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How to Survive the Military and Make the Most of Your Benefits

by Michael Caspian

Michael Caspian left for the Navy two weeks after her high school graduation through DEP (Delayed Entry Program). Several months later after completing boot camp and academic training, she was flown to Bahrain to meet with her first and only duty station onboard a supply ship. Caspian’s military experiences were challenging, but she managed to earn a Bachelor of Science degree while on active duty and has obtained several certifications in Information Technology since her Honorable Discharge. She has owned businesses in retail sales and contractual healthcare services. Caspian is a member of American Legions, Disabled American Veterans, Lion’s Club International, and Veterans of Foreign Wars. She has a passion to help others directly and indirectly through volunteering and donating to local and international organizations such as hospital visits, fund raising, and child sponsoring. Michael Caspian writes under a nom de plume to protect her privacy and of those with whom she served.

Divorce Loss & Love: Discovering Love after Divorce after Affairs, Addiction and Grief

by Tasha Mayes

Are you looking for love in the wrong places? Do you have problematic marriage, a pending separation/ or divorce? Please use my story as a tool to help you identify the struggles that you might have in your relationship. Use my story as a tool to help you discover what you have been missing and the cost of those decisions. This book will help you move forward with your relationships for a positive future outcome. I will help you expose the excuses and lies and help you discover the truth regarding your relationship. You will meditate on your current relationship and learn how to become healthy and successful. Stop finding excuses to stay in a chaotic marriage and start taking the steps required to fix it. I believe that if you seek the truth it will set you free. If you ask for something and earnestly look for it, you will find your answer. We should seek love not from others but from a eternal source called Emmanuel ( God with us )

My Encounter with Holographic Tormentors: A story underlying the root cause of all evil when an individual is abused

by Sunny Elias

FREEDOM is always misspelled in the dictionary of Kratos of human beings. Not all human minds are quick to learn to understand events and happenings that come across their family and nation. A man’s disturbed peace could open ways for ethical, financial and cultural imbalances. We often get vaccinated but new diseases break out at the cost of men and women of ordinary value. We find we are submissive to a hidden autocrat within ourselves. In My Encounter with Holographic Tormentors it is my argument that no CITIZEN should fail to grasp the misuse of science and scientific knowledge in any society. Today’s churches affirm faith in God it prays for healing from God, the world on the other hand has institutions that promote Alien fantasy. Scientifically, humans have fallen miserably in their first â??100 years’ of sound biological health and competence from technologies like artificial intelligence. This book voices a victim’s tale of violations of privacy, freedom to think free and foresee any. This is a book of resistance in support of human freedom, freedom to live free, to have access to privacy, and sound mental and physical health. This book testifies that super health and super intellectuals exists in human circles but common man should not sign off his freedom to a third party cookie.

beautiful secretary honny

by Trump Alan

beautiful secretary honny

Dirty Laundry: a cleansing memoir

by Izzy Blizzard

Izzy Blizzard’s frank memoir covers six decades of her tumultuous life, beginning when she was nine years old. Here, in the preface to her book, Izzy warns readers they may not like her:

“My mother told me the only way to truly cleanse one’s dirty laundry is to bring it out into the sunshine and air it. I’m giving that a try, airing the worst of my own dirty laundry.

“For example, few things are less attractive than suicide or extra-marital affairs. I’ve attempted the former and have been involved in the latterâ??multiple timesâ??so I’m well-acquainted with how people react to a woman like me. It isn’t pretty. At times, it’s almost uglier than my own behavior.

“I’ve also considered murdering someone, but I didn’t do it. Does that make me at least a little bit moral? Or will my reason for not taking a life put me in an even worse light?

“That’s for you to decide when you read my story. But please keep in mind that I come from a long line of faulty DNA, and not just on the paternal side. Drunks and bipolars abound on both sides of my bloodline. Perhaps you’ll weigh those facts, my only excuse, when deciding whether to forgive some of what I reveal.”

A quick read of approximately 30,000 words. Due to some content, Dirty Laundry is intended for adult readers.

Winning Outside, Losing Inside: Emerging Truly Victorious

by Miriam Kimani

“How I wish everyone could read this wonderful book..It carries the wisdom to bring transformation to your life.” ~ Esther Wahome, HSc

“I highly recommend this book. It is beyond amazing.” ~ Teddy Owusu-Twum

“Uncover the weights that birthed the strength and muscle of this incredible work.” ~ Alexis Spight

There comes a time in our lives when reality hits us hard. Our masks peel off exposing our dented face. These moments come with great shame if what gets exposed does not match what we portrayed all along.

So what do we do then? In a world where our faces are cosmetic, smiles are plastic and we are winning outside…how will we ensure that we really win inside?

The True Story of Bass Reeves, U.S. Deputy Marshall

by Julie McDonald

Was the Lone Ranger a real person? There is speculation that the
fictional character of the Lone Ranger was inspired by the real life of
Bass Reeves, United States Deputy Marshall. Reeves was the first Black
Deputy Marshall to serve West of the Mississippi. In this short eBook,
about a 10-20 minute read, you will learn about his early days as a
slave, his escape into Indian country and his life as a free man after
the Civil War. You will come to admire and appreciate this dedicated
lawman, and enjoy his creative plots to capture some of the 3,000
criminals he brought in. It’s a story that every person in the United
States should know!

Last Boat out of Singapore: A World War Two Diary (Lost Diaries)

by C L Bennett

Diary written during the war years 1945-47 travelling round America, England, Malaysia and Australia. When the Japanese threaten to invade Singapore, Ray has to make a life or death decision; the bombs are falling all around him and he must act quickly to get his wife Peggy to safety – but is it already too late?

The Guru of the Universe: A Collection of Sea Stories

by Captain Gary B. Chiljean

These are personal memoirs of a Merchant Seaman as he struggles through his early years shipping out, to finally getting to the “big bed” as Captain. He ultimately becomes the Captain of the ship that found the Titanic in 1986, with Chief Scientist Dr. Robert Ballard on board. He describes how he was prone to seasickness and how he dealt with it. He explains how he sends 12oz styrofoam cups down to the bottom of the ocean on the submersible submarine “Alvin”, and how they shrink down to the size of a thimble. And he mixes in a bunch of “sea stories”, some of which are quite humorous, about the cast of characters that he’s had to deal with during his 40-year career of going to sea.

Fashion hot beauties (Japanese Edition)

by Elijah Castellano


World Changers; Innovators and their Innovations

by Raman Sivaraman

The book” World Changers; Innovators and their Innovations” does not just deal with technology; It captures several historical perspectives that also a sense of nostalgia .It has a unique blend of innovative developments intricately twinges with lesser known facts about the faces behind these innovations that have made the world what it is!
The diversity of coverage on innovations highlighted with the unique experiences of each innovator provides a graphic and holistic picture on innovations- something that is rarely captured by books on innovation.
The book focuses on three areas, Electrical/Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology. The biographies of 30+ Scientists/Engineers illustrated as Precursors of the Digital era over the last 400 years. This tech journey is long and what we experience today is because of this fascinating journey. The book gives inside story of the successful innovators and other unsung heroes at the peak of their creativity.
The innovators struggled against odds but ultimately accomplished their dream. In this journey not every scientist succeeded and some of them broke. It is only their passion that made them achieve their goal. The innovators have human side too besides their brilliant mind. Their passion to innovate had impact on their family life.
The book is about their life history, their aspirations, their success and sometimes failure, their magnanimity, and their passion to make the world a better place. What is unique about the book this covers the development in three broad areas over four centuries rather than confining to any one era. The narration is such that both technology and non-fiction readers will find it interesting.

The Preacher And His Porn

by William Avery

So here I am, sitting at this computer screen getting ready to get butt naked!! You just walked in while I’m getting ready to bare it all! I know I shouldn’t be telling you about this, but I must. You just caught me; I’m getting ready to really get naked with this book! I have, at least in my opinion, have had a rather unique weakness, and that is the ability to be transparent about certain perspectives of my life. Most people that know me personally, and have had some interaction with me, know that I have a hard time “faking” certain thing. I have often found it very difficult in life to pretend all is well when things are in disarray. Especially being a “minister” or “preacher” there is often a silent code that “men and women” of the cloth are supposed to adhere to when it comes to the struggles they personally face. We are supposed to show this “perfect” image of ourselves even when we know deep down inside everything is far from perfection! After years of contemplation about this, I’ve decided to go ahead and share my story! For those that may know me personally, a lot of the content in this book will be shocking, and you may be a bit surprised with some of the information I will be sharing, but after coming to some conclusions in life, I felt you all would be ok!

There seriously comes a time in your life when you don’t mind the ridicule for the rewards!
It is a challenge and risk to tell it! A challenge because I am going to expose ME, and that is the risk of it as wellâ?¦. EXPOSURE. You know that thing that we are at times most uncomfortable with, especially when it involves ourselves. There is often this inner excitement and joy we feel when others that we are not be too fond of, are ousted! When the dirty, juicy gossip that happens to be true is revealed, within all of us, at times, is the inner smirk we have knowing they “got what was coming”. However, when the tails are turned, there is a fear, and anxiety that goes beyond our comprehension for the mere fact of what may be revealed. Sweaty palms, heart palpitations, increased nervousness, are all a part of this stare down with exposure.

For nearly half of my life, my time was spent inside this cocoon of embarrassment, shame, and confusion. Hopeful, yet conditioned by my environment to feel hopeless and a failure. I had no one to talk to, for those who I felt I could talk to only belittled me to the point that I knew I could not tell my story and my struggle to. The sad reality, these were “church folks”. If anyone could help me through it, if anyone could usher me from my struggles to a place of freedom, surely the people who claimed so much power and potential with God could help a young man deal with the molestation and the turmoil it had caused in his life?

Journey with me as I reveal that “weakness” of a transparent life that has not only become my strength, but my testimony as well! For those again that know me personally, this book will show a side of me that will probably cause you to look at me in a different light. Trust me when I say, it is a concern, but for the benefit of those, who like me, have spent years in “hiding”, it is worth every story, every embarrassing moment, every set back, and every defeat, so that those who flip through the pages of this book will know they are not alone!

The Reckoning (The Jack Conley Series Book 2)

by Joseph Larsen

In this second gripping novella in the Jack Conley series, Detective Jack Conley of the A.C.P.D. thought he had finally reached the point in his life where he could retire and enjoy a new life. One without the constant murder and mayhem attached to the life of a police Detective. One he could share with his fiancée and soon to be wife, Doctor Ann Slater. But fate had other plans for the street tough Irish American Cop that would force his return to the streets he knew as a kid growing up in Hell’s Kitchen New York.
Jack’s younger brother Collin, out of work and with no good prospects for a job falls back on what he knows best to provide for his family, hustling pool.
Things go horribly bad when Collin hustles the son of a mafia capo and Jack is pulled back into the dregs of humanity to find his missing brother.
Will Detective Conley follow his instincts and years of training to play by the rules, or will there be a reckoning?

Mail from China: Teaching, Traveling and Learning: My Life After the Peace Corps

by Michael Licwinko

When my Peace Corps service ended I knew I wanted to continue living and teaching abroad. The first offer came from China, a country that mystifies many and is understood by few. I accepted a teaching position at a university in Nanchang, Jiangxi province and began an exciting, adventurous new chapter of my life. Thinking I would only stay a year, I lived there for five as I taught, traveled and most of all, learned much about a part of the world that was previously a mystery to me.

The format of the book follows that of my first one, “Mail from Kyrgyzstan: My Life As An Over-50 Peace Corps Volunteer.” It includes the emails I wrote to friends and family, and in addition to them I have added my personal thoughts, expanded on stories and added new material that I didn’t think appropriate to write about at the time.

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