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The Ten Bob Notes

by John Arthur Cooper

Can really bad things just happen to good ordinary working folk? Duane, Frankie, Arthur, Syd, Slim, Harry, Dave, Jack. Reg, Sheila and Tony, make up “The Ten Bob Notes” a jobbing part time dance band playing in the Black Country ‘Brumijum’ in the 1950’s. (Yes there are eleven but Duane’s the leader/conductor so he doesn’t count!) Is Frankie really that bad? A ‘Ted’ with a dangerous quiff who dabbles in dodgy deals and a bit of fast transport with his black Austin Atlantic convertible.

Syd, a very sad clarinet player who harbours dark thoughts since his soulmate suddenly died.
Harry has unending talent but a propensity for beer and extra’s that he hates but cannot forsake.
Jack is young and as smooth as the slide on his new trombone as he finally manages to separate his Dad from his 500cc BSA motorbike and sidecar. Only to find it leads him to uncertain decisions.

Reg and Arthur who share work at the foundry, a green Ford Esquire van and a love of music and fishing.
Sheila Salvadori the sultry dark haired singer who croons with Tony but swoons with Frankie.
Slim who adores from afar, his chubby profile and safe personality confining him to the also rans of life, until fate makes him an attractive option. And Dave who’s tensions and compulsive obsessions find release in rhythms and beats. Bright ballroom lights provide essential relief for the men and women of the dirtier side of the industrial revolution as they provide the old time dance music of the forties and fifties. But what about the Jonny?

Keeping Our Body Safe! (Emma’s Adventures Book 2)

by Nathan Kummel

Keeping our body safe is a bedtime dialogue between Dad and little Emma, discussing the subject of her right to autonomy over her body, her right to emrace and kiss only those she chooses and her right to refuse hugs or kisses when she doesn’t want to.Through the conversation, Emma is learning what is a good touch and what is a bad touch and how to act when she encounters a bad touch. She also learns how to recognize when something is wrong, refuse bribes and never keep secrets about hugs and kisses.This is the second book in a series of books that deals with the sensitive and vital issues of knowing and feeling comfortable with your body, protecting your body and providing methods of action in situations of risk. The series of books is intended to establish a dialogue between parent and child on vital issues, which the parent may often not be fully comfortable discussing with their child. The importance of discourse on these issues is enormous. Beyond the children’s learning, the discourse builds trust. If reading these books will save a single child from harm, it is all worth it.

For the Children: Rhythm: A Pattern to Your Days

by AnnaLouisa Alberi

A rhythm to your days, weeks, and seasons will bring harmony to your home and make your family’s time together more relaxed and fun. It is something that can be made specifically to fit your lifestyle, yet follows certain guidelines to get established. The busier your days, the more you and your children will benefit from a rhythm that uniquely fits your family.
At first, it may seem that a rhythm is just a routine or schedule, but it is not. When you design a rhythm, you establish times in your days and weeks that your child can count on. Using the things that they do every day such as brush their teeth, eat meals, play, and get dressed, you create a pattern to their days that contains variety within a repeated structure.
Things happen in a certain way every day, like a story time that is anticipated with delight, as your child is getting ready for bed. When your children can count on the rhythm of their days, knowing what to expect and what will come next, they will be less stressed and easier to manage. A lot of the apparent misbehavior that little ones exhibit is only a manifestation of anxiety, caused by an overwhelmingly hectic schedule and from having too many choices. Rhythm brings the security of predictability and a more relaxed child, which means a happier family home life.

The Wolf with No Shoes is My Narcissist Husband

by Laura Turner

The Wolf with No Shoes is My Narcissist Husband is a true story of Laura’s journey into her dysfunctional marriage to Ryan Turner.

Laura is a recovering co-dependent; she has an emotionally neglected childhood that had her starved of affection all her life. In retrospect, she was conditioned to be a people pleaser. It was no surprise that when she met Ryan online, she wanted to help Ryan to get away from his depressive situation and help to nurse him on his fading health. Laura was willing to sacrifice everything to help Ryan to the road of recovery, in order for Ryan to shower her with affection and validate his love for her.

Little did Laura know that Ryan has many dark secrets, hidden agendas, and confusing past. From the moment they met, Ryan already vetted Laura to become his next victim to fill his narcissist supply. Ryan was extremely manipulative and drained Laura emotionally to the point that her sense of reality has been corrupted.

At the time Laura knew nothing about Narcissistic Personality Disorder or what a รข??covert narcissist’ was. She had no idea there were people out there who could manipulate others in such terrible ways in order to get what they wanted. And because of this, she didn’t see any of the many red flags that kept popping up during their subsequent relationship.

Covert narcissism is a difficult personality trait to prove, as to the outside world these narcissists appear to be the most generous and kind-hearted people you will ever meet. No one knows they have a hidden agenda until it is too late, and that is exactly what happened to Laura.

Ryan took her money, her life, and her sense of self, distorting her vision of reality until she’d reached rock bottom. Ryan manipulated her and tried to turn the ones she loved against her.

Laura wanted to write this book to expose how covert narcissists think and work and how co-dependents see things differently in an unbalanced, unhealthy relationship. Laura wanted to help others who may be in similar situations. If they can learn to identify the red flags early on in their relationship, they might be able to avoid a fate like hers.

Ear Rings Are Meant For Slaves: 25 Poignant Humanity Articles, Interviews

by Oseyiza Oogbodo

Touching pieces on issues that everyone can relate to and learn from

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