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Doppelgänger: An American Spy in World War II France

by E. Behr

“If you do battle with evil, sooner or later you pick up evil’s weapons yourself. Then you risk becoming what you seek to destroy.”When the German army overwhelms France in June, 1940, Walter Hirsch’s safe, carefully-ordered intellectual life as a writer in Paris is shattered. A choking cloud of fearâ??Nacht und Nebelâ??settles over his beloved City of Light.”I’m an American, a neutral,” he thinks. “This isn’t my war.” It becomes his war when he attracts the suspicionâ??and hatredâ??of SS Standartenführer Hans Sommer.Returning to America after being badly injured when the Germans crush a student riot at the Sorbonne, he is recruited by Bill Donovan’s fledgling American intelligence service, the OSS, to re-enter France as a spy. Walter’s flawless German and Frenchâ??and his newly-discovered ability to change cover stories like a chameleonâ??make him an ideal espionage agent. But his dedication to his country comes at a high price. With each brazenly successful mission and escape, the strangling noose of Sommer’s relentless pursuit draws tighter. With each new lie, a little more of his identity fades, like a face in an aging sepia photograph. With each new cold-blooded execution, a little more of his soul shrivels. “Donovan was right,” he realizes. “When you become a spy, the first person you have to kill is your former self.”In April 1944, now with a Gestapo bounty of three million francs on his head, a burned-out Walter is ordered to scout German beach defenses and troop movement prior to the invasion of France. But the American High Command sends him to Calais, not Normandy. They cynically decide to sell Walter out to the Germans to support the Allies’ critical deception about the actual landing site for the invasion.Sommer’s Gestapo, tipped off by OSS leadership, ambush Water as he is about to return to England with a briefcase full of incriminating documents and photographs. Tortured by his captors, Walter clings to his life and sanity. His OSS case officer, appalled at Walter’s betrayal by his own government, launches a desperate rescue mission. He enlists the support of England’s most lethal SOE assassin, the “Black Widow,” a woman with her own mysterious connection to Walter Hirsch.But even if the daring mission succeeds, what will remain of the man they have come to save? Can the cost of preserving freedom have become too unbearably high?

A Tale of War

by Vivek V Verma

December 2008.

New Delhi, India.

The country is on the brink of war, reeling from the devastating attacks unleashed on Mumbai by the enemies of India.

Aditi Mehra, a young and popular news anchor, is assigned to an Indian Army unit in Kashmir, mere days after 26/11. Once a paradise on earth, Kashmir has been invaded by a terrorist machinery that threatens to devour it whole, and the Indian Army is the first and last line of defence. Leading the war on terror is Major Daksh, a dynamic and courageous officer, determined to protect his motherland.

Thrust into the heat of battle, Aditi finds herself entangled in a deep-rooted conspiracy, a dance of death orchestrated by powerful and sinister forces. A dark shadow threatens her very existence, a beast driven by hate and bloodlustâ??Shahbaz Jamali, a terrorist hell-bent on his mission to annihilate all infidels and capture Kashmir.

From the power corridors of New Delhi to the raging battlefields in Kashmir, A Tale of War is a story of deceit, destruction, and bloodshed, and an idealistic journalist catapulted into the middle of it all.

About the Author:

Vivek is an independent filmmaker. His films have won awards in Hollywood and Vancouver, and have been screened in New York, London, and Budapest. He has written, directed, and produced several documentaries and telefilms for the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. His work has been showcased at Indian consulates, film festivals, TV channels, and the educational circuit around the world.

The inspiration for A Tale of War came from his experiences as a filmmaker in Kashmir on assignment for the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1999 and 2005, working with the Indian Army and making more than 40 documentaries and telefilms covering the insurgency and terrorism that has gripped the state. Further, making films for various ministries gave him an insight into the working of the entire government machinery and bureaucracy.

A Tale of War is his debut novel, a drama thriller. He is currently working on another book in the same genre.

Apart from filmmaking, Vivek is a trained Indian classical vocalist and has a keen interest in rock music and sports. He is based in Mumbai.

Warriors: A Novel of Texas’ Last Comanche Indian Campaign

by Gene Shelton

Two young men from two different worlds: One a Plains Indian schooled from youth in war, the other a reluctant warrior driven into uniform by family tradition, the two riding toward a collision course in a deep canyon called Palo Duro in the Texas Panhandle and High Plains. One has everything a man could want; the other yearns for something he cannot have.

This is the story of the Red River War, the final major campaign fielded by the U.S. Cavalry under Col. Ranald S. “Bad Hand” Mackenzie’s Fourth Division against the coalition of Comanche and Kiowa warriors led by famed Quanah Parker.

This historical novel of the four-year campaign tells both sides of the conflictâ??through the eyes of the Indian warrior called Badger and the young horse soldier named Ned Justineâ??and the long, winding trail destined to bring the two face-to-face in one final battle on the Texas frontier.

It also is a portrait of two vastly different cultures that could never coexist.

A Dance Worth Dancing (Tactical Men Series)

by JL Long

I tried to stay away from her.
No woman wants a damaged man.
You can’t see my scars; I wear them within.
You can’t see the torment that I live with every day.
I never thought I would find anyone or anything to help disperse the pain I deal with every day.
Until herâ?¦
She took my hand and showed me the light.
A light so goddamn bright; it was intoxicating
But, just as fast as she took my handâ?¦
She let me go.

Fighting for love seems impossible when the universe does everything in its power to pull us apart.

Homeward: In Honor of Those Lost to Suicide

by Angela R. Watts

Why had Theo taken his own life? What future did Theo face now? How could Taylor cling to God’s mercy and promises when it felt like Theo’s eternity was in ruins because of what he’d done? How did she find answers? Find peace?

A poignant short story in honor of those lost to suicide.

Montega’s Mistress

by Doreen Owens Malek

MONTEGA’S MISTRESS – Originally published in 1986
Published 2012 as Book One of MEN OF INTRIGUE: A TRILOGY


Helen Demarest’s peaceful, orderly existence was shattered forever the night Matteo Montega burst into her life. Armed and wounded, Montega was a man on the run with a secret mission to complete. At first frightened, then fascinated, Helen had chosen to help her midnight intruder and thus was drawn into the web of danger and intrigue that surrounded him.

From the Florida beach where they first met to his Central American homeland, Montega showed Helen a new world filled with passion, risk and the commitment to dare everything for a goal she came to share. But when the adventure was over and he had his victory-would she have won or lost?

Canned Peaches and Pound Cake

by William Tremble

Bob Edwards served in Vietnam as an eighteen-year-old Marine recruit right out of high school where he completed three tours in Vietnam from 1969 to 1972, and then he did two more years working for the CIA security detail at the US Embassy in Saigon for the years 1973 and 1974. He saw and participated in horrific events during the Vietnam War that inflicted physical and psychological injuries that resurfaced again when he met his war buddies five decades later. The universe put things into motion with the discovery of a 40 year old letter that was intercepted by fate or a well-meaning mother, and were now being corrected allowing the previous timelines interrupted by war to complete their destiny.

A Song of Babylon: Part 1

by Matthew Angelo Victoriano

When two musicians – one Christian, one Muslim – volunteer for war in search of meaning, their lives are inextricably linked in a confrontation of faith and forgiveness in which death may be their only redemption.

Angelo, a classical guitarist and self-righteous Christian, gives up his career after September 11th and joins the Marines to fight Islamic terrorism. Qasim, a famous oud player and devout Muslim, volunteers to become an interpreter in the Iraq War to prove his patriotism and find meaning in his father’s death.

Their paths converge in Iraq and, over time, Qasim’s mentorship and shared love of music help to change Angelo’s views toward himself, religion, and Iraq. But both men’s worlds come crashing down when Angelo is seriously wounded and Qasim is falsely accused of espionage.

Unable to play the guitar or serve as a Marine, Angelo struggles with faith, forgiveness, and drug addiction. When Qasim returns home from Iraq’s notorious Abu Ghraib prison, he once again helps Angelo to heal and grow, but his own struggles with PTSD, faith, and betrayal begin to consume him.

When ISIS invades Mosul and his family is murdered, Qasim returns to Iraq in search of meaning and redemption. In a final test of faith and forgiveness, Angelo travels into the heart of enemy of territory to save the man that once saved him.

odanobunagatosekaiseihaikkan iti (idesubukkusu) (Japanese Edition)

by tanakakatsuyoshi

ã??俺ã?ç¹?ç?°ä¿¡é?·ã?æ?¬è?½å¯ºã®å¤?で殺ã?ã??ã??æ?°æ?¥å?ã«è»¢ç§»ã?てã?まっã?ã??ä½?度ã??ä½?度ã??転ç??と転移ã??ç¹°ã??è¿?ã?てくã?ã?ã?ä»?å??はé­?æ³?のなã?ä¸?ç??に転移ã?てã?まっã?ã??ã?だã??ã?ã?ã??そのä¸?ç??はã?ã??俺ã?ã?å?ã?ã¦ç??ã??å?ã?ã?ä¸?ç??にé?ã??なくè¿?ã?ä¸?ç??のã??ã?だã??ã?のã??ã?な転ç??と転移ã??ç¹°ã??è¿?ã?å?ã«ã¯ã?ç¹?ç?°ä¿¡é?·ã«æ?§ã??ã?ä¿¡é?·ã?æ?¬è?½å¯ºã®å¤?で殺ã?ã??なã?っã?å ´å?のä¸?ç??ã??夢è¦?てã?ã?ã??ã?のã??ã?なæ©?ä¼?はäº?度となã?とæ?ã?のでã?é­?æ³?ã??封ã?て信é?·ã«å?©å??ã?ã??ã?とにã?ã?ã??そã?てå?ºæ¥ã??なã??ばã?å¤©ä¸?å¸?æ­¦ã??æ?ã?é?ã?ã?ã?ã?å¾?でã?åº?くä¸?ç??にè¨?ってå?ºã?ã?てã?ä¸?ç??å?¶è¦?ã??æ?ã?é?ã?ã?ã?ã?ã?ã??è¬?å?ã??èµ·ã?そã?とã?てã?ã?æ??æ?ºå??ç§?ã?æ?»ã?æ»?ぼã?äº?å®?だっã?é?·æ?¾æ??é?¨å??親ã?å?æ??にæ¯?å?©å®¶ã¨å??è­°ã??結ã??だ羽æ?´ç§?å?とæ¯?å?©è¼å??などå¤?くのæ?µå?³æ?¹ã??ã?å?½å??çµ±ä¸?だã?でçµ?ã?ã??のではなくã?å?å¤©ç«ºã¯ã??とã??ã??ã?ã?¢ã?¡ã?ªã?«å¤§é?¸ã??ã?¨ã?¼ã?­ã??ã??にまでæ?»ã?è¾¼ã??占é ?ã?ã??å?æã§æ©è³?ã??ä¸?ã?ã?æ?¿æ²»ä½?å?¶ã??ç¯?くã?とになっã?ã??

Les Amants de Salzbourg (La Vie Imaginaire de Lucile Franque t. 2) (French Edition)

by Manon Bruyaire

Une histoire romantique qui prend naissance à Salzboug, sur fond de guerres napoléoniennes. Non pas la ville des festivals, mais une cité que les convulsions de l’histoire ont vidée de la moitié de ses habitants, alors que l’herbe pousse entre les pavés des ruelles. Les émois d’une jeune-fille tiraillée entre deux hommes, un séducteur sans âge au charme étrange, et un jeune officier plein de fougue des armées de l’Empereur. Le choix d’un destin indécis, sur lequel plane l’ombre fantomatique d’une jeune artiste, Lucile Franque, venue peindre des années auparavant, quand l’héroïne n’était qu’une petite fille, les murs de la chapelle du château familial. Elle disparut ensuite mystérieusement, sans que Karolina l’oublie jamais.

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