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by Pandikumar S

This book is intended for a beginner and intermediate – level learners. Even if you don’t have little knowledge about the basics of .Net and C#, this book will get you started with the fundamentals. But we assume that the reader has a piece of basic knowledge about programming, a little knowledge with C++ and Visual Basic, and preferably at least passing experience with windows programming. We do not assume that the reader has a great experience with programming techniques; however, we provide the reader with a tutorial of basic concepts and GUI components to C#. C# is a catchphrase of the .Net Technologies, one of the latest successful inventions of Microsoft. The book titled “C#.Net for Beginners” provides knowledge about various fundamental concepts related to .Net technologies and C# programming.

Machine Learning: A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guide to Intermediate Concepts and Techniques in Machine Learning

by Peter Bradley

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Do you want to impress the processes that you are working on? Do you want to make your machines more intelligent? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then you have come to the right place.

This book is a sequel to the book titled ‘Machine Learning: A Step-by-Step guide.’ In the first book, you gathered information on what machine learning is, and the different algorithms that one needs to know. This book is written for those who have a basic understanding of what machine learning is.

In this book, you will gather information on:

  1. Practical examples of machine learning
  2. How to build a machine learning algorithm in Python
  3. An introduction to deep learning and neural networks
  4. How to create a neural network in Python using Keras
  5. And much more

The book breaks the process of building a machine-learning model in Python into simple steps. These steps will help you build your very own machine-learning model from scratch. You should first build the model using the programs and scripts given in the book before you build your model from scratch. If you want to learn more about what you can do with machine learning, then this is the perfect book for you.

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Exploring C#.Net: 100 hands on utilities Programs

by Pandikumar S

This book contains interesting 100 hands-on C# utility programs. These 100 programs are very essential and useful to C# developers. This book focuses only on the system side, utilities, and multimedia programs. This book provides the programs based on the concept of WMI, windows registry, drawing, and windows API’s. This book is logically divided into four parts. Part I start with C# fundamental programs; here I focus some basic programs like string handling, arrays, etc. Part II has intermediate level programs; here I focus WMI and windows registry handling programs. These kinds of programs required some programming knowledge. Part III begins with advanced programs like compression, security, media player etc. Part IV shares the research ideas and methods.

GSM Projects with C#

by Pandikumar S

This book contains eight GSM based applications; these applications cover all the major development area like network administration, hospital management, system security, and education domain. Among those applications, SMS is a core concept. I used GSM libraries for SMS based events like connect, receiving commands from users, send acknowledgment and collect internal information of the mobile phone. This book is very useful for developers and students.

Python Programming: A Step-by-Step Guide For Absolute Beginners

by Brian Jenkins

How to Start Learning to Code with Python When You Don’t Know Where to Start! If you are looking for a complete beginners guide to learn Python programming with examples, in just a few hours, this book is the best one for you

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Python Programming for Absolute Beginners

Learn Programming with Python,step-by-step in few hours.

Why Learn Python?

Python is a general-purpose language, which means it can be used to build just about anything, which will be made easy with the right tools/libraries.

Python is one of the over 1000 computer programming languages that are known today. Python has also grown tremendously to become one of the leading programming languages. People have liked it for its syntax and semantics which are easy for one to grasp, even those without a background in computer programming. Due to this, Python is taught to juniors in many schools worldwide.

Python is also cross-platform, meaning that one can code in Python from various operating systems. Professionally, Python is great for back-end web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. People, companies and institutions have used Python to develop different applications including web applications, game applications, desktop applications etc. The popularity of Python also continues to rise every day.

Why this Book is different?

This book explores every aspect of Python programming language. This book may be the best one for an absolute beginner, it’s a step by step guide for any person who wants to start learning Python programming from scratch. It will help you in preparing a solid computer programming foundation and learn any other coding language will be easy to you.

Book Objectives

The author wrote this book with the goal of helping the readers learn every aspect of Python programming. The book will help you:

  • Know more about computer programming and how to get started with Python programming language.
  • Understand the various features of Python programming language and appreciate its power.
  • Transition from a programming beginner to an expert.

Target Users

The book designed for a variety of target audiences. The most suitable users would include:

  • Newbies in computer programming and Python Programming
  • Professionals in computer programming and software applications development
  • Professors, lecturers or tutors who are looking to find better ways to explain the content to their students in the simplest and easiest way
  • Students and academicians, especially those focusing on computer programming and software development!

Is this book for me?

If you want to learn computer programming with Python, this book is for you. Experience in computer programming is not required. If this is the first time for you to hear about computer programming, this book is the best for you.

What’s Inside this Book?

  • Getting Started with Python
  • Basic Python Syntax
  • Python Variables
  • Python Data Types
  • Control Statements
  • Python Functions
  • Python Loops
  • Python Classes and Objects
  • Exception Handling
  • Python Modules
  • File Handling
  • Tkinter
  • Python Operators
  • Accessing MySQL Databases

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Create a kickA$$ online store: First step to first sale (Kicka$$ your brand Book 2)

by Crystal Amar

The second book in the kickA$$ your brand series; this book goes beyond the website. This is an easy read that teaches you the ins and out of running an online store As well as:
-Marketing techniques
and much more!
You can get your online store up and running with all the tools that you need to maintain it, all in one place!
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Excel for Beginners: Learn Excel 2016, Including an Introduction to Formulas, Functions, Graphs, Charts, Macros, Modelling, Pivot Tables, Dashboards, Reports, Statistics, Excel Power Query, and More

by Greg Shields

If you have always wanted to learn how to use Excel but feared that it would be too technical and time-consuming, then keep reading…

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used programs across all industry and geopolitical lines. Despite this fact, many business people, even those who interact with Excel regularly, don’t understand the essentials that can really further their career.

The truth is that most people find the task of learning about Excel overwhelming when confronted with a thousand-page book.

Could you be one of them?

You see, more information is not always better, especially if you want to save time and effort.

That’s why this book focuses on the basics and what you’ll really need on a daily basis.

Inside Excel for Beginners: Learn Excel 2016, Including an Introduction to Formulas, Functions, Graphs, Charts, Macros, Modelling, Pivot Tables, Dashboards, Reports, Statistics, Excel Power Query, and More, you’ll find tips and tricks for dealing with:

  • A wide variety of different formulas
  • An array of functions
  • Macros for every occasion
  • Pivot Tables and Power View
  • The basics of VBA
  • And Much More

Furthermore, you will find plenty of time-saving tips, like how to switch between absolute and relative cell references with just a few simple keystrokes. Excel is needed in a data-heavy world, so do yourself a favor and make sure you are getting the most out of the time you put into it.

So if you have ever wondered how to enter data more efficiently, manipulate cells or worksheets to their full potential, stop wondering and click “buy now”!

Social Authority: How to Sell Products & Services and Make Money Through Social Media

by Dan Dalio

Here are 2 Step by Step Guide to Internet Marketing Business Success

Learn how to create a new source of income and quit your day as soon as possible.

Just follow the step by step instructions and you’ll be on your way to a successful part-time (or full-time!) business.

What you’ll discover:

– The entire process of making money via social media management and consultation without being an expert yourself
– How to let others do the dirty work for you
– The best service to use when you’re outsourcing the social media management of your clients
– How to structure your offer for best results
– How to create an offer sheet that will explain everything about your business to your clients
– Why naming your package is a crucial part of making a sale
– Example of offer sheet other companies are using
– How to create an irresistible offer that will eliminate 50% of the selling for you
– 6 of the best ways to find clients fast

– How the process of t-shirt selling works
– A list of the best categories/niches to target for beginners
– Why you should start with these niches instead of your “passion”
– A simple method of finding thousands of possible topic to use for your t-shirt design
– How to confirm if there’s a market for your topic/t-shirt design
– 2 of the best ways to hire a designer for as cheap as possible (without sacrificing quality!)
– How to choose a design that speaks to your audience
– How to set up your Teespring sales listing from start to finish
– The best apps to use for creating your Instagram content
– The 6 types of contents you can create for your followers
– My top 5 content/promotion guide that will help you build more followers and get more sales in the long run!

Remember you don’t need the following:




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