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Cross Canada Adventures

by Ralph Martin

Have you ever wished you could just hit the road with no particular plans? Come along for a three month road trip in an old campervan. And to keep it interesting, a second story is woven into the book; as a naive young hitchhiker, the author went solo coast to coast decades ago.

This irreverent continent-wide commentary starts on the west coast. Read about gangsters who drive their car out on the sand and into the sea to get away from the cops. On the plains you might end up in a thunderstorm and be transported to a campground right out of the Twilight Zone.

Meet a great lakes freighter pilot stranded at the Welland canal unable to get back on his ship. Stand under the thunderous roar and spray of Niagara falls. In the Maritimes you can take stairs down 50 feet and walk on the ocean floor when the water goes out, but there are tides that can come in faster than you can get away.

Enjoy the flashbacks to 1970 when the author smuggled dope across the US border, fought off evil clowns in a Canada Day parade, and fell in love in the Rocky Mountains.

The immense geography of Canada serves as the background for a tongue-in- cheek narration of 30,000 kilometers of stories. Take an armchair journey; enjoy life, luck, and lots of laughs.

“The places and peopleâ?¦ will bring a knowing smile to the face of anyone who has made the same journey and a gentle pang of regret to those who always knew they should have.”-Bob Collins

Opening Tactics – The Caro Kann: Volume 6: The Modern Variation

by Michael Duke

This book contains 50 puzzles from the Caro Kann (Modern variation) – it is not a theoretical manual. I have designed this book to be a useful tactics trainer but also to aid with opening preparation – the idea is that you solve the tactics in your expected opening before a game.

It’s okay, the reindeer are driving

by Bob Markwalter

Santa gets into the rum cookies, a plot to trap him on the roof goes magically awry, brothers-in-law dress as pelicans then one tricks out as Santa and the other as an elf to go caroling (with 12-packs in their beaks) – these short reads will make your holiday season even more enjoyable. There are more traditional Christmas tales here, and others that aren’t seasonal but still designed to bring smiles and laughs any time of the year. So pour some eggnog, or maybe just reach into your beak for cold one, and get ready to grin.

When It Snows Down South: We Go Crazy

by Will Bevis

Note: Will’s first full length 600 page novel – “Boogie: A Devil’s Life,” is available now on eBook for Kindle for only 99 cents…

Search for the phrase “Boogie Bevis”

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About the Author:

Will Bevis is a prolific writer of short, sometimes very controversial “Slice of life” stories, articles, essays and memoirs that make you feel you are right there, experiencing the story as it it happens. His best known story is the Top One Hundred Free for Kindle story, “The Killing of Train-Man Brown.” He has written over one hundred stories including, “Then Her Wig Fell Off,” “Let the Dog Drive,” “Blackbird,” “Supply and Demand” and many, many others. Many are also available as audio books. His first complete novel, “Boogie and Bill: A Black Man’s Life With The White Devil,” is soon to be released.

About this Short Story:

Everybody knows, that when it snows down South, nobody knows what to do…
And everybody panics.

Be there with this story, when only one or two inches surprises the weather forecasters and everybody else,
closing schools, closing roads, and leading to a general panic about how to get home.

Southerners may be a lot of things…
But they are not snow drivers.

As for the author and his family and hundreds of others…
Including a State Representative…

The Only way to get home…
Was to walk a mile up a mountain.

A Partial List of other Will Bevis’ Stories:

A Birth in Dixie
A Doc in the Box Christmas
A Marriage Story: Some Marriages are Different
A Thanksgiving Story, 1860
All the Heart’s Fault
And That’s That.
Area 51 Yard Sale
As an Angel Might Sleep: Never Turn Away
As The Rebel Twig Is Bent…
Big Tiny, Dog Vampire
Blackbird: A Boy Meets the Devil for the First Time.
Blood Fountain
Boogie and Bill: A Black Man’s Life With the White Devil.
Candy: No One Wants My Heart
Carrabella: Beautiful Face of My Father
Charlie Bateaux, 1861
Daddy’s Playing Dead
Damn Vampires: Feed The Children
Damn Vampires: Mosquito Creek 1865
Daylight Zombies: My Private War Against Dandelions, And How I Lost
Elvis: Live at My Father’s Cafe
Eva In The Box
God’s Job: What Would You Have Done?
Gold Shoes: Welcome to Heaven
Heritage Not Hate? Our Heritage IS Hate.
Hit it, Mamma!
Hot Christmas
I am Diana. I am Dead.
I Write for Burgers. And You.
I’ll Buy You A Cadillac: The Life and Struggle of a Country Songwriter
I’m Gone: The Life, Death, And Funeral of Blues Legend Boogie McCain.
Jezebel Burning
Jump Through the Window: Advice from an Old Geezer to a Beautiful Young Woman
Just a Joke: Is Racism Really Dead?
Let the Dog Drive
Locked in a Blizzard.
Make Me Young and Hot: My One Day Return to Seventh Grade Science
Movie Star: A Very Short Horror Story
My American Dessert
My Beauty Pageant Days Are Over
My Sunshine
New Year’s Eve at Eighty-Two
Nick The Lion: Don’t Worry. Now He’ll Get His
Not a Black Face in the House: An Evening With a Famous Southern Writer
Old Timer’s I have Known
On Balls Alone: What You Can Learn From the Book Moneyball to Help You.
One Life, No Lies.
One Hour With a Homeless Man, Birmingham, Alabama
One Perfect Moment Long Ago
Play Fast! Win Big! What You Can Learn from the Fastest Team in College Football.
Playing it Safe: A White Man Gives Trayvon Martin Thirty Minutes
Polar Bear: Warning: Do Not Try This at Home
Raised in a Butcher Shop
Red, White, and Not Blue
Reluctant Cougar: This Isn’t Vegas.
Rob a Bank! A Short Memoir.
Running Scared in Dixie: What Does God Think about White Flight?
Slow Foreplay and More: A Collection of Seven Best Stories

When a Star Falls (Pop Stars Book 1)

by Rachael Eliker

Ruby’s on her way to stardom and finding true love…if she doesn’t trip over her own two feet first!

Ruby Harkwad is a gifted songwriter with big ambitions. The day she meets Collin Moore, a brilliant rocket scientist and an all-around epitome of male perfection, she literally tumbles into his arms. Not only does he bring out Ruby’s klutziness, he also inspires the lyrics she’s been struggling to get on paper.

The pair quickly becomes inseparable, but after Collin posts a video of an impromptu performance Ruby does on a dare, she’s recruited by a top record label when it comes to their attention. As Ruby’s being whipped into superstar shape by a ruthless beautician, Collin’s career takes off, too. Soon, Ruby discovers that there are perils to stardom, namely an eccentric diva who’s taken Ruby under her wing, a ridiculously handsome backup guitarist, and sky-high stilettos that threaten to be the death of her. Ruby’s life becomes a whirlwind without much place for Collin.

Worse, his beautiful and cunning personal assistant is no help when she sets her eyes on him. Ruby must decide between making a name for herself or sacrificing it all to keep from losing Collin for good…

       ***Ruby would never do anything to make you blush! When a Star Falls is a clean romantic comedy***

Why is the movie Grease still popular?

by John Massare

This publication is a brief essay on the possible reasons for the enduring success of the movie Grease.

Alien’s Home

by Ritu Shah

Sergeant Trinut has been waiting for his moment for a long time, pretty much his entire life to be exact. So when the opportunity to save his civilization appears, he jumps at it. His quest for fame and glory, and a little accident brings Sergeant Trinut to Earth. While his mission is to study Earth’s life forms from a distance which would lead to their ultimate destruction and replacement with his own kind, Sergeant Trinut can’t resist getting a taste of Earth lifestyle. Will he finally get his moment of glory?

World War Poo (The Adventures of Big Al Book 1)

by Jon Flushing

What started out as a fairly normal day for Duncan Wager would end up being the shittiest day of his life…literally! Shit would hit the fan in ways that he could never have possibly imagined. Would Duncan let this shit ruin his life or would he get his shit together?
Come join Duncan in this hilariously epic tale of friendship, love, loyalty, betrayal, courage, war, down-right stupidity, and of course poop! Watch Duncan go from first class asshole to world class hero as he fights to win World War Poo.

syanairennaikarasekkusutekunikku: douryounozyoseikouhainooerutotukiattedakutamenonouhau (Japanese Edition)

by simizukouta

社å??æ?æ??ã?ã?ã?なã??ã?ひã?è³¼å?¥ãã ã?ã?!!

What We Once Called Out In Passing Clouds (Good Clouds Book 2)

by Aaron Donley

The companion book to Good Chemistry. Also dark. Also hilarious. Absurd humor pieces, poetry, and drawings from the mind of Aaron Donley.

This Close to Sitting Ducks

by A. M. Langston

Francisco wants two things in life. First, he wants to smoke cigars on the quiet porch of his beautiful country home. Second, he wants to burn every single Radwin Ali painting that he comes into contact with. His long time friend and gardener, Maggie, seems to be the only person who can keep him from going insane, but sometimes it seems like she’s just along for the ride.

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