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They Shall Swoop: A Detective Swoop Mystery

by Gwendolyn Cahill

A loud splash and gun shots on the waterfront springs the NYC/NJ Harbor patrol and police into action in this spellbinding art theft mystery. A wild cab ride, mysterious phone calls, disappearing newscasters and haunting footsteps in the Brooklyn Museum sets the stage for an international art theft investigation when recently purchased art pieces are stuck in the trunk of a wayward cab driver. This powerful mystery contains a message of love, temptation and redemption. The action begins on the banks of the Hudson River when Susan Burton and Omari Thomas are suddenly forced to flee the cab. The only view in sight on this misty night is the Flame Bar and Grill.You’ll fall in love with Susan Burton and Omari Thomas, owners of an award-winning Afro-Caribbean jazz art boutique, quickly realize that their empire is under siege. Only the best can solve the mysterious ramblings, the best art theft investigator is Detective Ted Swoop. Swoop’s chase to stop the unwanted intruders and art bandits leads to an international cartel, cover-ups and a race against time in this gripping urban fiction novel that’s partially inspired by real events.

Bear Christmas Magic: BBW Holiday Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance

by Ariana Hawkes

“This really is a phenomenal Christmas story, I definitely recommend this one.” Ingrid Stephanie Jordan.

“This is my favorite Christmas romance so farâ?¦ I borrowed this… but I like enough that I’m going to add it to my permanent collection. :-)” Karyl

1 dashing bear ringmaster and his shifter circus + 1 sexy, curvy BBW whose little town badly needs some festive sparkle = a whole lot of Bear Christmas Magic!

* * * A brand new holiday bear shifter romance. * * *

Harlow Brinkman lives in a sad town that doesn’t celebrate anything – least of all Christmas – until dashing, sexy Sawyer Huntersville arrives with his shifter circus. The locals’ first reaction is to chase them out of town, but one look at the curvy, auburn-haired beauty, and he knows he’s not leaving without a fight.

Harlow’s friends call her pixie dust, because of her relentless optimism, but even she has a hard time finding magic in dark, miserable Mistletoe Hollow. When Sawyer and his dazzling, festive shifter clan hurtles into her world, she’s eager to help him light up the place, and its people. But as much as her body is responding to his magnetic attractions, she’s determined to keep her heart safe from the charismatic nomad, who she fears is going to love her and run.

As Mistletoe Hollow begins to emerge from its long hibernation, and the dark, dingy streets start to glow with Christmas cheer, Sawyer starts to worry that the answers he’s been seeking about his past might just ruin things.

Can Sawyer and Harlow trust that the magic that’s happening between them is strong enough to transcend everything, and that the light they’re bringing to the town is destined to glow in their hearts too?

A sparkling, heart-pounding Christmas story, brimming with all the sugar, spice, romance and magic of the season! HEA and no cliffhanger!

The Moscow Enigma

by Christian Hirsch

Extortion, lies, duplicity and murder, all of which take place in Moscow’s dark underworld. At the center, unknowingly, is Alexandra Malikova, a white-collared professional by day and a high-end escort by night. Amid the chaos Alexandra decides to face the scars of her adoptive past, the emptiness of her superficial life and the future with the one man she has fallen in love with. Where no one is who they seem and a vengeful assassin is carrying out orders to prevent a weapon’s deal, who will emerge unscathed? And alive?

Christian Hirsch is a business professional who has travelled and worked throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It’s having lived in so many diverse places and his exposure to the East and West that gives Christian a unique perspective in his writing.

Rula The Heist

by Nicole Parris

“I write stories on the edge of possible.”
Rula: The Heist–a romance thriller with an intriguing paranormal twist.
Rula: It’s an ancient game, preserved for generations within the noble family. In 1980, Philip, the patriarch, wants to allow other hand-selected outsiders to participate. Five people attend a masquerade party and agree to play the game. One of them, however–a magician who wears the matador’s costume–has figured out a way to cheat. He is sure he will come out the winner of the game. There are five priceless items to find, and he intends to find–and keep–them all.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess, and is renowned for his skillful use of deductive reasoning (somewhat mistakenly – see inductive reasoning) and astute observation to solve difficult cases. He is arguably the most famous fictional detective ever created, and is one of the best known and most universally recognizable literary characters in any genre. Conan Doyle wrote four novels and fifty-six short stories that featured Holmes. All but four stories were narrated by Holmes’ friend and biographer, Dr. John H. Watson, two having been narrated by Holmes himself, and two others written in the third person. The first two stories, short novels, appeared in Beeton’s Christmas Annual for 1887 and Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine in 1890. The character grew tremendously in popularity with the beginning of the first series of short stories in The Strand Magazine in 1891; further series of short stories and two serialized novels appeared almost right up to Conan Doyle’s death in 1930. The stories cover a period from around 1878 up to 1903, with a final case in 1914. in this collection you will find: Novels:

– A Study in Scarlet
– The Sign of the Four
– The Hound of the Baskervilles
– The Valley of Fear Short Story Collections:
– The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
– The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
– The Return of Sherlock Holmes
– His Last Bow
– The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Connected: The Call: Part One of the Gripping Spy Thriller Series

by Michelle Medhat

“Michelle Medhat takes on and pulls off a Herculean feat by seamlessly merging Espionage, Science Fiction and Thriller genres.”Garrard Hayes, Best selling author of Bourbon and Blood

About the Book

It starts with Ellie Noor hearing a voice she can’t explain in her kitchen.

Seconds later the perfect marriage she thought she had with Sam disintegrates before her eyes.

Learning the truth brings terror into Ellie’s life in ways she cannot possibly imagine.

Very soon Ellie is mixed up in a world of double agents, advanced technologies and brutal actions. A place where reckless governments are capable of anything and a terrorist collective’s sole aim is domination and destruction.

A new reality where no one can be trusted.

As the shifting power play forces a desperate government’s hand, Ellie at the centre of it all, is changed forever.

But what isn’t she telling? … And is it all too late?

Editorial Reviews

“Connected: The Call is a thoroughly entertaining debut from Michelle Medhat. The spy story gripped me more than any other in recent times.” Paul Martin, Self Publisher’s Showcase

“Characters were well developed and I found myself sucked into the story many times. I would recommend this book to those who love a good spy/syfy book.”Heather Austin, Kindle Book Reviews

“A well written page-turner, with characters that are developed and contradictory enough to carry all the action and jargon, without being swallowed completely, which is a big achievement.” Georgina Parfitt, Towerbabel

What people are saying about Connected: The Call

“Awesome page-turner!”

“Medhat has a vivid imagination. There are some great ideas in this book. The way the mastermind put together his organization was brilliant. The technology was superb. I especially liked the nanobombs. Short chapters blasting at you give you a heightened sense of motion and speed throughout the story. The way the spies are written is very credible.”

“Is it a spy story? Is it science fiction? Is it a thriller? Well, all of the above, and more. Get ready for a roller-coaster of a ride.”

“Elements of Forsyth & Fleming inside, this is heroic escapism at its best

One of the best books I have read for a long time.”

“I love the book, loved the intensity!”

“Fantastic read, full of excitement and brimming of original ideas”

“Innovative, addictive, thrilling – impossible not to be gripped!

Butterfly Trap

by TL Fisher

Can two tortured souls find the beauty in each other?

Party girl, Nikki Kraemer is terrified when she wakes up tied to a dirty mattress in a basement that bleeds and breathes death. Her reality grows more terrifying as she battles her addiction at the mercy of her deadly captor.

This is no ordinary day. Issac Burns has a dangerous secret that has eaten away his moral integrity for ten years. This is the day he will confront his inner demon . . . but Nikki is no ordinary woman. She is certainly not what Isaac expected.

This romantic thriller dives into some dark subject matter and is not for the faint-of-heart. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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