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Hacking Theology: How Technology Reveals God to Us

by Marcus Guevara

Computers and Technology are a part of our everyday lives. The internet, television, phones, radio, and many other technologies facilitate things like business, communication, entertainment… even our own interaction with family and friends.

But have you ever wondered if there was something more to technology? Have you ever wondered why it appeals to us? Why we are so fascinated and, at times, even addicted to our technology? What if there was something theological going on behind the scenes? What if it could be shown that the logic of computers and the logic of faith were not at odds but, instead, complemented each other?

Hacking is about understanding, creating, and imitating. It’s about deep understanding which comes as a result of tireless efforts to seek out answers to the mysteries that fascinate us. Hacking theology turns that curiosity toward theology to illuminate God and faith in a unique, and refreshing way. Learn how technology is giving us new evidence for our belief.


by Muhammad Bilal Alli MInstP

This book is perfect for anyone with no previous experience in programming that wants to learn MATLAB® from scratch.

Material covered includes:
– Basic setup of MATLAB®
– Variables and Arrays
– For Loops
– If Statements and Decision Making
– User Input and Pausing
– Saving and Loading Variables
– Plotting

VMware Administration made simple (VMware Made Simple)

by Christopher John Swain

Deployment, administration and maintenance of your exsi host and vsphere environment made simple.

Rank for 477,000 Keywords The Advanced SEO Formula

by Brian Dean

The Advanced SEO Formula That Helped Me Rank For 477,000 Keywords
Going after the right keywords won’t guarantee you success.
If you rank a page that isn’t converting well, you’ll get more traffic, but your revenue won’t go up.
Sure, you can eventually focus on conversion rate optimization and try to fix that over time, but you are better off driving traffic to pages that are already generating you revenue.

Basic CSS: Like Putting Lipstick on a Zombie (Undead Institute)

by John Rhea

Let’s face it there aren’t that many books that let you kill zombies and learn a valuable skill at the same time. There are other books that will teach you CSS, but “conquering the CSS syntax” just doesn’t have the same ring as “conquering a horde of brain-thirsty zombies and the CSS syntax.”

You’ll learn the major zombie fighting CSS skills like how to set colors and change fonts and create backgrounds and build two column layouts with floats and positioning. Your webpages will never again be as drab as a zombie’s thought processes.

And you’ll get combat practice using these skills in mini exercises until you know them backwards and forwards. And later you’ll bring those skills together in a final project that cements those skills into muscle memory.

We believe that good learning and good fun should co-exist, so if you want to save humanity from the apocalypse, grab your Kindle, grab a snack (everyone’s hungry after the apocalypse) and hit that buy button. Lets kick some zombie tookus.

Face Recognition Democratization: With the Best Programming Exercises You Can Do at Home

by Nicolas Courvoisier

Artificial intelligence and more specifically machine learning with face recognition is a technology soaring in our daily lives. It helps us unblocking cell-phones, receiving customized advertisements, correcting red eyes on pictures or tagging friends on social medias. In a near future, we will have enhanced sales activities and there is even hope for a better crime prevention. Unknown territories have always generated incomprehension and fears. “Face Recognition Democratization: With the Best Programming Exercises You Can Do at Home” will help you to understand the methodologies with many rich examples and programming code parts written in Python on Microsoft Windows. To raise your awareness on the latest technology which will impact significantly our future, start playing with your computer now!

How To Get Freelance Programming Jobs, Freelance Coding & Freelance Web Developer Jobs: How to Use the Best Freelance Websites to Get the Best Freelance Jobs Online

by Brian Mahoney

How To Get Freelance Programming Jobs, Freelance Coding & Freelance Web Developer Jobs
How to Use the Best Freelance Websites to Get the Best Freelance Jobs Online
With this Amazing book you get the most powerful and successful methods available today to get all the freelance jobs you desire! You can use this information to set up the hassle free lifestyle of freedom you desire, while you live the All-American dream! Here’s what you get…

* Computer programming Jobs Overview

* Step by Step knowledge of How to be a Freelancer

* Multiple Services your Computer Coding can offer to set you apart from the pack

* How to Create A Winning Profile

* The Best Job Freelance Websites

* The Best Micro Job Sites & short job websites

* How to Get Paid

* How to Always Be Ready

* Tons of Web Resources to round out your skills & knowledge

* How to Reach a Billion People and make money doing it!

* Getting Started Step by Step

* How to set and obtain all your Goals!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”….Benjamin Franklin

People are destroyed for lack of knowledge…Get the Knowledge you deserve… Right now!

Don’t wait! You’ll wait your life away…

JavaScript for Complete Beginners: A Step by Step Self-Teaching Guide for Learners Completely New to Programming

by Ikram Hawramani

JavaScript for Complete Beginners is a practical guide for beginners to JavaScript, the language used by websites and many mobile apps to add interactive functionalities. This book is not concerned with theory but with real-world examples that show JavaScript in action. All important concepts are shown many times and in many contexts. Readers will enjoy the numerous screenshots and illustrations and, if they desire, can easily follow along on their own computers and tablets without needing to install any special software.

Note: This is book is an expanded version of the author’s Computer Programming for Complete Beginners and covers additional JavaScript-specific functionalities.

Vaincre le désordre numérique (French Edition)

by Lionel Bolnet

Le désordre numérique (digital mess, en anglais) est la situation chaotique dans laquelle se trouvent nos ordinateurs personnels ou professionnels depuis la moitié des années 90 : une arborescence confuse de fichiers mal rangés et mal nommés. Même le propriétaire d’un PC ou d’un smartphone ne sait pas toujours ce qu’il possède comme fichiers. Retrouver rapidement quelque chose de précis est mission impossible. Au fil de l’accumulation de fichiers et d’appareils, le désordre numérique s’aggrave de jour en jour.

Beginning GameMaker Studio 2: Master The Basics Of GML Programming

by Ben Tyers

Learn the basics of GML programming with this awesome book.Each chapter covers a separate GML aspect.Includes an appendix, which also allows the book to be used in an educational setting.All resources and project files included.Using this book you’ll learn 24 GML programming elements that are important when creating a game. Each section includes an introduction to a new programming element, some examples, a worksheet with answer key, mini projects to apply your to new knowledge.The book concludes with a teacher’s section that includes lesson plans that educators can use when teaching content from this book, homework task, end of course exam, end of course game assignments and lesson plan sheets.The Introduction chapter covers the initial basics you will need to work through this book, it is strongly suggested that you do that chapter before attempting anything else.The book has just under 300 pages, these are the chapters:Introduction
Chapter 1 Variables
Chapter 2 Conditionals
Chapter 3 Drawing
Chapter 4 Drawing Continued
Chapter 5 Keyboard Input & Simple Movement
Chapter 6 Objects & Events
Chapter 7 Sprites
Chapter 8 Health, Lives & Score
Chapter 9 Mouse
Chapter 10 Alarms
Chapter 11 Collisions
Chapter 12 Rooms
Chapter 13 Backgrounds
Chapter 14 Sounds
Chapter 15 Splash Screens & Menu
Chapter 16 Random
Chapter 17 AI
Chapter 18 INI Files
Chapter 19 Effects
Chapter 20 Loops
Chapter 21 Arrays
Chapter 22 DS Lists
Chapter 23 Paths
Chapter 24 ScriptsTeacher’s Section
Chapter 25 Progress Sheet
Chapter 26 Marking Guide
Chapter 27 End Of Course Assignments
Chapter 28 TestChapter 29 Homework
Chapter 30 Teacher’s Notes

Becoming a Teacher Entrepreneur: How to Create Your Brand and Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

by Ashley Hagemann

Do you want to start your business as an online teacher entrepreneur? Maybe you already have a Teachers Pay Teachers account, but you’re not succeeding like you had hoped.

Selling online can be overwhelming but creating digital products on Teachers Pay Teachers is quite a learning curve. Ashley Hagemann, who also authored Experimental Cents: Guide to Online Entrepreneurship, is very familiar with online entrepreneurship. The marketing tips and branding advice explained in this book will make your TpT endeavor successful.

In this book you will learn:
-Detailed marketing strategies that will explode traffic to your store
-Specific brand advice to increase your success as an online business
-Tried and true tips that other sellers won’t tell you

The author, Ashley Hagemann, answers the questions you are having trouble answering in your TpT journey. Explore the daunting world of Teachers Pay Teachers and harness the full potential of your earning capabilities when you follow Hagemann’s carefully crafted advice.

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