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Susannah and Lucas (Colorado Matchmaker Book 1)

by Annie Boone

Susannah Tumlin wanted more out of life than she would ever find in Boston. She decided to leave. She had to have a way to do it, so she decided to become a mail order bride. She would be going to Rocky Ridge, Colorado to marry the sheriff of the town. The whole thing sounded exciting and frightening at the same time.

Lucas Jessup wanted a family. He needed a wife to get the family. His life was different than it once had been. He’d been a Texas Ranger with a life full of drama and danger. Life as the sheriff in Rocky Ridge was easy with much less drama and certainly no danger. Now was the time to start that family.

Susannah and Lucas hit many milestones together, even though their marriage takes an unexpected turn. Through trials and great disappointments, they’ll have decisions to make. This emotional winding road will take you places you don’t expect and reveal personal failings that will make or break the strongest. Take the journey with Susannah and Lucas and find out where they end up.

This is Book 1 in the Colorado Matchmaker Series, a sweet and inspirational series of love, romance, and trust.

Amish Christmas Crisis: An Amish Christmas Story (Amish Romance)

by Amy Mast

Aaron and Betty used to take coffee in the town against the communities wishes, grabbing a brief moment of life outside the village and some quality time together.
Neither expressed their deeply held affections for each other, but they each knew deep down that the other one was the only one for them.

Aaron was working hard and strived to better himself in the eyes of his peers, however one day he got caught up in some trouble with a group of boys in the Town resulting in him being prevented from seeing his sweetheart.

Aaron asked the advice of his only true friend and mentor in the community and went about being a “better person” to make amends.

Days later he met the group again under different circumstances and the outcome had the potential to bring the community onto dispute with the Towns folk, but could Aaron save the dayâ?¦ or would he be destined to live alone, forever.

Circle of Trust: Clean & Wholesome K-9 Contemporary Romance: Bareglen Creek (Hero Hearts Contemporary)

by Kate Cambridge

Peyton Carter, a K-9 FBI Agent, doesn’t do IR well. With ten weeks of injured leave left, she jumps at the chance to help her twin at her bakery and farm for two weeks. After all, how hard can it be?

Agree to farm-sit and bakery-sit for your twin sister for 2 weeks. Check.
Assume that because you can make 1 cupcake you can just as easily make dozens. Check.
Assume you can put a handsome Afghanistan war hero in his place when he oversteps his bounds. Check.

How to mess up a two-week should be simple farm-sit, bakery-sit in Four Corners, Montana:

Discover that because you can make 1 cupcake it does not mean you can master making dozens. Check.
Fall for the veteran with unruly hair, scruff on his face, and intense eyes that doesn’t back down when you give him your most intimidating, fierce FBI Agent glare. Check.
Experience just how mischievous and difficult goats can beâ??not one day, but every day of your two-week stay. Check.

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

I should addâ??the handsome veteran was a Ranger Medic and thinks he’s in charge of my IR program.

Especially when he saves you not once or twice, but three times in the span of days.

Especially when he saves you.

But he doesn’t know me.

I’m damaged goods, but I haven’t told a soul, not even my twin.

I have 10 weeks for IR left, but I’m scared I’ll never be ready to return to the field.

And then little by little, some of the walls start to come down.

I never expected the two of us, both damaged from our past, would grow so close.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for him, especially when he made it clear he didn’t want any complications.

Turns out three heroes are possibly two too many in this circle: a K-9, an FBI Agent, and a war hero.

They say good things must come to an end, right?

Or maybe not.

Circle of Trust is the first inspirational contemporary western romance written by Kate Cambridge in the Hero Hearts series. The characters in this book also integrate with the BRG Security series written by Kate, and can be read in any order:

Ivy’s Secret, a Burnt River Series book
Love’s Leading, a Kindle World First Street Church Series book
Wren’s Why (Coming in June 2018)
Circle of Trust

Each book in Hero Hearts is standalone and can be read in any order. Join Kate Cambridge, bestselling author Annie Boone, and Hayley Wescott as they honor heroes in each sweet historical romance and sweet contemporary romance in the series.

HERO HEARTS is a multi-author series featuring both historical westerns and contemporary Christian romance. Join Annie Boone, Hayley Wescott and Kate Cambridge in a world unlike any other; a world where Heroes are honored with unforgettable characters and beautiful, inspirational love stories. Always clean & wholesome, sweet inspiring.

The authors of this series are committed to writing stories of faith, hope, and love centered in fictional heroes who sacrifice daily to protect and save. A mix of historical and modern-day.

We hope you enjoy the all the books in the Hero Hearts Christian romance series!
Kate Cambridge, Annie Boone, and Hayley Wescott

An Unexpected Treasure: Mail Order Bride: Hero Hearts (Marrying a Marshal Book 1)

by Natalie Dean

She wasn’t sure what was more dangerousâ?¦criminals chasing her down to pry information from her? ORâ?¦ falling in love with a U.S. marshal.

On the way to Cypress Creek, Texas to meet her intended, Louise Settelmeyer is in for a shock when her stagecoach is attacked by bandits.

When the robbery is stopped by men from the U.S. Marshals Service, Louise has no choice but to rely on the escort of a cocky and childish deputy marshal, Andy Fulton. Upon reaching town, Louise is in for yet another shock when she discovers that her intended was none other than the man robbing her stagecoach.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Andy Fulton can’t leave the beautiful woman he rescued at the stagecoach station without provision. He’s a man of integrity and, therefore, must do something to helpâ??even if the woman won’t laugh at his jokes and insists she’s got everything under control.

Unfortunately, he’s seen firsthand what happens to a woman on her own in the West and decides to intervene on Louise’s behalf, helping her obtain a position at the local hotel.

Things seem to be going fine until Louise becomes a target for criminals in town and finds herself in need of rescue more than once.

The dangers don’t stop there, as Louise realizes that seeing her handsome rescuer every day is putting her heart in danger of growing more attached than she’d like.

Will Andy be able to rescue Louise, yet againâ??and learn to risk his heart in the process? And will they uncover the truth behind why outlaws are tracking Louise down? Only time, a little good humor, and a dollop of boldness will tell. . .

Author’s Note:
An Unexpected Treasure, Marrying a Marshal Book One is a PG-rated Western Romance short story of about seventy-five pages with plenty of Old West action and romance. There will be three more stories to follow this one, each of about 150 pages long, so if you like this one, and I’m sure you will, there’ll be some longer books to follow!

This is also part of the Hero Hearts series which is a larger multi-author series about men who love, honor, and protect their families, all while having faith in God! Brought to you by Annie Boone, Kate Cambridge, Terri Grace, Misty Shae, Cat McGill, Hayley Wescott, and Natalie Dean! Enjoy!

First Impressions: Firefighter Inspirational Contemporary Romance (Hero Hearts Contemporary)

by Hayley Wescott

Chance meetings. Unfair judgments. Accepting defeat. Does love stand a chance in the middle of all this?

Samantha Rowell had the job she’d wanted since her teen years. She loved books and being a librarian was her dream job. What would be boring for most, made Sammie feel like she was where she was meant to be. Though she knew she didn’t need a man to complete her life, she had to admit that Mr. July in a local calendar was a sight to behold. That being said, she felt certain any man who’d pose for a calendar was self-absorbed and couldn’t share her wholesome Christian values.

Blake Patterson had moved to the small town of Pine Ridge, Georgia to join the fire department after he left the army. He needed a change, but wanted to still be able to do a job he believed in. When his sister talked him into posing for the calendar sponsored by her employer, he thought nobody would ever know. He’d been very wrong.

When these two opposites meet, there’s immediate attraction. He can’t get her out of his mind. She can’t trust him to be the guy she was hoping he’d be. When they realize they’re not really so different, will it be too late to build on the love that was starting to bud?

Mail Order Bride: When God Closes a Door: Sweet and Clean Romance (A Kansas Mail Order Bride Series Book 2)

by Annie Boone

Celia’s lost everything. She’s just buried her husband and she feels like her life is over. At least it should be. She has nothing to live for now. Until a little surprise changes her life.

When she realizes she’s carrying her deceased husband’s baby, a flood of emotions takes over. Her joy is soon doused when her mother sends her away because she’s now an unmarried woman who will soon bear a child. Her mother is concerned about what people will think.

Living with Aunt Mary was a blessing. The woman was a joy. A grumpy joy, but Celia loved her dearly. And so did her little boy, Seth.

Soon, though, Aunt Mary knows that things for Celia need to change. She needs a man in her life again. Seth needs a father figure. The men in Boston are probably not the best option for her. Aunt Mary talks Celia into becoming a mail order bride. Celia was skeptical at first but then vows to make the most of the opportunity and not get caught up in memories of her past.

Joshua Maxwell turns out to be a thoughtful man. The surprising part is that he’s also very handsome. Celia had thought she’d never find another man handsome again, but she’d been wrong. She marries Joshua and thinks her life is going to be blissfully happy. Then things got messed up. She doesn’t know what to do to get back on track.

She needs help, but there’s nowhere to turn. There’s nobody she can count on. Until she has an idea. If this plan works, her whole life will turn around.

Mail Order Bride MAUD’S DEVOTION: A Sweet and Clean Western Frontier Love Story (Blessed with Babies Book 1)

by Kate Cambridge

A CLEAN Western Mail Order Bride ROMANCE! Book 1 in the Blessed With Babies Mail-Order Brides Series
With a HAPPY ENDING – as always! (17,000+ words)

Nothing was going as planned.

Maud was graduating from Vassar with a degree in music, something she had devoted much of her life toward, but the person who mattered most to her was no longer on earth to see her graduate.

What’s worse – her mother had told her she needed to move out of the house, and soon. Maud had no job prospects, no money, and soon, no home.

With no way to provide for herself despite her degree, Maud is faced with an option she never thought she would consider, a mail-order bride opportunity in Wyoming to a wealthy rancher with newborn twins.

Maud had no experience with babies, but she had worked diligently to get her degree, so it couldn’t be that hard to take care of twins? Or could it?

HELEN’S PROMISE: A Mail Order Bride Romance (Blessed With Twins Book 2)

by Kate Cambridge

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Helen Jones is about to jump headfirst into the real world of being a mother, but she didn’t give birth to the twins. As a nurse, she knows the technical aspects of taking care of babies, but her parents will only consent to her adopting the twins… if she marries.

The last thing on Helen’s mind is marriage; she worked hard for her education and career, but she made a deathbed promise, and she will keep it, even if it means she must marry.

After her father issues an ultimatum, with no suitors in sight, she turns to a friend for help in finding a husband.

Howard Livingston just lost his wife, and his son needs a mother. He will never love another woman like he did his Anna, so a mail order bride fits the prescription perfectly. As a busy doctor with a new practice in Cheyenne, Wyoming, he has no time to deal with the local women.

When Helen read his ad, he assured ‘a comfortable lifestyle, with the only expectation that his son be loved and cared for’â?¦ in an instant she knew she had found the answer to her dilemma.

But can the two let go of their preconceived ideals in order to embrace a future together for the sake of the children? Will their arrangement survive when Helen begins to have feelings that she didn’t expect, and feelings that Howard cannot accept?

A beautiful, warm story about love, promises and second chances, that will capture readers until the very end.


by Jean L. Kuhnke

Lost and alone when the ship she was sailing on broke apart in a storm, Danielle had two choices, curl up her toes and die, or find a way to survive on the island she woke up on.

After weeks of waiting and hoping for rescue, she had to decide to either live like a washed up sea urchin, or pull herself together and turn her island into a home.

With no one to blame her failures on, the young girl chose a path, which would not only help her survive, she would thrive.
Years later, a young boy, also lost at sea, washed up on her beach. The difference being, he came from a wealthy family that had the means to search for him.

What Danny found, now that she was no longer a child, was that her island, although lonely, did not contain the hatefulness of society. Getting a ship captain to help her return to her island was not easy; this time, she would go equipped to make the best of the life the island had to offer.

Smile with Yoga: Fun, Mindful, and Engaging Yoga for Kids

by I. Rekem

Smile with Yoga is a fun, engaging, and overall kid-friendly introduction to a discipline that enriches lives. The book features charming illustrations of children and animals in various yoga poses, playful rhymes, fun animal facts, yoga games, activities, step-by-step poses guide, and encourages children to mimic the postures, practice yoga,  and learn about mindfulness, kindness, awareness and compassion.

Yoga is an excellent habit to form early in life. Just like with adults, it helps children slow down and focus, over time it has positive effects on confidence, self-esteem, and physical health.

You are never too young to start along the joyful path of yoga discovery.

 Join in the fun!

End of Times

by Roger G. Trow

The world is entering the End of Times, and the pace is accelerating toward the conclusion of this Age. Pastor Trow gives the context for the fulfillment of the remaining prophecies from present times until the Millennium rule of Christ. All of the participants in the next Middle East War are identified and the reasons for the provocations leading to Armageddon are discussed.

This book will challenge your world view and it asks all the hard questions of everybody living today.

Starting Over: A Sweet Mail Order Bride Story (God Bless the Children Book 1)

by Annie Boone

Josie had lost so much. Almost more than she could bear. Little Rose, her niece, brightened her days but the child’s presence in her life also marked some of the loss. She knew they needed a fresh start. But what about her father? The shell of a man who almost never spent any time with them because he was always working would be alone if she left him behind. She didn’t have the heart for that.

Harrison Tanner wasn’t the typical Montana ranch owner. He wasn’t insensitive or callous. In fact, he longed for a wife and a houseful of children. He wanted companionship and he wanted love. He wasn’t too macho to admit any of that. He was truly a nice man. He was eager to meet Josie and Rose and accepting of her father, Ross, when it was determined that he and Josie would marry.

From the beginning, Josie and Harrison seemed like a perfect match. As individuals, they were happier than they’d ever been. It all seemed too good to be true to Josie. And for Harrison, too.

How could everything go so bad so quickly? Harrison was tolerating more than his share of growing pains and Josie felt very guilty. Was there a way to make this blended family work? Or would Josie be forced to take her niece and her father and go back to New York?

The Coming Church

by John Burton

I had an encounter that left me shaken and shocked.

What I saw was clearly a picture of the churchâ?¦clearly in my spirit, that is, because my intellect was confounded. It didn’t make sense.

In my encounter, the vision I saw was shocking and quite mysterious. I have had many visions of the Church, of reformation, but this one was markedly different. It sure didn’t look like a vision of the Church, but it immediately felt like one.

I was standing in an apocalyptic looking environment. It was dark and weighty. In front of me was an absolutely massive, burning crater. God immediately revealed to me that I was looking at the soon coming Church.

Love’s Guiding Light

by Andrea Boeshaar

Amanda Lewis is about to lose the only home she’s ever known–the cottage at the North Point Light in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother had received the commission to operate the lighthouse, but tragedy rips away that commission.

Captain Ezra Danfield is new to the city. He plans to give his daughter stability, which includes a home and proper schooling. But a violent storm on Lake Michigan threatens their lives on the night of their arrival, and it’s Amanda Lewis, operating the North Point Light, who guides them safely into Milwaukee’s harbor. He makes a point to thank her, and when she asks for his help, Ezra cannot refuse.

However, Amanda has a few cockamamie ideas that could ruin her life, so Ezra must put a stop to them–even if it means shedding light on the darkest recesses of his heart and soul.

Living in Humility: Following the Humble King

by Andy Park

God invites you to follow and imitate Jesus, the humble King. When we choose to follow Jesus, he enrolls us in his lifetime School of Humility. At the core of Jesus’ nature is humility. As we get to know him, he graciously leads us into taking on his nature. In all kinds of life situations, humility is required. This book offers practical advice on cooperating with God’s transforming work of making us more like him.

Humility is the soil in which your trust in God can grow. Humility is the soil in which love and gratitude grow. If you’re smart, you’ll learn humility. Humility opens the door for a flourishing relationship with God and with your family, friends and co-workers. With humility, we become ready to learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Humility is foundational for us all. It touches every single aspect of life. It’s the core of who Jesus is, and who he calls us to be.

The Bible promises great rewards for the humble. God rewards the humble with wisdom and shows favor to the humble. God guides and sustains the humble and he hears their prayers.

All the resources of God are available to the humble: strength, courage, wisdom, and more. This is the path to a successful lifeâ??God’s definition of success.

Tai Chi Demystified: What is Internal Tai Chi

by H.D. Ken

Tai Chi has been proven to be beneficial to our body but only if we are practising it correctly.
And to practise it correctly means that the form has to have internal contents, not just duplicating the actions.
The issue with Tai Chi is that it is hard to tell if the training is internal or external just by looking.
This book aims to explain it all so that practitioners can start off in the right direction.

Things to expect from this book:
What is Tai Chi (not just from the martial arts perspective)
What is Internal Tai Chi
Internal Tai Chi and Qigong
What to train in Tai Chi
The Things to achieve in Tai Chi
Can Small defeats big
Can the Weak defeats the strong
Tai Chi and better health
Tai Chi as a martial arts
How to apply Tai Chi in other martial arts

The contents are written in a simple format so that beginners can understand the requirements properly.
No more wasting of your time on practising the wrong thing or trying to figure out what the philosophical master is saying.
The secret is revealed so download this book now!

The Whyte House Family Christmas Collection

by Daniel Whyte III

10 Books to Warm the Heart, Cheer the Soul, and Remind You of the Reason for the Season



Powerful 11 Manifestation techniques. These miracle practices will help your to reach your dream life. You can live your life with whole and soul happy, healthy, wealthy, loving, blissful and spiritual. The ways to deserve your desires. This book will be changed you as Miracle magnets in all aspects of your life. Welcome to Miracle life. Lots of Magical dust on your ways. Be blessed by Universe.

The Amish Christmas Gift: a Christian romance short read story

by Amy Mast

Alicia had been good whilst on Rumspringa in London, England.
Experiencing a job, a different culture, and making new friends had been good for her, but as Christmas approached her thoughts turned to her return home to the Amish community and her family.
That is until a good young man started to pay her some attention.
Awkward moments and a traumatic event leads to a make or break moment, but even if they were to be a couple, how would her Amish family react?
Will Alicia find happiness?

Unequally Yoked Series Collection (African American Christian Romance): ENTIRE SERIES

by Marita Kinney

Enjoy the Entire Collection

Unequally Yoked Part 1

High school sweethearts, Monica and Robert fight to save their marriage when Robert decided to take his relationship with God seriously. His new commitment to his newfound faith forces Monica to feel judged and alone. Refusing to support Roberts life-changing efforts, Monica becomes rebellious and negligent as a wife and mother. She is desperate to keep her unhealthy marriage and questions the God who she feels is tearing them apart.

Unequally Yoked Part 2

Robert is a new converted Christian and best friend of Calvin Snow, finally decides that he’s had of his wife Monica. Therefore Monica has found a new love interest to help her rebound from her divorce with Robert. The fling with “Perry” turns into a life of lies and an unwanted pregnancy that changes her life forever. Unable to cope with her irresponsible decisions, she turn to drugs to mask the pain after one phone call from Perry destroyed her life.

Unequally Yoked Part 3

Monica is the woman that got away. I was tired of our crazy lifestyle and decided to go in another direction. Her drug addiction prevented her from being the mother she’d desired to be to our sweet princess Crystal. With the help of Momma Tobi, Monica’s mother, I was able to raise Crystal without her mom. But that wouldn’t stop my lonely cold nights. I desired a wife, so I married Kathleen. I had no idea that she’d be so jealous of my daughter and mother-in-law. Her insecurities begin to make me question if I made the right decision by marrying her. The jealous grows when Monica gets her life together and makes being a mother her priority.

Robert is a single father raising his feisty daughter Crystal, after his ex-wife Monica got strung out on cocaine following their divorce. He then decides to begin a new chapter of his life by marrying Kathleen who was once his marriage counselor. Crystal will stop at nothing to break out up their marriage, however, Monica recovering from her addiction will be the final wedge that leaves Robert wondering if he married the right woman or gave up on Monica too soon.

The Redeemed: A Leap of Faith (The Michael Parker Series Book 5): Under Contract with X-G Productions

by Merle Temple

Michael Parker, the central charcter in the trilogy of books, finds that life is not the neat and tidy place he thought it was when he leaves Ole Miss to enter the first drug wars in A Ghostly Shade of Pale. Targeted for assassination and ambush in the first book, he leaves drug enforcement for the corporate world and high-level politics, only to find in the sequel, A Rented World, that the political criminals he encounters are far more dangerous than the organized crime figures who had tried to kill him. The full power of government is turned against him, and in the final book of the trilogy, The Redeemed, he finds the answers to all of questions and a peace he has never known…in prison.

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