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The Lost Dreams of H.P. Lovecraft: Stories inspired by his works

by Richard Klu

Lovecraft’s major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror; the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien.
These themes are continued in an astonishing collection of cosmic horror and weird fiction in modern times.

Sounds Of Shadows

by Ureh Ruth Olowu

When Beulah discovered she was born with a generational curse of revenge, she ventured on a journey to break the curse. Obiku on the other hand didn’t realize his soul was tied to that of Beulah and only Beulah’s success can save them both.


by Marie Corelli

Lest those who read the following pages should deem this story at all improbable, it is perhaps necessary to say that its chief incidents are founded on an actual occurrence which took place in Naples during the last scathing visitation of the cholera in 1884. We know well enough, by the chronicle of daily journalism, that the infidelity of wives is, most unhappily, becoming commonâ??far too common for the peace and good repute of society. Not so common is an outraged husband’s vengeanceâ??not often dare he take the law into his own handsâ??for in England, at least, such boldness on his part would doubtless be deemed a worse crime than that by which he personally is doomed to suffer. But in Italy things are on a different footingâ??the verbosity and red-tape of the law, and the hesitating verdict of special juries, are not there considered sufficiently efficacious to soothe a man’s damaged honor and ruined name. And thusâ??whether right or wrongâ??it often happens that strange and awful deeds are perpetratedâ??deeds of which the world in general hears nothing, and which, when brought to light at last, are received with surprise and incredulity. Yet the romances planned by the brain of the novelist or dramatist are poor in comparison with the romances of real life–life wrongly termed commonplace, but which, in fact, teems with tragedies as great and dark and soul-torturing as any devised by Sophocles or Shakespeare. Nothing is more strange than truthâ??nothing, at times, more terrible!
Marie Corelli. 

Bungalow at 1247 Hilltop View

by Greg Liles

Bungalow at 1247 Hilltop View is a trip to Hell and back for Kate Tate – second wife to her second husband, Doyle – and little Manchester Freemont Porter, next door neighbor boy, lovingly called Manny, who in his early twenties, is still referred to as little, due to his affliction with a rare from of autism.

Doyle and Kate are new residents at 1247 Hilltop View, located in a small, secluded neighborhood overlooking Columbus, Ohio. Kate begins having strange hallucinations of blood and death soon after she and Doyle move in, and when attempts to beautify their house fails, after all the flowers she plants dwindle and die overnight, Kate, who has a background speckled with minor mental problems, begins to wonder if she may be losing her mind. She meets the lady next door who tells her tales of prior tenants, who while living in the stucco covered cottage had gone mad, murdered their spouses, their offspring, and themselves, and totally destroying the house itself twice over the decades.

While trying to assess her mental stability and maintain her youthful figure, Kate goes jogging through the neighborhood. She meets an elderly lady, a clairvoyant, who tells her they’ve met before, and gives her the same message that she had when Kate was just a child. “You will meet a stranger, and you and he together will be cast against the forces of something of such extreme evil that the only way you will survive is by faith and faith alone.” Kate is shocked to learn from Nora, next-door information center, that Manny is the stranger to which these predictions refer.

Manny has had a special attraction for the house next door ever since he was a child, and even though he doesn’t speak, and he doesn’t do things that regular boys do at his age, he has always had a feeling that he has been chosen to right the wrong that has happened next door. Although he doesn’t communicate effectively, he does remember things. He remembers when he was only six, the day Mrs. Wilson slit good old George’s throat, and he remembers his special friend David, who was found with his parents scared to death, and the young girl raped by her father, and the preacher who stabbed the women of his family to death, and all the others who perished from evil’s influence next door. His recurring nightmares of all those who have died there, and of his father who committed suicide, are brought to conclusion when Kate moves in and he knows immediately that she is the one who has been chosen to help him.

Together they travel through a portal into a world of murder and perversion, where they are subjected to watch heinous acts of repeated tortures forced upon those who have previously resided at the 1247 address until they can figure out how they are supposed to interact. When Manny realizes his task is to find the moment when control of those persons souls is lost to the devil and prevent that from happening, casting him out by absorbing the evil himself, and when Kate gains knowledge that she must keep the faith and recites the mantra that helps to evict Satan from possession of the cute little house on the hill, they combine forces and wage assault against evil.

This book is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and places portrayed in this book are products of the author’s imagination and are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

People in a Small Town

by Greg Liles

People in a Small Town, is a dark-sided tale of murder that starts when an ominous cowboy comes to the small western town of Friendly, Kansas. He convinces the citizens to sign a pact (which is called the “Deal” and held between the covers of a large book) with him, giving him control of the city in exchange that he rid the town of all its social parasites.

He rid the town of all its unsavory characters then came before the populace to collect his due. Control of the city garnered much more authority than mayor or sheriff; he had the power to create soldiers for his evil army out of the cattle town inhabitants. The evil gunslinger bred his seed into the families of the townsfolk, beginning a practice of breeding amongst themselves, until after 150 years of keeping it all in the family they grew to become a band of face-changing monsters that were indeed one big happy family.

On the surface, Friendly appears to be a friendly, wide-spot in the highway whose citizens maintain their lifestyles by creating crafts and culinary delights to sell to the small number of travelers who happen through the small town. Tourists are shocked when “side-effects,” released from their purchased souvenirs, begin to cause mayhem in their lives.

Those unlucky tourists, of which the number grows steadily, who may have offended a “townie” on their visit, are killed and either buried in the village cemetery or dumped along a deserted highway. Incantations must be spoken on a regular basis as agreed to in the “Deal,” similar to religious folk who gather in the Lord’s house each week for prayer, the “Deal” is their form of praise and they must adhere or else.

The population of Friendly never seems to grow very much while the numbers of those in the cemetery is on a perpetual upswing. All the townies have responsibilities and share those duties as well as town celebrations amongst themselves. They have good senses of humor – they have no reason to doubt that murdering can’t be fun – and always enjoy adding comical epitaphs to the headstones of those they kill.

A young man, Ryan, flies through Friendly on the wings of a Camaro Z28 on his way to Garden City, Kansas, to buy a pound of primo skunkweed for him, his twin brother Cory, and a couple other friends. On his return trip, he has car trouble and is assisted by the citizens of Friendly. He calls Cory telling him he will be late, but when late becomes never, his brother, friends and cousin come to rescue him.

The rescuers, using peeping-Tom skills, learn that Ryan has been killed by these folks who give new meaning to “happy-face” and “long-in-the-tooth.” Stealing the book that contains the “Deal” they begin a series of events that deliver them back to 1865 where they meet up with Ryan who is to have a shootout in the middle of town with the personal assistant from Hell.

Waiting till the morrow for the gunfight, the four new-age gunmen get used to their newly acquired cowboy personas and do their best at sharpening their skills of shooting and horseback riding. Tomorrow, at noon, the verdict would be in and either, Ryan and all of them, along with the discordant souls of those unwittingly entangled in the contract of evil, would be lostâ?¦or the “Deal” would be broken and the evil gunslinger would be forced out of town. They were just killing time, waiting for killing time, unaware of who the victor in the shootout would be and to what end they and the good people of Friendly would be awarded.

This book is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and places portrayed in this book are products of the author’s imagination and are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

Spooky Spaghetti

by K. N. Hunter

NEWLY REVISED as of September 24 2018. A few inconsistencies have been cleared up in “Wife”. Some of the language has been clarified in order to make for an easier reading experience.

11 stories written in the vein of Creepy Pasta stories, only different because they are 300 to 800 words long. These are stories that deal with the paranormal, the macabre, the creepy and the unexplained. Most of these stories are either true or based on real life events.

There are 11 stories in all

Blood in the Air
Don’t Let Me Die
The Problem with My Eyes
My Vampire Soul Mate
The Tea

This compilation is 5100 words in all. The stories are very short, 300 to 800 words apiece. The real life Spooky Spaghetti stories are based on first person accounts culled from the internet but the Spooky Spaghetti stories are written in the author’s own words.

Can you guess which stories are real and which ones are fiction?

More Spooky Spaghetti coming October 2018!

Dream Warriors

by Mark Harrington

New Year’s Eve 2051 – London, Albion

A young girl who suffers from narcolepsy takes drugs to celebrate her eighteenth birthday and enters a frightening new world that sets off a chain reaction through space and time.

Over fifty years later a young Welsh scientist, Gwyn Griffiths, searching for a cure for narcolepsy and related illnesses tries out his latest drug combination and is beckoned by a beguiling woman in white from a seemingly ancient and forgotten world of Seers. In his efforts to re-contact this world Gwyn meets the Narcs and their fight against persecution by the combined Defence Forces of USWE who are frightened by the Seer’s powers.

Gwyn is aided by his friend Elynor who also has powers that only become clear as they evade the nanotechnology-enhanced and deadly Nanotechs sent out to find and destroy the Seer race by the murderous USWE Director, Ricki Horus. As they battle the ‘techs Gywn and Elynor are aided by both their Seer ancestors and various sympathetic allies as they search for answers to save the Seer race, travelling vast distances both in the past and present.

Through a series of dreams and real events Gwyn and Elynor harness the power of the ancient Seers finding love, family and their true destiny.

They have become Dream Warriors.

Horror d’Oeuvres – Bite-Sized Tales of Terror: Volume 1

by Jordan Accinelli

Be warned.

Horror d’Oeuvres: Bite-Sized Tales of Terror is an exquisite array of easily digestible horror micro-fiction from today’s freshest authors. Each tale is a demonic symphony that will peel away the layers of your mind and reduce your soul to a simmering nightmare within seven hundred words or less.

These stories are not for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. Offering an abundant variety of deliciously dark and twisted treats, readers can expect to encounter depraved deities, unsettling realities, and creature features. Like the satisfaction of a good meal or the threat of impending doom, they’ll stick with you long after you’ve tucked the book away.

All proceeds of Horror d’Oeuvres will be donated to Scares That Care, a non-profit charity fighting the real monsters of childhood illness, severe burns, and breast cancer by helping ease the financial burden on families facing these extraordinary hardships.

New York Succubus (Succubus Schemes Book 1)

by Doug X

A novella sequel to “The Succubus Apprentice” that is the first part of the coming novel “Succubus Schemes.” The further adventures of the succubus Helen and the red headed mage Amy as they have finished their respective apprenticeships and are now forces to be reckoned with. Still even with their new skills and powers they can’t help but get enmeshed in the schemes of a dark elf and dryad who rule the supernatural community in New York City.

The Moonchild

by T. C. Hillier

Linda Horner, a bright, young Palaeontologist tells of the legend of the Moonchild, a young girl who strategically picks her victims and lures them, unsuspectingly into situations in the dark where they cannot escape. The Moonchild, who suffers from a rare disease of Xeroderma Pigmentosum, cannot enter into the sunlight and there sets the scene for this dark tale. The legendary tale is shared by Linda along with her personal experience with the Moonchild, in honest, raw and gruesome detail. Proceed with caution.

The Elect


As a boy of only 7, my mother inspired me to an exhibition of the cubist masters Braque and Picasso. That day I found my own awareness in these works. How could these painters see into mind? How could they draw my private thoughts’ essence? How could they see me in my infinite true form?
As an adult, carrying heavily the burden of age, I have sat for weeks upon weeks over the last decade inside the walls of the Hermitage and Winter Palace – Alone with myself, my thoughts and the gold leafed frames of the masters, studying, in order to prepare myself for this my own public cubist work.
This piece, my first to be published is exactly this “manuscript cubism” – it is inherently a vivid display into my soul.
What you will read here is but a colorless painting of a transitory mind rotating through an aging universe.

The art work you will see in this book is primarily post-impressionism and all from a St. Petersburg local and Tartarstani, Russian artist – Diana Bogdanova.
I chose the post-impressionist style of art over cubism for a few reasons.
1) Braque and Picasso were inspired by Cezanne’s post-impressionist styling which led them to be the primary contributors to Cubism.
2) I too was inspired by Diana Bogdanova’s post-impressionist works and thus was inspired myself to create â??manuscript cubism.’
3) I simply wished to share her mastery with the world.

This endeavor has been one of the toughest of my life, in order to gain insight into my characters – I have starved myself throughout this entire process thus becoming my work.
For forty days and forty nights I did not eat food – Here I found a god.
I consider this one of the darkest periods of my life as I was consumed by this work and it has cost me ever so dearly in this my own physical world.

On a journey into Ancient Petra, I sat down on an airplane beside the former Royal Guide of the old city. We exchanged pleasantries, such as people do and of course began to discuss the city in all its wonders. After an hour of chatting I queried him as to the necessity of hiring a guide to take me through the city.
This is what he said��
â??You have come such a very long way to find this place, so why would you fill your cup with such things that are not of this place. The essence of this city is not in study or photography, but in in its caves, its shadows and sunlit natural boulevards. So, go sit in the caves, and become the cave dwellers past, seek out all its shadows and be the shield that so many were shielded by before, go stand in the sunlit boulevards and begin to radiate its lore through your own self.’
So, to decipher this art, I give you the same advice – go forward and become these vivid words.
If you look to closely at the micro, you will never see the true universal nature of this art.

I cite this entire work to Kahlil Gibran.
I consider this a counter-narrative to his work “The Prophet.”
For those who love egg hunts – my undying love of Gibran and joy of solving puzzles led me to leave a lot of hidden treasures in the work.
Find them if you dare!

Fangs and Claws

by Cameron Joseph

Ballard Stone sends his nephews to set up a timber camp in Tennessee. They are confronted by Raven Shadows and her servant when they arrive. She calls the old growth forest they intend to destroy her home.  No man has stood in the shadows of that old growth forest in hundreds of years. Ballard intends to cut five hundred acres of it down.  Raven is determined to stop him.  

Injustice Incorporated (The Chronicles of James McConley Book 3)

by Clayton Morgan

Having survived the terror and bloodshed of Town, James McConley had miraculouslyâ??by his own admissionâ??retained his elected position as the Drudge County Sheriff.

Now he finds himself in a similar position, except there are no dead bodies to be found; three of his deputies have vanished, and McConley has no logical explanation. This time the apparent bloodstains on his hands will not be so easily wiped away.

As the state takes over the investigation into the missing deputies, a demoralized McConley finds himself on the other side of justice. Thought to have lost his mind, and deprecated by his pears, his only hope is Marcy, a nineteen-year-old girl who had been left 32 years in the past.

Las Historias de Don Ricardo (Spanish Edition)

by Franklin Xavier Moyano Barragan

Un adulto mayor, Don Ricardo, que vive en un asilo de ancianos, presenta un comportamiento raro en los últimos días, sabiendo esto Erika, una chica estudiante de psicología, intenta averiguar mas del señor, sin embargo, posterior a muchas negativas, Don Ricardo acepta hablar con ella, pero no a manera de entrevista pre-profesional, es para contarle una serie de historias, historias que buscan generar un trauma, espantarle, sembrarle el miedo por un mundo que esconde muchas cosas oscuras.

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