Free business and investing Kindle books for 30 Dec 18

MYANMAR NOW OR WHEN: The guide for Small Medium Entrepreneurs

by Trang Hoang

Are you going to invest in Myanmar? Are you struggling to make decisions?
This book will give you a clarity, which may bring you one step closer to your success, without spending years to understand the market.

To understand a new market, one of key things is understanding the culture and emerging needs, which are very difficult to deep dive without living in that country for a certain period of time and knowing the techniques to get insights. Let me support you, as I am a Vietnamese, living in Myanmar for nearly 2 years. My expertise is mining insights, launching new brands, new business models. I have set up my own businesses for the last 2.5 years. My experience will help to bring up-to-date and relevant understanding to you.

THE ULTIMATE TRAINING GUIDE FOR CLICKFUNNELS UPDATE 2019: VIDEO COURSE UPDATED 2019! Learn how to use CLICKFUNNELS, Create Funnels, Entire Websites, Accept payments, Generate Leads

by John Mesh


  • Create Funnels
  • Accept payments
  • Generate Leads
  • Integrate Clickfunnels with Stripe
  • Create your membership area
  • Create Sales Pages
  • Build a blog using Clickfunnels

Learn how to use the best MARKETING TOOL ON THE PLANET.

Clickfunnels allows you to sell a product online quicker and faster than anything you’ve ever seen in your life

Clickfunnels is a simple way to create pages that convert

Even if you have no idea how to code or use wordpress you can create fantastic webpages and even entire websites using Clickfunnels

You are just one funnel away!!

Scrool up and click the buy button!

The Corpo Survival Kit

by Fia Foss

Are you a corporate (â??corpo”) dinosaur, hyena or maybe a suricate? Have you thought about it already? Do you know what is the best survival strategy for hyenas and other corporate personality types? This book is a perfect survival kit for people joining or working already for corporations.
Written in a half-joking way this book will give you a lot of helpful tips on how to make you succeed faster and avoid mistakes on the way. Remember each mistake places your success farer away from you. Be smart and get to the finish line faster!
The book includes a personality test so make sure you verify what corpo type you are!

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Investing in Real Estate: Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Make Money by Investing in Real Estate

by Thomas Smith

As a beginner in real estate investment, the first question to pop in your mind is, “Where do I start?” And the best answer for that is “by learning as much as you can about real estate investment.” The starting point of learning about real estate investment is to be aware of the major challenges that exist in this market niche. So, let us start there.

Education is the first and foremost challenging aspect of investing in real estate. Most of the novices either give up or fail to make money in this market because they lack the necessary knowledge and information.

So, what are you waiting for grab this book ASAP!

Flipping Houses: Comprehensive Beginnerâ??s Guide to Buying and Selling Houses

by Thomas Smith

So, maybe you struck gold and found yourself staring at the winning PowerBall ticket right there in your hands. Maybe you actually broke your back trying to build that 6 or 7-digit bank account you’ve been working hard on for years. Whatever the case, you’ve got some green to spend. So you just gotta ask – what should you spend it on?

Now, what option does that leave you? What aboutâ?¦ real estate? Before you raise a brow and say that investing in property is the opposite of your idea of an “exciting financial venture,” you should know that some of the world’s richest have made their millions through intuitive real estate strategies.

Considered by many as an extreme real estate sport, house flipping is a fast-paced investment strategy that takes what you have and doubles it over the span of 1 year. If you can liquidate in less time, then you’ve made a faster ROI than you probably would have in 3 years of operating the most successful restaurant franchise you could find.

If you’re ready to discover your ticket to making millions, if you want to grow those stagnant funds, and if you want to have it all with the least risk and most potential gain, then keep on reading as we steer you through the wonderfully exciting world of house flipping.

So, what are you waiting for grab your book ASAP!

Internet Promotion Business: Making a Living Through Local Business Consulting or Affiliate Marketing Promotions

by Nikolo Langley

2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your New Internet Business


No Huge Capital, No Business Experience & No Expertise Required.

What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 business bundle:

– How to start a social media management/consulting business even without being an expert
– How to let others do the work for you
– How to offer a package that people will love
– What white label service to use for your own new business
– What to include in your offer sheet for a higher chance of getting a client’s business
– How to create the irresistible offer
– The exact offer that you can send to your potential client
– How to make an offer that they can’t refuse
– Examples of offer sheet to copy or get inspiration from
– How to use YouTube to find untapped clients
– Why your clients are actually just around you waiting to be sold

– The process of promoting affiliate website even without experience or technical skills
– How can you sell something even if you’re not a marketing expert
– How to find a product launch that will make you and your customer happy
– The exact criteria to use for making sure that you’re only promoting legit products
– How to create a website from a to z
– How to choose the proper domain name… this is crucial!
– How to write a product review step by step (plus some examples to study or copy)
– Why you should always giveaway a bonus package and what are the exact bonuses to give depending on the price of your commission
– How to rank on Google with $20 and 5 minutes of work


If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results. – Tony Robbins

You can either learn all of these by yourself or you can invest a few bucks and invest in yourself and in this bundle instead.

It’s totally up to you. The choice is yours.

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Digital Business Leap: Working at Home for Newbie Internet Marketers via Digital Services and Teaching Online

by Dave S. Green


Start a Business Has Never Been Easier Than Today… But With So Many Opportunities, How Do You Avoid the DUDS from the REAL THING? Well in this bundle, I’m going to give you 2 proven business models that anyone can start.


What you’ll get in this bundle:

– How to find services to resell
– The exact services to sell (my suggestions)
– How to create a product listing that sells your services fast
– How to confirm service profitability in 5 minutes or less
– How to upsell customers so you can earn 5x more
– How to drive traffic to your listing for free
– Examples of listings that are killing it right now. Copy these listings and watch your conversion increase!

– How to choose a topic that is both fun and profitable
– How to create a course curriculum fast!
– How to find the best topics
– How to outline your course today!
– The exact tools that you need in order to create a complete quality course
– How to apply some SEO tactics to increase UDEMY rankings


Download your copy and apply the lessons today!

Christmas 2018 Stock Market Reversal. : Buy Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500 ETFs Now ! (Stock Market Monitor Book 1)

by Eric Katsov

On Christmas 2018 Stock market had a major reversal from an amazingly huge market drop that we experienced in the last 10 years. However, the market is very oversold and out AI Stock Evaluating Software is registering a lot of major Market Indexes to buy right now such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500. Basically we look at 17 Major Market Indexes and tell you which ones to buy and sell by investing in their corresponding ETFs. Software is offered via app to consumers via this link:

Advanced Communication Skills: Why is so Important to Communicate? Tips That Will Make you an Efficient Communicator

by Matthew Richardson


First of all we have to make a fundamental distinction between talking and communicating. Almost everyone is good at talking, but how many people nowadays is able to effectively communicate their thoughts, emotions, messages and feelings?
Usually people fail in transmitting what they really want to, therefore defects of communicative abilities can be considered as one of the main causes of stress, frustration and lack of comprehension and harmony in everyday social,familiar and professional life.
To improve our relationships at home, in the workplace, in business and so on, is crucial to understand not only what to say, but especially HOW to say it, that makes all the difference.

In this book we’ll debate the aspects and the dynamic of communication. Moreover we’ll discover advanced tools that can bring your social and professional life at a higher level.


-Communication Basics
-Aspects of the Communication Dynamic
-Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
-Types of Input, Filters, Internal Map, State and Response
-Advanced Communication Skills Toolbox

Online Business 101

by Dreamer Publisher

Online Business 101

In looking at online business even with a quick scroll through Google,
you can get very overwhelmed very quickly. You can be forgiven
“This is marketing. I am not a marketer” or perhaps “This is
specialised and I am not specialist”. Do not be put off. Do not be
The truth is that there are a lot of options and breaking things down
into bite-sized chunks is key (and in the knowledge that this is not
an attempt to
capture your attention to upsell you something you do not need). Get
the basics here so that you will be informed enough to ask the right
questions and
pursue the right options.

Why consider Online Business 101? That is a question for you and you
alone. Maybe you want independence to work from home and escape a
rigid 9-5
Cubicle Hell? Maybe your pension does not goes as far as you would
have liked? Perhaps you wish to live overseas, becoming a digital
nomad, and need a
job you can easily transplant? Maybe you Just want to be your own boss?

Whatever the reason, this is a small gateway into an exciting and
rewarding time in your life.

Please remember to leave a 5 star review if you love the book and
check out our other Dreamer Publisher publications on Kindle and
and in audiobook through ACX

Non-Expert Entrepreneur: Earn Money Online Without Having Any Expertise. Freelancing for Newbies & YouTube Publishing Business Ideas.

by Nikolo Langley

2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your New Internet Business


No Huge Capital, No Business Experience & No Expertise Required.

What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 business bundle:

– How to find other freelancers who will do the work for you for pennies on the dollar
– The top 4 service type that you should sell… these are perfect for beginners.
– How to confirm the market profitability so you don’t have to sell services on crappy categories
– How to find sub-offers to sell
– How to set up your listing step by step
– Example of an actual listing to copy and get inspiration from
– How to know what kind of extra gigs to offer
– How to follow up with your current customers and make 20%-40% more profit

– The exact process of making money while playing and recording video games
– The tools that you need in order to start a part-time YouTube business
– What game should you install first
– How to create a proper YouTube channel that people will like
– How to choose the game that you should record
– Why you shouldn’t waste your time recording this X kind of games
– How to monetize your video so you can make money online
– How to edit your video in 1 minute or less and what are the exact settings to follow for maximum quality
– How to optimize your video for YouTube search engine when you upload them online
– The trick that will hep you get 3x more views fast!
– This one secret promotion trick that will help you build a loyal following in just a few weeks
– 4 other games that you should conquer!


If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results. – Tony Robbins

You can either learn all of these by yourself or you can invest a few bucks and invest in yourself and in this bundle instead.

It’s totally up to you. The choice is yours.

If you choose the latter, then just scroll up and download your copy now.


Proven: Principles of Success Forged in the Fire of Life

by Simon Kirschman

It was a sleepy Saturday morning when my eyes opened, and I found myself staring into a list of all my past failures that was hanging on my wall. It was then, at that moment, that I was forced to realize that I was the real problem. I could no longer remain under the delusion that my failures were the product of external forces. It was a bitter pill to swallow. Once I got it down, nothing was going to stop me from finding the problems inside of myself that were causing me to fail time after time. My new book “Proven” is the result of this search and the compilation of everything I was able to dig out of the depths of who I am that had been contributing to my own demise. At the end of my search, having a perfect retrospection of how I had been my own worst enemy, I was able to clearly see what things I needed to change within myself if I ever wanted to succeed. Now I want to share my mistakes and what they taught me with the rest of the world.

Change Your Bad Habits: Build Productive Habits to Overcome Procrastination

by Lynn Hall

Discover simple ways on how to change your bad habits and eliminate procrastination!

Learn easy methods to build productive habits and make your life that much easier.

Are you in the habit of deferring an action to a later time? Do you put off the work you need to finish immediately, or is the paperwork piled a mile high on your table while you’re mentally serene about handling it later? Need to start accomplishing tasks, but feel like putting them off until you’re exhausted from not completing them and just giving up? Then this is the right book for you!

Learn to deal with the occasional or chronic procrastination.

By doing so, this will not only help you accomplish tasks you desire, but it will also help you find success you were previously missing out on due to putting the work off for later and missing your deadlines. With this book, reach for those deadlines with sharp concentration and a better sense of commitment, which will break those bonds of procrastination you’ve let yourself get entangled in.

Finish things on time! Make your time count!

What will you get from this book?

  • Insight into why we might procrastinate on tasks and assignments.
  • How to start the process of overcoming procrastination?
  • Strategies, which will help you get more focused and committed to your work.
  • Tips that will boost your overall productivity.
  • Checklists which will help monitor your progress.
  • What triggers or mistakes you should be aware of to avoid giving into procrastinating?
  • Tips to stay motivated and productive
  • One Small Step + Another = Great Progress x A Lifetime

    Download: Change Your Bad Habits Now!

    • Find out the 8 strategies to make you more productive
    • Identify Your procrastinating triggers.
    • Establish S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • Create your own checklist from a downloadable sample
    • Discover the tips to make you more productive and avoid procrastination

    Grab Your Copy Today

    Tips on Buying Property (and Anything Else) from Offline Auctions

    by Jonathan Stapleford

    Many people today hear the word “auction” and almost by default think of on-line auctioneering as done by sites such as e-Bay. “Off-line” auctionsâ??with living, breathing people yelling out bids (or silently nodding an uptick) and a motor-mouthed auctioneer acting as ringmasterâ??still exist, though, and should not be discounted as sources for great finds.

    Auctions of any kind can be thrilling (“I won!”) or disappointing (“I was outbid!”). They can be fun when looking for rare collectibles, but they are deadly serious business when buying big-ticket items such as cars, vacant land, or even houses on tract lots. Anyone not knowing the fundamentals, and the hidden costs in such auctions, will soon be in dire financial straits.

    This common-sense guide, compiled by the author from personal experiences at auctions, gives the rookie auction attendee some much needed direction on what to do, when to do, and more importantly how to do it with good money management principals applied.

    Whether anyone’s interest is in buying ashtrays or automobiles, hand tools or houses, the process before actually placing any bid to winning a desired item (and paying for it) is covered here. The guide comes complete with a glossary of terms, too.

    Goals 30 Day Challenge: A Beginner’s Guide To Goal Setting, Habits & Lifestyle Design

    by Casey Croft

    Are you ready to change your life in just 30 days?

    If you’re willing to learn how to take targeted, consistent action, then this is the book for you.

    Are you new to goal setting? Perhaps you’re suffering from burnout or you’ve failed to achieve your goals in the past. Do other people around you always seem to get more done? Or perhaps you find the hardest thing of all is believing that someone like you can change their life.

    The Goals 30 Day Challenge book will give you a simple but proven strategy that condenses the latest research on optimal performance into a guide for everyone.


    – How to uncover what you really want so you can live with purpose

    – Why goal setting is essential to success

    – How to set SMART goals that actually work

    – The key areas of focus for a balanced, happy and satisfying life

    – How setting the correct timeframe for your goal is the difference between success and failure

    – How to use lifehacks to achieve your goals faster so you can work smarter, not harder

    – The best way to create habits and routines to automate and upgrade your life

    – How to break bad habits that are weighing you down

    – The importance of self-confidence and how to create it if you’ve always suffered from low self-esteem or limiting beliefs

    – The secrets the most successful business leaders in the world use that you can apply to your life, no matter what you want

    – How you can create a life plan that allows you to contribute more to your community, church or business

    – How to analyse and review your progress to stay on track and continuously improve

    By completing the 30 day challenge, you will be able to create the foundation of a more successful life. Like compound interest, your goals and accomplishments can increase exponentially each month, taking you closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

    The tools for success shouldn’t be limited to the privileged few.

    Includes a step-by-step guide to choosing your goal and planning out your 30 day challenge, so you can begin to take action, gain momentum and use the simple, effective system straight away.

    Take the goals 30 day challenge now to upgrade your life and achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of!

    Extra-Cash Blueprints: Ways to Make Extra Money Online. Amazon Affiliate Marketing & Website Flipping.

    by Danny Marfori

    Who Else Wants to Start a Business with Almost Zero Capital and Huge Upside?

    Choose a Business Model That Fits Your Goals & Lifestyle.

    This bundle consist of 2 business ideas that can help you quit your day job and let you work at home or anywhere you want.

    Amazon Associates Affiliate
    – The 7 step process for reviewing a product and converting videos into actual sales
    – Why you should’t fall for get rich schemes online
    – The best Amazon departments to target for your first few product reviews
    – The 5 criteria to get when searching for a product to sell through YouTube reviews
    – Why you should aim for competition
    – The perfect price point for Amazon affiliate promotions
    – How to promote more products in one video without reviewing all of them
    – How to create a video title that gets clicks and views
    – The top 6 optimization techniques that will you rank faster on YouTube and Google’s page 1 for your product’s keyword
    – How to use cheap services to rank your video and achieve more with less work on your part

    Buy & Sell Website Blueprint
    – The 3 step process for buying and selling a website
    – How to find the best websites and where to look from
    – How to evaluate a website in 10 minutes or less
    – A secret free tool that will allow you to evaluate a site fast!
    – The criteria to follow when you’re choosing a domain name to buy
    – How to sell your domains fast!
    – How the domain buying and transferring works




    Remember that the decisions you make today are what will dictate your future

    Will you continue to have a mediocre financial life? Or will you take chances and start a new online business?

    The choice is totally up to you.

    Scroll Up and Download Your Copy to Get Started Today!

    Problems Beget Profits: A Professional Manager’s Playbook: Keep your Managerial Skills in Shape

    by Rory Wilson

    In order for a professional manager to drive improvement there must be problems that he/she can turn into profits. All companies have problems so the professional manager, in tune with the need for driving change through improvements in the company, will look for and dig out problems and leverage them to get the organization to a better place. How the professional manager deals with a problem and how he/she leverages the situation to drive improvement in the organization is critical to a company’s continued existence, growth, and success.

    It is the author’s hope that you will identify the problems in your department or organization and apply the basic management principles in this playbook to help you get to a new level. The techniques in this book have been proven to be successful. By embracing and understanding these keys to success you will be in a position to move yourself and your company to a professional level of management and ensure that in the future problems will beget profits.

    EL BARCO: El desafío de hacer navegar a su empresa hacia el éxito (Spanish Edition)

    by Javier Fernando Klus

    La Odisea que atraviesa una empresa para lograr ser exitosa es similar a la de un barco tratando de llegar a buen puerto.
    El éxito de nuestra organización dependerá de un conjunto de variables internas y externas que harán que la travesía de nuestra empresa sea exitosa o no.
    La comunicación, el compromiso y la motivación se convertirán en herramientas claves al momento de conducir nuestro barco (al igual que nuestra empresa).
    El liderazgo (simbolizado en el “Capitán”) será un elemento fundamental para el cumplimiento de los objetivos que la organización se haya impuesto. El manejo de la incertidumbre y de situaciones inéditas es un ejercicio que debe realizarse a cada momento. El cuestionar los parámetros establecidos y las soluciones adoptadas en cada momento, serán otra de las cualidades relevantes de un buen líder.
    Todo buen Capitán deberá saber que “nuestro éxito del presente puede no ser más una señal de nuestro futuro fracaso.”
    En resumen, el presente libro intenta llevar a un lenguaje claro y sencillo, un conjunto de prácticas de management, muchas de las cuales parten de la aplicación del sentido común. Las cuales seguramente hemos aprendido o leído alguna vez pero que, en algún momento de nuestra realidad profesional, hemos olvidado de aplicar.

    Create a Service Culture: Hospitality Worldwide

    by Sam Harper

    How to ensure that service becomes a culture, not just a list of tasks?
    This short book holds all the best advice and experience gained from Worlds Top 50 Restaurants, small neighbourood restaurant owners who have been in business for fifty years, to advice gained from Michelin Star Restaurants.
    Using the service wheel along side the rules of service, New Owners and experienced managers can streamline their processes.
    New Managers can gain several years experience and knowledge in the space of a few pages.
    The Service wheel is ideal for every level of restaurant.
    You decide what level you think your restaurant guests expect.
    How do you think you are doing verses how well you are doing.
    How to motivate the team and say the right things?

    How To Buy State Tax Lien Properties In Pennsylvania Real Estate: Get Tax Lien Certificates, Tax Lien And Deed Homes For Sale In Pennsylvania

    by Brian Mahoney

    How To Buy State Tax Lien Properties In Pennsylvania Real Estate
    Get Tax Lien Certificates, Tax Lien And Deed Homes For Sale In Pennsylvania

    There is not another real estate investing book on the market that gives you as many Tax Lien and Deed Investment Property, that you can use to MAKE MASSIVE MONEY RIGHT NOW! You will also learn…

    * Quick & Easy Access To All of the Low Cost Tax Lien and Deed Real Estate Properties in Pennsylvania!

    * Quick & Easy Access To All of the Low Cost Tax Lien and Deed Real Estate Properties Nationwide!

    * Know Exactly Were The Most Property Is. You Get Every County In Pennsylvania and It’s Population.

    * 8 Fantastic Ways to Finance Your Investment Properties!

    * How to reach a billion people with YouTube Video Marketing

    * How to write a Expert Business Plan quickly and easily!

    * How to Set Goals Stay Focused and Accomplish Your Dreams!

    * How to Access a Goldmine of Government Grants!

    * A Real Estate Library of Terms to get you up to date for knowing the business inside and out!

    People are destroyed for lack of knowledge. For less than the cost of one night at the movies you can get the knowledge you need to start living your business dreams!

    Don’t wait. You’ll wait your life away…

    Pop Culture Money Machine: Ways to Start Making Money with Todayâ??s Pop Culture Perfect for Beginners

    by Dave S. Green


    Start a Business Has Never Been Easier Than Today… But With So Many Opportunities, How Do You Avoid the DUDS from the REAL THING? Well in this bundle, I’m going to give you 2 proven business models that anyone can start.


    What you’ll get in this bundle:

    – A simple business model to make money on Instagram
    – How to take advantage of pop culture icons and make money by promoting products related to these icons
    – How to choose a pop icon to target
    – How to create a content that people love
    – The 2 things you need to do to have a product for sale
    – The exact tools you need to edit photos and videos
    – The Art of Simple Product Promotion
    – How to structure your content for maximum sales and trust
    – and many more!

    – How to find products that are guaranteed best-seller!
    – How to create a website for FREE
    – How to set up payment for hassle free transaction
    – How to drive free traffic via


    Download your copy and apply the lessons today!

    Public Speaking: 10 Simple Methods to Build Confidence, Overcome Shyness, Increase Persuasion and Become Great at Public Speaking

    by James W. Williams

    Does the thought of speaking before a crowd send chills down your spine? Do you find the thought of getting a standing ovation to be magical and wonder if it can ever happen to you?

    If these are your questions then this book has all the answers for you. Public speaking may seem complex but it’s a skill that can be learned and mastered.

    Studies have shown that the fear of public speaking can have an impact on your career. Those who fear public speaking are making 10% less wages on the average. Fear of public speaking also hinders promotion to management positions by 15%. According to various research studies, your delivery is as important as the content. 

    In this book, we will discover a step-by-step guide on what public speaking entails and how you can build confidence and increase your persuasion skills as a great speaker. Whether you are looking for ways to influence large groups, or you’re in the process of making the sales pitch to win the contract, you will find Public Speaking: 10 Simple Methods to Build Confidence, Overcome Shyness, Increase Persuasion and Become Great at Public Speaking to be quite helpful.

    This book is packed with innovative tools and tips that have the potential of transforming your public speaking capabilities. Whether you’re struggling with confidence issues, shyness and all manner of fear that make you tremble whenever an opportunity rises for you to speak, you can completely transform that into becoming a captivating speaker that leaves any audience yearning for more.

    In this book you will discover;

    • In-depth information and exercises that can help you build confidence and improve your speaking skills.
    • The secrets of great speakers – What they use to inspire and captivate their audience.
    • The importance of being authentic and true to yourself and why audiences connect well with such speakers.
    • How to develop persuasion skills and engage your audience effectively.
    • Speech creation and voice preparation for effective communication.

    There are lots of information on public speaking, finding a simple book that shares tangible information in a step-by-step format like this one is worth trying out. Are you still wondering whether this book is ideal for you? Considering the numerous benefits that come with attaining public speaking mastery, you will definitely find answers to all those burning questions on public speaking.

    Go ahead and grab this copy by clicking on the buy button and begin working on your public speaking skills.

    Living Debt-Free: Your Recipe For Paying Off Debt and Financial Freedom (Financial Guide, Simple Steps, Making Money, Manage Spending, How To, Getting Financial Freedom)

    by Harrison Jacquot

    The stress, the anxiety, and the fear felt by the concept of being in debt can be overwhelming. When a mountain of bills and the ringing of creditors pounds into your life, what is there to do?
    Don’t lose heart and don’t give up. Everyone has faced the challenges of debt at one point or another, or has at least understood the struggle of not having the finances they would like or they require. You are not alone and it is possible to get through the challenge and win the battle.
    In reality there are many different methods for getting out of debt. Financial gurus abound on the internet, on TV, and in book stores. It takes a bit of effort and some study to find the best method for you, but here we have laid out some options which, if they are applied appropriately, can reduce your debt and increase your savings. This should generally be the end goal, but don’t worry too much about the end goal for now. Focus on the small steps, the incremental goals that can be achieved through commitment and adjusting your mindset about finances. And remember, you don’t have to do everything listed in order to achieve financial breakthrough, you just have to apply the methods that work best for you and apply them strongly.
    When we run into money problems, it can feel as though it bleeds into every area of our lives. If we focus on money problems being money problems as opposed to money problems being life problems, we can remember that this is one thing to fix, one step at a time. Anyone can get through their financial woes, and that includes you.
    In this book, we are going to explore the most effective mindset when dealing with debt and then will discuss some of the ways that could help you earn extra income to pay off debt. Before you begin, I want to thank you for downloading this book. I hope you enjoy and benefit from it!

    Mastering the Job Interview

    by Lavie Margolin

    Are you serious about improving your job prospects and are you willing to make the commitment necessary to growing your career by getting better at interviewing?

    Mastering the Job Interview is the comprehensive resource you need to cover every step of the interviewing process. The interview is your opportunity to prove to the company that you should be given a chance and you cannot just wing it. By learning the right techniques to succeed in a job interview, you will stand out and increase your chances for getting the job.

    Prepare yourself to answer any interview question, in-person or over the phone, with a response that makes the reason the company should hire you clear. Not only will you have an answer prepared for interview questions before they are even asked, you will also truly understand why they are being asked and how to answer them best.

    When will the next steps in the interview happen? How can you negotiate the highest possible offer? In this book, you’ll gain the skills, the tactics, and the confidence you need to follow up with confidence and negotiate a higher paycheck.

    Interviewing for a job is a high stakes game. You need to learn how to play the game, and play to win.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.