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The Last of the Sages: The Complete Five Kingdoms Trilogy (Books 1-3) (Sage Saga Bundle Book 1)

by Julius St. Clair

“This author has the fantasy fiction genre nailed. His use of anti-hero protagonists and coming of age challenges is outstanding. Excellent character development and plotting move a fast-paced adventure tale through enough action to please readers of all ages.” – Book Reviewer

From #1 best-selling epic fantasy author, Julius St. Clair, comes the trilogy that started it all: THE LAST OF THE SAGES: THE COMPLETE FIVE KINGDOMS TRILOGY (BOOKS 1-3).

In the kingdom of Allay, Sages are born.

Powerful warriors with supernatural abilities that would rival the strength of whole armies. And there is an academy that trains such warriors, forging them out of young, ordinary students and casting them to the cold unknown. Few survive, but if there is any hope for this now desolate kingdom, the tests must be given to all that enter its walls.

One such student is James, a self-proclaimed slacker that has just been forced into the academy by his father. And if he plans to see another day, he will have to weather through four lessons in life: determination, maturity, trust, and love…

The Five Kingdoms Trilogy contains the three novels: The Last of the Sages, The Dark Kingdom, and Hail to the Queen in their entirety.

Praise for The Sage Saga:

“A warning, it is a trap. Once you start you can’t put it down. I had to read it start to finish an immediately get the rest of the series.” – Amazon Reviewer

“It was a great read from start to finish. It was so captivating that I had trouble putting the book down.” – Book Reviewer

“I couldn’t put it down. Lots of adventure and heartbreak. I loved the depth that the author takes you too in falling in love with the main characters.” – Amazon Reviewer on The Dark Kingdom (Book 2 of the Sage Saga)

“A fantastic read hard to pick which way it was going some times.” – Book Reviewer on Hail to the Queen (Book 3 of the Sage Saga)

Kids Approved Recipes: For Home child care program

by Rahmouni K

Kids Approved Recipes: If you’re looking to add to your collection of delicious, kids approved recipes that are made from healthy ingredients, look no further than the Kids Approved Recipes for Healthy Kids Cookbook. The Kids Approved Recipes in this cookbook feature foods that children and adults alike should consume more of: dark green and orange vegetables, dry beans and peas, and whole grains. All of these healthy recipes are low in total fat, saturated fat, sugar, and sodium. With fun names such as Porcupine Sliders, Smokin’ Powerhouse Chili, and Squish Squash Lasagna, even picky eaters are sure to taste and try these recipes.
The featured recipes serve six, include no more than 15 commonly available ingredients, and are easy for families and home child care providers to prepare. These kid-tested, kid-approved recipes are sure to please children and be an instant hit at home or in your home child care program.

Terminus I – III (Conquest): A Terminus Series Compendium

by Stephen Donald Huff

Terminus I – III (Conquest) is a Terminus Series Compendium containing the third trilogy of the series. This special edition contains three complete novels; Terminus, Terminus II (Control) and Terminus III (The Wild Bunch).

Terminus. Civilization deconstructed itself like a riot in a madhouse. One minute it all functioned with a standard sort of craziness, and the next it devolved into ten billion psychotic inmates at each other’s throats like suddenly sprung animals. Survivors refer to civilization’s final irrational act as â??Terminus’, but this is an unofficial label. It simply gives them a handle with which to wield the concept of their end times. It bifurcates their memory. Before. After. In between, an unspeakable river of blood.

In the aftermath, a handful of guilt-wracked holdouts stumble onto a terrible secret. They discover the cause of the catastrophe, but the answers they find only beg further questions. Resolving this last great mystery soon becomes a matter of life and death, and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. To learn the final truth and save their species, they must cross a blood-soaked wasteland, where they confront and overcome hordes of crazed lunatics and ravenous chimeras to investigate the long-standing enigma we call “Area-51”. Post-apocalyptic revenge is sweet.

Terminus II (Control). Enter Deacon, an exotically handsome desert scavenger and harbinger of bloody doom. Like a sable crow alighting atop a decayed carcass, this rover appears in the Village during late fall with strange tales of enslaved children, alien invasions, and disturbing rumors of new aberrations now freshly emerging from the California desert. Though he resists Deacon’s enticement, the Scientist cannot bear to separate from the Girl, who has righteously determined to accompany this empathetic newcomer on his suicidal journey to the vast saltpan of Badwater Basin. During their struggle to survive this latest attempt at redeeming human civilization, these hapless human beings will uncover many unsettling truths about the past, present and future of their species. Most startling of all, they will discover why their thoughts are not their own when influenced by the piper’s song of yet another broadcast Terminus Signal.

Terminus III (The Wild Bunch). Irrepressibly driven by a violent, indominable desire for revenge, these desperate survivors now stand poised before hades gates, which swing wide at the bottom of an alien spaceport buried beneath Earth’s southern pole. Here, the United States Government long ago built its abandoned Amundsen-Scott Base, which once provided cover and plausible deniability for an alien threat festering in the ice below. During their struggle to survive this latest attempt at redeeming human civilization, these hapless human beings will discover a new source of power long hidden inside the primitive human mind. Consequently, the cosmos may never recover from an Earth-bound exposure to The Wild Bunch.

Les Belles Couleurs: Beautiful Colors (French Edition)

by Sarah Angelia Rahmatullah

This is a bilingual book for children to teach them about colors.

The Woodspeople: Books for kids: A magical children’s fantasy series (Magora Book 5)

by Marc Remus

The fifth book in the award-winning children’s book series “Magora” takes fourteen-year-old Holly O’Flanigan back into the painting of her grandfather, where the parallel world Magora is located. Holly is about to complete her final year at the art academy Cliffony but she is troubled by the horrible living conditions of the Unfinished who were caught during the uprising (Book 4.)While the evil Duke of Cuspidor rebuilds his forces, one stunning revelation after another keeps Holly and her friends reeling. They find a note that leads them on a quest to find out who Andrew, Ethan, and Martha areâ??and what happened to them. They learn more about the devastating effects of Mind Splitting Powder and the zombie-like creatures it can create. Then a character from the past makes a surprise reappearance.Their losses mount as they make horrifying discoveries and spur Holly to stop Cuspidor once and for all.

Princess Dayanara And The Priceless Treasure: Dayanaraâ??s perseverance, confidence, feelings, self-esteem, emotions & intelligence helped her overcome obstacles and lead her to the Priceless Treasure.

by Alexander Diaz

Meet Princess Dayanara a girl on a journey to find a priceless treasure. Along the way she encounters many obstacles. Princess Dayanara’s adventure to find the priceless treasure is a challenging adventure that helps her build confidence in herself. She learns that with perseverance she can overcome obstacles in her life. This experience helps develop her self-esteem. The principles learned she will have for the rest of her life. This story teaches children how to reframe their thoughts and much more. The color illustrations are beautiful and filled with symbolism.

The age groups that will enjoy reading this story are Kids that enjoy: childrens books by age 3-5 / preschool, childrens books by age 6-8 / ages 6-8, childrens books by age 9-12 / preteen, Princess book for 3 year oIds and Princess book for girls 4-8. I also believe adults would benefit from this story to this is not just a Kids Books.

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Hooter Can You Guess Bundle (9 Books): Including Hooter’s Christmas – Guess what Hooter’s looking at from his rhyming clues

by Biro Jones

Children, parents and grandparents will all fall in love with Hooter. Join him now for bundles of fun, in this bumper collection of books. Convenient and great value for families on the move! Can you guess the animals and objects Hooter’s looking at next? First he gives you a rhyming clue – then turn the page and see if your guess is right.

Hooter, now it’s Christmas time,
Tell me what you see?
It’s glittering and sparkly,
And it’s hanging from a treeâ?¦

Interactive, bright and fun. Hooter books are perfect for little ones everywhere!

Children love guessing – it’s in their nature. That’s why Hooter books are so engaging. Perfect to share with toddlers and pre-school children, older siblings and grown-ups will love the rhymes! Christmas is just round the corner… Pick up your copy today.

(P.S. Hooter’s Christmas is also available as a stand alone paper back. A perfect present or stocking filler for little ones!) Happy Christmas!

Counting on Christmas

by M.D. Johnson

Counting on Christmas is a children’s book for children learning how to count. It follows a Christmas theme and counts from 1 to 25, sure to get you and your early reader and counter into the Christmas spirit, as graphics encompassing everything from Christmas trees to Santa Claus are presented from a variety of graphic artists. About 30 pages long, vocabulary enhancing words include: spectacles, alternative, deliver, chilling, stroll, glee, dazzling, scrumptious, fog, merry, decorations, satisfy, poinsettia, brightly, freshen, spirit, yeti, ornaments, and sparkling. A cute, fun and whimsical read!

Other Christmas titles and children’s books by author M.D. Johnson include:

Tis the Time of Year
The Case of the Fallen Candy Cane
Cat’s Winter Hat
Santa’s Guide to Not Being Naughty, But Nice
The Christmas Gift Wrap Conundrum
The Perfect Ornament
The Winter Snow Globe Collection

Young Lions Roar

by Andrew Mackay

In this sequel to Young Lions, three British teenagers – Alan, Sam and Alice – continue to valiantly resist the Nazis and the British Fascists. A Spanish Civil War vendetta spills blood onto the streets of Hereward. Alan and Sam discover that Paul Mason has survived the St. George’s Day Massacre. The Resistance attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler and Alice is kidnapped by the S.S. Alan joins the Blackshirts and tries to sabotage the German invasion of Scotland.

Young Lions Roar is the second book in the Young Lions series and is a fast paced, gritty war novel set in an alternative history of the Second World War.

1001 Crushing Checkmates: Progressive Tactics from Everyday Chess Games

by S.R. Belding

Smart. Sensational. Stunning. For over a thousand years, checkmate has been the ultimate mental victory. Quite rightly, the emerging sport of chess boxing regards it as the only alternative to physical knockout. Winning feels good, but can a book ever deliver that crushing sensation?

I think so.

In 1001 checkmate tactics, this book trains the reader to visualise, calculate and reflect. Each position is picked, unedited, from a real game between everyday club players. Each problem is followed on the next page by the solution.

Why this chess book and not any other?

This book is the result of an analysis of over 50 million amateur games. Over several months, a computer searched for every forced mate, before rejecting all but the most instructive for final publication.

Now in its third edition, this book is designed to be a fast and effective improvement course for chess sportsmen.

One True Child Box Set 1-3: Sentinels, Carling, Claire, and bonus sample of Guardians

by L.C. Conn

In a rage, CHAOS destroys the world he created. From this devastation, ORDER is born. ORDER brings forth ethereal beings known as SENTINELS to help bring the new world to life. From the SENTINELS comes the ONE TRUE CHILD

CARLING, born of the SENTINELS but raised as one of THE PEOPLE, was brought up to believe in the value of love and caring, of kindness and tolerance, only to learn of the darker, more sinister teachings of CHAOS and his plans for her. His relentless pursuit forces CARLING to leave the only family and home she’s ever known. Her journey takes her far from the life she knew and closer to her destiny.

The first three books follows the journey of THE ONE TRUE CHILD through time as she faces attacks by CHAOS from both inside and out.

“An excellent beginning to a fantasy epic. From page one, you’ll be swept up into this battle of good and evil with all of creation at stake.” — Jo Neiderhoff, San Francisco Book Review

“Fantasy is alive and well and exerting its power to enchant and beguile in this novel of foretold destiny. Similar to J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, a grand quest is undertaken. Akin to cinema’s Star Wars sagas, supernatural powers once learned and practiced are put to use in the pursuit of righting heinous wrongs. And evocative of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, children figure mightily into this multigenerational tale of freedom from slavery and oppression.” –Joe Kilgore, US Review of Books

“Once more, Conn weaves her spell and we are immersed in Carling’s spectacular world. Adventure, magic, and romance leave us hungry for more!” â?? Tamara Benson, San Francisco Book Review

Santaâ??s Guide to Not Being Naughty, But Nice

by M.D. Johnson

Santa’s Guide to Not Being Naughty, But Nice is a short and sweet guide, or advice book for children about ways in which one can get on Santa’s Nice List. Sure to get you and your young reader into the Christmas spirit, as it showcases Christmas themed art from diverse graphic artists. A book of about 25 pages, this book features the following vocabulary enhancing words: undoubtedly, redeem, obey, lecturing, polite, participate, chores, enemies, opposed and therefore. A great book to get your child headed in the right direction, from being naughty to being niceâ?¦

Other Christmas titles and children’s books by author M.D. Johnson include:

Tis the Time of Year
The Case of the Fallen Candy Cane
Cat’s Winter Hat
The Christmas Gift Wrap Conundrum
Counting on Christmas
The Perfect Ornament
The Winter Snow Globe Collection

Wiley Trudeau and the Knight-Light

by Mary Edmondson

Wiley Trudeau is an eleven-year-old girl, a science prodigy, dead-eye with a slingshot, and the only hope for a man framed for murder. Problem is, she’s a social pariah in the swamp parish Backwash, Louisiana after burning down a church trying to catch the real killer. Her only help is a vigilante in a teddy bear costume that goes by Flower Power. It’ll take guts to save an innocent man, but it’ll cost their lives to stop the shape-shifting monster.

The Christmas Gift Wrap Conundrum

by M.D. Johnson

The Christmas Gift Wrap Conundrum is a children’s book all about wrapping paper interestingly enough, for the early reader in your life. It will help your child pinpoint their likes and dislikes, help with description and identification. It is a book sure to get you and your young reader into the Christmas spirit as well, as it showcases a variety of Christmas depictions from diverse graphic artists. About 50 pages, this book features the following vocabulary enhancing words: conundrum, cheer, investigator, choices, appeals, polka, patterns, variety, diverse, bunch, designs, exotic, whimsical, shapes, glittery, simple, solid, vintage, unique, classic, unusual, horizontal, delicious, receiver, and figure.

Other Christmas titles and children’s books by author M.D. Johnson include:

Tis the Time of Year
The Case of the Fallen Candy Cane
Cat’s Winter Hat
Santa’s Guide to Not Being Naughty, But Nice
Counting on Christmas
The Perfect Ornament
The Winter Snow Globe Collection

Spanish Phrases for Beginners

by Elliot Carruthers

Learn useful Spanish phrases with funny and entertaining cartoons. Each cartoon makes the phrase memorable. Learning new Spanish phrases has never been so much fun!

Tommy Powers and the Replicator of Rio Azul (Tommy Powers Super Hero Book 4)

by David Drake

Tommy and Andy team up to save the world’s gold supply, which systematically being robbed by a most unlikely their – the chief of a small tribe, native to the high Andes Mountains in South America. To carry out his evil plan, he uses his magical power to make identical copies of peo9ple and things. Along the way the pair of superheroes hide and care for two boys kidnapped by rival crime families and begin working to save the homeless â??trash kids’ who struggle to survive on the back streets of Brazil. Lots of action. Lots of good conversation. There is a life changing turn of events for Andrew.

BE: A Mindful Book For Kids

by James McDonald

Growing up isn’t easy, and one of the major struggles is knowing what to be. Be is a book that takes a fun look at the many possibilities of what we can be in our life. The choices are endless. Be encourages self-respect and is filled with positive ways to spend the day. Whether with family, friends alone or at school, part of being human is figuring out what to be.

The Bull, the Bear and the Dragon

by J.K. Jacobs

This little fable is a light, tiny, magical work, made mostly to bring an evening smile to my daugther`s face.
Now it`s time to share my work with world. It is written for:
– CHILDREN to dive into a magical and exciting world of talking animals: scary, heroic and funny; to learn something about life and broaden their minds; to find out that many things are not as they seem at first glance or first thought; that it is easier to destroy than to create, but “to create hope” makes the world and the people living in it better and makes the world worth living in.

– ADULTS who, in time and with worries, forget how wonderful the world is seen through magical, children’s eyes.

– EVENING-PARENTS-READERS who enrich and bring joy to their little ones and find that they themselves love to laugh with their children.

Tommy Powers and the Sorcerer of Akmindo Teeki (Tommy Powers Super Hero Book 3)

by David Drake

Tommy welcomes an unlikely new partner in his fight against evil. This time his foe is a brilliant magician who uses mind control methods to force people all over the world to live according to the will of the Society of the Enlightened – a group of powerful monks whose home is high in the remote mountains of Tibet. They believe they know the only TRUTH and therefore have the right to force it on people everywhere. Along the way comes Tommy’s fourteenth birthday, the one time he will be allowed to be with his biological parents. He’s note sure he wants to meet them. Tommy teaches the readers one of his super powers – REALLY

Someone Drew on the Wall

by Elle Theiss

When mommy finds out someone has drawn pictures on the wall she is not happy. Her kids, always anticipating what mommy’s thinking, try to stay one step ahead. Will the truth about where those drawings came from ever come out? Find out in this timeless tale of every child’s inner battle to choose between fibbing and telling the truth.

Classic Adventure

by Wilkes Fountain

After the disappearance of this two best friends down at cricket river James is shunned by the whole town. But when a strange storm pulls them into a lost time and place it is James who must explore this world full of giant creatures in search of a way to save them. He soon finds that there is an evil force in this place and it feeds on emotions. Will he be able to face this evil and save his people or will they be forever, lost in time?

Cursed (Dragon’s Curse, Book 1)

by S.L. Morgan

Dragons do exist

Kira is the last of her kindâ??the heir to a kingdom that has descended into chaos. The blood of dragons courses through her veinsâ?? a curse that might be their only hope.

When a handsome stranger named Alexander crashes into her world, sparks fly.

Sparks of detest.

In order to save both of their worlds from destruction, the two of them must put their differences aside and form an unlikely alliance.

The path to salvation is a dangerous one and deception lurks around every corner. Kira and Alexander battle the dark magic and beckon the dragon army as desperation consumes the realm.

Scroll up and journey to a thrilling new world today!

Cuyahoga River Riders: The Lost Mare (Super Science Showcase) (Super Science Showcase Christmas Book 1)

by Lee Fanning

Frederick, known better as Dispatch of the Cuyahoga River Riders– a band of costumed revolutionary war orphans who help protect settlers on the colonial western frontier– must confront the ghost of his past as he and underling Gideon tackle a Christmas Eve search for a very important missing horse.

The Adventures of Abbie: Abbie in the Swamp

by T.J. Silba

Abbie lives in the swamp with her family and secret friends Benjamin, Maddie, Sassy, and Fancy. Come with Abbie and her friends as they travel through the deep swamps on their many Adventures.

A to Z Cartoons

by Elliot Carruthers

Learn the ABCs together. Funny cartoons makes learning each letter fun. Simple sentences will entertain you both as you read together.

Booh’s Christmas to Remember (The Adventures of Bug-a-Booh Book 2)

by Daniel Whyte III

Bug-a-Booh is excited about having a warm, cozy Christmas. While he is out playing in the snow with his friend Tunu, he notices two poor children dressed in rags and playing in the snow. Remembering how others helped his family, Bug-a-Booh is moved to help the poor boy and his sister. In so doing, he demonstrates the true spirit of Christmas.

LOS TRES REYES MAGOS: Cuento para explicar quien lleva los regalos (Spanish Edition)

by Nuria González

¿Quieres contarles a tus hijos el favor que te pidieron los reyes magos?
¡Este es tu cuento!
Con el, no perderán la ilusión de la noche mágica de reyes, pero
a la vez, sabrán quien les lleva sus regalos.
Un cuento para contar a cualquier edad. En el, se Incluye la petición original
que le hicieron los Reyes Magos a los padres.

CREANDO LA ACTITUD GANADORA: Una guía para convertir los obstáculos en peldaños hacia el éxito y los errores en oportunidad (Spanish Edition)

by Valentín López

Puedes alcanzar el éxito en cualquier cosa que emprendas, y este libro te enseñará cómo mejorar tu inteligencia emocional y cómo crear una actitud ganadora para convertir los obstáculos en peldaños hacia el éxito y los errores en oportunidad. “Creando la actitud ganadora” es la segunda publicación por el célebre autor Valentín López tras su famoso Best Seller: “Cómo cuidarse para el éxito” traducido a más de 10 idiomas, ofreciendo miles de copias con el propósito de inspirar y empoderar a personas en todo el mundo.

Esta obra se divide en tres partes:

PRIMERA PARTE: Assimilation! (Asimilación): Esta parte es acerca del pasado. Analizando el estado de tu mente y cómo ha sido alimentada durante todos estos años.

SEGUNDA PARTE: Understanding! (Comprensión): Es acerca del presente. Analizamos como romper conversaciones limitantes y condicionamientos mentales. (No se puede cambiar nada en tu vida a no ser que seas consciente de ella. Pasaremos de un estado de incompetencia inconsciente a un estado de incompetencia consciente). Trabajaremos consciencia y alma para ayudarte con tu propósito de vida y trazar un plan para lograrlo.

TERCERA PARTE: Execution! (Aplicación): Acerca del futuro. Desarrollamos nuestra visión, innovación, creatividad y visualización junto al abrigo de auténticas actitudes ganadoras que te van a ayudar a lograr tus objetivos y conseguir una mejor calidad y excelencia de vida.

En “Creando la actitud ganadora” no vas a encontrar ninguna “píldora mágica” de moda. Lo que sí vas a encontrar garantizado son principios fundamentales sobre PNL, inteligencia emocional, y la construcción de una actitud ganadora arrolladora frente a los miedos, el fracaso y los errores del pasado para que alcances tu bienestar y consigas tu mejor versión. ¡No te haces a la idea de la de cosas que puedes alcanzar en tu vida cuando creas una actitud ganadora! Disfruta de la lectura de este libro, ¡los resultados te sorprenderán!

“Una actitud feroz y ganadora será la llave que te lleve a abrir cualquier puerta, ¡adelante!, tu actitud define tu altitud”.

Stolen Brides (The Walker Mysteries Book 1)

by Katie Wyatt

American Mail order brides of the West, historically inspired clean and wholesome short story romance.

Best Selling Authors! Katie Wyatt and Kat Carson

Colorado 1895.

Amelia Cotton is a Pinkerton detective and darn proud of it. She loves the thrill of the chase. It’s fair to say her work is her life. Living in Chicago away from her family, chasing down the guilty is all she has to look forward to each day.

Her life is turned upside down when a handsome young detective, Bradley Walker, from another agency asks her to go undercover as a mail order bride. Suddenly Amelia finds herself on a journey to Colorado following in the footsteps of a group of kidnapped brides.

-Will she find the missing brides?

-Will she be able to keep the new group she’s with safe?

-Will she be able to keep her mind on her work with Bradley’s charming smile constantly present?

Grab your spyglass and catch the train to Colorado, for a crazy adventure. Meet the henchmen Big John and Jerry, the pious Mrs. Hollander and the other brides as we delve into this mystery.  

This is book one of a four-book series, continue with us on this Wild West journey as we mingle with notorious outlaws and may find something that just may change their lives forever.

The Walker Mysteries

Book 1 Stolen Brides

Book 2 Missing Morgan

Book 3 Diamond Dairy

Book 4 Finding Charity

….”a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”….

While this book is part of a romance series, it can definitely be read as a standalone book to be enjoyed by all age groups.

Katie Wyatt and Kat Carson:

#1 Best Seller in Religious
#1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality

#1 Best Seller in New Release Romance

#1 Best Seller in 90 Minute Short Reads

#1 Best Seller in Frontier & Pioneer Western Fiction

#1 Best Seller in Western & Frontier Christian Romance

#1 Best Seller in Christian Westerns

#1 Best Seller in Historical

#1 Best Seller in Collections & Anthologies

#1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult

#1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality

#1 Best Seller in Children’s Christian Books

FREE on Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime

Katie Wyatt and Kat Carson’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.


Chess Fairy Tales

by Azat Kadyrov

á?¦ Dear readers á?¦

In this book your children will be able to discover the interesting world of chess through fairy tales.

â?? The basic chess rules, such as: “Stalemate”, “Sacrifice” and other concepts are discovered here.

â?¥ Meet Muffin, who received a magical book when he woke up in the morning.

â?¥ Find out about an unusual dog that could play chess.

â?¥ What did Bebe do when he was trapped in the house of an old witch?

â?¥ What happened to the black bird who was stealing the chess pieces at school?

â?¥ How was the journey of a little boy who decided to travel to the coldest place, called Siberia?

These and many other interesting fairy tales are waiting for you in this book. They are easy to read, funny, motivating and will bring joy to your children. Welcome to the new world of Chess! â?º

Lucy and the Ghost Girl (Secrets of Poe Elementary Book 1)

by Caris O’Malley

Lucy’s having a hard time fitting in as a new student at Poe Elementary. On top of having to ride the grossest bus ever and dealing with the most annoying boy on the planet, she can’t seem to make any friends.

Well, there is this one girl who seems nice… only no one else seems to be able to see her. Is Lucy losing her mind? Or is her new bestie attending school from beyond the grave?

Learning Colors

by Lisa D. Jones

“Learning Colors” is a picture book designed to help toddlers and preschoolers learn some of the basic colors in our world.

Tommy Powers and the Mutant Stranger (Tommy Powers Superhero)

by David Drake

In Book Two, a new problem arises for Tommy. Some body is out to kill him! His new assailant, The Mutant Stranger, makes no attempt to hide himself or what he’s about. He also has super powers (including lethal laser vision) and has pledged his allegiance to Antipathy, Tommy’s evil adversary from the first book. How will Tommy be able to change such a single-minded bad guy into one of the good guys – or will he?

Cat’s Winter Hat

by M.D. Johnson

Cat’s Winter Hat is a children’s book for early readers, about 25 pages showcasing the following vocabulary enhancing words: hale, sleet, gear, perfect, matches, festive, fedoras, style, graduate, drafty, fashionable, absolutely, season, elfish, and conservative. Great for hat identification with emphasis on small unnoticeable details, as a hint, check out the store window that Cat stands next to on the right. An easy, fun read, just in time for Christmas!

Other Christmas titles and children’s books by author M.D. Johnson include:
Tis the Time of Year
The Case of the Fallen Candy Cane
Santa’s Guide to Not Being Naughty, But Nice
The Christmas Gift Wrap Conundrum
Counting on Christmas
The Perfect Ornament
The Winter Snow Globe Collection

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