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Battle of Berlin – World War II: A History From Beginning to End (World War 2 Battles Book 9)

by Hourly History

Battle of Berlin – World War II

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The Battle of Berlin was a monumental battle between two adversaries who despised one another. For the Russians who had endured the horrific suffering and loss of lives in defending their nation against the Nazi invasion, the opportunity for vengeance seemed as if fate was on their side. For the German civilians who remained in Berlin, the approach of the Red Army invoked terror. The Germans hoped that the Americans would reach them first; they would have preferred to surrender to the Americans. But the Russians were advancing swiftly from the east, and by April of 1945, the Battle of Berlin was underway.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From Stalingrad to Berlin
â?? The Battle of the Oder-Neisse
â?? The Russians Enter Berlin
â?? The Last Days of Adolf Hitler
â?? The Rape of Berlin
And much more!

Hitler died by his own hand on April 30, and the Third Reich was crumbling. The loss of life on both sizes was catastrophic, but the Germans had no way of replacing the defenders of the city, and on May 2, Berlin surrendered to the Soviet forces intent on retaliation. The Russians attempted to provide services and food to the starving Germans, but not all of the Russian soldiers were inspired by compassion or altruism. Looting and rape replaced law in the city, and more than 100,000 women of Berlin were raped by Allied soldiers. By the time the Americans and British arrived, the scars of the Russian occupation were seared upon the memories of the German people. The country and its capital would be divided, and the Soviet presence would remain in the country for decades, a bitter reminder that Adolf Hitler’s grand promises of glory had brought Germany to defeat. World War II came to an end in 1945, but for the Germans, their nation became a sacrifice to the Cold War which took its place.

Homer’s small Odys-se(y)crets: That changes everything you thought you knew about Homer’s writings. (Odyssey Borealis Book 1)

by Finn Olav Olsen

Thousands of years ago, the tales of the Iliad and the Odyssey took place. When it was written down many years later, Homer, the writer who wrote it down had to camouflage its origins so that the readers of his time and culture would connect to it and understand the story.

His readers then implemented the moral and heroism described, not knowing that the origins of this story were among the people they would call barbarians. This was so cleverly crafted that its almost impossible to turn around those who have fallen for Homer’s writing trick, even today.

The Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution with Bill of Rights and all Amendments (Annotated)

by Thomas Jefferson (Declaration)

This edition is comprised of the most important legal documents in early American history which are considered instrumental to its founding and philosophy:
The United States Declaration of Independence
The Constitution and Bill of Rights. Also included
The Federalist Papers and Inaugural Speeches from the first three American presidents
our Founding Fathers.
Their words provide additional insights on how the American identity was shaped. Discover the real roots of the present day Government.
Table of Contents:
Declaration of Independence (1776)
U.S. Constitution (1787)
Bill of Rights (1791)
Amendments (1792-1991)
The Federalist Papers (1787-1788)
Inaugural Speeches: George Washington (1789, 1793) John Adams (1797) Thomas Jefferson (1801, 1805)

Bedtime Stories Of Black History: Illustrated Stories of African and Black American Pioneers 1 (Biographies and Bedtime Stories of Black Scientists Pioneers and Revolutionaries)

by Baiano Reeves

“A must-read for all concerned parents, curious students, and teachers. It is a resetting antidote to what has passed for history in a watered down and complicit educational system.”

There is an African saying that the death of a griot is the equivalent of the burning down of a library. Traditionally African history was not written history but oral history passed down through the centuries by griots (storytellers).
We hope these bios and tales will somehow continue that tradition and bring your family to celebrate the history of African people which has been largely misrepresented by our modern day media. We hope your family spends time telling the stories of heroes and heroines of our past history like Mansa Musa, Harriet Tubman,George Washington Carver, Yaa Asantewa, James Baldwin, Sojourner Truth, Mohamed Ali,Nelson Mandela,Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King (includes the “I have a dream speech”), Xhaka the Zulu and so many more.You need this book.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • Mansa Musa was the richest man that ever lived
  • Included is a copy of the “I have a dream speech” and a history of Slavery
  • Amina of Zaria’s story was adapted to Television as Xena -Warrior Princess
  • How Ida B Wells became an anti-Lynching Crusader
  • Much, much more!

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Tribute to Sam Steward: The audacity to understand knowledge (The Tribute Projects Book 1)

by Oeishik M.G.C.

This book is the first volume of The Tribute Projects, an inverse publishing project that started on May 26th 2011. It honors Samuel M. Steward and all those who overcome suffering with grace, pride and personal confirmation. In their trying journeys, suffering is just another bug on the windshield – finding happiness, their fertile crescent. This Second Edition is illustrated with color pictures and reformatted to be more reader-friendly.

Lord Shiva Stories Of Hindu God – Series 1

by Angelina Jolie

Lord Shiva Stories Of Hindu God – Series 1

Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.

Shiva is known as the “Creator, maintainer and the destroyer” within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu. In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is the Supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe. In the tradition of Hinduism called Shaktism, the Goddess, or Devi, is described as supreme, yet Shiva is revered along with Vishnu and Brahma. A goddess is stated to be the energy and creative power (Shakti) of each, with Parvati (Sati) the equal complementary partner of Shiva. He is one of the five equivalent deities in Panchayatana puja of the Smarta tradition of Hinduism.

Lord Shiva Stories
Shiva Stories
Lord Shiva
Hindu God
Hindu God Shivan
Shivan Stories
Lord Shivan Stories

Elvis Presley: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Rock Stars Book 1)

by Hourly History

Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley was much more than a cultural icon; he was a reliable barometer of the world he grew up in. Long before the cultural revolutions of the â??60s and â??70s, Elvis was sparking a dynastic change of hands in American society. And by his own admission, much of it was by accident. Whenever his performances caused a stir, Elvis was always the first to ask what all the fuss was about. When questioned if he was trying to provoke a response from his audience, Elvis innocently replied that he was just doing what came naturally.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Elvis and His Twin
â?? That’s All Right
â?? Presley’s Controversial Rise
â?? Elvis Joins the Army
â?? Comeback in Las Vegas
â?? Last Years and Death
And much more!

According to Elvis, as much as James Dean was a “rebel without a cause,” he was a rebel completely by accident. If we believe him, everything he did that led to his rise to stardom was just some sort of cosmic alignment of happenstance. Elvis claimed that when he went into Sun Records to record his first song, he wasn’t looking to become famous; he maintained that he just wanted to record a song for his mom’s birthday. This book will let you decide for yourself as you learn about the life, the legend, and the unmistakable iconâ??Elvis Presley.

The Space Race: A History From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

The Space Race

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During fourteen years, from 1955 to 1969, the Soviet Union and the United States of America were engaged in a dramatic race against each other to conquer space. This period encompassed dramatic victories, humbling defeats, and more than one tragedy. This is a story of human courage and ingenuity at its best and political maneuvering at its worst, of almost unbelievable technological progress undertaken with the object not just of advancing human knowledge but also of proving the superiority of one country over another.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From Missiles to Rockets
â?? Russia Takes the Lead
â?? Early American Failures
â?? The First Men in Space
â?? Fatalities on Both Sides
â?? The Moon Landing
And much more!

The space race culminated in man setting foot upon the moon, but each milestone on the way to that final goal was bitterly contested. Two powerful nations pledged a substantial part of their national resources to beat the other in a scientific and technological race to be the first to achieve new records. In terms of contests between major powers, there has never been anything quite as dramatic, public, and sustained as the space race; it remains one of the most fascinating and engaging episodes of the Cold War.

Adolf Hitler And The Molpeth Diary: The Evolution Of A Despot 1932-1939

by David Kinder

What was it that made Adolf Hitler, a man who caused the death of millions amidst rampant destruction in pursuit of Nazis expansion across Europe? By delving into his past alongside his meteoric rise to absolute power, it is intended to shed light on this phenomenon as experienced through the eyes and ears of an English journalist, Edward Molpeth, whose jottings serve up a warning well before the cataclysm that began with World War Two; the context underscores historical fact and psychological analysis of a man who set out to conquer the world.

Nine, True, Short Stories of Daring Slave Escapes: Tales From the Underground Railroad, Too

by Julie McDonald

Tales, Too, about a 30-45 minute read, features 9 true short stories of slave escapes on the Underground Railroad. You will read about Joe in a Box, the wonderful love story of Wilson and Eliza, Jim the “Missionary” and 6 others. Daring and delightful, the book is fun for all ages, but was written with grade school children in mind.

Battle of Britain – World War II: A History From Beginning to End (World War 2 Battles Book 4)

by Hourly History

World War II Battle of Britain

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The British people had no sooner finished rescuing their trapped army from Dunkirk than they found themselves preparing for an attack from the Germans once again. This time, the Nazi menace struck from the air, as Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed the British in an attempt to break their spirit and force Great Britain to accept peace terms. But as the skies above London filled with the German planes, the Royal Air Force pilots, alerted by radar, flew to intercept them. The Luftwaffe had started the Battle of Britain confident that the RAF was no match for German aircraft and skill, but the pilots of the RAF, the people of England, and the bulldog tenacity of Prime Minister Winston Churchill did not intend to give way.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Battle for the Skies
â?? The Home Front
â?? The London Blitz
â?? Churchill at War
â?? The End of the Battle of Britain
And much more!

The heroism of the RAF and the fortitude of the British people turned Germany’s certain victory into defeat, forcing Hitler to abandon his plans to invade England. “We shall never surrender,” Churchill vowed, and his words rallied a nation, delivering a blow to the Nazi war machine that would, in the end, prove to be a turning point in World War II.

The History of Urdu language

by Mo. Asif

Urdu language, member of the Indo-Aryan group within the Indo-European family of languages. Urdu is spoken by more than 100 million people, predominantly in Pakistan and India. It is the official state language of Pakistan and is also officially recognized, or “scheduled,” in the constitution of India. Significant speech communities exist in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States as well. Notably, Urdu and Hindi are mutually intelligible.

Urdu developed in the 12th century CE from the regional Apabhramsha of northwestern India, serving as a linguistic modus vivendi after the Muslim conquest. Its first major poet was Amir Khosrow (1253-1325), who composed Dohas (couplets), folk songs, and riddles in the newly formed speech, then called Hindvi. This mixed speech was variously called Hindvi, Zaban-e-Hind, Hindi, Zaban-e-Delhi, Rekhta, Gujari, Dakkhani, Zaban-e-Urdu-e-Mualla, Zaban-e-Urdu, or just Urdu, literally â??the language of the camp.’ Major Urdu writers continued to refer to it as Hindi or Hindvi until the beginning of the 19th century, although there is evidence that it was called Hindustani in the late 17th century (Hindustani now refers to a simplified speech form that is India’s largest lingua franca).

Urdu is closely related to Hindi, a language that originated and developed in the Indian subcontinent. They share the same Indic base and are so similar in phonology and grammar that they appear to be one language. In terms of lexicon, however, they have borrowed extensively from different sourcesâ??Urdu from Arabic and Persian, Hindi from Sanskritâ??so they are usually treated as independent languages. Their distinction is most marked in terms of writing systems: Urdu uses a modified form of Perso-Arabic script, while Hindi uses Devanagari.

Ludwig van Beethoven: A Life From Beginning to End (Composer Biographies Book 2)

by Hourly History

Ludwig van Beethoven

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What kind of a man could create the dreaming melodies of the Moonlight Sonata? Give birth to the dramatic voice of the Fifth Symphony? Compose the Ode to Joy? Meet Ludwig van Beethoven, the musical genius, the passionate artist, the incorrigible man, the composer from whose soul music breathed.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Groomed for Greatness
â?? Beethoven’s Deafness and Depression
â?? Für Elise
â?? Guardianship of His Nephew Karl
â?? Karl’s Suicide Attempt
â?? Beethoven’s Final Notes
And much more!

This will not be an idealistic story of perfection. Just like his music, Beethoven’s story will have its fearful lows and its exulting crescendos. It will have its repeated themes. It will have its sudden surprises. And it will speak to the heart.

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