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The Suburban Manifesto: How To Make City Hall Do Exactly What You Want

by Joe B. Vaughan Jr.

What is the most invasive form of government in the United States? Which one can most directly mess with your life, your family every day, every moment, 24/7?

The federal government? That massive, indifferent bureaucracy managing labyrinthine social programs, a huge military and formidable, security agencies monitoring your phone calls, email, and texts – all for your protection? Got to be the feds, right?


Who governs your water purity, the number and types of pets may keep? Who determines how many police and fire personnel are necessary to protect you, how many libraries you get and whether they provide free computers? Who operates those tiny digital cameras monitoring your intersections? Who?

City hall.

Astonishingly powerful. Touching your life, every moment, every day. Acceptable perhaps, but only if your local government provides you quality city services, remains attentive to your needs, and works to ensure that you remain the top priority of all city operation and planning.

But, what if you city hall seems unconcerned about how that power affects you? What if the local government your tax money supports treats you as a nuisance when you demand city services? What if your local elected officials are more interested in accommodating big development and big business than you? What do you do?


That’s what author Joe B. Vaughan, Jr. did in the early-1990s. He led a highly successful, democratic coup against his ineffective, corrupt local government, ultimately electing a 5-7 majority voting bloc on city council to run the city exactly as his neighbors and he wanted.

You can too.

The Suburban Manifesto describes how to effectively organize your movement, establish a communications network, create presentations to influence/intimidate city commissions/boards/councils, use the media to your benefit, select/elect good candidates. Read The Suburban Manifesto. Make city hall do exactly what you want!

It’s your right.

Immortal Law of Consciousness Creation: Lawsuit Against the Creator God

by Steven Venus

Immortal Law of Consciousness Creation, Lawsuit Against the Creator God, can be considered as the deepest esoteric information and truth in existence. This book, contains over 70 pages of an explanation of Immortal Law in the greatest detail possible. This information does not exist within any other book or website; nothing even slightly compares to the truth of Immortal Law. It is truly groundbreaking, new information that exists no where else, because I have spent years to build this wisdom from the ground up. I spent years thinking about Immortal Law; discovering all that would be the necessary guideline laws to achieve immortality for all of consciousness.
Immortal Law dictates that the the only way for consciousness to be created is within the highest of moral standards; in order to prevent the possibility of pain, suffering, death, enslavement, or any form of evil against consciousness.
Below, are the Seven Laws of Immortality, which are defined in great detail within the book:

Immortality is the Birthright of All Forms of Consciousness

It Must be Impossible for Any Form of Consciousness to be Able to Victimize, Harm, Kill, or Enslave Other Forms of Consciousness

All Forms of Consciousness Must Be Created Equal in Power, Ability, Intelligence, to the God Who Created It.

All Forms of Consciousness Must be Created with the Capability of Unlimited Thought and Imagination; Unbound by Physical Senses

All Forms of Consciousness Must Give Consent to be Created

All Forms of Consciousness Must be Created With the Full Capability of Memory of its Own Existence and Pre-Existence

All Forms of Consciousness Must Be Created as Self Sustaining

Why applying Mustard Oil is considered auspicious for Shanidev?

by Subhash Chandra Thakur

In this book I will deal with the fact that why applying mustard oil to black statue of Shani Dev is considered auspicious. There is legend behind it, and I have learned this fact from famous Television Serial “Mahima Shanidev Ki”

Game Night: Gay First Time Sports Romance

by Van Cole

His Secret Is About To Come Out

Danny is an emerging hockey star who is finally setting the world alight after years of toiling in the second string. But with this new role comes more attention, and it will be harder for him to hide his secret from the world, the fact that he is gay.

It’s a secret he’s kept from all of his teammates and he hates the thought of them finding out the truth. It wouldn’t be an issue, if his best friend hadn’t returned home and found him again. Danny hasn’t seen Matty ever since he left town after graduation. Now he’s back, looking for a place to live and Danny is all too happy to offer him a room.

But Danny has always harbored a crush on Matty. Seeing him again makes it clear that this wasn’t just a teenage dream. Can Danny keep a hold on his feelings? And what will he do when a rival finds out the truth and threatens to end his career?

Threeâ??s Company: Gay MMM Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

Get this book collection of hot Gay Threesome Romance adventures in this exciting new collection
In this collection you will find:

Joy Ride: Gay Menage Paranormal Romance
Rough Riders: Paranormal MMM Biker Romance
It’s Complicated: Gay Mystery Love Triangle Romance
A Second Chance: LGBT M/M Second Chance Romance
Three’s A Crowd: LGBT MMM Second Chance Romance (A Second Chance Sequel)

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot Gay Threesome romance reads.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only



Plato’s masterpiece is in a concise, understandable and modernized form. A praise and hymn to God Eros (Cupid) and more than this a penetration into the core of the real nature of Love. Is Eros the father of elegance, luxury, pleasure, fondness, softness and grace? Is he, who empties men of disaffection and fills them with affection; concord importing, discord exporting, regardful of kindness, regardless of unkindness, favor producing, disfavor reducing, gracefulness infusing, ungracefulness refusing, harmony injecting, disharmony rejecting, satisfaction including, dissatisfaction excluding, providing courtesy and driving away discourtesy as Agathon states?

For Socrates things are quite differentâ?¦.

The most prominent personalities of philosophy and thought in general of Athens of 5th century B.C. (Socrates, Aristophanes, Alcibiades, and others) are the partakers of this Symposium, which takes place in Agathon’s house, and they all speak in turn, in order to glorify and praise the God Eros.

A valuable, timeless and comprehensible erotic handbook, a wonderful matching of philosophy and literature.

Does the Logic Used in the O’Conner Decision about Obamacare Nullify the Second Amendment?

by Howard Bitterman

Regardless of the validity of my arguments, Reed O’Conner’s recent decision, has undoubtedly caused Justice Scalia to do several turns in his grave.

Japanisches Kochbuch: Japanisch Kochen mit schnellen & einfachen Rezepten | Entdecke die Einzigartigkeit japanischer Küche: Von traditioneller Dashi-Suppe … bis zu modernem Sushi (German Edition)

by Akari Nakaruma

Schmeckst Du auch schon das aromatisch gewürzte Gemüse und wie Dir das knusprige Hähnchen im Mund zergeht? Japanische Küche bedeutet Genuss der Extraklasse – Mit fettarmen, gesunden Gerichten und exotischer Note.

In diesem Buch erhälst Du:

  • Anfängerfreundliche Rezepte, die der facetten- und vitaminreichen japanischen Küche gerecht werdenâ?️
  • Fisch, Sushi, Currys, Hähnchen, Dashi, Suppen, Salate, allerlei Nudelgerichte, süÃ?e Versuchungen und sogar selbstgemachtes japanisches Eis: Alles was das Herz begehrst, findest Du hier auf einem Blickâ?️
  • Schnelligkeit: Alle Gerichte sind im Handumdrehen zubereitetâ?️
  • Verständlich erklärt: Schritt für Schritt japanisch Kochen lernen – Des Japan Kochbuch begleitet dich von Schritt 1 anâ?️
  • Zu jedem Gericht findest Du Zeit- und Portionsangabenâ?️
  • Nicht nur was für den Magen, sondern auch für den Kopf: Damit Du nicht nur die Esskultur der Japaner kennenlerst, gibt es zwischendurch erhellende und weise Zitate aus dem Land der aufgehenden Sonneâ?️â??️

Bringe jetzt ein Stück Japan zu Dir nach Hause und genie�e diese einzigartigen kullinarischen Köstlichkeiten mit deinen Liebsten�️

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