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Jack Kerouac: Interviews and Encounters

by Paul Maher Jr.

Empty Phantoms: Collected Interviews with Jack Kerouac gathers together, for the first time in one volume, all known printed, recorded, and filmed interviewsâ??including those celebrated, infamous, or obscureâ??with the acclaimed American writer and father of the Beats, Jack Kerouac.

In many instances, the interviews are transcribed from original tapes and are either unabridged, like the famous “Paris Review” interview in which the journal was excised for space constraints, or unexpurgated, such as in the infamous Northport Library interview, which had been edited to avoid issues of libel and charges of anti-Semitism. Editor Paul Maher, one of the leading young lions of Kerouac scholarship, has scoured newspapers to glean interviews unseen for decades.

Although many top-notch journalists, from Mike Wallace to William F. Buckley, conducted the interviews, it is Kerouac who dominates the proceedings, with his energy, wit, passion, anger, astute insights, playfulness, literary integrity, and searching spirituality. Best of all, the interviews are replete with Kerouacisms like “walking on water wasn’t built in a day, wisdom is heartless,” and “pity dogs and forgive men,” which have been a cherished aspect of Kerouac’s literature.

Beyond his own works, this living portrait of Kerouac isn’t available anywhere else.

Woman With a Thousand Hats

by Denise Kawaii

Are you overworked, underappreciated, living life by the seat of your pants and wondering how to make sense of it all? This is the memoir for you. Find out how one woman made her dreams come true agaist all odds – and you can, too.

This is the story of a farm girl, an insurance agent, a chronic insomniac, a therapy patient, a serial dieter, an entrepreneur, an office manager, a housewife, a financial adviser, an overtaxed mom, and a published author. Spoiler: they’re all the same person.

You’ll want to laugh and cry as you read, but you won’t want to put this memoir down. Woman With a Thousand Hats is a candid glimpse behind the scenes of a do-it-all woman’s everyday life. Not only does Kawaii get honest about the emotional turmoil behind her personal drive to work, but she also tackles bigger social issues like body shaming, chronic illness, family dysfunction and social pressure to be “normal”. 

The perfect read for anyone who has ever felt like they weren’t good enough.

Forever Yours, Forever Free (Penmeera)

by Tony Beckett-Hester

For many years, Pat worked tirelessly with Tony, with healing love and commitment to her spiritual path, generously and patiently giving of herself to help others, especially those seeking comfort, solace and healing. Her treasured words, both spoken and written, touched the lives of thousands. A truly beautiful soul.

Pat tragically lost the sight in her right eye in her twenties. Despite this, she enjoyed her needlework, creating many tapestry and embroidery pictures. In recent years, failing eyesight brought an end to her tapestry-making, but, undaunted, Pat turned to knitting for Humanitarian Aid, her speciality being Teddies For Tragedies: small teddies that could be sent through various bodies to children in disaster areas throughout the world. Pat passed the 1000 mark some time ago and was well into her 1100th.

This wonderful lady and true embodiment of loving spirituality, whose love has touched us in so many ways, will stay in our hearts always.

This book is (also) the story of the Pat’s communications with Tony in the years following Pat’s death, much evidenced by independent psychics

Julie d’Aubigny: Or One Of The Coolest Gals In History (Pop History Book 2)

by Cj Evans

“When she was 14 years old she became the mistress of her father’s boss.”

Julie d’Aubigny was born in the later half of the 17th century France. During her lifetime she became a talented fencer which led her into many illegal duels, opera singing, and attempting to seduce many people irregardless of their sex. She once had a brief run in with the law, being involved in the “kidnapping” of a nun and setting the convent on fire. Julie d’Aubigny was one of the most interetsing gals in all of history.

Fiona Stoll Diary 1937

by Fiona Stoll

Many years ago when there still was a British Empire upon which the sun never set, I lived with my father and mother and my two younger brothers in Shabani, Southern Rhodesia. My parents decided to take a trip to England and Europe, and took all of us along. In March 1937 when our trip began, I had just turned 15, my brother Bernard was 10 and my brother Leonard was 8. My mother suggested that I should keep a diary of the trip. She pointed out that I would be missing a whole school term and should do something to keep my hand in. Ever amenable and obedient, I did what I was told and kept the diary. In 2001 I was looking for old photographs when I came across my diary and read it for the first time. I thought it might be of interest to my children and grand children, so I typed it up. And here it is unchanged in every respect save for the names of some people who are still living.

Woorden Van Het Denken!: Ik Als Een Boodschapper! (Dutch Edition)

by Reverend Felice Trombino

Woorden van het denken! Meditaties, gebeden en verhandelingen, gebruikte ik mijzelf en schreef ze. De spirituele centra hebben een meditatie en een discours, het maakt deel uit van de dienst. Gebeden is een andere manier om te zeggen, dank u en gastvrij. Dit is belangrijk, we zijn niet allemaal dezelfde religie in het onderhoud, we hebben allemaal verschillende achtergronden… Plus een ander belangrijk feit… Om Reverend te zijn, zijn niet het scholen,,, zijn u als persoon plus uw verbinding met geest. Ik wil mijn werk met jullie delen, want ik ben slechts een persoon die door God wordt aangeworven. Ik wou dat ik kan je helpen begrijpen van de betekenis van de geest, door mijn werk. Ik zal blij zijn, dat ik een juiste keuze gemaakt, om dit boek te doen

Electronic bookKDP: With a chat (Japanese Edition)


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Book of Five Rings by Musashi MIYAMOTO Part 1 The Earth Chapter (Japanese Edition)

by shogo kisaragi

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