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Late Whistle, A Basketball Fairy Tale

by Charlie d’Estries

When I was a little kid, I loved basketball. I remember I use to pretend I was at the foul line, crowds cheering, no time left on the clock (always), and a chance to win the NCAA championship game; I won a lot of championships that way. If you have that kind of imagination, you’ll love this story.

Take 7 little boys, an old coach, some rough times and tough love, and you have the elements of an interesting story. The boys became the best high school basketball team in the country, all highly recruited for big-time basketball colleges, but the streets of a big city got them into trouble. None of them went to college to follow their dreams, several went to prison. The coach moved to a small D-1 school to coach at the college level. But when, 20 years later, their old coach was given an ultimatum, the boys, now men pushing 40, decide to help him out and play for him. To save his job, they must reach the NCAA tournament â?? no small feat for this ragtag bunch â?? but once again the ugly memories of their youth reappear. Do they make it to the NCAA tournament? And if they do, how far do they go?

If you like a good yarn, this one is worth reading. The story unfolds slowly, like the flavors of a good bourbon, but patience is well rewarded. Please let me know your thoughts at… and thanks for reading my story. Charlie d’Estries

Spirit of the Samurai

by Brian Reeve

Shingen Kitamura, a clever and prominent Japanese cabinet minister, is suspected by New Scotland Yard of knifing a Swedish girl to death in London’s opulent West End. Kitamura leaves London for Tokyo soon after the girl’s murder and James Steiner, a highly-ranked martial arts exponent, is sent to bring him in.

Andrew Rohm, a friend of Kitamura’s and doing life for the murder of four South African government ministers, escapes from Pollsmoor high-security prison near Cape Town and flees to London. He is seen by Steiner’s girlfriend and Steiner was the one responsible for Rohm being jailed.

Brian Reeve uses his extensive experience in martial arts and Japanese culture to paint a powerfully descriptive narrative, instinctively penetrating the dark mind. Other books published by the author include:

A Dangerous Game (2005)
Dark Intent (2008)
Deadly Instinct (2009)
The Scorpions’ Tail (2010)
Zen Mind, No Mind (2011)

Mastering Life after Athletics: 10 Tips for At Risk Teens, Athletes and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

by Byron Williams

A motivational business success story: Everyone has had a failure, or two or even three… We often equate failures with negative connotations that the person is lazy, they didn’t try hard enough; they aren’t educated and so on… Motivation is not usually the outcome in this situation. Could you imagine a young man that has made fatherhood a priority, released as a author from a lucrative publishing contract prior to the release date, traveled the world as a professional body guard for Eminem, rubbed elbows with the elite (Trump Enterprises, Former Presidential Elect John Kerry), Played collegiate and pro-basketball, self published his own books and lastly escaped a life of teenage crime. He has not only Mastered Life but helps others to succeed. This phenomenal book will transform, shape and inspire youth, athletes and entrepreneurs in 10 simple tips based on true-life events through pure honesty.

Survival Guide: Where Can You Run When There’s No Place to Go: (Prepper’s Guide, survival series) (Hunting, Trapping)

by Eric Jameson

Survival Guide:

Where Can You Run When There’s No Place to Go

If you are suddenly all alone in the woods with no one to help you what will you do? Well, not in your wildest dreams you may have imagined of losing your home and the people around you but what if the situation actually happens?
What if you are left behind during an adventurous trip? What if you had forgotten the route? What will you do? Where will you go? How will you protect yourself? How will you feed yourself? How will you find your way back home?
Of course, being all alone in the woods can be really terrifying. But if you read this book you will realize that things are less terrifying and face such a situation is far easier to cope with!
Surviving a day or two without water or food is itself a huge challenge, so how will you handle it if you get lost in the woods? Don’t worry. As long as you have this book you can manage yourself.
In the modern society, people are not much into outdoor life so it is pretty obvious if you are one of those couch potatoes you will find it really difficult to think straight – let alone surviving in a thick forest.
If you do not want to be helpless like that then the easiest way is to read this survival guide which consists of many important topics on the subject.

  • Finding a way to shelter
  • The simplest way to pack your bug out bag
  • Tips to find food when you are lost
  • Trying to fit with the wildness of the wood
  • And a lot more

As humans, it is natural for us to panic whenever something unexpected happens. But if we let panic take control of us we are done for.
If you start to panic it becomes difficult to manage any emergency situation so let me help you by providing the best of the survival skills. Using these skills you can handle the situation in the best way.

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