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Blank Comic Book for Teens: Draw Your Own Awesome Comics, Express Your Creativity and Talent with 200 Pages Variety of Templates

by Kenny Jefferson

Have you ever want to create your own comic book?
Are you looking for the perfect Blank templates with over 200 pages with high quality paper for you to create your stories?
Well, Then you’ve come to the right place!

Blank Comic Book for teens: Draw your Own Comics

Best for everyone who loves to create their own unique Comic.
with 200 pages of pages of Variety of panel action layout templates. 
Good Quality white paper.
Size 7.5 X 9.25.
High quality Matte cover.
Perfect for sketching and drawing Comic strips.
Suitable for students, artists, kids, adults and for teens!

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Naughty Naomi Makes a Mess

by Jimmy Clark

Naomi is your average four year old girl, she loves to play, sing, and be silly but most of all she loves to be naughty . Follow the Naughty Naomi series to see what kind of trouble she will get into next.

Learn About the Arctic: Animals of the Arctic Sea

by M. Zayas

This book includes full color photos of some animals who live in the Arctic Sea, it is an educational book for children who know how to read or are just starting to read. Does talk about climate change as well.

Blueberry Muffins Are Up A Buck A Pair

by Starmel Spring

A heart-warming, fantasy novel written by two best friends in their early 20’s back in the 1970’s but not released until the recent passing of one of the authors – a wonderful tribute. Chock full of fun, imagination, creativity, friendship, levity, and adventure – very visual! A children’s book for all ages, set in 1959, but in a parallel universe, starring Albert, an eternally youthful 77 year old and his 7 year old best friend Wilber. Join them on their many surreal adventures as Albert seeks to cling onto his youth and find the answer of a lifetime. Three wild days in Albert’s world full of imaginative scenery and quirky characters, combined with plenty of good old fashioned 1950’s boyhood charm, will leave you wondering what could possibly happen next.
(Includes a specially curated Soundtrack for each chapter on Spotify to get you in the proper mood) Try it!

Nox Regia (Mages of Obsidian Book 1)

by Asher Sharol

—Magic, anyone? Hasten here and let Asher Sharol spin you a tale of the most enchanting witchcraft.—

—Fans of Mortal Instruments and The Magicians will be blown away by this cauldron of magical adventures and plot twists— 

—Darkly beautiful…the crisis blossoms like Deadly Nightshades in midwinter—

Welcome to NOX REGIA, an Institute for Metaphysical and Alchemical studies and a school to which Samuel and his friends are summoned in the dead of night to hone their â??hidden talents’. Bat dung hits the fan the moment they’re assigned to school houses, however. Someone desires something from Sam: a mysterious black book entrusted to him by his recently deceased sister, Sally. Though Sam’s circle of friends steadily improve their magical abilities over the weeks, they come to realize the true predator is a master at the subtleties of human nature and may require much more than magic to be banished. 

Luz de navidad (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Bain

Pericles es un joven gnomo con un corazón tremendamente bondadoso, es elegido por su abuelo Plutarco para llevar la luz de navidad hasta el pequeño pueblecillo de boca de ratón, que año tras año aguarda impaciente la llegada de la navidad. Lo que todos ignoran es que Morgana, una bruja maléfica que aborrece la felicidad de las personas, emprende un plan siniestro para robar la luz de la navidad.

Diary Of A Fortnite Noob: And The Crazy Story Of How Fortnite Came Into Real Life

by AJ Diaz

Imagine if you got on your school bus in the morning and it turned into the Fortnite Battle Bus and dropped you off on a Battle Royale Island — because that’s basically what happened to me…

I’m a Fortnite noob. I admit it. I never actually played. Which I wish I had. Because Fortnite happened to me in real life.

After the meteor crashed down on our school nothing was ever the same.

One ordinary (yet not so ordinary day AT ALL) I got detention. When I arrived in the detention room our principal took us–my three friends and I–in an airplane and flew us to Death Island.

He told us we were a squad and that I was the leader. Our plane got shot down and we landed on the island, in a Battle Royale fight against 800 other students from other high schools. Our crazy principal told us it was up to us to save the island.

But mostly I just wanted to stay alive, and keep my friends alive. Which meant we had to be the last team standing.

This is the Crazy and Extreme DIARY OF A FORTNITE NOOB — And How Fortnite Came Into Real Life. Basically. Sort Of.

Strap in for the ride of your life. Because you’re about to get caught in a storm of action, adventure and fun!

Puppy Pickup Day: The Little Labradoodle (Book 1)

by April M. Cox

Is your child struggling with insecurity or anxiety?
Kids will identify with the smallest labradoodle pup as he worries about fitting in, keeping up and whether his new family will love him in spite of his size and limitations. Will the littlest pup overcomes getting LOST on pickup day?

Kids will be delighted as the story unfolds with expressive images created by former-Disney Illustrator, Len Smith.

Pick up PUPPY PICKUP DAY in paperback or hardcover now and get a digital copy of the ebook and companion coloring book FREE with your purchase!

Early readers love the easy rhyming scheme which helps to build reading skills and confidence. Toddlers and preschoolers love the bright colors and adorable characters. Perfect gift book for dog / puppy / labradoodle lovers.

For Ages: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Grade: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1, 2 and 3.

Magoia: and The Little Dragon

by Trollgames GmbH

Magoia is a wonderful land brimming with magic and many unique creatures, however, paradise is in danger; It is under attack! The Shadow is haunting Magoia as the mighty dragons try to protect it. So does the little dragon Faolan, who sets out to defeat the Shadow and help his parents. But on his journey he must also face the darkness within. Faolan is a brave dragon and out of his immense love for Magoia he choses the powerful Path of the Heart to fight the monsters around him and the shadows within himself.

This is the first book of the Magoia series.

Upon the request of many parents this children’s book (softcover) was created out of the browsergame Magoia, which can be played by adults. Free registration under:

Marked (Sins of Our Ancestors Book 1)

by Bridget E. Baker

If one touch can infect. . . then a kiss is deadly. 

All Ruby Behl wants for her seventeenth birthday is a good career path match, and to kiss her best friend and long time crush, Wesley Fairchild. Unfortunately, the simplicity of teenage wishes evaporated a decade ago when the Tercera virus nearly wiped out the human race. Transmitted through touch, the slightest contact is prohibited in the safe haven community of Port Gibson. 

An innocent game of Spin the Bottle, a rite of passage for Port Gibson’s teens, provides the opportunity Ruby’s been waiting for, but when Wesley winds up Marked, Ruby realizes her first kiss may also be her last. Ruby races the viral clock to uncover long buried secrets about her dead parents, and her once cloudy future becomes clear. She’s the key to finding the cure, but is she willing to pay the price?


A teenager attempts to find a cure for a deadly, civilization-threatening virus in debut author Baker’s dystopian YA series starter.

When Ruby Behl and other 17-year-olds in Port Gibson, Mississippi, get together to play the traditional (but forbidden) game of spin the bottle, she gets the chance to kiss her crush, Wesley Fairchild. It’s only when she sees something on his forehead that she realizes that she’s made a terrible mistake: “That small rash means Wesley is Marked, and in under three years, he’s going to die terribly. And now, so am I.” It’s a symptom of the Tercera virus, which has ravaged the world for the past decade. Ruby presents herself to the authorities to be quarantined, even though the Mark has so far failed to appear on her own forehead. While in her cell, she reads the journals of her father, a prominent virologist who died when she was 6. What she learns changes everything: He created both the Tercera virus and its antidote, but he was murdered before he could alert the world to either. She also finds out that her mother didn’t, in fact, die while giving birth to her. Rubyâ??a science prodigyâ??may be the only person who can find the cure by following her father’s clues. Going forward, Ruby may not be able to trust anyoneâ??except maybe Wesley, and her new friend, a security officer named Sam Roth. Overall, Baker’s prose is sharp and vivid (“Pain shoots up my arms and I bite down on an involuntary sob”), and she manages to immediately plunge her readers into the world of the novel. The story is swiftly paced and features some surprising twists and intriguing characters; for example, Aunt Anne, Ruby’s guardian, clearly possesses a few secrets, and later, Ruby encounters King Solomon, the leader of a religious cult. The plot doesn’t challenge the strict boundaries of the dystopian genre, but its combination of sci-fi, mystery, and teen romance still makes for a compelling adventure.

A promising YA debut about a girl’s search for a future in the wreckage of the past.

Noah and the Piratouks (Economics and finance for kids Book 4)

by David Descôteaux

Noah is a young boy who dreams of becoming one of the chief advisors to his village. While he is competing in a contest organized by a wise old man, the Piratouks attack! This is Noah’s chance to prove his worth by using his wisdom and intelligence. Armed only with his magic calculator, will he be able to figure out how to save his village?

Noah and the Piratouks, a book about choices and opportunity costs, is the fourth in a series that aims to introduce young readers to the principles of economics and finance through engaging stories.

Noah et les piratouks (Ã?conomie et finance pour enfants t. 4) (French Edition)

by David Descôteaux

Noah est un jeune garçon qui rêve de devenir chef conseiller de son village. Alors qu’il participe à un concours organisé par un vieux sage, les piratouks attaquent! Noah a la chance de prouver sa valeur en usant d’intelligence et de sagesse. Armé seulement de sa calculette magique, saura-t-il protéger les habitants du village?

Noah et les piratouks, un livre sur les choix et le coût d’opportunité, est le quatrième d’une série de livres qui vise à présenter aux jeunes lecteurs des principes d’économie et de finance à travers des histoires amusantes.

Christmas Angels (The Life and Times of Bryanna McGee Book 3)

by Rachel Herriman

Has no one ever told Mrs. Helmer that teachers aren’t supposed to assign research projects right before Christmas vacation? Because that’s exactly what she did!

So now, just two weeks before Christmas, Bry has to learn about her heritage. But how’s she supposed to do that when she isn’t even sure she has one?

Blatant Disregard (Thieves’ Guild: Book Two): Military Science Fiction – Alien Invasion – Galactic War Novels

by C.G. Hatton

Return to the high-tech Thieves’ Guild universe of galactic war, knife-edge intrigue, alien invasion, thieves, assassins, bounty hunters and pirates, in the second book in this series of fast-paced action adventure science fiction novels.

“â?¦the most exciting scifi writer that I have read in the last 30 years.”

LC Anderton is running out of places to hide. He’s the best operative the Thieves’ Guild has ever hadâ?¦ or at least he was until he screwed up his last job, the one he was blackmailed into taking. And that’s just the start of his problems.

The entire galaxy wants the package he stole and will pay any price to get it. As bounty hunters close in, LC doesn’t know who he can trust. In desperation, he throws in his lot with the chaotic crew of a rundown freighter on the edge of colonised space. And from there, it can only get worse.

Amidst the growing threat of war between Earth and Winter, the Thieves’ Guild is desperate to find LC before anyone else can get their hands on him. The trouble is, he doesn’t trust them either.

“Fantastic book – even better than the firstâ?¦”

“Book two is fantastic! I love how the story continues. Following some of the characters, introducing new ones, it all feels wrapped up in an epic drama we’re only getting glimpses of. Perfect mix of action and suspense.”

“Great plot and intrigue. Couldn’t put it downâ?¦”

“If you love fast-paced military science fiction with an epic space opera feel that spans the entire galaxy, you’ll love this.”

Buy now or read all 7 books in this epic science fiction series FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Whiskers and Hairballs: My Life as a Cat (a funny picture book for beginning readers and cat lovers of all ages)

by Maranda Russell

Using hilarious pictures of cats in odd and sassy poses, this picture book tells the truth about what daily life is really like for a house cat. With simple, short prose, this is a perfect book for beginning readers, or for more advanced readers who just want a good laugh! Cat lovers of all ages are sure to love this one!

*Includes a fun “search and find” activity at the end of the book!
*Approximately 21 pages on Kindle – perfect size for beginning readers!

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