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Be A Badass Swimmer: 55 Unconventional Hacks That Will Make You An Extraordinary Swimmer

by Brent Majcher

Be A Badass Swimmer with these easy to apply hacks that will transform you into the best swimmer you can possibly be!

“This book will spark complete change for anyone looking to improve their swimming.” – you are now only moments away from downloading the Internet’s # 1 Guide for swimming improvement… for less than your cup of coffee every morning!

Be A Badass Swimmer is the culmination of a veteran swim instructor’s decade of swim instruction and includes fifty-five (55) easy to apply tricks, techniques, hacks, and exercises that will help you transform yourself into a floundering guppy into a dominant Great-White in the water.

Browsing how to become a better swimmer on the internet will only take you so far. You need a guide. A resource. Someone to guide you towards success!

This book is your call to action. Right here, right now, we’re going to embark on a journey and improve your swimming beyond what you ever thought was possible.

All you have to give me is a solid attempt at each of my hacks. Try them out. Apply them. And transform yourself into the strongest swimmer you’re capable of being. No matter where you are in your swimming journey, there’s something here for you…

In “Be A Badass Swimmer” you’ll learn:

– The secret technique that the best swimmers in the world use to breathe…

– Why you are unable to swim more than three laps without taking a break..,

– How to cut 10, 20, even 30% off of your racing time with this one simple tip…

– Dismantle your misinformed beliefs about swimming in under an hour…

– How doing the opposite of everyone else in the pool will take you twice the distance…

– The strange way you can 10 x your power in the pool…

– Why you are hung up and seeing no improvement in the pool…

– And more…

Learn what has changed the lives of hundreds right now, and download “Be A Badass Swimmer,” today!

Looking forward to seeing you inside…!

A Drâ??s Marathon Racing Training Lifestyle Guide: Runners and Triathletes from Beginner to Elite (A Dr’s Sport & Lifestyle Guide Book 1)

by James Graham

Whether it is your 1st marathon or your 100th, this book has methods to make you fitter, faster and more resilient. Dr Jim finished in the top half of his age group at the 2016 Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. A few months earlier, he ran 3 marathons sub-3 hours in 3 weeks, including his lifetime fastest (2:51) and 3rd fastest (2:55). Dr Jim is faster than ever at age 53 and he reveals his secrets to success.
Insight from a physician who has studied the sport and personally raced more than 50 marathons. This illustrated book contains detailed (mile-by-mile) Marathon Race-day Plans for Finish Times from 2:14 to 6:14. Detailed 12 to 16 week Training Plans for runners and triathletes aged from 18 years to 75 years. For of all abilities from beginner to elite.
The easiest Training Plan starts with just 11 miles running each week and has a Peak Training week of 24 miles. The hardest plan has Peak Training of 100 miles in a week.
A comprehensive guide that includes advice about nutrition, lifestyle, injuries and ailments. The aerobic and anaerobic energy releasing systems of the body are explained. These methods can work for you. Go for it !!!!!

BOWING LOW BEFORE NATURE: Book 2 The Japanese lecture Etoki on Tateyama Mandala in the Heisei era


Tateyama Mandala belongs to a certain kind of the Japanese traditional paintings, among them Kumano Mandala, Kasuga Mandala, Taima Mandala and Hie Sanno Mandala. The writer who is one of the descendants of priests of the spiritual mountain Tateyama often gave a lecture called “Etoki” as he received a request. In this book he describes how he did it and what Fundamental significance of some Japanese traditional ceremony for the Salvation of women was. You can enjoy and learn the unique views of the world of the Japanese who have respected and loved nature so much for a long time.

DIETA VEGANA PARA CULTURISTAS: Incluye 50 Recetas Veganas que le ayudarán a conseguir masa muscular y su musculación (Spanish Edition)

by Mariana Correa

Dieta Vegana para Culturistas es el mejor libro para cualquier persona que está buscando ganar masa muscular, entrenar más duro y sentirse saludable.

Usted sólo alcanzará sus metas si su cuerpo está sano desde adentro hacia afuera. Va a mejorar su rendimiento a través de comer los alimentos adecuados para usted. Este libro incluye una explicación clara de lo que necesita para tener éxito y cuenta con más de 50 recetas veganas fáciles que le ayudarán a conseguir su mejor rendimiento.

Su conexión con los alimentos es la mayor influencia para su bienestar a largo plazo. La primera cosa a considerar cuando se desea hacer un cambio en su vida es su dieta. Una alimentación sana es la base de su programa de entrenamiento y desarrollo atlético.

La autora Mariana Correa es una ex atleta profesional y nutricionista deportiva certificada que ha competido con éxito en todo el mundo. Ella comparte años de experiencia tanto como atleta y entrenador aportando una perspectiva de valor incalculable.
Disfrute de este libro con postres veganos, desayunos, cenas veganas, aperitivos veganos, comidas veganas y mucho más.

1,001 Recruit Tips: College Coach Edition: Recruiting Made Simple

by @1001RecruitTips

Improve your recruiting skills with advice and tips from @1001RecruitTips, who has experience on staff as part of a #1 and #2 nationally ranked football recruiting classes as well as a Top 10 men’s basketball signing class. With experiences working with over 70 NCAA Division I coaches, including 22 head coaches, @1001RecruitTips has put together the best tips to help you discover players; get organized; prepare for Official and Unofficial Visits; building your prospect Watch List; market your program; build your personal brand; build relationships with parents, prep coaches and prospects; understanding what parents want; developing your players and specific advice for head coaches, assistant coaches and grad assistants!

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