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Cara’s Twelve

by Chantel Seabrook

Cara’s fate is bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in.

When it becomes clear that the Elbian throne’s heir has found disfavor in the eyes of the goddess, Cara is ordained by blood to take her cousin’s place as heir apparent.

One man from each twelve provinces are chosen by the royal council to pledge their lives and swords, as champions and consorts of the future queen. From these men, Cara must choose the future king of Elbia.

But soon, she realizes that not everyone who swore to protect her has noble intentions… and that there are those who would use her as a tool to gain power.

Silver Medal Winner, best epic fantasy, Readers’ Favorite 2016 Book Awards

Praise from readers:

â??â??â??â??â?? – “Highly recommended.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “A great romantic fantasy that features wonderful characters and fantastic world building… I was hooked right away.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “One of the best adult fantasies I’ve read in the past 10 years.”

Dark Machination (The Affected Book 1)

by Marion Smircic

What if the Geneva Protocol of 1925, prohibiting the use of Biological or Chemical weapons, never happened? What if, instead, research and deployment of Biological and Chemical weapons flourished? The horrors that could be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world by unscrupulous men and their dark machinations.

Not bound by such restrictions, the Chemical and Biological Special Weapons Division of the United States Army, in 1935, created a toxin so horrific it was deemed “too inhumane to deploy” and was shut down. What made this weapon so terrifying wasn’t the painful death it caused its victims, but from what became of the victims afterwards. What was once slated to be abandoned and destroyed’ was stolen; those who worked on it, kidnapped or killed. Death is not an escape for its victims, it is only the beginning.

1941, Germany is advancing unchallenged throughout Europe, armed with advanced and terrifying weaponry decades beyond its enemies. A successful assassination has crippled the US military; alliances are being forged, pacts made in blood, lines being drawn.

U.S. Army Captain Henry Wilson and British SIS Agent code name Valkyrie are working together to prevent high-ranking traitors within the White House and United States military from helping Germany win the war over Europe for a secret organization set on controlling the world. Facing a ticking time-bomb, Captain Wilson and his allies’ race to create a counter before their suspects unleash the full potential of the deadly and horrifying chemical weapon upon the world. Unable to know for certain who is an ally or an enemy sympathizer, they must take their chances, informing potential allies of the fast approaching crisis or tipping their hand to the potential enemy. Plans have been set into motion that will forever change the survivors of humanity.

The Bastard Prince (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 1)

by Patty Jansen

She has a dragon, and she’s not afraid to use it.

Nellie Dreessen is a kitchen maid in the palace of Regent Bernard of Saardam. She has worked for two kings and two regents, has seen two royal families murdered through magic, has seen ghosts and demons, and kept her head down like a good girl.

On her fiftieth birthday, she receives her late father’s diary, which describes a magical item that is so evil, it needs to be kept in the church crypt: a box that contains dragon.

Problem is, someone has stolen the box.

Regent Bernard holds a banquet for his eldest son’s sixteenth birthday. Distinguished guests come from far and wide. Because she knows what the box looks like, Nellie discovers it in a nobleman’s luggage.

Removing the box from a thief’s room is not stealing, right? Not if you intend to return it to the rightful owner: the church.

But someone poisons the nobleman, and everyone in the kitchen is a suspect. Nellie’s friend in the church advises Nellie to flee with the dragon box. The Regent is on a mission to stamp out magic, and Nellie plans to do what she does best: keep her head down and hide.

Problem is, the dragon has other ideas.

Blood and Shadows (The Shadow Trilogy Book 1)

by Dayne Edmondson

They came from the shadows. They came to destroy us.

Twenty years ago, bloodthirsty assassins turned an innocent girl into a monster. Most of her humanity perished. She fell into darkness.

Now she steps from the shadows. Now she destroys the light. Now she brings the rise of the assassin king.

Dawyn Darklance was thrust into war. After mysteriously arriving on Tar Ebon he joined the Kingdom of Tar Ebon’s army. Dawyn rose to the rank of commander of the king’s guard and now has been chosen to find and destroy the assassin king.

Against the assassin onslaught, Tar Ebon stands alone. But Dawyn and his allies, a druid, mage, and bard, will rise and fight. They will win, or they will die.

489: A Short Story About Unforgiveness

by Beyr Reyes

Loaded with plot twists and surprises, this short story delivers a powerful message about forgiveness and how our life affects other people, even those we don’t know. The book is widely endorsed by therapists and ministry leaders because it helps the reader to be set free from the bondage of unforgiveness.

The Allan Quatermain Collection

by H. Rider Haggard

The character Allan Quatermain is an English-born professional big game hunter and occasional trader in southern Africa, who supports colonial efforts to ‘spread civilization’ in the ‘dark continent’, though he also favours native Africans having a say in their affairs. An outdoorsman who finds English cities and climate unbearable, he prefers to spend most of his life in Africa, where he grew up under the care of his widower father, a Christian missionary.

In the earliest-written novels, native Africans refer to Quatermain as Macumazahn, meaning “Watcher-by-Night,” a reference to his nocturnal habits and keen instincts. In later-written novels, Macumazahn is said to be a short form of Macumazana, meaning “One who stands out.”

The Allan Quatermain Collection features all of H. Rider Haggards Allan Quatermain novels and short stories.

The Virgin of the Sun

by H. Rider Haggard

“A tale that deals with the marvellous Incas of Peru; with the legend also that, long before the Spanish Conquerors entered on their mission of robbery and ruin, there in that undiscovered land lived and died a White God risen from the sea.”

Lancelot and the King (The Knights of Camelot Book 1)

by Sarah Luddington

A love long-held, the love of a knight for his king, a love which must be denied.

Lancelot is banished from Camelot in disgrace, not only has he lost his honour and country, but too late he realises he has lost his love.

When duty calls him to return, Lancelot doesn’t think twice and once more puts on his armour. If his king needs him and he is called to the sword, he knows where he must be.

His country is threatened, the dark wings of war are gathering and his love… that will just have to wait.

The needs of one man’s heart cry for peace, but Lancelot understands what he must do.

He will stand shoulder to shoulder with the man he loves and if they survive the battlefields, if they can survive the peace, then maybe, just maybe, a knight and his king can put aside their call to arms and listen to the call of their hearts.

The Knights of Camelot series is a reimagining of the Arthurian legends. Each book features two (or more) men in love with one another, steamy encounters, and more. These books are not intended to be read as standalones, so be sure to start at the beginning with Lancelot and the King.

Morning Star

by H. Rider Haggard

With unique supernatural manifestations, this is a fast-paced novel. Set in the backdrop of ancient Egypt, the work has mysticism, statecraft, warfare and mingling of the divine and the human. With characters that are resigned to fate and willingly accept their situation, this is a brilliant work.

The House on Blackstone Moor (The Blackstone Vampires Book 1)

by Carole Gill

“…gloriously gothic, refreshingly brutal, honestly horrific and a great read.” -Taliesin Meets the Vampires-

Unimaginable horror awaits Rose Baines in The House on Blackstone Moor.

Her journey into darkness begins with the murders of her family by her insane, incestuous father. Evil has found a way in, as has the world of the undead. The horrific discovery causes her to be incarcerated in two madhouses. Doctor Bannion, superintendent of Marsh Asylum, helps his favorite patient obtain a position as governess at Blackstone House. Built on haunted moorland, nothing is as it seems in Blackstone House, and its inhabitants have hideous secrets; the greatest secret of all being that of the blood.

Amid the unimaginable horror there is love – which comes at a terrible price. Will she become one of them?

The first novel in Carole Gill’s Blackstone Vampires series, The House on Blackstone Moor is a tale of the eternal struggle of good vs. evil, and a story of love that strives to prevail, despite all odds.

Fairy Bad Deeds: Book 2 of The Last Living Detective

by Bruce S. Levine

Elmer Jones and Valerie Nightwalker are back! This time they are hired by a lovelorn Dwarf with finding his missing Fairy girlfriend. Following the clues, they are led down a treacherous trail of espionage, Royal intrigue, mortal politics, betrayal, genocide, and salted caramel creme donuts. Just another day in the life of the Last Living Detective.

Heart of the World

by H. Rider Haggard

Set in the heart of Central America, the adventure novel accounts an enthralling tale marked by zealous adventure, discovery of a lost civilization, and unconditional love. Published in 1895, Heart of the World presents a fusion of suspense, foreshadowing, legend, unforeseen twists, and endearing characters to create a piece highly valuable in the world of fiction. Narrated by an elderly Ignatio on his deathbed, the novel recounts his great escapade alongside Englishman James Strickland as they venture off in search of a lost civilization.

A Knight’s Journey: The Apprentice

by Alexander C. Hoffman

Rowan has lived with his father and his brother in the hills of the Corrinthian Valley for almost seventeen years. He knows that his family’s farm holds only chores and plants and predictability. He can envision exactly how his life will play out. Every day. Every season. When the apples will fall and when the frost will come. Always the same, year after year. It is not the life for him. So when a storm brings with it a strange visitor, a knight named Baird, Rowan seizes the opportunity and leaves his home behind. He travels with Baird to the capitol city of Estoria, but the life he finds there is filled with difficult choices and responsibilities. A threat is looming, and the capitol and the royal family may be in need of Baird and Rowan now more than ever.

The Apprentice is the first book in the Knight’s Journey series.

Something (Wisteria Book 1)

by Shelby Lamb

“I will find true love and everything will be okay. I will find true love and everything will be okay…” she chanted.

They say be careful what you read. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. It can happen to anyone. This is just four teenagers’ story.

Aubrey Golding hates her face, her body, and is devastated after Nathan Silva leaves her. Alone and desperate for love, she discovers a book called Something and unknowingly links others to a dark and terrifying curse that is beginning to consume her.

Nathan is glad to be moving on with someone new and can hardly believe what is happening now. Wild child Bella Broadhurst, aspires a career in adult film and enjoys making fun of Aubrey, the “emo whore” when terror arises. And last but not least, Kendra Coke is just a new teen mother working on a delicate relationship as her world become utterly bizarre.

All teenagers’ lives are interrupted at some point, right? But trouble begins with a capital T when Something gets thrown into the mix. As their day-to-day story unfolds in a series of increasingly dramatic events, shadowy entities hiding in their rooms are just the beginning of the true terror that awaits them.

Touching harrowing real-life subjects, Something is a raw, often poetic narrative written in multiple perspectives. Primarily dark fantasy in nature, it takes teen angst and drama to whole new horror-driven level. Since 2017, it has captured adult readers of all ages and backgrounds. Wisteria 2 is set to be released March 2019.

Not suitable for those under 18.

“Extremely well-written and almost Gothic in nature, Something (Wisteria #1) is horror at its best. -Bestselling author N.N. Light

“This isn’t just another teen book. It dives deep into problems most people like to just skim over without a second thought.” -K & J

“I have never read anything like this book before, and I’m sure I won’t read anything similar for a long time”-Wren

Mirrors and Pearls: A Retelling of Snow White (Fairytale Dragon Riders)

by Lea Doué

Once upon a time in a land of magic and dragons â?¦

Forced to flee for her life on the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Princess Snow hides from her cruel stepmother, wielder of the mysterious magic mirror, and dreams of the day she can free her people.

But dreams never come true that easily.

Among those by her side are a huntsman who is more than he seems, an enthusiastic talking squirrel, and a handful of dragons who are not as helpful as Snow would like. If she is to reclaim her throne, she must come up with a bold plan to stop the Queen before it’s too late.

Mirrors and Pearls is a stand-alone novella inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a magical, adventurous retelling of the classic fairy tale.

The Jade God

by Alan Sullivan

“The Jad God” is a strange and mysterious tale about a jade god that seems to reach out and exert a powerful influence over events. In his story, Alan Sullivan incorporates telepathy and the atmosphere of the East to create his mystery novel.

Finding Somewhere to Belong: Seaside Wolf Pack Book 1

by C.C. Masters

Anna is a lone wolf who has been hiding in fear from her own kind since she realized what she was. When the woman who had taken her in and nurtured her is brutally murdered she sets out to find justice.

She is quickly found by a local Wolfpack during their investigation into the murder of a human on their territory. Anna finds unexpected allies in the Seaside Wolf Pack and realizes that there might be a place for her to belong in their world.

This is the first book in a series that follows a young woman who is determined not to let her tragic past keep her down. Anna has worked hard to built herself a life that she can be proud of. But there is so much that she doesn’t know about her world or herself. She is about to find out that being strong and independent doesn’t mean that she has to be alone.

Seaside Wolf Pack Series
Book 1: Finding Somewhere to Belong
Book 1.5: Finding Anna
Book 2: Finding the Fire Within
Book 3: Finding the Power Within
Book 4: Finding Truth Beneath the Lies

*This is a slow(ish) burn Reverse Harem series that focuses on a woman that comes from an abusive past and works to rise above it to become a better, stronger person.

The Lord of the Sea

by M.P. Shiel

In the Calle Las Gabias-one of those by-streets of Lisbon below St. Catherine-there occurred one New Year a little event in the Synagogue there worth a mention in this history of Richard, Lord of the Sea. It was Kol Nidrè, eve of the Day of Atonement, and the little Beth-El, sweltering in a dingy air, was transacting the long-drawn liturgy, when, behind the curtain where the women sat, an old dame who had been gazing upward smote her palms together, and let slip a little scream: “The Day is coming…!”

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