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Murder-A Deadly Stew: A Dr. Hallie Malone Cozy Mystery

by Liz Turner


MURDER-A Deadly Stew: A Dr. Hallie Malone Cozy Mystery

With World War II just ended, Dr. Hallie Malone is looking forward to a simpler life in her old hometown of Warrenton, Ma. Little does she know that evil lurks even in the simple routines of daily life.

When a poisoned stew at a party causes the death of one of their most successful businessmen, Hallie, as the town’s new medical examiner, must find out who the killer is and how exactly the poison was administered.

But as the case grows more dangerous, and the killer more desperate, Hallie has to race against time to find the cold-blooded murderer. Is a killer loose in town and will he strike again?

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Daisy (Love, a bwwm romantic suspense series Book 1)

by Karen Botha

When you’ve been brokenâ?¦

â?¦what will it take to trust again?

Daisy isn’t sureâ?¦Â 

â?¦but when she is introduced to a tallâ?¦


�and oh so classically, handsome stranger�

�is it time to hope� 

â?¦even if he’s here for less than honorable reasons?


â?¦can this gorgeous man be trustedâ?¦


â?¦is it him that needs to beware?

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Daisy is the first in the Love series of bwwm romantic suspense books where the road to true love is anything but smooth. The interracial romance books included in this romance collection are: Daisy, Idris and Cassius and form the Love collection of mixed race romantic suspense books. 
All the BWWM books in this interracial romance series by Karen Botha; Daisy, Idris and Cassius, may be downloaded on kindle or purchased separately as paperbacks. 
Books in the Love series 1.Daisy 2.Idris 3.Cassius Other series in the same Universe include: Naked Series 1.Naked: Naked Truths 2.Naked: Naked Lies 3.Naked: Naked Souls Commitment Series 1. Buckle Up 2. G-Force 2. Jump Start 4. Ignition 5. Turbo Charged 6. Pole Position
A note from Karen I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and my other series’, it’s always great to hear what readers say directly. All my contact details are on my Amazon Author Page, feel free to message me. 

Unto the Third and Fourth Generation

by Richard Ayres

Tony Cawson, 75 and in the early stages of dementia, has a dreadful secret dating back to his youth of which his daughter Rebecca is ashamed and which she dreads her children will discover. But Rebecca, a conflicted individual in a failing marriage, also has secrets in her past which she wishes to keep from them, and from her husband. As Tony’s dementia worsens, and as Rebecca’s inner conflicts lead to irrational behaviour, incidents occur which result in the gradual revelation of these secrets, with consequences for the whole family. Have the sins of the parents been passed down unto the third and fourth generation?

The Hangman’s Owl

by B.Y. Yan

20 years ago the Hangman’s Owl disappeared.

Hero. Villain. Monster. Fiend.

It is undeniable the lingering effects the mysterious creature has left on the beleaguered nation, long since at odds with its own oppressed people. Crime runs rampant in the streets. The country crumbles before foreign besiegers. Without its omniscient avenger, the downtrodden and mighty alike have nowhere to turn.

20 years later, ironclad destroyers take to the seas as unmanned autonomous airships blanket the sky. The continent is charged for a coming World War. Someone has finally come looking. Who, or what they will find when they finally run the Owl to ground and breaks him out of his self-imposed shackles, however, is another matter entirely…

The Hangman’s Owl brings to life a Steampunk Superhero in a dark near-modern Age. It is Gotham by Gaslight crossed with the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in a merger of the strange, weird, and the unexplained.

Living the Dream

by Sven B. Goode

A struggling author can have trouble with romance as well as publishers.

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