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manifest your thoughts in no time

by keppler times

Whatever people aspire for in their life – whether it is to grow a business, build a house or whatever else – the thought: “I want this” arises. Once this thought happens, for most people, they focus their energy towards that something through action and start working towards it. If their action is incisive enough, their thought becomes a reality. That is the usual way people function in the world.

Lo feo de Caracas (Spanish Edition)

by Carlos Caguana

Esta es una propuesta interesante: traer el blog al papel y descubrir la evolución de un inmigrante venezolano. En esta obra de Carlos Caguana podemos ver una recopilación de sus post más destacados del blog que lleva el mismo nombre de este libro.
En cada post encontramos una manera de pensar distinta, que va evolucionando con los meses, por ello es importante prestar atención a las fechas y al contexto. El lugar desde donde escribe también es importante, pues la visión de Caracas cambia desde el extranjero, pasando desde el rechazo hacia el chauvinismo, y desde la vergüenza de la patria al amor por la misma.
Un libro con el cual muchos venezolanos podrían sentirse identificados, a pesar de que cada quien tiene una historia distinta que contar.
Lo interesante de esta edición es la presencia de algunos comentarios hechos en el blog, lo cual convierte esta lectura en una suerte de “experiencia 2.0 en el papel”. La voz del autor no queda allí, sino que se refuta o complementa su idea con la opinión de la gente.

Why are we here?: Knowing the purpose of life (The way of living Book 1)

by Kaviraj Krishna

Life is a gift full of wonders bestowed upon you. As long as you are alive, you should be grateful. But we live a life of discontent and misery. What is the reason? What is the purpose of your life? Why are you here? What is real? Pleasure or peace? To know the answers, pick up this book and read it.

Republicans, Put Your Wall in a Place Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

by Howard Bitterman

Do we really need a manufactured crisis over a wall that may not be the best way to secure our southern border?

Small decisions have BIG consequences: How the outcome of the Brexit process could resemble nothing anyone intended or anything that has already been seen

by Adam Tugwell

Are you fed up with hearing the doom and gloom about Brexit and the obsession with negotiating an agreement with the EU over a grand â??plan’?

If you are, you will not be alone. And whilst Politicians on all sides would like you to believe that they have the very best plan for your future in hand, none of them are respecting one fundamental principle or law: That the outcome of decisions, actions or even plans are not for the author to decide.

The EU Referendum Vote came about not by design, but as the result of many decisions and actions which followed a chain of outcomes over a very long period of time.
Some of the decisions which influenced this process were deliberate. Others were not intention, accidental or at the mercy of outside events that the instigator(s) never had in mind.

In this Essay, you are provided an overview of the events which took place from the Regicide of Margaret Thatcher by the Conservative Party in 1990 up to the publishing of Theresa May’s â??Chequers Plan’ in the Summer of 2018. Following each is a view of what might have happened, if different decisions had been reached.

It is for the reader to consider the â??what if’s’ and the impact they could have had on where we find the UK now, along with how the continuing melee of interference from so many Politicians and members of the Establishment could now impact us all.


Getting more from Everything: A touchy-feely journey to yourself

by Daniel Schmid

A touchy-feely journey to yourself in order to achive a higher being.
[email protected]

Mutual Aims: The basis upon which a real peopleâ??s party would have to operate, function and aspire to genuinely succeed in UK Politics today

by Adam Tugwell

Do you think Politics in the UK is broken?

Do you feel and believe there is another way?

Much is being said in the media about the creation of a new political party. One which would be carved out of what already exists at Westminster, but dubbed the â??peoples party’, when in truth this model would be no such thing.

But what would a real people’s political party look like?

What would make it different?

How could it approach the problems in the UK without us all feeling like we are just getting more of the same old things?

In this essay, Adam opens up the subject of a new people’s party in full view, focusing on what the Aims and Priorities of a real party of the people would need to be, to ensure that we all could feel and believe that we were really getting something new.

It’s all about having Mutual Aims. But is thinking about the impact of their actions on others something we can only expect our Politicians to do?

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