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You Can Go Home: A Christian Second Chance Romance

by Hayley Wescott

When Jamie-Leigh and Hank divorced, everything fell apart. Hank had changed so much from the loving husband he’d once been, she felt like she’d been married to a stranger. When she found out about the affair, suddenly everything made sense. Jamie-Leigh wasn’t able to stay married to a cheater. She kicked him out and that was that. Sort of.

Now they were all trying to find their way. A new path. It was hard on all of them, but there wasn’t another choice but to forge ahead and trust God to help them through. At least that was Jamie-Leigh’s way. Trusting God. But trusting others was the hard part. Life in their sleepy little beach town when she had been the last to know what her husband was up to didn’t go back to normal for Jamie-Leigh.

When Hank realizes what a fool he’s been, will they be able to go back? Is a second chance God’s answer to prayer?

Metaphors With Vision: A facilitator for describing the path of awakening, using non-literal imagery.

by C. Be-Create

  • Metaphors with Vision is a compilation of 57 symbols and their spiritual insights
  • Each metaphor is accompanied by an illustration, definitions, interpretations, and reflective thoughts
  • Using imagery engages the mind and stimulates the memory; relating your experiences to the metaphors
  • The loving interpretations of these symbols will assist you and others in overcoming fear and doubt
  • Peace will dawn on your mind when you are able to see the deeper meaning in worldly ideas and occurrences

Amish Grace (Amish Romance)

by Betty Bontrager

Elizabeth Miller was having a difficult time. Her chosen one, Jacob was away in the Englisch world. She had waited for him but he was never coming back. Her familye farm was suffering losses and she had to make a plan to contribute to the finances. To this end, she was job hunting for summer work in town, when she inexplicably landed up in the kaffe where she had last met with Jacob.

Christian Taylor was a successful realtor, but he would give it all up to have his life restored to the happy way it had been before his wife was taken from him and his baby, Grace. Right now he needed help.

Did Gott put Elizabeth and Christian together in their times of need? Was it Gott’s plan that Elizabeth suffer the jealousy and uncertainties that Christian caused to rise up in her? Why would an understanding God allow a man to remember details of his dead wife when he looked at another woman?

A wonderful clean romance story that will lead the reader to a desperate place in the hearts of those who have lost way too much to get to a place of loving and healing.

Faith Of The Amish: An Amish Mystery

by Abigail Augsburger

Faith was your typical spoilt wild child until she met Paul, a kind and strong Amish man and they were soon in love, and married.
After the sudden and tragic death of her husband, a stranger came into her life and soon became friends. Despite harboring feelings for him, there was something â??not quite right’, and Faith had a hunch that he was keeping something from her.

Against his wishes Faith meddled in his affairs and found a can of worms that even she was unsure if she could close again.
To do so, she would have to make peace with her estranged father and hope that her new man would forgive her.
But would heâ?¦.?

Echoes of the Past

by Osar Adeyemi

Corporate guru Fola Lawal has mastered the business world and is at the top of his game. Abandoned as a day-old baby, Fola spent his early years in an orphanage. But despite his difficult start in life, he has achieved success by dint of hard work and his intellect. His mantra in life is to distrust everyone and depend on no one.

Derin Phillips knows she should not be attracted to a man like Fola. His lifestyle and beliefs are against everything she has always known, but she seems unable to stop the pull she feels towards him. She relocated from the UK to deal with the loss of her best friend; getting attracted to her new boss was not part of her plans.

Can Fola let go of his carefully concealed hurts from the past? Will Derin be able to stand firm on her beliefs? Can they both learn to trust and find true healing in the hands of the greatest physician?

Delicate Amish Girl at Christmas

by Abigail Augsburger

Dawn’s traumatic past had calmed somewhat over recent years and her life was a good one. She had tried to organize a community Christmas event to bring the whole village together but at every turn gets pushed back.

One night yet another disaster strikes, and Dawn is once again left devastated. The village seems to be ignoring her and she begins once again to doubt herself.

In one of her lowest and darkest days, will God and the community rally round, or is this the end of all hope for Dawn?

Mail Order Bride: When Love Comes To Town: Sweet, Clean, Inspirational Western Historical Romance

by Callie Gardner

A disgraced East Coast family

A daughter left all alone in the world

A man struggling to keep his families dream alive

Alysse Rearden has led a fortunate life, one that includes a fiancé eagerly waiting to marry her, but, when her father is sent to prison for fraud, the privileged lifestyle that she once knew comes crashing down around her. Her mother, unable to cope with the stigma, leaves Alysse to cope by all herself.

East Coast society is frowning upon her, and there is no hope of her ever returning to the life she once knew, even her fiancé, unable to face the disgrace, has deserted her�

In desperation, Alysse applies to become a mail order bride. Surely this will be the answer to her prayers?

She travels to Texas to meet and marry the man she has corresponded with, but is he really who he says he is?

Can Alysse finally find the happiness she truly deserves?

Or, will her past finally catch up with her, destroying the only chance at happiness she has?

Find Out Now – Get Your Copy of ‘When Love Comes To Town’ – Today!

This is a sweet, clean and wholesome, historical romance by bestselling author Callie Gardner

Mail Order Bride: Truelove heads West (Hearts of the West Book 3)

by Emma Ashwood

Grace Truelove was the only daughter of an elderly couple living in New York, and their only means of support after her older brother disappeared two years ago. When Grace loses her job, she is devastated and accepts help from the Pastor in the form of a means of meeting a rancher from Montana Falls who is searching for a bride.

Bill Mills has a prosperous horse ranch and a very particular idea of a hard working wife to work alongside him – once he finds her. Prompted by his friend, Charles Flint, he is at last sure that he has found the ideal girl and sends for her, only to find that she has deceived him in the most unforgivable way.

Before long, Grace is on the train Westwards, where she meets an indigent and very young Gemima. The train journey is quite eventful and Grace starts her life in Montana Falls with a newborn baby and without the support or interest of her would-be fiancé.

Grace Truelove. In the wrong place at the right time and now guardian to a little baby boy named Solomon, is on her own in a strange town until the community steps in and helps her to take care of little Solomon. When life seems to have sorted itself out, Grace fears losing the child she considers a son.

Will Grace be allowed to fulfil her promise to raise Solomon, or will money and influence prove more powerful than the pure love of a woman for a child? Find out if Grace really does find true loveâ?¦

Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Hope: Book Two of the Forecast Series

by Dyanne Gordon Green

There’s a new Forecast waiting for you in this sweet, contemporary novel with a strong Christian theme!

Frank and Maggie Porter are still enjoying their honeymoon phase as they settle into married life. Maggie is enthusiastic about Frank’s dream to build a homeless shelter and they both celebrate as work begins at the site donated by their church. The shelter is progressing at record speed until an arrogant workman starts trouble that could halt the project.

Maggie’s fashionista sister, Christina, has formed a friendship with Harry and they often meet for dinner and coffee. Christina finds herself falling for Harry, and is shocked when she thinks he only wants to be friends. Determined to find out for sure, she has to rely solely on her faith, courage, and maybe a trip to the mall.

Maggie and Frank agree to host six teens for a church conference unaware that one of the girls will touch their hearts in ways they never expected — especially when the girl and her mom show up on their doorstep long after the conference is over.

Don’t miss a moment of the fun!

While “Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Hope” can be read as a standalone novel, you may enjoy reading Maggie and Frank’s love story in the first book in the series, “Forecast: Stormy with a Chance of Love.”

Amish Romance: Lily’s Longing: Inspirational Clean Romance (Amish Bouquet Bakery Book 1)

by Emma Cartwright


Lily Springer loves two things in life: her sisters and their bakery. Her days and nights are filled with caring for both.
Having lost their parents two years before, the girls work together to keep their legacy alive, and each one has a responsibility to fulfill. Lily loves baking delicious pastries, bread, cookies and pies for their community, but she feels that something is missing in her life.

Although her time is taken up by her work and helping her older sister run their household, Lily’s heart longs for the kind of relationship her parents had, but no one in their small town of Greenwood, Kentucky has ever tried to win her heart. In her youth, her shyness prevented her from responding to any overtures, but now she is just too consumed with her duties to even try.

Gabriel Albrect works for his father’s construction company and is a former charmer of women. However, after having his heart broken, he retreats from the social scene and throws himself into his work. He’s done with women now. But when his cousin comes to visit, he is reminded of his former self and knows that he has to take responsibility for his cousin’s actions. After all, he is the reason that Mark behaves this way.

When Mark appears to be making advances toward Lily’s sisters, Gabriel steps forward to intervene. He cares deeply for the Springer sisters. Although he and Lily were once close friends, time and changes caused them to drift apart. While they are still friendly, the relationship is a shadow of what it once was. Gabriel feels helpless to change it, believing that Lily will never trust him again because of his past. Still, he wants to protect her sisters from the advances of his flirtatious cousin.

As the anniversary of her parents’ death approaches, Lily feels vulnerable and calls out to the Lord for comfort. If she can’t have the desires of her heart, she asks that He take them from her. Little does she know that God has a plan for her that will go beyond all her hopes…

Mail Order Bride: The Runaway Bride of Gold Springs (Hearts of the West Book 1)

by Emma Ashwood

Fanny Jones was not about to fall into line with her older sisters and be forced into marriage to a despicable older man by her abusive stepfather. She would rather do as her older sister had, and run away to avoid it…just as soon as Billy West asked her to join him in Gold Springs. After responding to his advert for a mail order bride, Fanny escaped from her stepfather’s house with train tickets in hand, and was on her way to meet Billy.

Tina Farley shared a train compartment with the battered and fearful Fanny. She too was traveling to Gold Springs as a mail order bride. By the time the train pulled into the station to the awaiting men, the two were firm friends. Although Billy was thrilled at Fanny’s progress running his business, he had not pushed the issue of marriage, and Fanny had to wonder if she was not meant to be a wife in this lifetime.

She had stopped looking over her shoulder, worrying that her stepfather may find her. And then the letter from home arrived…..

Could Fanny be loved enough to be rescued from her former life? What was holding Billy back from making her his bride? Hop on board as the author takes you on a journey of love, control and pain to the final destination as etched out by fate.

Amish Compassion

by Amy Mast


Mary Troya was a motherly sort who sadly could not bear children of her own. Within her community both her and her husband Eli were of some standing and reputation for helping others with their problems. An Amish man Joseph Augsburger , who had left the community a few years back to teach in the local Towns high school, had visited the community to visit his family and former friends.
Mary bumped into him and they talked of his work teaching which Mary believed to be a noble, God serving vocation. He talked about the challenges he saw in young people of the town, and the challenges faced by one family who had a son with severe Autism, and they were at their whits end. The twelve year old son was aloof, nearly non verbal, and had outbursts of frustration and screaming that had brought the family to the knees.

Joseph so wanted to support the family but did not know how?

Mary, without thinking of the consequences or approval of her community said that she would help the family, and the following days were spent in heated discussions with the elders as they suggested that sending time outside the village may not serve Mary best?

Mary prayed on the subject and decided to help anyway, and a meeting was set up.

Despite initial reservations on both sides, Mary soon managed to gain some small connection with the familys son “John”, and the family were over the moon. Mary soon learnt, after a few challenges that she was able to calm John down with calm spoken words of faith. The family were not sure about this at first but let it go due to the impact it had. Eventually John opened up more and smiled, laughed and played with both Mary and the family, and they asked her to teach them what she was doing.

It was through this that they discovered God and whilst not part of the Amish community, Mary returned to the community with a testimony to Gods work and how it had given a family of non believers a faith in the almighty.

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