Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 29 Dec 18

Wired Hard (Paradise Crime Book 3)

by Toby Neal

Paradise hides a thief with an obsession.

What would you do to save something priceless?

Security specialist Sophie Ang has a new case: someone is looting artifacts from a royal Hawaiian archaeological site on Maui. Things get deadly fast, and Sophie’s friend, Detective Lei Texeira, takes the case. The women track a killer whose tangled motives extend high into the world of Hawaiian cultural affairs, and deep into the darkest of human motivationsâ??and all the while, Sophie walks a tightrope between new love and heartbreak.

***Finalist: Best Indie Book 2017***

“Neal’s female leads are strong, fierce, independent and fabulous although rough around the edges. She writes with such exquisite detail…immersing you into the island surroundings as though you are there. Exhilarating, suspenseful, thrilling, fast paced, action packed, easy flow, engaging, immersive, vulnerable, and scintillating.” ~F. Thorn, reviewer


by Butterfly Brooks

Donovan Shaw aka Grassman has met his match in the deliciously delightful Samara Bishop. Samara has traded her earthy, solid, hard working boyfriend Julian Jackson for the internationally renowned marijuana dealer, The GrassMan, simply because financial toil and struggle are no longer an option for her.
Donovan, in an effort to ignite his libidinous fire and relieve him of his humdrum homelife with his wife and four children, indulges Sam in lavish gifts, luscious five star dinners, and international globe trotting adventures much to her delight. Their lives are filled with love, passion, and ecstasy.

But what happens when Donovan is stricken with a strange ailment, an unidentifiable syndrome that leaves him fatigued, lethargic, and discolored, his skin turning green?

What is this green skin syndrome? What is happening to him? What is the strange disease? Is there a cure? Will Samara help him restore his health? Or will she leave him like she left Julian, unwilling to face the challenges of a sick lover? The grass on this other side may be a bit too green.

XPOSED: Code Raven 1

by Lynda Filler

XPOSED is a wild action-adventure novella that uncovers a dark and dangerous world of high-level intrigue, passion, power, and greed.

After seizing millions of dollars from an illegal arms-for-drugs deal between a rogue CIA faction, and a South American cartel, Luci retires from clandestine operations and hides out in Central America with her four-year-old daughter. Spotted by her enemies, she is chased up the Pacific coast to Mexico where she is saved by teammates of ex-Navy SEAL Zach, a member of â??Raven’s Group.’

Meanwhile, the US government is in the throes of cyber warfare with China. Luke Raven, a high-tech billionaire, is the only man that can save America from the deadly fallout. He enlists the help of Luci, an ex-Mossad assassin, who now feels an obligation to Luke Raven for rescuing her.

They take their high-stakes adventure across the USA and over the ocean to Paris. The action culminates in Shanghai, China where an ultra-wealthy and ruthless business tycoon possesses highly sensitive information that would have catastrophic results for the USA in the wrong hands. But will they get there soon enough to secure the data from their enemies?

32 Minutes

by Zach Kraft

President-Elect Abigail Armstrong had big plans for her Inauguration Day.
Fielding an ICBM wasn’t one of them…

INAUGURATION DAY, IN THE NEAR FUTURE: A young and optimistic president-elect shivers in the cold, waiting for the ordeal to be over.

Little does she realize, the ordeal hasn’t even begun. Shortly after she takes the oath, the proceedings are interrupted with shocking news: the U.S. military has detected the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The death toll, should the weapon strike the United States: upwards of 10 million people.

Her advisers warn her that there are rules to this game, ones that must be followed if there’s to be any hope of avoiding global nuclear war. Adding to the problem: buried in a bunker, and surrounded by career professionals with agendas of their own, she has no idea what to believe about the conditions unfolding topside.

Soon she learns that the loneliest person on the planet is the one who’s trying to save billions from annihilation.

An explosive, fast-paced novella from the author of The Counting series.

A Murder of Crows (Sean O’Brien (series) Book 8)

by Tom Lowe

When Joe Billie stops a grave robber from unearthing a Seminole Indian burial site, Joe becomes the prime suspect in a bizarre murder. For Sean O’Brien, the first challenge is getting Joe to talk about the circumstances surrounding the killing. As Joe faces first-degree murder charges, O’Brien thinks he knows why his old friend is evasive. But proving it will send O’Brien deep into Seminole history to uncover a greedy killer hell-bent on creating a modern day Trail of Tears.

The Conor McBride Series: Books 1-3: The Conor McBride Series Boxset

by Kathryn Guare

Conor McBride. A man with skills he never wanted to learn…which doesn’t mean he won’t use them.
Conor McBride is a man who’s lost everything, betrayed by the person he trusted most. Now he’s got a job he never asked for, deadly skills he never wanted to learn, and a past he wants to escape. But no matter how far he runs, trouble has a way of finding him, and from one adventure to the next, he often finds he’s not the only one keeping secrets.

The Conor McBride Series: Books 1-3 includes the first three stories in the series. Find out why readers are calling these captivating thrillers with adrenaline-pumping” plots one of the best series they’ve ever read.

Sophie Swift Goes Out on a Limb (A Sophie Swift Cozy Mystery Book 2)

by Christine Bell

We did it, y’all. Me and my merry band of misfit friends solved a murder and managed to NOT get ourselves killed in the process. Barely. Sure, it was all a little more “Scooby-Doo” meets “The Three Stooges” than “CSI” meets “Sex in the City”, but we’d succeeded. And now, it’s back to business, living a normal life filled with boring office meetings and training interns. Huzzah!
But when one of the new interns gets an all expense paid trip to the Pearly Gates courtesy of a homicidal maniac, what choice do we have except to dust off our magnifying glasses and figure out who killed her?

(None. The answer is none.)

The Bride’s Trail (The Trail Series Book 1)

by AA Abbott

A fake bride in BIG troubleâ?¦

Twenty grand vanished from gangster Shaun Halloran’s casino, and so did gorgeous blonde croupier Kat White. Once he’s tracked her down, he’ll shoot first and ask questions later.

Amy Satterthwaite’s just learned Kat stole her ID for a sham marriage. Desperate to clear her name and save her friend from Shaun, she swallows her pride and turns to arrogant Ross Pritchard for help. But can they find Kat in time?

Twists and tension keep the pages turning in A.A. Abbott’s stunning crime thriller. As Kat’s trail leads from London’s smart Fitzrovia to secret tunnels below central Birmingham, the stakes can’t get higher…

Dragon (The Dunbarton Mysteries Book 6)

by Valerie Tate

Burials, bones and bandits – not what Alicia and Chris Mallory are expecting when spring finally arrives in Dunbarton.

In the aftermath of a violent storm, Chris and Alicia come across fossilized dinosaur bones in a lakeside rock fall. Before long, Chris’ sister, anthropologist Dr. Penny Mallory, arrives to head up an archaeological dig.

Despite their best efforts to keep it a secret, news of the discovery gets out and it’s not long before members of the shadowy underworld of antiquities theft and trafficking take notice.

Two old foes return to Dunbarton and the race is on to save the momentous find from disappearing into the murky haunts of the illegal antiquities trade. Who can the Mallorys trust? Which of these two villains is the Chameleon and which is a dragon bent on increasing his hoard?

Will Alicia and Chris manage to play the winning hand in a life-and-death game or will they come to rue the truth in Shakespeare’s advice, “Come not between the dragon and his wrath.”?

Forceful Intent: A Porter Novel (The Porter Series Book 1)

by R.A. McGee

To find a missing girl, he has no problem adding to his body countâ?¦

Porter makes a killing tracking down missing persons. The former federal agent has the bank statements and body count to prove it. But when a good friend asks him to take on a charity case gone cold, he reluctantly agrees. After all, no family should have to bury their little girl’s empty coffinâ?¦

As he retraces the girl’s last-known steps, Porter squares off against a disgruntled bus driver, Tampa gang leaders, and human traffickers who peddle their wares on the darkest corners of the web. Through dirty hands and bloody knuckles, Porter learns that the girl may still be alive. And he won’t stop until he’s given her captors exactly what they have comingâ?¦

Forceful Intent is the brutal first book in a series of suspenseful crime thrillers. If you like flawed heroes, pulse-pounding action, and the Jack Reacher series, then you’ll love R.A. McGee’s gritty tale.

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Beast: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Hounds of Hades MC Book 1)

by Naomi West

He ripped me apart like a savage beast.

The bad boy biker came to the auto shop to fix things up..
Then he came to my bedroom to break me down.
But when someone I trusted turns out to be a monster, I have no other choice:
I have to beg the outlaw to protect me.


Rip is an engine, a dynamo, loud and dirty and aggressive as hell.
And just like the bikes he loves, he’s dying to tear me apart.
Piece by piece, bit by bit, he’s going to dismantle me – just for his own savage pleasure.

But when he’s doneâ?¦
He sure as hell isn’t going to be the one to put me back together.

It’s not just my body that’s falling apart under the biker’s touch, either.
My dreams for the future are crumbling to dust at the same time.
I thought a college education would be my ticket to the big time.
Fame, fortune, the whole nine yards.

But it turns out Rip isn’t the only beast who’s hungering for a bite of me.
There’s far worse out there, hiding their cruel vices behind friendly faces.

And all of them -all of these animals – want one thing and one thing only:
To shove me down onto my knees and make me their property.


She was a pretty little peachâ?¦
And she f**king hated my guts from the second I walked in her daddy’s chop shop.

That only made me laugh.
I love a good challenge.
And even though she’s far from my first vicious conquestâ?¦
This little vixen will be the most fun yet.

Go ahead and resist, I tell her.
We’ll see how long you last.

But then something happened that I never anticipated.
Jessi begged me for my help.

There’s someone else who thinks they can lay their hands on my woman.
Hell f**king no.
I don’t share; I don’t play nice.
And if this creepy son of a b!tch plans on touching so much as a hair on her headâ?¦

I’ll rally every damn brother in my motorcycle club and we’ll bring burning hellfire to his doorstep.
I’ll make him suffer and plead for mercy.
And right before I end him, I’ll tell him the one thing in this world that’s a pure f**king fact:

She. Is. Mine.

Beast is book 1 of the Hounds of Hades MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Beast and Brawn and Beast and Baby are available everywhere now!

Fairy Cake Betrayal: A Magical and Sweet Cat Cozy Mystery (The Cake Fairy Mysteries Book 2)

by Sabrina Hartford

“Fairy cakes, a kitten, magic & an impossible murderâ?¦ All in Hawaii, with a fairy twist!”
Faye Anderson is searching for her mother who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago. The quest takes Faye to Hawaii where she stumbles upon a shadowy killer fleeing a murder scene. Unfortunately, the killer seems to be none other than her own mother. Worse still, when the police arrive, there doesn’t seem to be any signs that a murder has taken place. There are no witnesses and even the body is missing!

It’s an impossible case but Faye isn’t going to let that stop her, especially when she can draw on her fairy powers and help from her newly adopted pet cat Tom. But the island of Hawaii holds many unwanted secrets, such as the story behind her mom’s disappearance and the truth about Tom’s past. Solving the crime could lead to the ultimate betrayalâ?¦

Content details:
– A COMPLETE STORY with the mystery wrapped up and a happy ending. The epilog teases the next story.
– Written in American English.
– Full length story.
– Clean story with no animal cruelty or swearing.
Click on ‘Look Inside’ for full content details on the first page

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His Hand In the Storm: Gray James Detective Murder Mystery and Suspense (Chief Inspector Gray James Detective Murder Mystery Series Book 1)

by Ritu Sethi

Colorado Gold MYSTERY AWARD WINNER. Daphne du Maurier Suspense Finalist.


His team believes he’s calm and Zen. His boss finds him obsessive. Suspects think him gorgeous but dangerous. They’re all right.

Chief Inspector Gray James is sculpting the remembered likeness of his small son when he receives the call – a faceless corpse is found hanging by the choppy river, swirls of snow and sand rolling like tumbleweeds.

Montreal glitters: the cobbled streets slippery with ice, and the mighty St. Lawrence jetting eastward past the city. One by one, someone is killing the founders of a booming medical tech startup – propelling Gray into a downward spiral that shatters his hard-earned peace, that risks his very life, that threatens to force him to care and face what he has shunned all along: his hand in the storm.

From the prize-winning author comes a psychological, page-turning mystery with all the elements one needs on a rainy night: a complex murder, a noble yet haunted detective, and an evocative setting to sink into.

Scroll up to get to know Gray and download, His Hand In the Storm.

IVY’S SEARCH: A Contemporary Western Romance (BRG Security | Burnt River Contemporary Western Romance Book 8)

by Kate Cambridge

With a brutal killer hunting her, Kirsten Bell needs a new identity, and soon if she hopes to survive. Regardless of where she travels, or how she changes her identity, he always finds her. Her only hope to beat him once and for all is a plan devised by her best friend, Aqua Weaver Stone, a former colleague at a top government agency.

When Kirsten arrives in Burnt River, she finds that Aqua has done all the legwork for her, and hands her new identity over, complete with a new, very sexy husband.

But when the killer shows up in Burnt River, it turns out to be more than a coincidence, and there’s more than just Ivy’s life at risk.

Will Ivy’s Search for love and a place to call home be found in Burnt River, or will she remain on the run, hunted by one of the most ruthless killers thirsty for vengeance?

IVY’S SEARCH, book eight in the Burnt River Contemporary Western Romance Series is a stand-alone, novella with an HEA and no cliffhanger. It is rated PG with some mild swearing and kissing. The BRG Security team is also featured in this book.

Have you read the Burnt River Series? Each book is standalone and can be read in any order.
Book 1: Shane’s Burden by Peggy L. Henderson
Book 2: Thorn’s Journey by Shirleen Davies
Book 3: Aqua’s Achilles by Kate Cambridge
Book 4: Ashley’s Hope by Amelia Adams
Book 5: Harpur’s Secret by Kay P. Dawson
Book 6: Mason’s Rescue by Peggy L. Henderson
Book 7: Del’s Choice by Shirleen Davies
Book 8: Ivy’s Search by Kate Cambridge
Coming soon: WREN’S WHY by Kate Cambridge

A free excerpt from LOVE’S LEADING is also included in this book!

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The Steel Fist

by Richard Townshend Bickers

February, 1940.

The Maginot Line.

Cradling his tommy gun, Officer Taggart hides in the snow that lies a meter and a half deep over Eastern France and Western Germany.

Slowly he and his men advance across the frozen frontier.

In the snowy plains, the enemy is hidden. Any clear advance would lead them into a trap.

The enemy must be outwitted.

They must be hunted.

At home, the press called it â??The Phoney War’.

But as they lay waiting, Taggart and know there is nothing phony about this conflict.

His men are destined for action.

They are the Commandos, embarking on the first in a series of raids that began after the withdrawal of the British Expeditionary Force from France.

Their target: Texel, an island off of the Dutch coast.

The enemy is using the bay as a base for planting mines along the coast of English territories.

The Commandos must infiltrate the garrison, armed by Luftwaffe personnel.

From the harsh conditions of the snowbound Maginot Line to the stormy Dutch coast, â??The Steel Fist’ is a fast-paced military thriller that abounds in action and historical detail.

‘A thrilling page turner.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of ‘Trade Off’.

Born in India and educated at St Paul’s, Richard Townshend Bickers volunteered for the RAF on the outbreak of war and served as a regular officer until 1957. He has lived in many countries, travelled all over the world, and speaks and writes nine European and four oriental languages.

Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection Eight: Four New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Boxed Sets Book 8)

by Craig Stephen Copland

You need more Sherlock? You love the stories of The Canon but you want more … more stories that are similar to the original sixty. You have come to the right place. Sixty New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries are being written as tribute stories to each of the original one. The Collection Eight contains the stories The Horror of the Bastard’s Villa, The Dancer from the Dance, The Solitary Bicycle Thief, and The Adventure of the Prioress’s Tale.
When you buy the Collection edition you save fifty percent compared to buying the stories individually.
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The Hand in the Dark (Thriller Novel)

by Arthur J. Rees

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Mrs. Meredith has invited all her friends from her freer, wilder life in London to meet with her at her husband’s family home in rural Sussex. However, she is seemingly taken ill and can’t accompany the party on their final jaunt to a neighbor’s house after dinner. Her husband, step-sister and friends sit down for dinner just before departing when they hear a scream from Mrs. Meredith’s room, shortly followed by the gun shot. The household ascends the stairs to find the young wife murdered, shot from close range. The case is being investigated by a duo of Scotland Yard inspectors who meet a dead end, and the famous private detective Colwyn will have to offer his point of view.

The Georgie B. Goode Vintage Trailer Mysteries Books 1-5

by Marg McAlister

Take one eighth-generation gypsy who is unwilling to admit that she has a gift for foretelling the future. Add a likeable and slightly eccentric group of friends who love the retro lifestyle and following Georgie into one madcap adventure after another, and you have a foolproof recipe for a unique mystery series. Forget the body count – you won’t find dead bodies piling up here: just intriguing puzzles that need a gypsy fortune-teller (and her friends) to unravel the clues! 

Here’s just a little of what they’re saying about this series on Good Reads: 

“Well, I read all of them in about week! Great, fantastic, Awesome. Enough of that. The health department is probably on the way to close up my home.. Got nothing done for a week. They were absolutely wonderful reads. I would recommend them to anyone that likes a good mystery, love story, fun books!” (Blanche Wegman) 

“I love everything about these books and that makes it easy to review but I’m always worried about giving too much away if I said everything I wanted to say. So I’ll keep it short by saying this. If you don’t read these books, you’ll miss out on some of the best writing you could ever readâ?¦” (Karen) 

“Can’t stop raving about this series!!”

“Each book tells its own fantastical tale about Georgie and her family and group of friends solving a different puzzle of one kind or another. Marg is VERY inventive and hasn’t written about any case twice. Love these books! Way to go Marg McAlister! I’m rushing off to read the next one now!” (Stephanie Villere) 


Book 1: Good to Go
When Georgie B. Goode decides to take to the road in a vintage gypsy trailer, she finds herself up to her neck in trouble from the very first stop. That crystal ball her great-grandma Rosa insisted she take with her seems to be trying to tell her somethingâ?¦but what?

Book 2: Georgie Be Good
When Sarah West turns up at a vintage trailer rally to see if Georgie can help her falsely-accused husband, Georgie just can’t bring herself to say â??no’. With the help of her crystal ball and her amateur team of investigators, she starts following the trailâ??and ends up entangled in a web of lies.

Book 3: Good Riddance
One of Georgie’s first customers at an RV park in Santa Monica is a teenage boy who seems more set on having her arrested rather than seeking her help.
Georgie can sense that there’s more behind his football-jock muscles and acne scars than meets the eye, so she keeps digging – but as the plot thickens, she finds herself calling on her fledgling Crystal Ball Investigation Team for help. What they lack in experience, they make up for in ingenuity!

Book 4: Up to No Good
If ever there was a stark contrast to the fun of the retro scene with its rockabilly fun and gorgeous little homes on wheels, it would have to be preppers, stockpiling food and waiting for the Apocalypse. It’s not a scene that Georgie has ever had much to do with, until her brother Jerry starts specializing in building Bug-Out vehicles and selling Get Out Of Dodge packs. Then Jerry disappearsâ??and his fate is in the hands of a couple of gypsy fortune-tellers: his great-grandma Rosa and his sister Georgie.

Book 5: In Good Hands
Jaxx Saxby is widely known as “The TV Presenter from Hell”, so it’s a very a reluctant Georgie that finds herself back in Elkhart to take part in a cable TV special. Jaxx, unfortunately, has decided that the mammoth Johnny B. Goode RV Empire is a perfect fit for her show. During a crystal ball reading recorded on camera, Georgie realizes that Jaxx is in grave danger â??but where that threat is coming from is not easy to work out, since most people around Jaxx Saxby have good reason to dislike her!

The Wall

by Joseph Hayes

This is a story about childhood friends, young romance, and high school football that seamlessly evolves into a thrilling story of secrets, social climbing, bribery, and murder … A fast-paced novel. Kirkus Reviews.A cunningly plotted political thriller … explosive and hugely entertaining. Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ FavoriteA superb and exciting read that is sure to satisfy all political thriller readers, but also reach a much broader audience with its strong characters and powerful message. K.C. FinnThe writing is crisp and clean with some truly spine-tingling moments. Asher SyedMiguel Sanchez is a talented and dynamic attorney who has earned a reputation as a passionate crusader for immigration rights. His charisma and his accomplishments have made him a media darling and paved the way for his explosion onto the national political scene. But he is not who he purports to be. He is the nation’s most high-profile illegal immigrant, a secret known to almost no one other than his shadowy handlers. Together, they have an agenda – punish America for its past sins and undermine this country’s prosperity and way of life. Since childhood, Sanchez has been conditioned to believe in that cause and to do whatever it takes to see that mission through. Now he is on the cusp of acquiring the power to do exactly that. 
Bobby Rivera is the son of Mexican parents who raised him in South Texas, where they were employed under temporary work visas. Although he grew up living in constant fear of the government and deportation, he loves America and the opportunities it has afforded him. He and Miguel share a past – a close friendship as teenagers that was marred by tragedy and dark secrets as well as Miguel’s sudden and unexplained disappearance.

Bobby’s peaceful life as a funeral director in San Antonio is thrown into turmoil when Miguel unexpectedly reenters his life. Bobby realizes that he is the only person outside Miguel’s circle who knows Miguel’s secret and his hidden agenda. Bobby’s loyalty to his old friend conflicts with his loyalty to his country, not to mention his conscience. Will this young man who has spent his entire life looking over his shoulder and running from trouble have the courage to confront it head-on? How far will Miguel go to protect his dark secret? Will the life of fame, fortune and accomplishment Miguel has achieved change his heart and cause him to embrace rather than attack his adoptive country?

The Wall is an intelligent, fast-paced thriller that combines page-turning suspense with a thought-provoking exploration of one of the most controversial, sensitive and far-reaching issues of our time – immigration. It examines the opportunities, fears and challenges of recent immigrants and their children. It portrays the changing complexion of America in a way that is sensitive and hopeful. It contrasts life on opposite sides of the border wall, but more importantly, it vividly depicts the walls that exist in the minds and hearts of those trying to assimilate and those who resist.

The Protector (A Sydney Valentine Mystery Book 1)

by Danielle L. Davis

When a social worker’s brutal murder leaves no clues, one detective must uncover a history of lies to expose the killer.

Detective Sydney Valentine is more than willing to sacrifice a normal life to put ruthless killers behind bars. But even the seasoned detective can’t quite shake the image of Scrabble letters stuffed into a dead social worker’s mouth. With a puzzling crime scene and no immediate suspects, Valentine’s trail threatens to turn coldâ?¦

When another suspicious death hints at a shadowy past, Valentine suspects she has a clever serial killer on her hands. As the investigative noose tightens and the body count rises, will the determined detective piece together the clues in time, or will she become the next victim of the murderer’s deadly game?

The Protector is a gripping police procedural novel. If you like stories with complex twists and gutsy heroines, then you’ll love Danielle L. Davis’s captivating book.

Buy The Protector to scrabble for killer clues today!

Without A Doubt

by L. J. Greatrex

Following the tragic disappearance of his parents and unborn sibling, Jimmy Giddion is torn from his life in the States to a solitary existence in Africa. During these formative years, he discovers a rare talent for computer hacking and decides to use his skills to find his family, but is soon thrown into a world of corruption embroiled in modern-day diamond mine claim jumping. With the reward for his deception intact and his newly-found ally Paul Max, he embarks on an expedition that fires his imagination as a more sinister element to his family’s last encounter is unearthed.

THE PREQUEL – Grandma’s Wedding Quilts: A Hannah and Callum Cozy Mystery

by Kate Cambridge

THE PREQUEL – Grandma’s Wedding Quilts series (Year 2018) “Delightful story! I couldn’t put it down!”
The only way to create a miracle is to believe.

One year ago Hannah Quinn scored her dream job, and now the fate of the museum she loves will rise or fall on her next exhibit. But wait… there’s a problem. She doesn’t have a clue what her next exhibit will be!

When a trunk with two quilts is donated to the museum, Hannah’s boss thinks she’s wasting her time chasing down the history of the quilts, regardless of their beauty; but Hannah persists. She knows there’s something special about these quilts, and a story that demands to be told.

Little does Hannah know, her friend Callum, a researcher and consultant, plays an unexpected a role in her investigation that leads to questions and discoveries that threaten the foundation of all she holds most dear.

Will her desperation to discover the story of the quilts cause her to lose the very thing she loves the most – or will the secrets she uncover lead her to more than she ever dreamed?

This Prequel sets the stage for the Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series, and hints at the power of love and strength sewn into each and every quilt. A true Legacy of Love.

Readers demanded a sequel and Kate listened! THE SEQUEL releases February 2018! Visit

You’ll want to enjoy the love stories of all the siblings and cousins in this series – eleven in all!
#1: Grandma’s Wedding Quilts – The Prequel by Kate Cambridge (Yes, THIS book!)
#2: Kizzie’s Kisses by Zina Abbott
#3: Jessie’s Bargain by Kate P. Dawson
#4: Meredith’s Mistake by Amelia Adams
#5: Monica’s Mystery by Kate Cambridge
#6: Pleasance’s First Love by Kristin Holt
#7: Zebulon’s Wife by Patricia PacJac Carroll
#8: Ione’s Dilemma by Linda Carroll-Bradd
#9: Josie’s Dream by Angela Raines
#10: Chase’s Story by P. A. Estelle
#11: Gloria’s Song by Kathryn Albright
#12: Tad’s Treasure by Shanna Hatfield

GRANDMA’S WEDDING QUILTS: Twelve Sweet Western Historical Romance Novellas and Novels from Eleven USA Bestselling, Amazon Bestselling, and Award-winning Authors. Grandma Mary’s traditional gift to each of her grandchildren: hand-pieced and hand-stitched quilts. Made with love and woven with memories, wisdom, and a family legacy of enduring love.

For more information about this wholesome and clean series, visit:

Triple Dipped Murder (Sundae Afternoon Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

by Gretchen Allen

Ready for a creamy, dreamy treat…with a scoop of murder?

Ice cream shop manager, Yvette Lockhart, dishes up tasty treats in the quaint, touristy town of Heritage, Massachusetts. Trying her best to protect a trusted employee, she finds herself smack dab in the middle of investigating a murder that rocks the tiny town to its foundations. Situations get sticky as secrets are exposed, forcing Yvette to race against the clock to solve the crime in this edge-of-your-seat Cozy Mystery.

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