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Her Wicked Ways (Secrets & Scandals Book 1)

by Darcy Burke

She was his saviorâ?¦

Banished from London for her reckless behavior, Lady Miranda Sinclair is robbed by a dashing highwayman en route to the country. By offering him a kiss in lieu of the jewels she had to leave behind, she commits the very type of act that caused her exile. When her dour guardians extend her punishment to performing charitable work at the local orphanage, she’s further tempted by the home’s owner, a provincial gentleman who stirs her passion.

He was her downfallâ?¦

Desperate to save his orphanage from financial catastrophe, Montgomery “Fox” Foxcroft leads a double life as a highwayman. The arrival of wealthy, well-connected Miranda, whose kiss he can’t forget, presents a lawful opportunity to increase his coffers. His problems seem solvedâ??until she rejects his suit. Out of options and falling for the heiress, Fox must risk what principles he has left and take advantage of her wicked waysâ??even if it ruins them both.


by Aaron McGowan

The potential for unlimited power is revealed…
“Elpis” – Adventure Fiction Novel for All Ages

It is true that we can’t read as much we’d love to. But we all love to do some light reading from time to time. A book that suits our convenience should at least meet criteria like this:

-Should have an interesting plot, but simple enough to read through without trouble.
-Should have some humor; doesn’t have to be a comedy, but a few light moments make a good reading.
-It shouldn’t be too long; 300 – 400 pages are okay; working life doesn’t give us that much time anyways.

“Elpis” by Aaron McGowan is just the perfect fiction novel!

Terico, a young boy from a quiet town, feels stuck working in his parents’ shop. He is hungry for some adventure, obsessed with the idea of travelling the world and fighting monsters. And the chance for adventure comes, somehow, though in a painful way when his village is attacked by the cruel leader of a Brotherhood, King Delkol, who will stop at nothing to get the pieces of a certain magical stone called The Elpis Stone.

Once his village massacre is over, Terico’s new mission is well cut out for him – Revenge! He embarks on a mission to reclaim what was lost in his village.

Here’s why you should grab a copy of this novel:

-It is an action filled story; no boredom!
-Some 334 pages; not too long for you, but just long enough to engage you.
-Lots of action but no sexual violence; therefore suitable for teenagers and young adults.
-Captivating yet simple plot; you don’t have to think too hard.
-It is available in kindle and paperbacks

The book is among the top 100 Amazon bestsellers, and it would make a great read for people of any age or education.

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Going Bear: Gay Bear Shifter Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

Get this book collection of hot Gay Bear Shifter Romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Bearly Making It: MM Billionaire Shapeshifter Romance
Saving The Rebel: Gay Paranormal Bad Boy Romance
Rough Riders: Paranormal MMM Biker Romance
Joy Ride: Gay Menage Paranormal Romance

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot Gay Bear Shifter romance reads.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

Emily’s Trial (Akasha Chronicles Book 2)

by Natalie Wright

A unique dark magical paranormal romance that leads up to a dystopian apocalyptic love story:

The Apocalypse didn’t start with four horsemen, harbingers of the horror to come. It didn’t start with a plague, or pestilence, or even zombies rising from the dead.

It came slowly and without warning. It crept up on people in the shadows, no more than a vague darkness that spread like an unseen cancer.

And it wasn’t set into action by a divine hand. A teenage girl was the catalyst for the End Times.

I should know. I’m the one that started it.

Emily’s journey began two years ago when she became a modern Celtic Priestess. She was armed with a magic dagger and the powerful golden torc, forged by faerie hands, was wound around her arm, fused to her soul. Emily was entrusted with sacred magic and ancient wisdom.

But even a Priestess can know desire, feel temptation, and yearn for love. Will passion entice Emily to use the sacred magic in a forbidden way? Can new love take root in a world of nightmares? And will her friendships survive Emily’s Trial?

The Journey Continues . . .

Jigsaw Hearts (Awaken My Heart Book 1)

by Danica Raimz

To overcome her sensitive nature, successful entertainment journalist Ren Hayden locks away her emotions along with the scattered pieces of her tragic childhood. The only person she trusts, but probably shouldn’t, is a criminalâ??her brother, Seth.

When Seth dies unexpectedly, he sets off a chain reaction causing Ren’s coping mechanisms to falter. Unable to make sense of messages she receives from beyond the grave, she can’t stop herself from finding comfort in the arms of Galen Zabrieseâ??the brother of the woman Seth ruthlessly conned.

Ren discovers life’s missing pieces in Galen and steamy experiences in his bed but struggles to feel worthy of his love. While battling his own missing pieces, Galen becomes hell-bent on drawing Ren’s real nature to the surface. Can selfless, true love help them complete each other or will Seth’s past catch up with them first?

Jigsaw Hearts is a stand-alone novel full of emotional depth and steamy romance. Ren and Galen continue the beginning of their life together in two follow-up novellas, Pieces of You, Pieces of Me and Whole Piece of My Heart. Look forward to more novels and novellas involving the unconventional, flawed, but fabulous Zabriese family throughout the Awaken My Heart series.

*** â??”Score one for Galen?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Have I made you speechless?” His voice became huskier, seductive.
I nodded, dizzy over the sensation of his hair brushing against my neck, heated as his hands clasped in front of me as if I belonged to him.
“Want me to make you speechless longer?” he teased.
I leaned my head against his, weak with emotions that were so new to me that I didn’t know what to do with them. “

The Knuckleheads 3-Book MC Motorcycle Club Romance Bundle: No Way Out / Sold to the Cartel / Beauty and the Biker Boss

by Simone Scarlet MMA

Discover Tattooed Bad-Boys, Steamy Romance and Hell-Bent Adventure in this Thrilling 3-Book MC Romance Trilogy

Saddle up with The Knuckleheads for the high-octane ride of your life!

Best-selling romance author Simone Scarlet offers all three parts of her thrilling Knuckleheads trilogy in this box set. That’s over 260,000 words of wild adventure, scorching romance and an interconnected story line that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

No Way Out

They called me Christi with-no-last-name, because ever since I’d started riding with the Knuckleheads, none of these big, burly, dangerous bastards had bothered to find out what it might be. But that suited me just fine – because I was on the run. I’d be their willing little biker slut, and do anything and anyone asked of me, as long as they kept me safe from the dirty cops gunning for my hide. But all that changed when HE showed up. Mason Stone. A tall, brooding badass who seemed so different from the rest of these uncouth, unwashed bikers. I’d spent the last few months burying my emotions, and doing whatever depraved thing I needed to; just to survive.

And then Mason came along – and with one kiss, he reminded me what it’s like to be alive again.

Sold to the Cartel

My fiance betrayed me. I thought we were in love – but when I stumbled over his dirty dealings with a Mexican drug cartel, he showed his true colors. Rather than let me expose him to the police, or worse, he snuck me across the border, tied me up, and sold me to the first gang of ruthless Coyotes who’d take me. Now I’m stuck in a Mexican whorehouse, in God-knows-where. I’m all alone, I don’t speak the language – and they’re about to sell me off to the highest bidder. And then HE turns up.

Mendoza – the most dangerous and feared drug kingpin south of the border. His cruelty his legendary, and whatever he wants – he takes. And he wants ME.

Beauty and the Biker Boss

My parents sent me to volunteer at an orphanage in Mexico, thinking it would keep their virginal, twenty-one-year-old daughter out of trouble for the summer. Boy, were they wrong. Because now I’m riding hell-for-leather in the back of a bullet-ridden police car, with the scariest man I’ve ever seen hunched over the wheel. He’s nearly seven-feet-tall, tanned the color of leather, and he’s wearing more ink than the catalog at a tattoo parlor – and I’m ashamed at how exciting I find him.

His name is Coyle, and he’s everything my parents warned me about. So why can’t I take my eyes off him?

Grand Romance: An MM Gay Romance

by Peter Styles

It might be a giant hole in the ground, but it’s ours.

Alex is a tour guide for the Grand Canyon National Park. Incredibly enthusiastic about nature and all its many wonders, he’s the kind of guy who expects to come home covered in dust every night. Life is great, until the manager of the nearby gift shop is replaced by him.

Logan, on the other hand, spends half his life trying to keep his new workplace tidy. He loves the sights as much as anyone, but that tour guide is a pain. He’s so full of himself and won’t listen to a single suggestion Logan has. Not only that, but that guide is tracking half the desert through his spotless gift shop.

And he’s doing it just to get Logan’s attention.

Grand Romance is a gay romance novel containing scenes as hot as the desert itself! This book is for adults only. You want a blazing affair full of twists and turns? You’ve found it!

Holly & Nate (Into The Fire Series)

by J.H. Croix

A date auction gone wrong. Or so very right.


The whole mess started with a fundraiser. You know, those date auctions?
It was for a good cause. I swear. But then Nate Fox won the date with me.
Nate who drives me insane.

He’s my brother’s best friend, and oh-so-inconveniently handsome as h*ll. He also spent some serious cash for that date. With me.

It’s a disaster in the making, and I’ll do whatever I must to avoid it. Small problem though. Nate’s insisting I make good on it. A date with him is bad enough. Even worse, I want him. Fiercely.


The moment I look up and see Holly Blake walk out on that stage, I’m determined to make my longest running fantasy come true.

I’ll have my second chance with Holly. Even if I have to pay for it. She’s smart, sassy, and so d*mn gorgeous.

Then, I find out she has a secret. A secret that only makes me want her even more.

Dark Angel (Her Angel: Bound Warriors paranormal romance series Book 1)

by Felicity Heaton

Centuries in Hell have taken their toll on Apollyon. Tired of guarding the Devil, he longs to break free of the dark realm. The trouble is, he can’t leave without permission. When he feels someone calling him, he seizes his chance for freedom, but what awaits him in the mortal realm is the last thing he expectsâ??the beautiful woman he has watched over from Hell, a witch who casts a spell on him and awakens the darkest desires of his heart.

Serenity is shocked when a wickedly sensual black-winged angel shows up in her city of Paris claiming that she summoned him when she was only casting a simple vengeance spell. He’s no other than the angel of death! A very gorgeous, alluring angel of death who makes her feel she’s in danger of getting her heart broken all over again.

When the lethally handsome warrior offers to obey her and give her revenge, Serenity can’t resist the temptation, but can she resist the forbidden hungers the dark angel stirs in her?

No cliffhangers. No cheating. Just passionate paranormal romance books with a guaranteed happily forever after!

Note: This is a revised, extremely extended and re-released version of Her Dark Angel after a rights reversion. Now with even more angel goodness (or wickedness if you prefer).

Discover the passionate, possessive and protective warriors of the Her Angel romance series from NYT best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton as they fight to shield the women they fall in love with from a dark world of demons, angels and vampires.

Books in the Her Angel: Bound Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Dark Angel
Book 2: Fallen Angel
Book 3: Warrior Angel
Book 4: Bound Angel (coming December 29th)

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