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WILL TRUMP SUCCEED?: Will USA succeed under presidency of Donald Trump?

by Justin Affleck

The human rights and humanitarian programs of the U.S. Department of State and the Agency for International Development are hated by many conservatives because some of the programs support women’s rights and healthcare, education for girls, the empowerment of women, voter rights, and freedom of speech. These are not ideas supported by the conservative despots in the United States. This book provides a record of those programs as they were before the Republicans took office in January 2017. We will see how long the programs survive. Trump has already banned NGOs from talking about abortion.

The Tragedy is the Commons

by Brian Phillips

Since Roman times, it has been held that certain resources, such as air and water, could not and should not be privately owned, but instead held “in common.” Today, “the commons” movement seeks to destroy private property rights by equating air and water with such man-made values as the Internet and the electrical grid. This booklet examines the ideas behind “the commons” and demonstrates how property rights can be applied to air and water.

Clover Lane

by Frazer Houston

Welcome to the story of, â??Clover Lane’. This is the tale of a thirty year old disillusioned male student who whilst looking through his collection of novels chances upon one book that piques his interest, a book called, â??The Sound of Thunder’.

Taking it from his bookshelf he then begins to read about the lives and loves of eleven once very real women who find themselves gathered together one dark and rainy night at a dinner party in a house on, â??Clover Lane’.

The eleven women at this dinner party share one thing in common, they are all, without exception, already absolutely dead.

What follows is one mans odyssey as he learns about the women who were once very much alive and how the book he is reading came to be.

About The Author:

Frazer Houston was born on the 4th April 1975 in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England to London born parents.

In 1986 his father began training to become a Church of England Priest which resulted in Frazer being educated in various different schools throughout England including Lincoln Cathedral School and Hutton Grammar School.

In 2001 Frazer fulfilled his desire to go to University and four years later graduated with a 2:1 BA Honours Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

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