Free humour Kindle books for 02 Jan 19

Crazy Sh#! Students Say: Life of a Substitute Teacher

by MacJager

If you are easily offended, this is NOT a book for you! If you are a parent and think your child is an angel, this is NOT a book for you! If you like to laugh and hear children speak the truth, this IS a book for you! The author has spent the past five years as a substitute teacher at various public middle and high schools. He quickly realized that kids say some funny sh#! . Join him on this comedic-tour-de-force of a peak into modern day classrooms and experience what it’s like to be a substitute teacher.


by Richard Mallery

In a nut-in-cheek fashion, Richard E. Mallery, a.k.a. Dick E. Bird the founder of the popular Dick E. Bird News, shows you everything you need to know about negotiating with your squirrels. You can fool some of the squirrels some of the time, but most of the time they will climb, sail, jump, or quite possibly levitate into your bird feeder despite baffles, scare tactics, or Pinkerton guards. Nuts About Squirrels is a great resource and an ideal gift for anyone interested in attracting wildlife to the backyard. Do you want to Outwit your squirrels. This book has over fifty great ideas to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder. It has over fifty humorous illustrations. The wisdom from Hairy Houdini my resident squirrel is worth the price of this book by itself.

J.D. The Plot to Steal J.D. Salinger’s Manuscripts

by Sierra Philpin

He’s a professor with a mission: “I, Leonard Wellington Worthy the third, spent twenty-five years designing an assault on a fortress, an expropriation of certain documents, and a perfect escape.” Find out what happens when the fortress is J.D. Salinger’s bunker, the documents are his unpublished manuscripts, and a messy murder thwarts a perfect plan.

Political intrigue? Sure, there’s plenty of that, too.

J.D. is a funny, sexy romp for the literary set (relax: no authors were harmed in this book). Adult language and situations.

Text to Speech feature is ENABLED. Listen to your heart’s content, Kindle owners.

To find more titles by the same author(s), search the Kindle Store for Sierra Philpin, Patricia Sierra, and John Philpin. Author contact: [email protected]

The Trump Joke Book: A compilation of the best jokes, quotes and insults about Donald Trump

by Tom Rhodes

A compilation of some of the best jokes, quotes and insults about Donald Trump.
Told by some of the most famous celebrities of our time.
And some told by the average citizen as well.
Author Tom Rhodes picked out the best and left the rest!

La felicidad en el matrimonio y otros escritos de humor (Los cuentos absurdos de Jardiel Poncela nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Enrique Jardiel Poncela

El relato inacabado de la isla desierta – Siete bellísimas definiciones del amor – Los estrenos – Una noche en el cementerio – Tanda de consejos útiles – Idilio en un jardín – Consultorio del conde Enrico di Bordsalino y buzón particular – El club y el ajedrez – Mis viajes por Alemania, la de la kultura – La calavera – Horóscopo para 1926 – El tenorio callejero – Las mujeres fuman – Pensamientos escogidos sobre los dentistas y la odontología – ¿Por qué nos gustan las mujeres? – Pensamientos que se van a hacer célebres sobre la muerte – El santo de Adelaida – Los cigarrillos – Los noviazgos – Construyamos nuestro nido – El «Rhubbonz-bebé» – Respuesta a la carta de una lectora asidua – El caballero que engañó a su mujer – Yo, héroe de novela – La felicidad en el matrimonio

Mate in one: Puzzle collection for kids (CheckMate Book 1)

by Aravindan Natrajan

Dear chess lovers,
I’m glad to present you this puzzle collection.
This book is addressed to beginners,coaches,teachers and parents. I have given step by step chess
knowledge easy to diflicult level.

With the help of this chess puzzles, you can develope your creativity, logical thinking, wide
visibility, concentration and decision making skills.

Spending time with this book will make you a better young player.I am sure that this ”Mate in
one”book will afford good knowledge to those who appriciate chess art. It will help you to become
future Master.

Der alte Baum: und andere Geschichten (German Edition)

by Detlef Schumacher

Wer sein Gemüt aufheitern möchte, der lese die kurzen Geschichten. Vielleicht amüsiert die eine oder andere oder stimmt auch nachdenklich. 

Murks im Himmel (German Edition)

by Detlef Schumacher

Nach seinem Ableben kommt Wilhelm Murks in den Himmel. Weil er ein Spa�vogel ist, bittet ihn der Herrgott zu sich. Zwischen den beiden kommt es zu einer interessanten Unterhaltung, der es nicht an hintersinnigem Humor fehlt. Bald gewinnt Wilhelm die Zuneigung Gottes, der ihn deshalb mit himmlischen Sehenswürdigkeiten bekannt macht.

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