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Two-Gether: Embark On A Journey With The First Couple To Complete A Marathon On Every Continent Together

by David Hanna

In this book, we hope to inspire our readers as we take you on a journey around the world to complete a marathon on every continent together- and become the first couple in the world to accomplish this. This book has been written not just for runners, but for those who wish to begin to take steps to change the way they are living; to learn how to prioritize work/life balance, to reinvigorate their marriage, to bring their families back together again and to build strong teams within their work environment to drive high productivity and employee satisfaction.

We will share how as a couple worked together to set common goals, trained together, overcame obstacles together and supported each other as we ran some of the most challenging marathons around the world- crossing the finish line together.

We have aligned each chapter of the book with a song that helps to drive the message or challenges we had as we ran each marathon. We recommend that you listen to the songs prior to reading the chapter for a more immersive experience. We have provided a link to each of these songs below:

Overture- Our Quest For Home- “Home” by Phillip Phillips-
The Beginning- “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack-
Chapter I- Medoc France- “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” by Jimmy Buffet-
Chapter II- Africa- “Southern Comfort Zone”, Brad Paisley-
Chapter III- Antarctica- “The Only Way I Know”, Jason Aldean-
Chapter IV- South America -“If You’re Going through Hell”, Rodney Atkins-
Chapter V- North America (St. Jude’s, Nashville, TN) “God Bless the USA”, Lee Greenwood-
Chapter VI- Asia- The Great Wall “I Got You Babe”, Sonny and Cher-
Chapter VII- Australia- “How You Ever Going to Know”, Garth Brooks-
The Finish Line- “Die a Happy Man”, Thomas Rhett-
Epilogue- “The Dance”, Garth Brooks-

We also have engaged in speaking engagements around the topics in our books. You can find out more about the topics we cover and connect with us via our website at

We hope you enjoy our story!

DIY Cat Condo

by Lorayne Miller

An indoor cat will need a place to scratch instead of your furniture and so getting a cat scratching post or a cat tree is important. If you have priced these at the pet stores you know they can be quite expensive! This book is going to show some wonderful cat condo set ups that will make you purr with contentment. At the end of the book is a DIY tutorial that will show you how to build your own condo which will save you a lot of money!

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