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Master Zarvin’s Action and Adventure Trilogy: A Dragoneer Saga Prelude (Master Zarvin’s Action and Adventure Series Book 4)

by M. R. Mathias

This exciting mid-grade fantasy trilogy includes books 1-3 of Master Zarvin’s Action and Adventure Series by author, M. R. Mathias, plus bonus content. These three stories are a stand alone trilogy, but act as a prelude to the author’s Award Winning, YA – Action Fantasy Series; The Dragoneer Saga.

Master Zarvin’s Action and Adventure Trilogy contains:
Dingo the Dragon Slayer
Oonzil the Oathbreaker
The Greatest Quest
and as bonus content,
The First Dragoneer.

How to Draw Animals: Learn to Draw Animals Using Basic Shapes and Lines

by Joseph Stevenson

How to draw Animals Kindle Version!

Learn to draw animals today with the number one how to draw animals book.

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Find detailed instructions on how to draw:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Elephants
  • Squirells
  • Frogs
  • Giraffes
  • Lions
  • Bears and many more!
  • Learn how to draw animals with step by step guides. You will learn to draw animals using shapes, templates, lines and many more. Some animals are easy and others are harder. Great for yourself or as a gift!

    Be: Biblical Wisdom for Children

    by L.A. James

    A unique, Christian, read aloud book designed to enable parents and grandparents to easily share Biblical wisdom with the children in their lives.

    Don’t read it once and put it on the shelf. Take the book further. Each purchase comes with the ability to download free resources, which will enable you to impress God’s word into the minds and hearts of the children you love.

    Annihilation (2101 Chronicles Book 4)

    by R. E. Riepe

    The war with the Larutans on Earth is coming to a violent end. It had been a long and costly struggle in terms of human lives for the Raptors Nest but the humans had finally prevailed. The aliens military might had finally been broken after many violent confrontations. All that was left on Earth were the Larutan cities on the planet and the human baby mills to feed their remaining population. This presented a problem for the surviving humans on the planet.
    During this struggle many good things had developed. The five siblings of the family leading the war against the Larutans had discovered that androids could be a valuable ally in their struggle and that a machine could actually be a friend and possess the capacity to love thanks to the programming of their long lost father.
    They also discovered that their long missing father, who everyone thought was dead, was actually quite alive and kicking on another world in a different time.
    After this discovery things started to happen quickly as if by design. Events that could not have been planned started to happen quickly. The question was were all of these events happening by chance or were they planned?
    The old man was found in an environment that was many times more fraught with danger than what existed on Earth, yet for a dead man the old man was breezing through events on his new strange world as if he did not have a care in the world. To his children, it seemed like the old man had done this before.
    Starting with just the clothes on his back and his Harley Davidson war bike the old man in a very short time finds that he is on the forefront of leading mankind back from the brink of extinction on both worlds in two different galaxies. Soon, he finds with his battle androids that he is engaged in eighty seven intergalactic wars with his androids and through the haze of Budweiser beer he manages to find the path to drive the Larutans out of his solar system. Whether by luck or divine providence riding a Harley Davidson has never been so fun for the old man. To everyone involved, either android or human, the old man seemed to be having a lot of fun.
    After sixteen years of turbulent war involving many violent battles and many android losses he starts to experience the loss of human lives because on his world the thousands of transplanted children he has been a surrogate father for have grown up and want to kill the aliens in his world and on Earth.
    To make matters worse he finds out that the Larutans are going to come back again to Earth and his adopted world to regain control. The aliens are coming back with a determination to succeed..
    Now events start to happen both on Earth and his new world that no one person can control. True to his biker background the old man goes along for the wild ride. He soon vows that no matter where this leads that he and his allies are not going down without a fight, a big fight.
    The only question is at his age will he survive?

    Into the Eye of Magic

    by Steven Saunders

    “Colin stared into the eye and the eye seemed to stare back, transfixing him, so that all he could see was the rippling pupil of gold, until it seemed to be growing or drawing closer, reaching out to touch him with its warmth, filling him with purpose. Colin took several steps forward, each step taking him improbably nearer to the eye, so that soon it was so close he might have been seeing it inside his mind. Then there was blackness. The eye had shut.”

    Let’s face it, Colin Spriggs is a loser! The girls laugh at him, the other boys bully him, and his home-life isn’t exactly an escape.

    It’s perfectly understandable, then, that Colin would wander around after school, lost in a haze of self-pity, until the sun goes down.

    What’s not at all understandable is why the sun would turn into a giant burning eye that gazes down at Colin so intently that he’s sucked into another world – a world that desperately needs his help.

    Unfortunately, he’s still a bit of a loser.

    Praise be to The Great Power, then, that he has a diminutive magical mentor to guide him, and a feisty warrior-witch to keep him safe.

    Let the adventure begin!

    Busy Day for Duck (Our Friend Duck Book 1)

    by J Willo

    What a busy day for our friend Duck!

    Snowguy: The story of Guy the snowman who finds the true meaning of Christmas

    by Tricia Jacobs

    Guy the snowman goes on an adventure in his neighborhood to discover the true meaning of Christmas. When he’s finally given up, he finds the answer in his Bible. Includes Biblical quotations from the King James Bible. Children’s book. Easy to read and understand. Large print. 23 full color pages. Invitation to accept Jesus as your Savior on the last page.

    Year of the Dog: Stories (Short Stories Book 1)

    by Md Rafikul Islam

    In honor of 2018 Chinese New Year of the Dog, celebrated by over twenty percent of the world, we pulled together a special collection of favorite short stories featuring dogs. The holiday is known as the Spring Festival and the Lunar New Year, officially beginning February 16, 2018 (the date changes each year to align with the New Moon). The Lantern Festival concludes the holiday, March 2.

    Cyberbully (Society of Spies Book 1)

    by B.C. Harris

    Tammy Canning is a sixteen year-old girl who has lived a life of rejection and pain. Arriving at school one morning, Tammy discovers that a mysterious nude video of her has been posted online. Before the day ends, Tammy is rushed unconscious to the hospital. As a small group of students attempt to solve the puzzle of what happened to Tammy, the clues lead to a powerful clique of the most popular students in the school. Revenge from an unusual source results in a surprising ending.

    Treasure Quest

    by K. M. Stagray

    Tommy Randall is the new kid in school. He made a mistake during his first week at school and Kent James won’t let him forget it. One day while hiding from Kent, Tommy and his new friend, Jenny, find a treasure map. They can’t wait to follow the map to their new riches. Too bad the owners want their map back!
    Tommy and Jenny soon learn that retrieving the treasure won’t be as easy as they thought.

    Poor Frog: Leap into learning with Frog.

    by Daylee Brown

    Leaping through the lilypads, poor frog slips. He is trying to cross to the other side of the pond. He meets many water pals, who help him find his way. Leap into learning, with Frog.

    The Garden Gnomes Secret

    by Dorothy M. Mitchell

    The sun was just setting over the workshop, and the newly painted gnomes seemed to shine as the last rays of the sun shone on them.

    As Billy walked towards the door, he wondered if the brightness shining on the faces of his little gnomes caused him to think that one of them had winked at him? The old gardener thought he must be going crazy and shook his head before shutting the squeaky shed door behind him.

    As he did, the gnomes began to whisper to each other…. they had a secret they wanted to keep.

    Back to Venice

    by Dora Benley

    Eighteen year old Alexandra Banks yawns and stretches as she asks her chauffeur where they are. Charles says the Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. Alexandra thinks it looks like Venice with all the canals, gondolas, and gondeliers in Italian Renaissance and medieval costumes. They were there just last week with her high roller parents. Charles tells her it is California make believe like Disneyland. He points out at sign that advertises gondola rides on the Coronado Cays. But Alexandra isn’t sure when the costumed gondeliers begin to stare at her.

    She knows something very strange is going on when she takes a ride in a gondola and steps out into what is obviously Venice. But it is not the Venice of today but of hundreds of years ago. Passers by gawk at her. They are suspicious of her twenty-first century clothes and her cell phone. She is quickly arrested and put on trial for her life as a witch. How did Alexandra get into such a fix to begin with? What is going on? How does she escape? She had better figure it out soon or she may never emerge from the nightmarish Middle Ages and get back to her real life again.

    If you liked Back to Venice you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley such as Mary’s Gone, King Richard 1: A Novel, Julia: A Novel, Livia: A Novel, and Doom of Egypt.

    Alydia Rackham’s Fairytales: Tales of Magic from a Master Storyteller (Short Tales Book 1)

    by Alydia Rackham

    A collection of short fairy tales from a master of magic and fantasy.

    The Lost Girl – Book 1: Bella’s Story: Books for Girls Aged 9-12

    by Katrina Kahler

    The Lost Girl – Book 1: Bella’s Story is the emotional and suspenseful story of a 12-year old girl who faces unexpected circumstances. The world she once knew has been replaced and she is forced to deal with many challenges, including life with a new family, a new school and the bullying behavior of her new siblings. But when she meets Zye, life in the Robinson household becomes much more bearable. That is until one eventful evening when everything changes.

    What is the choice that Bella makes and how will it affect her future?

    School friendships, boy crushes, drama, emotion, and excitement combine together to create a suspenseful and enjoyable story that you will not be able to put down. This is a fabulous book for girls 9 – 12 and beyond that will keep you hooked right through until the very end.

    Three Bedtime Stories – fun rhymes & colorful illustrations

    by Roy Popson

    Three bedtime stories for 3-7 year olds.




    Fun rhymes and colorful illustrations.

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