R. Lansdale, Robert Davis, and Adam Millard will love this fast paced tale of the Weird West.

What good is a six-shooter against a horde of the undead?

Nathaniel Caine wants to forget the War and see the frontier, and a trip by stagecoach seems like the perfect way. When the stage pulls into a deserted way station with obvious signs of violence, but a disturbing lack of bodies, he suspects things are going bad. Things go from bad to worse when the passengers fall under attack by people that should be dead, and Caine must call on old skills just to survive. He’ll also need the help of a fellow passenger who knows more than he’s telling if the restless dead are to be put back in the ground.

Eric Bahle stopped going to his real job so he could be a full time digital author and storyteller. He loves being in the woods with his bow or on the water in his kayak. He lives in Pennsylvania with his lovely wife and a mongrel dog. He is working on his next bestselling story.

Prisoner of Paradise

by Sinhue Noriega

A middle-aged journalist takes a long overdue vacation in a tropical paradise. However, his disrespect for the local religion earns him a curse from the local witch doctor. Love, betrayal, self-destruction… will the island let him go, or is he destined to be held by the curse that will slowly drive him mad, forever trapped as a prisoner of paradise?

Angle League: Guardian Angels at work (4)

by Donna and Arnie Gilson

The Lord established a League of Angles that have been given the task of helping people on earth. They became known Guardian Angels.
He issued a standard set of wings to each and said they could add feathers to those wings when they ‘saved’ their ‘peers’ from disaster.
You could tell which angles had ‘Klutz’ for peers because their wings were much larger

Christmas Ashes

by Robert Pruneda

A holiday horror short story from the author of Devil’s Nightmare.

Ten-year-old Jonathan Brandon only wants one thing for Christmas, for a couple of neighborhood teenagers to stop picking on him. After Jonathan writes a letter to Santa Claus, asking for his help, the bullies learn that there are consequences for staying on the Naughty List.

Word count: 3,800

Dreams of Ice and Shadow (Frostbite Book 2)

by Kathryn Troy

Luca has discovered his father’s hideout. He hunts the legendary vampire alone, pushing Katelyn away to safety. But Dracula is not so easily bested. He evades Luca so he can tap into Katelyn’s powerâ??the magic that lies at the heart of Icarya. Luca’s heart sinks as his father draws him further and further from his eternal love.

Across the Great Sea, Katelyn is summoned to the slave city Likhan. After the death of Seht Reza, Likhan teeters toward revolution as her nephew Darien seeks the throne. To help him, Kate must work alongside Alaric, the assassin who will stop at nothing to win her back in Luca’s absence. The dark forces mounting against Darien leave Kate vulnerable to the destructive pull of her elemental nature.

Dreams of Ice and Shadow is the heart-stopping second volume of the Frostbite series, where gothic terrors invade epic fantasy. Sinister, unnatural horrors are unleashed, and Katelyn and Luca’s passions burn brighter than ever as the dangers facing Icarya threaten to separate them forever.

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