Free parenting and families Kindle books for 27 Dec 18

Lady Liberty and the Mysterious Letter

by Deborah Dumas

A nosy little girl named Lady Liberty does some detective work when she notices that a letter that her father received in the mail could change her and her family’s lives forever. A touching story that helps children cope with an absentee parent whether in divorce, death, deployment, or separation.

How to Use Your PAST MISTAKES to Save and Transform Your Marriage (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 17)

by Liam Naden

Don’t let your past mistakes destroy your marriage!

Have you (or your spouse) done things in the past that are threatening to destroy your marriage?
Are there things that you have done to hurt your spouse and you can’t get past them?

One of the secrets of great marriages is how ‘mistakes’ are dealt with. They have the power to destroy, or the power to make your marriage stronger. It all depends on how you deal with them.

In this book in the Growing in Love for Life series, you will learn:

– a new definition for the word ‘mistake’ which is used in every highly successful marriage;
– the Five Marriage Mistake Transformers that can take your marriage from pain and hurt to love and joy;
– why your spouse can’t forgive you for mistakes you have made, and what to do about it
– how to create true forgiveness in your marriage
– how even big mistakes (such as an affair) can actually make your marriage better

â?¦and much more.

Author and marriage coach Liam Naden brings you more powerful tools in this book that can save and strengthen your marriage.

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